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” What are you doing here?” Quinn asked.

Scarlett couldn’t speak. She realized she was shaking. Those brown eyes were Soo hypnotic and penetrative as if they knew something she doesn’t.

She decided to play it smart. It’s obvious he mightn’t know much about her.

” I’m the new maid. I’m sorry, do I know you?” She asked, aware some of the Japanese gardeners were watching the scene.

Quinn screwed his face, eyeing her without blinking. ” You’re the woman from the hotel last night.”

Scarlett face stained red. ” What woman?”

Quinn became uneasy. She was the one. He recognized her. There was no way he could mismatch the long black hair, the brown skin and that face.

This was the woman who went into the same hotel with Craig.

” Never mind,” Quinn Said, brushing passed her. He knew better than to question her any further. If she chooses to deny they ever had an encounter at the hotel, that was fine. But he was going to keep an eye on her.

He felt she was here for a mission and that mission was what he was going to find out.

Scarlett stared after him, taking a deep breath. For a moment there, she thought he had figured her out. He was the most suspicious person she had ever met.

Tugging her bag tightly to herself, she continued walking until she was approaching the heavy oak door leading into the mansion.

The moment she pressed the doorbell, the door swung opened to reveal a tall English man in a three piece suit.

Scarlett felt intimidated by those cold eyes that stared down at her in disgust.

” Who are you?” Henri asked.

” Good evening,” Scarlett said, uneasily. ” I’m Scarlett Mason. I got recommended to work here.”

Henri gave her a searching look. For about three to four seconds, he studied her and she could feel suspicion and questions growing in his eyes as he took in every detail of her face.

” You’re black.”

This got Scarlett really angry but she controlled herself with an effort. ” Should I have been white?” She asked.

It was a casual question, but she knew it got him hooked in the throat.

” References?” He asked, outstretching his hand.

She gave him the papers he needed. Henri regarded it indifferently, keeping the paper distant from his face as if the papers stinks.

Scarlett realized she hated him already.

” If you will come with me,” Henri said, stepping back while he folded the papers.

Scarlett moved into the room, watching Henri closed the door. He walked towards the broad stairs that led to many rooms.

One of these rooms ran down the corridor into the kitchen.

The kitchen was big and luxurious just like that of a French kitchen. Scarlett marveled at the beautiful setting of the kitchen.

Behind the kitchen table was a Chinese man. He was cutting a beef into many different slices with razor sharp knives.

He stopped when he saw Henri approaching and he bowed slightly.

” Where are the others?” Henri asked, keeping his nose in the air.

” Outside,” the Chinese chef jerked his thumb behind him at the backyard.

Scarlett could just make out noises of girls chattering excitedly.

Henri grunted and walked towards a secluded table that bore a small bell.

He picked it up and rang it once.

Five girls outside burst into the room like magic and stood before Henri in a neat row.

Scarlett was impressed. The girls were as neat as a brand new car and they looked as if they had been brought out of a wrapped package with care and attention.

” Ladies,” Henri announced, waving over to Scarlett. ” This is Scarlett Mason. She is our new maid.”

The girls looked at Scarlett as if she were a strange alien. Scarlett realized she was the only black woman amongst these girls. It made her stand out which she rarely felt comfortable with.

” Claire,” Henri called.

Claire stepped forward. She was a pretty young woman with beautiful orange eyes and freckled face. She was always smiling and Scarlett thought her smile widened at her.

” Take her to her room and ensure she is fully educated on the rules.”

Claire glanced over at Scarlett, giving her an extravagant smile. ” You’re welcome. Come with me.”

She walked passed Scarlett, heading for the door. Scarlett was in two minds wether to follow her or not.

Her legs moved and she found herself being led away from the kitchen. She had an instinctive feeling of being watched by the rest of the workers behind her.

Claire led Scarlett through the corridor, passed a few doors and into a private room.

” It isn’t much,” Claire said in a small voice. ” But it’s comfortable and it’s all yours.”

Scarlett poked her hair into the room and wrinkled her nose at it.

The room was clean and homey enough but it was too small. And the bed; the bed was a spring bed which could hardly contain two people.

” Do I get to sleep here?” She asked, Claire.

Claire nodded. ” Exactly, this is where you’ll sleep every night. Is there a problem? Don’t you like it here?”

Scarlett remembered her old home and how she had been living it rough. She walked fully into the room and dropped the bag on the bed. ” I can manage.”

Claire gently closed the door. ” You will have to change out of your clothes, Scarlett. It’s part of the rules to always be in your maid’s clothing at all times except when it’s bedtime.”

Scarlett stood up. ” I know the drill. Thank you.”

She made a gesture for Claire to understand that she wanted to be alone. But Claire wasn’t reading through the gesture.

” You, look familiar,” Claire said.

Scarlett raised an eyebrow. ” I do?”

” Yeah,” Claire’s smile broadened and she began approching Scarlett. ” You remind me of someone.”

Scarlett took a step back. Now this young lady was getting too close for comfort. ” Umm…who could that be?”

Claire stood in front of her and leaned towards her. Scarlett could feel her heart slamming against her ribs.

Now Claire was way too close.

Claire’s lips moved. ” Are you by any chance, CHERRY LIPPS?!”

Scarlett felt herself go cold. Spider legs ran up her spine and she thought her blood had drained off her brain.






The words sounded Soo loud in her ears Scarlett thought she would go deaf.

She immediately composed her herself and pulled a face. ” No I’m not. What gives you that idea?”

Claire seemed doubtful. ” You look exactly like her. I’m a fan.”

Scarlett didn’t know how to react. If it were discovered that she was an ex pórnstar it would mean trouble for her.

She hadn’t reckoned she would run into someone who might have watched her videos.

” It’s a big world,” Scarlett said, picking her words slowly and carefully. ” There are millions of people out there who look alike. Certainly I might be one of them but I don’t know anyone called Cherry lipps.”

That was as smart as she could get. She gave it her best shot. Now was to see if Claire would accept her logic or not.

Claire screwed her face. Scarlett could see she wasn’t sure about herself but somewhere in those orange eyes, she sensed Claire was giving herself time to accept her words.

” Maybe you’re right,” Claire stepped back and began walking away. ” Don’t worry about it. I just got curious. I mean, Cherry’s a pórnstar. What in heavens name would she be doing in a billionaires house Working as a maid?”

Scarlett tried to laughed it off. ” I still don’t know who this woman is. But yeah, I think it sounds absurd.”

Claire lowered her lips but then she brightened. ” I’m glad though. You must be her doubleganger.”

” I don’t believe in those shít!” Scarlett said, feeling it was time Claire leave. ” Can I change?”

Claire took the cue and began walking away. ” My bad. I’ll give you thirty minutes to change. After that, would you be kind enough to come downstairs? I’ll be educating you about the rules.”

Scarlett gave her best smiles. ” Thank you.”

Claire hesitated then left, closing the door as if it were made of egg shells.

Scarlett frowned, letting out a deep breath. That was a close one. Somehow, she had nearly given herself away. How much more surprises are in store for her in this mansion?!

Locking the door, she stepped back into the room and began zipping down her dress.

” If I’m gonna pull this through, I better be careful,”‘ she said to herself as she took off her dress and unhook her bra.

There was a small bathroom opposite the direction of her bed. She decided to take a shower first before anything.

Stepping out of her underwear, she walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Unknown to Scarlett, someone had been hiding under the bed. The mysterious person slipped out from under the bed and sneaked towards the bathroom.

Clothes fell from the person’s body to the floor and he creaked the bathroom door open slightly.

Scarlett heard the sound and turned sharply, soaked with soap and water over her naked body. She gasped at the person she was seeing.

Craig stood before the doorway, smiling up at her. He was naked except for a boxer.

” Hello, Cherry,” he loosened his boxers, letting it drop to the floor.





To be Continued….

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