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Oh My God, The Competition Has Ended!

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Tang Wulin deviated from his usual battle tactic of striking only after the enemy had made their move. He pushed against the ground with the tips of his toes, sending his body flying like an eagle toward the center of the yellow sand. Meanwhile, the air was clearly warping around his body.

A terrifying sight appeared before the eyes of the audience. The yellow sand that had just dispersed and spread out to the surroundings suddenly stopped. Instead, the sand started to return to the center, and in less than a blink, it had transformed back into Lu Yuxin. He had a blank expression on his face as he also had no idea what had happened.

Electric radiance coiled around Tang Wulin’s right hand. The hand was covered in blue-purple scales as it reached for Lu Yuxin.

After a moment of absentmindedness, Lu Yuxin reacted to the situation. Turning pale with fear, he flinched at the lightning. Preparing to transform again, he conjured a large stretch of sand grains from his hand and shot them at Tang Wulin like countless arrowheads.

The palm of Tang Wulin’s dragon claw suddenly turned purple and black. In a split second, light shot out from his palm and transformed into large stretch of electric radiance spreading outward. At the same time, the air surrounding Tang Wulin’s body warped for a moment once again.

A ghastly scene unfolded in the arena. Lu Yuxin appeared on a spot where he had just swept across in the previous moment, as if he was teleporting himself, while Tang Wulin’s huge hand and its surging lightning were already waiting for Lu Yuxin over there. It looked as though Lu Yuxin had purposefully slammed into the palm.

Lu Yuxin was planning to struggle free. Sparkles of lights shimmered on his body as he was about to unleash his battle armor.

However, the purple-black color in the center of Tang Wulin’s right palm suddenly burst forth, and an immense gush of repulsive force was unleashed. Lu Yuxin felt a wave of dizziness wash over his mind. It felt as if his entire body was emptied in a split second, and his connection to his battle armor was forcefully broken.

“Poof!” The palm grabbed hold of Lu Yuxin firmly, and there was an instant explosion of electric light. As the electricity crackled, Lu Yuxin’s body seemed to have turned into a ball of thunder and lightning in Tang Wulin’s hand.

With a hand gripping Lu Yuxin’s body, the blue-purple electric radiance circulated in Tang Wulin’s eyes. He was just like the Thunder God!

“Alright. The competition has begun. Oh! His Excellency Yu Longyue has actually launched an attack directly this time. What? What’s going on? Why did His Excellency Lu Yuxin turn back into his human form? That’s not right. Judging from his expression, he didn’t do that willingly. What’s going on there? Oh my god! That’s thunder and lightning. Oh my god! The match has ended!”

Yes, the match had come to its end in such a swift manner. The commentator had not even managed to say a whole sentence before the collision that was expected to be the confrontation of two powerhouses had finished.

Lu Yuxin did not even have a chance to unleash his soul skills before he had lost!

It was the Time Backtrack Domain!

This was thanks to the synchronization of the two great divine skills of the Time Backtrack Domain and the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law.

Tang Wulin’s advancement in spiritual power once again had resulted in the natural sublimation of his spiritual domain. On the other hand, Lu Yuxin’s spiritual power was very weak in comparison. It was the disparity that resulted in total dominance.

Immediately utilizing his quickest and most forceful trick, Tang Wulin had not given his opponent a chance to transform into the Yellow Sand.

When the Time Backtrack Domain was unleashed, his entire person seemed to have teleported due to the distortion of light. This was because the explosion of lightning had concealed what actually happened. Only Lu Yuxin had really seen what had taken place.

In the eyes of the audience members, Lu Yuxin looked like he had just summoned his martial soul. Then, the competition ended under a blanket of lightning and thunder.

The small amount of yellow sand remaining landed on the ground and gave out a series of rustling sounds. These were obviously sand grains that carried strong poison. In order to defeat the enemy and achieve victory, Lu Yuxin was willing to use any conceivable method. He himself had felt that he was no match for Tang Wulin, so he was willing to fuse the poison with his yellow sand. Who would have thought that he would be defeated by Tang Wulin’s lightning before he could use his vicious trick?

Tang Wulin swung his right hand and tossed Lu Yuxin away. He then walked straight down from the competition stage with an expressionless face.

Lu Yuxin landed on the ground. His entire body continued convulsing from the electrocution.

Three victories in three battles straight!

Standing at the bottom of the stage, Qiangu Zhangting looked on in bewilderment. He watched as Tang Wulin stopped walking when he neared the main platform. He seemed to be saying something toward the platform, but there was no sound to be heard. Tang Wulin then descended from the competition stage. He did not even bother to take one glance at Lu Yuxin before he left.


Lan Fozi had also watched the match. She had yet to figure out what Tang Wulin had done, but she suddenly felt that it was not that depressing for her when she thought about how he had grabbed her by the neck earlier.

Gu Yuena stood on the main platform. The calm look on her face could not conceal the surge of emotions in her eyes.

Before Tang Wulin’s departure, he had genuinely said something toward the main platform. It was something that only she could hear.

He said, “I’ll never give up!”

Gu Yuena was the only one who had seen the battle clearly. Tang Wulin had truly utilized his abilities perfectly during the match.

He used lightning to conceal his Time Backtrack while Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break was used to break the opponent’s defense and counterattack. Then, the blast of lightning was used to end the opponent. In fact, as Tang Wulin was using lightning to control Lu Yuxin, he had also launched a spiritual assault on Lu Yuxin’s mind.

With the spiritual assault, it would make Lu Yuxin forget about the details of the battle at the very least. It could be said that Tang Wulin used a crushing strike to defeat the opponent while also concealing his abilities in an impressive manner.

“Yuanen, have you thought it through?” Tang Wulin dialed Yuanen Yehui’s soul communicator number after walking out from the Mingdu Coliseum.

“I’ve thought it through. I’ll be going home to see my father after the Joust For A Spouse Festival has ended. Xie Xie will be joining me as well. I was just about to tell you that.”

“Sure. That’s alright. Both of you should go. If you need my help, do let me know at any time. Don’t worry about the academy. I’ll be handling that properly,” said Tang Wulin in a deep voice.

“Hmm, thank you.” Yuanen Yehui had a slightly colder temperament. She did not elaborate much, but her two simple words of ‘thank you’ expressed her emotions.

Had Tang Wulin not withstood Yuanen Zhentian’s three attacks the other day, perhaps she would still not have learned about those incidents in the past. She had made the decision to go home to take a look, visiting his father. She listened to her grandfather’s recommendation.

Tang Wulin hung up the call. He did not conceal himself, but instead he walked in the direction of the Blacksmith’s Association. He was attracting the attention of many people in the Mingdu Coliseum, as he had already gathered quite a lot of fame by this point due to his earlier battles.

It was only due to the aura his body was emitting that repulsed all living creatures that no one dared to approach him for a conversation.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin seemed to sense something. His gaze looked toward the source.

At the end of the street, a silhouette stood quietly. The figure was dressed in a suit of very ordinary clothes and had a hat on his head. The brim of the hat concealed his appearance, so there was no way Tang Wulin could see the man clearly. Nevertheless, he had managed to sense his presence at once.

It was a feeling that made all his hair stand up, like the sensation of being at the critical moment between life and death.

Even though he was in Mingdu’s downtown area, at this moment, only that man in existed Tang Wulin’s eyes. It felt as if there were only the two of them remaining in all the world.

The opponent stopped walking and kept his hands in his pockets. The powerful aura emitted from his body was growing more and more intense. Tang Wulin felt suffocated despite his cultivation base.

After a momentary pause, Tang Wulin walked in great strides toward the man. This was because he was very well aware that he could not dodge this. He could not even possibly attempt to run away at such a distance, nor have any chance to seek help. The opponent unleashed his aura intentionally knowing that Tang Wulin would notice, because this opponent was fearless.

The closer he got, the clearer he could see the man’s appearance.

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