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( Finale )


Welcoming Hardina Jayde Castillo


Hazel Dakota



It is awesome ,it feels like a dream right now . It still hasn’t registered, I can’t even grasp it right now

Austin Rivera! My father’s murderer !dead!

It is unbelievable! I couldn’t even see this day happening. Now it is all here and it is been like a big burst of excitement………



Gobsmacked, I clung to Hardin as i watched the medics stretchered Mike’s lifeless body into the waiting ambulance, It was really a terrible sight !

my hands were still trembling and I felt a sickness in my stomach….

“Can we please leave here?” I pleaded softly making Hardin shift his attention to me

” sure! If that is what you want.”he agreed taking my hands into his as we sauntered towards the police van

Seeing us, Alexia jumped down from the van , rushing to hug Hardin

“Hardin! she screamed as he caught her in his arms

you alright?”he hushed , patting her on the back

“Yes! I am more than alright, thanks so much for getting the hidden message”. she muffled into his arms and his eyes widened as he pulled out of the hug to stare into her face

“You composed that?” he asked in surprise and she nodded sheepishly

“Jeez! then I should be the one thanking you , you saved us all”.he stated , making Alexia blush

“I love you Hardin”.

“I love you too Alexia”. he said , leaning over to peck her forehead

I smiled lightly, it was a good thing seeing my sister and boyfriend get along !

Just then , his father joined us mopping the sweat from his brow

In his left hand was my phone

“And I guess this is for you”. he said , handing the phone to me and I nodded slowly trying not to meet his gaze

Reasons! I lied to him and was feeling all guilty about it

“Thanks sir”. I muttered softly

“It is nothing, so are you ready to leave ?”he asked , fixing his gaze on his son

“You can go with Alexia , I need to get my car”. Hardin answered

“Alright !” his father agreed and then faced Alexia

“Let us go child”. he said to Alexia who gave me a side hug and then scurried towards the van

“Smart kid!” Hardin muttered as I smiled, watching her

She saved the day with her brains!

“Well! Well! So can we be on our way now?” Hardin asked , snapping me out of my thoughts and I turned sideways to see him staring at me, no, his eyes was roaming all over my body and he didn’t try to subtle it ….

“You bump is getting visible!” he remarked and immediately I looked down at my stomach and yes he was right , my tummy was bigger making me look like a bloated pig …..

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I snapped at him and that was the exact moment the vehicle of a broadcasting station drove into the compound

“F**k! Let’s get out of here”. Hardin whispered, taking my hand into his and we left the compound in a hurry chit-chatting, laughing and arguing all the way to taxi- station……


Getting to the taxi station, we were the subject of curious stares from bystanders and I wasn’t surprised as the news about Austin Rivera was shown on the big screen hung in front of a tall building adjacent to the taxi stand …….a reporters firm building to be precise

Jeez! how news travel fast!

“That is Jayden Winthrop and the girl beside him is his girlfriend”

“They are the ones on the screen ”

“Austin kidnapped the girl along with her sister”. their whispers turned into loud murmurs and I looked away, holding Hardin’s left hand tightly

“Ignore them”. he simply said as he flagged down a taxi……

Opening the taxi door , he gestured at me to get in and when I did , he got in beside me banging the door shut ..

“Disney-fun park”. he called , leaning in the seat and the driver nodded before driving off…..

I sighed softly, folding my hands across my chest as I stared at my reflection through the car rear mirror

My eyes was puffy! My hair tangled! my face completely messed up!!!

“You still worried?”Hardin asked and I shifted my gaze From the mirror to him

He was staring at me with a serious face and I smiled inwardly

he really do love me!

“Nope!” I answered, popping the p and leaned back to lay on his chest , inhaling his scent

his scent was a mixture of expensive cologne and something I could not quite place my finger on but whatever it was , it did crazy things to my fragile heart……..

I wanted him! I wanted his soft lips on mine and without thinking, I wrapped my arms around his neck , bringing his lips closer as I kissed him

he went stiff for a moment and then he let out a deep breathe kissing me back

Obviously! he was caught unaware

I gasped audibly in pleasure as his hands slid down the curves of my side to rest on my lips as he drew me in

“Do you realise we are in a taxi?” he asked , breathing into my mouth and instantly , my senses returned and I pulled out from the kiss

“F**k ! Haz! you just made my “little man” rise”. he retorted in whispers , staring at the bulge in his trousers

“Ooops! sorry!”I apologised softly and just then the taxi skidded to a halt

“We are here “. The driver announced and I looked out of the window to see the large wordings of “Disney -fun park” carved at the edges of the roller coaster …..

“Just in time!” Hardin muttered , bringing out his wallet to pay the taxi-man and when he did , we alighted from the car

following behind him , I looked around the fun-park in awe as we headed for his car …..


I opened the car door and got in beside Hardin who was already seated comfortably

Leaning back in the seat , I was expecting him to start the ignition but he didn’t , instead he wind up all of the windows and then reclined his seat a little

I stared at him confusedly

What is he trying to do???

“Climb on me”. he instructed and I shot him a puzzled look

“Climb on you!why?”

“Isn’t it obvious, I want you to ride me”. he stated and I shook my head in disbelief

“Sex in the car! You are crazy!”

he chuckled lightly “why are you acting like a saint , you started it remember?” he reminded and I swallowed hard , keeping mute

He was right, I started it all with the kiss!

climbing on top him , i s-------d him facing him as I backed the steering wheel and in return, he tugged my hips flushed against his and I felt a hard length between us , it was only a bulge against the leather of his pants but it was enough to get me wet….

“F**k!” I moaned loudly as he pinched my n----e through my gown ……

I wasn’t wearing undies thus it made it easier for him ….

“Stand up a little bit “. he grunted and when I did , he hurriedly unbuckle his pant trousers,pulling it down along with his briefs then held me down to his laps..

quickly , he rolled up my gown and on shifting my pant ,he pushed his d**k inside me….

“Oh my gawd! I moaned softly, leaning forward as he full length went inside me

Mehn!I was in cloud nine

Pushing my body against his , I swivel my hips as I grind him , taking his deeper…….

“Jeez! Haz! you killing me softly”. he moaned loudly and I smiled lightly , bouncing on his rod”to suit my pleasure…..

Well! i was in total control but it was not for long as he held my waist down , thrusting in and out of me roughly…..

I screamed in painful pleasure , he was so huge!

“Haaaardin!” I moaned loudly

“Keep your voice down!” he simply instructed as he kept on thrusting faster and harder

“Uhm…no… I am trying to but I f*king can’t”. I rasped as his huge dk was literally hitting my womb …..

“F**k! Marry me Hazel”. he whispered into my ears and I opened my eyes in surprise

“What did you say?” I asked to be sure I heard right

“Marry me”. he repeated, holding my waist tightly as he rammed his d**k into me but before I could respond , he pushed me back lightly

” get off me , I am cumming”. he said softly and immediately, I hopped off him to the passenger seat and watched him,release his stuff into a fancy handkerchief

“why did you do that ?” I asked , frowning as I adjusted my gown

“Simple! I don’t want you to reeking of sperm”. he answered, putting away the soiled handkerchief and on buckling his trousers , he started the ignition and zoomed off …..

my heart quickened as my thoughts raced back to his words

Marry him! Does he really mean it ? or did he just say it out of pleasure??


Hardin Castillo


Calls kept on on coming in as I drove heading for home but I ignored all of it

“Will you keep on doing that?”Hazel queried

“I am tired , I will return the calls later”. I stated

but to tell the truth, I was not in mood to receive any calls as I was lost pondering on the question of what next to do

My dad question kept on replaying in my head

Are you gonna let her go about the whole issue is settled? or are you gonna take the relationship to the next level?…….

I love her so much but I was still scared of the word “commitment”

What if we end up fighting? will she divorce me? will she use my age against me?

I glanced at her to see her staring out of the window

I sighed softly , it is high time I put my boyish fears aside and man up!

I wanted her and I am gonna marry her !

“Haz!”I called softly

“Yes”. She answered, still looking out of the window

“Actually erm I was just curious about something”

“And what is that?” She asked , shifted her gaze to me and I cleared my throat, maintaining a straight face

“Marry me please”. I pleaded softly

she was quiet for a moment and then she scoffed

“Is this a Joke? You said the same thing when we were having sex ”

“I know! I was confused then but I am d--n serious now , will you marry me?” I repeated and to my surprise, she flung herself to me

“Yes ! Yes! Yes! I will marry you”. She squealed excitedly and I was forced to pull off the road to avoid an accident

She was crazy and so was I

“Thanks Hardin! Thanks Hardin!” She continued squealing in excitement that I had to hold her shoulders to keep her calm

“No !I should be the one thanking you, you loved me unconditionally, you believed me and to sum it all , you brought out the best in me …

“Hardin!” She called softly

” yes baby! you are my better-half , a part of me that I will always need” …

my phone suddenly rang and this time around, it was my mother

I received it and placed it on speaker”

“Hardin!!!”her high pitched voice rang through

“Hi mum!” I greeted weakly

“baby! You alright? what of Hazel and her little sister, Are they alright?” She asked in a rush

“Yes mum!” I drawled and she exhaled deeply

“Thanks goodness! Rebecca regained consciousness some few hours back “. She informed and Hazel and I both sighed in relief

“Thank God!”She muttered

“She saw the news and is also worried”. My mum added

“Alright mum! we will be in the hospital shortly”

“Please do!” She said as I ended the call …..

Without wasting time , I stepped on the brake and on controlling the steering wheel , I made a u-turn and drove through the busy street down to Ontario hospital…..



Finally! after a long drive, I got to the hospital and on driving in, I parked out in front ….

I alighted from the car and Hazel also did the same at her own ,

Climbing up the short stairs, we both walked into the hospital to see my mom pacing up and down the reception….

I scoffed silently, Isn’t she meant to be beside Rebecca ??

Seeing us, she smiled widely as she rushed to us

“Hardin! Hazel! Thanks goodness! how are you? how is the baby?” She asked in a rush

“Fine ma!” Hazel answered shyly

“Good! I need to call at the police station, I will be back in a hour time”

“Police station! why?” I asked , staring into her face as her eyes twinkled in excitement

“To see your dad , I .. erm .. you .. know .. miss him so much”. she stuttered and I smiled knowing what will happen next …. a thrilling Sex in the office !!!

“Alright mum! have fun”. I said , interlocking Hazel fingers as we walk past her to Rebecca ward


Entering the ward, a young doctor was sitting beside Rebecca as he watched her eat

I exchanged surprise look with Hazel

What is going on here? I wondered

“Rebecca!” I called softly and she turned sideways to look at me and then at Hazel

“Sir Hardin! Hazel!” She called back with a weak smile and believe me when I say she looked more beautiful

“Well! Well ! I think I need to take my leave “. the doctor said , standing up ; then he nodded towards me as he walked out of the ward

“Who is he?” Hazel asked , moving closer to sit on the bed

Oh right! She doesn’t know how to mind her business

” A doctor”. Rebecca answered with an eye roll and they both laughed

“You are so annoying!” Hazel remarked

“And so are you, I don’t even know why I was even worried about you”. Rebecca snapped at her and an awkward silence follows

“Erm … you see …I am truly sorry for what happened to you”. Hazel suddenly apologise, breaking the silence and I moved closer to Join her

“Yes Rebecca, we are truly sorry”. I begged as she sighed

“You both are not to be blamed , you were also a victim, Nina is the devil here and I am so glad she got caught”

I smiled lightly, she is so understanding!

“But do me a favour, please, and make the god mother to your child”. She said as tears rolled down her eyes

“Of course we will “. Hazel agreed ,looking at me and I nodded in agreement

“We will Rebecca”. She repeated, pulling her into a hug as they wept in each other arms …..

I watched them for a moment and then looked out of the window, watching the sunset.

I smiled lightly

At last! It is all over…….




Months Later



A popular music filled the air and the cheers of hundreds of people could be heard as they wriggled their body excitedly on the dance floor ……

“Justin Arnold ! I really love his song”. Richard who was seated beside me slurred

“It is Justin Adams”. I corrected, pouring myself a glass of rum

“Whatever”. he muttered ,dragging the bottle out of my hands but I was quick to drag it back

“Don’t!you already tipsy , do you wanna get drunk?” I asked

“Of course ! It is our prom night , we are done with high school man and I want to explore every bit of it “. he screamed and I scoffed


He reached for bottle again but this time around,I choose to let him be

If he wants to get drunk , so be it !

“But what of Steve?” he asked and that was the exact moment Steve walked in with Kimberly

“Speak of the devil!here he comes”. I drawled

and he laughed, gulping down the rum directly from its bottle

“Yuck! I shook my head in disgust

Just then , Steve and Kim joined our table grinning like idiots

“Hey!” they greeted in unison and then laughed like idiots

I exchanged puzzled look with Richard

“What the hell is wrong with them?” he mouthed at me

“I don’t know!”I mouthed back ; then I faced them

“Well! well! Guys! Is there something we need to know?” I asked , looking at Steve and then at Kim

“Uhm… actually ………. Steve just proposed to me “. Kim screamed , flaunting her ring for us to see and I huffed


“Who in this world engage a girl at 18?” I snapped at Steve and he scoffed

“Says the person who got married at that same age”. he snapped back at me and I smiled lightly , taking a sip from my drink……

so you should know , I married Hazel two months back and I must admit, our marriage was the best thing that ever happened to me…..

our wedding was not an elaborate one , it was a small one attended by families and few friends and when I say few friends, I mean the annoying ones seated with me right now ……

“It is already late , You should go to Hazel”. Kim stated and i quickly looked in her direction just in time to see the pains in her eyes

She chuckled nervously and then looked away

Obviously! She still loves me , she told me herself on the eve of Hazel and I wedding but what can I do? nothing, I am married and she is engaged

My phone suddenly rang and I picked it up from the table to check the caller and lol and behold, it was Rebecca

Why is she calling? Is Hazel frustrating her with her weird cravings?

I received the call

“Hi Rebecca! I greeted first

“Hardin! It is Hazel! she is in the hospital right now”. she said in a rush and I became alarm

“Hospital! why? Is she sick?”

“No! she is in Labor”.She informed and my heart raced faster

Labor ! how is that possible! the doctor told me clearly she will be due in two weeks time

“Hardin! Are you there?” Rebecca voice rang through and exhaled deeply

“But why are you just calling me now?”

“I am sorry but it took us all by surprise”. She explained

And with that , I ended the call , picked my car keys and then stood up

“What is it? Is everything alright?” Richard asked , staring at me worriedly

” My wife is dealing with labor pain”. I simply answered and without waiting for his response, I pushed and squeezed my way out of the club to the parking lot

quickly, I hopped into my car banging the door shut and on starting the ignition, I drove heading to the hospital…….



It was really late when I got to the hospital, 12:20 am to be precise and the whole surrounding was pitch -dark …..

Parking out in front, I made the sign of the cross before alighting from the car…..

I was nervous , eager and scared at the same time!

What if the labor is a difficult one? what if something…. no…. i waved off all of the ill- thoughts …..

heaving a sigh, I walked into the hospital to hear the sound of a baby crying

I stopped on my track , looking around the reception to see the nurses on seat smiling at me …

“Welcome Mr Castillo!” they greeted in unison and I nodded absentmindedly, walking towards the labor Ward

The cry of the baby was getting louder and clearer …

Is that my baby? I wondered ……


Standing in front of the ward , I was about pushing it open when the doctor came out , bumping into me

“I am sor…. oh! Hardin! You came just in time….. congratulations! your girlfriend .. erm I mean your wife ….. I pushed the door and rushed in before he could complete his statement……

I was just too excited!

happiness trembled inside of me at what I saw

Right in front of me , Hazel was seated on the bed , holding a tiny red baby as she peered into its face….

I walked slowly towards them , I was gobsmacked

“Welcome Hardin!” Rebecca who was seated on a chair close to the bed greeted and that was when Hazel raised her head up to look at me

“baby! our baby is beautiful, she looks just like you “. She said weakly and true to her words, the baby was my carbon-copy

The same green eyes! the same hair colour, the same nose , even the natural dimples…….

Tears welled up in my eyes as I stared at her cute face

“Can I hold her?”I asked with a cracked voice as I was overly nervous..

“Sure!” She agreed , placing the tiny girl in my outstretched arms

I smiled lightly, staring into her face

She opened her eyes slowly as she looked around and when her green eyes met mine , she closed her eyes ………


“What should we name her?”Hazel asked the exact moment my phone rang

“Just a minute please”. I pleaded , holding the baby with my right hand as I used the other to bring my phone out of my pocket ……

Checking the caller , it was Mum

I received it

“Congratulations baby”. She screamed Loudly

What the f--k!

“Your wife’s mum called to inform us and I am so much excited”. She continued

“Oh!” was the only thing I said because I was surprised ….

“Anyways your dad and I will take the next flight down to South Tacoma to see our grandchild ”

“Okay!Dad , how is he?” I inquired after my dad

“He is fine, he is busy solving all the cases here in London”. She drawled and I chuckled lightly

“Alright Mrs Winthrop! I will be expecting both of you”. I said and on ending the call , I faced Hazel

“You called your mother first???”

She smiled lightly , I am sorry hubby but I could not help it”

Oh yeah! the mother and daughter bond!

“So what should we name our baby?”She asked for the second time as I shifted my attention back to my sleeping daughter……

” Uhm…. Let’s leave that for her god mother to decide “. I answered

“Who! Me!” Rebecca retorted and I nodded

“Well! .. since my god daughter looks so much like her father then I will name her after him”. She started and Hazel scoffed

“What do you mean by that?” She asked frowning and Rebecca smirked , ignoring her

“I name her HARDINA JAYDE “. she announced and I smiled lightly

“Hardina!” I muttered and then faced Hazel

“Is it okay by you?”

“Of course it is”. She agreed, smiling

Rebecca suddenly stood up , glancing at her wrist watch

“I need to take my leave now , Wilson will be rounding up in the office”

“Oh! Wilson! your doctor boyfriend”. I teased and she blushed

“Go away Hardin”. She retorted playfully, moving closer to kiss the baby , waved at Hazel and then dashed out of the ward …..

“Now that makes the two of us!” I remarked, sitting beside her on the bed.

“Three”. She corrected

“Oh! Yeah! Yeah! Three”. I agreed , staring down at Hardina

“how was your prom night?”she suddenly asked.

“Boring without you”. I answered truthfully as I placed the baby gently on the bed

“No! her crib is right behind you”. Hazel said, pointing to the blue baby crib

“I know Mrs Castillo, I want to watch her as she sleep”…….

She blushed , ” I love it when you call me Mrs Castillo … I mean who would have taught I would end up being the wife to the rich and famous Hardin Castillo…

“Me! I answered and she shot me a puzzled look

“You know right from our very first kiss , I knew I wanted you but I was just too scared to admit it , thanks for changing my weird beliefs about marriage, thanks for standing by me all through and most important, thanks for giving me this gift , Hardina Jayde Winthrop Castillo……..


AGE IS JUST A Number and when two people like each other,nothing should stop them from being together . It is just an issue of mind over matter . It is just a number . If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter ………….. signed by Hardin Jayden Winthrop Castillo……



The END 🔥


Stay tuned for the epilogue

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