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The Beast King That Looked Upon Mankind With Hatred

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The Azure Oxpython held his arm. “We are a family. There’s no need for so many unnecessary and elaborate formalities. Your sister used to misbehave and bully us before! We were so afraid of her. Only after she met that boy Huo Huyao did she become well-behaved. She had plenty of trouble with him before they finally got together.”

Tang Wulin widened his eyes. “The Dragon Butterfly Douluo is really my sister?”

He was never certain of this matter all this while. In fact, even the historical records could not confirm it. There was too much speculation. After all, the Dragon Butterfly Douluo Tang Wutong had never truly stated that she was the daughter of the Sea God Tang San. It had remained a great historical mystery. Tang Wulin did not expect that it would be revealed in this place on this day.

The Azure Oxpython nodded and said, “About ten thousand years ago, your sister was just over ten years old in the Divine Realm, but she ran away to the human world to play. Your parents were aware of that at the time, but they chose to indulge her so she could train on the Douluo Continent. They requested that Er Ming and I to go to the Douluo Continent in secret and remain by her side to ensure her safety. That boy Huo Yuhao passed through our tests on multiple occasions and finally got our approval to be your brother-in-law. However, the boy had also been tormented by your father pretty badly. No father ever takes a liking to his son-in-law.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. Even though he had never experienced these events, his chest was trembling and filled with anticipation as he listened to the Azure Oxpython describe his sister’s stories. He wanted to listen to these tales so badly! For him, there was nothing more important than this.

“Uncle Da Ming, what happened afterward? What really happened to the Divine Realm? Father only told me that the Divine Realm was swept away by the space-time turbulence, so they can’t come back for now.”

“Space-time turbulence? Tell me quickly, what did he say?” Just as Tang Wulin was anxious to learn about his family members, they hoped that he could tell them about the changes in the Divine Realm.

After Er Ming had asked the question, he was stopped by Da Ming. “Let’s not ask about that yet. We should tell him what we know first. Then we listen to Wulin. This way, our train of thought will not be muddled up.”

Er Ming was eager and impatient, but he nodded his assent all the same. Da Ming had always had the cooler head between the two of them.

Er Ming continued to speak, “Most of the information recorded in your human history about Tang San is real. This is because he chose to leave behind many things for his descendants. Tang San told us that he did not really belong to this world as he had passed through other planes and arrived here. He came from a huge plane that is the same as ours, only that there are no soul masters there. The Tang Sect’s hidden weapon cultivation method and also Tang Sect’s mysterious heaven cultivation method and many more came from that plane. Those methods were altered by Tang San to cater to the needs of the soul masters’ cultivation of our plane.”

“Frankly, we were all unwilling to accept that your mother got together with Tang San at first. This was because your mother was a one-hundred-thousand-year Soft Bone Rabbit. She was a soul beast! You should know how attractive a one-hundred-thousand-year soul beast was to mankind’s soul masters. In any case, we could not stop your mother when she insisted on cultivating a human form. In the end, we could only let her do as she wished. Afterward, your mother became acquainted with Tang San, and they got together. Little did we know that your mother sacrificed herself in order to save him. She turned herself into your father’s soul ring. At that time, we wanted to kill Tang San.

“Fortunately, Tang San was considered an affectionate and faithful man. He spared no effort in trying to resurrect your mother. He did not mind breaking his arm in the end to unleash his soul bone so your mother could become a human once again. In turn, we chose to sacrifice ourselves too at the time and became a portion of his strength to resurrect your mother. Then, Tang San cultivated Godhood. At the same time, he received the approval of two Gods which were the Sea God and the Xiu Lo God. When he fought against the Martial Soul Hall’s Bi Bidong and Qian Renxue during the final battle of two Gods versus two Gods, he defeated the opponents and neutralized the crisis the entire continent had been going through.

“At the time, the Douluo Continent was very different from what it is now. It was an era most abundant with origin energy. The plane power was also so powerful that it could endure the clash of Gods without being affected.”

At this point, Da Ming’s eyes revealed a look of disappointment. “Wulin, you must have felt it earlier. When you unleashed the golden trident, the small plane began fluctuating out of instability. More precisely, if there were a God-ranked battle over here, the entire plane would be torn apart instantly. Every living creature on the plane will die. This is because this plane is too weak and unstable, so it has to attach to a large plane like the Douluo Continent to exist. It will be annihilated as soon as it is disconnected from the larger plane.”

Tang Wulin nodded ever so slightly. Indeed, he had felt it earlier.

The Azure Oxpython continued to speak, “In fact, the Douluo Planet is another plane, but it is much more powerful than our small plane here. Every plane has its own laws, and the power of the laws is affected by the plane itself. Twenty thousand years ago, the Douluo Continent plane was the most powerful plane. At the time, the entire plane was blessed with thick life energy which nourished and strengthened the foundation of the laws. At the time, it was not an issue at all for the Douluo Continent to contain a battle between four rank-1 Gods. However, if two pairs of Gods were to clash now…”

At this point, he laughed coldly. “Then it could possibly tear open one or more irreparable time-space rifts in the Douluo Continent and rip the entire continent apart. In fact, even the Douluo Planet will undergo a cataclysmic change.”

Tang Wulin could not help having a drastic change of countenance upon hearing his words. “Why is that so?”

“It is because of you humans!” Er Ming spoke with an almost righteous rage, “I admit that your mankind genuinely possesses intelligence that soul beasts can’t compare to. Humanity is skilled in all sorts of creations, but it is also skilled in destruction. As the humans grow stronger and more powerful, the space available for soul beasts continues to shrink. Meanwhile, the soul beasts’ life energy is also a part of this plane! Carelessly exploiting the entire planet destroyed massive amounts of life energy. Even the Great Star Dou Forest doesn’t exist anymore now. If things carry on this way, the plane’s life force will weaken too.

“After the collision between the Sun Moon Continent and the Douluo Continent years ago, many soul devices were brought to the Douluo Continent and developed at high speed. In the past ten thousand years, the life energy of the Douluo Continent has drained away at an unprecedented rate.”

At this point, both of these men could not help heaving a sigh.

Tang Wulin frowned deeply. “Has no one else noticed this and tried to do something to change that?”

Da Ming spoke in a deep voice, “Your brother-in-law noticed it long ago. With our help, he created the spirit soul system hoping that mankind would reduce the killing of soul beasts and leave them to their own spaces. He did he not expect that the Spirit Pagoda, which he founded himself, would cause the destruction of the entire world of soul beasts.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “So my brother-in-law is not going to do anything anymore? I thought that he had ascended to Godhood as well? Could it be that a God is not allowed to engage in matters regarding the Douluo Continent?”

Da Ming spoke with a bitter smile, “In ordinary circumstances, he should be allowed to do so, of course. The Divine Realm exists precisely to protect the order of each plane under one’s jurisdiction, ensuring no huge problems occur on the plane. Our original Divine Realm was an extremely harmonious and immense world that exercised control over multiple planes. It was controlled by the Divine Realm’s council. There were five Godkings in the council and your father was one of them. In fact, your father had even become the leader of Five Great Godkings after the God of Kindness and God of Evil disappeared without a trace. He was in charge of the jurisdiction of each planes and also the entire Divine Realm.”

Er Ming spoke, “If the Divine Realm were still around, these incidents would not have happened. We would not need to live in such pain and agony. But Divine Realm suddenly vanished close to ten thousand years ago. It was precisely because of the lack of order and control from the Divine Realm that mankind’s development happened so swiftly. Moreover, the life energy of the entire plane was depleted in such a short period of time.”

Just as Tang Wulin was about to say something, Da Ming said, “Have you heard of the abyssal plane before? It was linked to our Douluo Continent about six thousand years ago.”

Tang Wulin nodded.

Da Ming chuckled coldly and said, “Its arrival was the harvest that you humans had to reap. It was precisely because of the depletion of life energy on the Douluo Continent that weak spots appeared within the planar law. Only then did that wretched abyssal plane manage to link up by force. A great price was paid back then in order to seal the abyssal passage, but the link cannot possibly be broken if the Douluo Continent does not change itself and its life force is not elevated. Sooner or later, an even greater catastrophe will arrive out of the blue. There are still many fiends attempting to link up to the Douluo Continent just like the abyssal plane. If this continues, there will come a day when the Douluo Continent will be completely annihilated.”

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