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You’re the Titan Giant Ape!

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Tang Wulin heaved a sigh. He had no choice but to admit that it was human nature to be greedy. Even if one were to say that mankind had to fight against soul beasts in order to survive aeons ago, it went far beyond simple survival after humanity became more powerful than the soul beasts. Mankind began to recklessly kill soul beasts for its own benefit, just as the Spirit Pagoda had experimented on soul beasts and raised them in captivity.

However, humans had also begun to get a taste of the side effects brought by the collapse of the soul beast’s system. The entire world’s life force had begun to collapse. The weakness of the Life Seed showed that as well.

The Douluo Continent was supposed to belong to the soul beasts. Soul beasts killed one another but also lived and multiplied. On the other hand, what was the purpose of mankind in this world? Humans extorted endlessly, killed soul beasts and even murdered innocent ones, exploited all sorts of resources on the planet on a large scale, and caused the depletion of the planet’s resources and life force. Only recently did mankind learn that they had no choice but to explore other worlds in search of resources in order to ensure their future.

Tang Wulin wanted to refute the burly man’s words, but he knew he could not.

The burly man’s emotions cooled down slightly after seeing Tang Wulin grow silent. “I’m not a very patient person. Tell me, what is your relationship with Tang San? You should know that you don’t stand a chance against me. This time, I’ve sealed the law of the entire Ten Thousand Beast World. Even if she’s here, she can’t save you either.”

Although Tang Wulin had no idea who the ‘she’ he was referring to was, he figured that it must be the master of the giant silver claw that saved him before. Was that a soul beast too?

“You must be the Titan Giant Ape!” said Tang Wulin suddenly.

The burly man was stunned for a moment. “Why?”

Tang Wulin replied, “Because of your incomparable strength.”

Tang Wulin had only recently clashed with Yuanen Zhentian. He knew exactly what going against such raw strength felt like after that experience. If Yuanen Zhentian was described as the perfection of strength, then the person before Tang Wulin could be described as strength’s law.

The burly man frowned ever so slightly. “Answer my question.”

Tang Wulin spoke on his own accord, “According to the historical records, if you’re the Titan Giant Ape, your name must be Er Ming, right?”

The burly man’s expression immediately underwent some minute changes. He muttered to himself, “It has been many years since anyone addressed me with that name.”

Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath. “If you’re Er Ming, then I can tell you now. My name is Tang Wulin. Tang San is my father.”

When he spoke those words, he found that he had goosebumps all over his body in an instant. It was an arousing emotion that was difficult to describe. This was his first time telling someone else about his family background and admitting that Tang San was his father.

When he said it, he found that even he had no idea if that excited feeling came from his emotions or something else. Whatever the case, there was no doubt that his chest had filled with pride at that moment. He was proud of having this man as his father.

The burly man immediately clenched his hands into fists tightly. Even he had not expected that he would be getting such an answer. “You’re Tang San’s son?” His voice was filled with disbelief.

“Tang Wulin, Tang Wulin. Tang Wutong. So Tang Wutong is your sister then?” Er Ming’s eyes abruptly turned solemn.

Tang Wulin had complex emotions on his face as he said, “Her name is Tang Wutong, huh? I only knew that I had a sister.”

“Follow me!” Er Ming did not ask anything more, but instead, he waved his hand toward Tang Wulin. He then took the lead and soared into the sky. This time, he was not pulling Tang Wulin bodily.

Tang Wulin followed along, leaping into the air behind Er Ming. With Er Ming showing the way, they flew into the distance.

No person or soul beast dared to approach them, perhaps because they sensed the aura coming from Er Ming’s body. The entire Great Forest appeared especially quiet everywhere he passed.

Tang Wulin’s adrenaline was surging. He had planned on looking for an opportunity to enter the Ten Thousand Beast Platform in order to confirm the identity of those two men. Little did he know, they would come looking for him first.

By this point he had calmed down slightly. The more relaxed he was, the more he came to believe the identities two men were genuine. Only they would know that the Bluesilver Emperor martial soul belonged to Tang Sang. This was because they were close to Tang Wulin’s father. Moreover, they came looking for Tang Wulin because of this matter.

If the person before Tang Wulin was truly Er Mingm then he was truly the Titan Giant Ape King! In a sense, he could even be considered the ancestor of Yuanen Yehui’s clan.

They were also his parents’ good friends once upon a time. Naturally, they would not hurt Tang Wulin. Judging from the powerful abilities displayed by Er Ming, if he could become an ally to Tang Wulin, it would be a great thing for the Tang Sect and Shrek. The problem was that it seemed that he looked upon mankind with hatred judging by what had transpired. That would be a rather troublesome issue.

In any case, all this could be dealt with later. What was most important was that Tang Wulin had found someone who was well-acquainted with his parents and it was a legendary figure! Tang Wulin hoped that he could get more information about his parents from these two. It would be tremendously helpful for him when he searched for his parents in the future. That was the most crucial issue.

Er Ming brought Tang Wulin to the lake they had been at the last time and landed on the shore.

“Big Brother, I’ve brought him back,” Er Ming called out to the lake with his booming voice.

The surface of the lake rippled and surged as a gigantic ox head emerged slowly from the water. Different from ordinary oxen, its head appeared to have undergone some transformations. Its overall shape appeared to be narrower as if the ox’s head was trying to become like that of a dragon. Its entire body was green-blue in color and densely covered in countless finely arranged scales.

Soon after the huge head appeared, there was a burst of green-blue light, which dyed the entire lake with its own hue. The light shifted and rose into the sky. In the next moment, it had already transformed into a stream of green light that landed by Er Ming and Tang Wulin’s side.

Tang Wulin focussed his eyes to take a look and found that it was an elderly man with an unsophisticated appearance. He was slender with a tall figure. His entire body was faintly emitting a peculiar aura. It was not powerful, but it felt like the man himself was the entire world.

It was because Tang Wulin’s spiritual power had already reached a substantial enough level that he was able to sense that something changed in the surrounding area when this man appeared. This man was capable of altering Heaven and Earth with his powers alone. He was truly terrifying.

Perhaps, it could be said that the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming before Tang Wulin and the man by his side were the dominators of this Ten Thousand Beast Platform plane in a sense.

Yes, they were the lords of this plane. Tang Wulin could confirm that his judgement was correct. This was the only explanation that could justify the feelings he was having at the moment. It was a feeling that he had never felt before from any other powerhouses.

It could be said that they were no longer the quasigods of this plane, but they had truly reached Godhood. Even a person like the Underworld King Douluo Ha Luosa would not stand a chance if he were to spar against these two men on this plane. This was the disparity of battlefields!

The Azure Oxpython looked at Tang Wulin with a burning gaze as if he was attempting to see through the young man. Meanwhile, the Titan Giant Ape said in a deep voice, “He said that he is Tang San’s son.”

The Azure Oxpython had a slight change of countenance. He asked Tang Wulin in a deep voice, “How can you prove that?”

Tang Wulin spoke, “If both of you are truly my parents’ friends, I will have a way to prove it, of course. However, how can I know that both of you are the Azure Oxpython and Titan Giant Ape of legend and both of you were their friends then?”

The Azure Oxpython smiled calmly. “You don’t have a choice here. You can only live after proving your identity.”

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