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The Unexpected Powerhouse

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It was a burly man over two meters in height. His clothes, nothing unusual, were propped up by his firm, bulky muscles. However, it was strange that despite his extremely conspicuous appearance, the eyes of the passing pedestrians just glanced over him. Not too many people had noticed his presence.

The burly man slowly raised his head after Tang Wulin walked up to him. He revealed his rigid face that seemed to be carved with knives and chisels. His pair of large protruding eyes were shimmering with an evil glow as he stared at Tang Wulin. “I found you finally.”

Tang Wulin’s entire body was feeling rather tense. The soul core and Dragon Core inside him were all thoroughly adjusting themselves, awaiting an opportunity for an outburst. He understood that there was not much chance of him being able to run away. He had to withstand at least one of the opponent’s attacks to create creating enough of a commotion.

The War God Hall was stationed inside Mingdu City. All that Tang Wulin could hope for was that reinforcements could arrive eventually.

The advancement of his spiritual power had also enhanced his judgement. He could clearly sense that the tall, burly man before him was even more dangerous than Yuanen Zhentian. He was definitely no weaker than the Underworld King Ha Luosa. In other words, this man confronting him was a terrifying pseudogod-ranked powerhouse.

He was afraid that nobody in all of Mingdu City comparable to this assailant. Moreover, Tang Wulin was not acquainted with him at all. Man feared the unknown the most. A terrifying powerhouse that came out of nowhere. The only possibility that Tang Wulin could think of was that he most likely came from the Holy Spirit Cult.

As he faced such pressure, Tang Wulin’s power was greatly stimulated as well. His mind swiftly came up with ideas as he calculated all sorts of possibilities. His biggest strength came from the two remaining uses of the Indefinite Storm that his father has left behind, but Tang Wulin had no idea how to trigger the storm. It would give him an opening to run away. Whatever the case, it was definitely difficult to move even a little when targeted by such a terrifying man!

“What’s your relationship with Tang San?” asked the burly man in a deep voice.

No one had ever asked Tang Wulin this question before. He could say that this had been the biggest secret in his heart. He was unwilling to talk about this just as Gu Yue had always been reluctant to talk about about hers.

Thus, his first reaction was astonishment when he heard the question proposed by the opponent. It was apparent that he was caught off guard by the query!

Tang Wulin considered the countless possibilities that could have made this burly man come looking for him, especially the possibility that he was from the Holy Spirit Cult. Even so, he had never expected that the opponent would ask such a question. On the other hand, the burly man’s facial features became clearer when he spoke. Tang Wulin tried to discern where he had seen him before.

“Answer me. This is the only chance that you get to live.” A wave of murderous intent gushed out of the burly man’s body, making Tang Eulin feel like he was suffocating.

Tang Wulin raised his head. There was a bold shimmer in his eyes. “How do you know that I’m related to Tang San?”

“Your martial soul is the Bluesilver Emperor. That is Tang San’s lineage. On the other hand, Tang San has not left behind any descendants in this world. Thus, the Bluesilver Emperor martial soul should not exist at all,” replied the burly man.

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. He had not expected that the opponent would analyze his martial soul and conclude that he was related to Tang San. He could not help feeling stunned and confused for a moment. Should he admit it or not? The man before him was incomparably powerful, but he had no idea if he was friend or foe. On the other hand, as soon as he admitted it, it could possibly result in untold problems for Tang Wulin if this secret of his was learned by the outside world.

The knowledge that a God’s child was present on the continent would be highly enticing especially to those powerhouses that wished to reach Limit Douluo-rank. Tang Wulin was certain that he could end up being experimented on.

Nevertheless, how could he run away from this man’s hands if he refused to answer?

The burly man scoffed coldly once as he looked at Tang Wulin’s shimmering eyes. He suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed Tang Wulin’s shoulder.

In an instant, Tang Wulin felt as if a mountain was pressing down on him. It was even more terrifying that he was sure that he had no way to dodge or hide when in his grip. It felt as if everything between Heaven and Earth had frozen. It was obviously the strength of law.

He had just begun to comprehend the basics of heaven and earth law. His understanding was far from profound, but he felt like the person before himself had complete control over the power of law. They were both utilizing law, but the disparity between them was quite obvious.

Tang Wulin’s eyes turned golden in a split second. Lighting warped around his body while his right hand turned into a claw and grabbed the opponent’s palm. It was the simplified utilization of the Dragon Emperor Break!

The surrounding air became distorted, and the oppressing law began to sway at once. In fact, it was even showing signs of cracking within a certain range.

“Huh!” The burly man exclaimed in surprise, but his right hand continued to enlarge.

Everything in the surroundings turned blurry, as if all of it had completely vanished. There was only a massive mountain in the shape of an open hand descending from the sky.

“Forbid All Laws!” Tang Wulin clenched his teeth and roared in his heart.

“Bang!” The mountain disappeared and dispersed. Forbid All Laws was still just as effective in the end. It shattered the huge palm that was suppressing his body and his spirit simultaneously.

However, Tang Wulin still felt a weight on his body. The burly man managed to grab his shoulder again. He shackled the opponent’s soul skill, but he was incapable of blocking the opponent’s powerful grip.

He felt sore on his shoulder as if all his strength had been suppressed in a split second. The burly man grinned. “That’s quite impressive. You’ve improved since the last time.”

Tang Wulin had still not comprehended the meaning of his words when the air around them warped and shattered in a split second. In the next moment, he discovered that he had already disappeared.

What was this? Spatial travel? What kind of power was needed in order to do this?

His vision blurred, and the immense spatial pressure resulted in Tang Wulin’s soul power being unleashed spontaneously. It was strange that the opponent did not attempt to seal his power. He found that he could still mobilize his soul power and bloodline power at will, but he was incapable of emitting the strength out of his body.

It felt as if it had been a single moment and a century at the same time.

There was a flash of light, and when the surrounding scenery turned crystal-clear once again, a dizzying wave passed through. At the same time, Tang Wulin feel a refreshing breeze blowing against his face.

What was that?

He calmed his spirit and discovered that he had materialized in a world that was filled with life source. He was surrounded by a lush green forest and vegetation. The temperature was refreshing and pleasant, with a soothing atmosphere.

“Is this the Ten Thousand Beast Platform?” Yes, he had only seen this ambience in one location other than the Great Star Dou Forest. It was the Ten Thousand Beast Platform that he had entered recently during the Joust For A Spouse Festival’s test. Moreover, the person before him came from the Ten Thousand Beast Platform! Apparently, he was capable of shuttling back and forth from this plane to the Douluo Continent at will.

The burly man smiled calmly. “You’re an intelligent man. So, you can speak now.”

Tang Wulin turned his head to the side to look toward him. The identity of this powerful burly man, who so suddenly appeared before him for no apparent reason, was finally clear to him.

“Are you the Titan Giant Ape? It seems like my guess the other day was correct.” Tang Wulin’s voice sounded slightly shaky.

“You knew, as expected.” There was a flash in the burly man’s eyes.

Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile, “Anyone who knows about the history of the Tang Sect’s founder from twenty thousand years ago should know that, right? It’s become legendary on the Douluo Continent.”

The burly man burst out laughing. “Is that so? You’re quite quick at figuring things out. Now, it’s time for you to answer my question. If your answer does not satisfy me, then I don’t mind turning you into the fertilizer for this place. This small world is not considered very stable, and it will need more energy to support it. You’re already equipped with a certain amount of law so fusing you into this world will be good nourishment for it.”

Tang Wulin breathed slowly. “If both of you are truly the Titan Giant Ape and the Azure Oxpython, and both of you are the ones that I met in the past, then, you two should not be doing this. I thought you were good friends with Tang San? Both of you were even willing to sacrifice yourselves to help him.”

The burly man’s gaze suddenly turned savage. “That was the case for Tang San’s generation. In that generation, soul beasts had the most prestige in all the land. Mankind did nothing but build cities with great effort and worked hard to make a living. But how about now? In the Douluo Continent’s main plane, is there space for soul beasts to live? How many soul beasts survived? Had it not been for the small plane that we built here, which has become home to a few, I suspect that the entire soul beasts’ world would have been completely annihilated already.”

“Tang San’s son-in-law worked very hard ten thousand years ago in an effort to let mankind’s soul masters live peacefully with soul beasts. That was how spirit souls and the Spirit Pagoda came to be. Yet, Spirit Pagoda, heh-heh-heh! Who would have thought that it would be them that would lead the soul beasts on to the path of complete annihilation in the end?”

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