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A part of me that I will always need


Hazel Dakota



The throbbing in my temple grew louder , the voices in my head more insistent and I slowly opened my eyes to see Alexia staring down at me

“Oh God! Hazel! Thanks goodness you are awake”. she muttered, sighing in relief as I looked around in confusion

we were in a small dusty room full of cobwebs and there was nothing in it except the small bed I was laying on and an old worn out chair …..

“you alright?” Alicia asked and I slowly shifted my gaze to her

“Where is this place?” I asked , sitting up and that was when I noticed the traces of tears upon her face……

I became alarmed

“Alexia! talk to me , what is going on? where are we? what is this room?

“You don’t remember?” She snapped at me as I stared blankly at her

“Mike! It .. is .. Mike”. she stuttered and instantly the scale fell off my eyes and the memory of what happened flooded in

Oh no! the fat man , he kidnapped me! but what about Alexia, was she also kidnapped?

“What happened to you?” I asked , staring intently at her and she scoffed

“Isn’t it obvious, I was kidnapped”

“Kidnap! but how ! I mean you are suppose to be in having a fun party”.I said in a rush and that was it , she flared up

“You are so dumb Hazel! I was trying so hard to hold my anger but I don’t think I can do that any longer , didn’t you see the message? was it so hard for you to get the hidden message?

“Hidden message !” I repeated as I tried to remember what was written in it….

Fun party! She needs me to be there ASAP! Killer party! Come prepared with ….. wait a minute! Killer! ASAP! Gifts! oh my gawd! she was trying to warn me

Dang it! why didn’t I think of it?…. oh Hazel! she is right , you are so dull and stupid!

A sinking fear of panic swept over me,a temporary paralysing fear clutched at my heart with cold fingers

What will happen now? Is this the way it is gonna end? I thought aloud as tears rolled down my eyes and Alexia sighed, pulling me closer to her

“It is alright sis!crying won’t solve anything, we have to look for a way out” .she stated , patting my back as I cried in her arms …..

I snuffled , she was just too mature for her age!

“So what do you suggest we do?”

“Nothing but to wait”. she simply answered

“Wait!” I repeated , pulling out of the hug to stare at her

“Yes, Mike will come around and just like he asked me to message you , he will ask you to do the same”

Do the same !Is she talking about …….

“Hardin!”. I said aloud

” it seems someone is catching on quickly”. she mumbled but I heard her clearly

“Is it Hardin!” I repeated , Ignoring her sneer and she nodded

“In whichever way Mike instruct you to reach him;be it through call or by message , you have to let him know you are in danger”

“And how will I do that?”

“Through a hidden message”. she answered as I rested my head against the wall, sighing

“but what if he didn’t get it?”

“No! No! No! we have to be positive here and moreover, Hardin is smart” . She assured and I swallowed hard , staring at my shaky hands

I was so d--n scared!

“we have to think out of the box or else we will all die….me , you, Hardin and your unborn child.she added and yes , she was right

We all have to stay strong for each other”

The door to the room suddenly flew opened and Mike walked in with the fat man following behind him

“Finally! the Princess is awake”.he drawled , clapping his hands

“For how Long have I been sleeping?” I asked Alexia in whispers

“uhm.. about an hour”. she answered as she clung to me tightly , I could tell she was scared so I made her lay her head on my laps as I faced the beast

“What do you want?” I asked him coldly as he laughed loudly

“Are you really asking me that! I want you Hazel and you know it”

“You are crazy !” I remarked angrily

“Of course I am and that is why I am gonna flush out that bastard in your womb”. he half yelled and my heart beat increased

My baby! no it can’t be!

touching my belly , I shook my head vigorously

“Please Mike! Don’t , my baby is innocent”. I pleaded and he scoffed , moving closer to me

“No Hazel, that baby belongs to my enemy so it isn’t innocent”

I gasped audibly In shock

“Jayden! I will make him witness his child disappearance and then I will kill him”

Having said that , he squatted beside me as he brought out a phone from his pocket which he handed to me …

I stared at the phone ,my phone and then I looked back at him

“What should I do with it?” I asked , shivering in fear and he chuckled softly

“Simple! call Jayden and tell him to meet you up”.

I shifted my gaze to Alexia and she nodded slowly , signalling me to go- ahead

I was nervous, I could no longer control my hands , they were shaking in an odd trembling rhythm …

“he is in class , he won’t pick up”. I said softly

“Then message him”. Mike barked making Alexia and I flinch a little

“Tell him to meet you at the fun-park close to his house”

I nodded sheepishly, staring at the phone

My brain was frozen up and the only thing I could hear was the loud banging in my head ……

Hidden message! Do I even know what that means?

And as if reading my thoughts, Alexia came to my rescue

“I will type the message”. She offered, straightening up as she dragged the phone out of my hands

“Sure! Your sister does know how to compose beautiful messages”. I heard Mike say and I raised my head to see him smiling at Alexia

“She composed the message that brought you here and I am sure her message will bring Jayden down here or what do you think?” he asked , shifting his attention to me and I looked away , meeting the gaze of the fat man who gave me a “I will kill you look”

“Crazy bastard!” I cursed silently

“I am done”. Alexia suddenly announced , holding the phone up for Mike to see and I held my breathe waiting for his response

“You can send it”. he simply said , getting up on his feet and I let out the breathe in relief

he didn’t even read it !!!!

” what is the name of the fun-park again?”he asked , facing Alexia

“Disney fun- park”. she answered with a

tiny voice and I swear , I could hear the sound of her heart beating.

She was scared and so was I!!

” I told him she took a stroll because the baby needs it”. she quickly added

” uhm! baby fun! that sound like a good idea” . he said , nodding slowly as he faced the fat man

“You heard her Noah!Go wait for Jayden at Disney fun- park and as soon as you see him , bring him over here ”

Steadying my breathe, i tried to calm my panic

“It is gonna be alright Hazel”. I assured myself



Hardin Castillo



After an hour of boring lecture, the history teacher finally left the class

“At last!” I muttered , sighing in relief as I brought out a manuscript from underneath my desk

“This man need to be fired , his class is always boring”.Richard who was beside me stated referring to the history teacher and I nodded absentmindedly , my mind and attention was fixed on the manuscript in front of me

I smiled lightly, I can’t wait to be done with it , it is my first adult story and I am sure it is gonna be a huge blast

“Harzel! the title of your story is Harzel” Richard said , leaning over to peek at the manuscript and I nodded slowly

“Amazing!You writing about your girlfriend?” he asked and I shrugged

“Something like that”

“Wow! wow! hope sex scene is included”. he continued with a smirk

“Sure! in fact the whole book will be all about sex “. I drawled in sarcasm and he laughed loudly attracting some curious stares…

” You crazy Castillo”

Just then , my phone beeped indicating a text message and I picked it up from my desk to see the name Hazel on the screen

Is she already missing me?

I smiled lightly as I clicked on it


I scoffed , Disney fun park! is this some kind of joke? doesn’t she know I am in school?

dialling her number , it rang until her her voice mail picked it up …….

I dialled it for the second time , it was still the same and was about dialling it for the third time when a message popped up

It was a message from her , i quickly clicked on it

“Come meet me at Disney – fun park, our baby needs it”

Impossible! Is she crazy?” I thought within scrolling up to the first message and the word “killer” caught my attention

Killer pain! what is she talking about ? I wondered, reading the message all over again and that was when I saw it

The number 414! Disney fun-park doesn’t have a number attached to it , it was just an open field where children plays…. so could the number be a code or what

Well!Let’s see … uhhm… 4(D) 1(A) 4(D)… Dad… killer …… Austin …. oh no! It can’t be !

with shaky hands, I dialled my dad number and he picked it up on the first ring

“hey!”he greeted first

“Dad! Where are you?” I asked with a trembling voice

“I am home, is there any problem?”

“Hazel! she is home right???

“No! she went for a stroll , aren’t you aware about it?”he asked and my heart stopped beating

A stroll! Disney park! f--k! this is all messed up!

“Hardin! Are you there? Is everything alright?” My Dad probed on and I bit at my lower lips to stop myself from Screaming out my anger

“Yes!! I will join you at home”. I said and ended the call ………

disoriented, I stood up in a huff , picked up my back pack and on slinging it over my shoulder,I ran all the way to the parking lot ……

“Castillo! Castillo! Castillo! I heard familiar voices call but I ignored them all…..

I was confused! I was scared ! I was hurting!

Opening the car door, I hopped in and on starting the ignition, I drove speeding to the mansion…..


The drive home was a quick one as I broke the speed limit wasting no time to get home …..

honking the car horn, I drove through the already opened gate and on parking , I alighted from the car to see my dad outside leaning against his car

“Dad! I called ,rushing to him and he straightened up , staring at me curiously

“It is Hazel !She has been kidnapped by Austin “. I said and he went stiff

“Austin! how is that possible?I mean she only told me she was taking a stroll”

” And you believed that?”I retorted angrily ,bringing out my phone to show him the text message and that was when he believed

“D--n it! this is serious but there is no cause for panic, I will call for back up ASAP”

” back up! No Dad! I don’t have that kind of patience, that bastard might try hurting my ….. i paused to steady my breathe

The thought of Austin touching Hazel was driving me insane

“You need to calm down Hardin , Hazel… he tried to say but I cut him off

“You f-----g don’t know who Austin is , Austin is a beast and any slight mistake will endanger the life of Haz and my unborn child”. I yelled and he sighed, holding my shoulders to calm me down

“You need to be in your right mind for us to plan ahead”. he said and yes , he was right

Taking a deep breathe, I leaned against the wall as I tried to calm my panic

“Good! so can I see the text message again?”he asked and I nodded slowly, handing him the phone

“Disney fun park !that can’t certainly be the place he is holding her captive”

“I know! he wants to lure me in and I am going to take the bait”. I stated and he gasped softly in shock

“If I am not mistaken ,you trying to say you will go to Disney land?”

“Yes!that is the only way we can save her”. I insisted

he was quiet for a while and then he sighed bringing a silver necklace along with a gun out of his pocket

“Wear this”. he handed the necklace to me

I looked at the necklace and then back at him in disbelief

Is he for real? giving me a necklace to wear?

And as if reading my mind, he said

“It is a necklace with a GPS tracking device, with that I will be able to monitor your location , so wear it” he repeated and this time around, I wore it around my neck without hesitation

“You will also be needing this”. he continued, handing me the gun and I shivered a little staring at it

In all the time I spent with Austin, I held a gun only twice and that was when the beast tried training me to shoot… in short , I hated guns with passion …..

Can you make use of it?”he asked , snapping me out of my thoughts and I shrugged

” I don’t know and that was the exact truth”

“It is simple! you just need to pull the trigger just incase the need arises”

“Alright dad!” I simply said , hiding the gun in my underpants as I stormed to my car

“we will be right behind you”. My dad called after me as he got into his car and despite my pains , a small smile escaped from my lips

I was glad to have a dad who understands me!

Hopping into my car , I closed the car door and on starting it , I drove heading to Disney- fun park ………



Being a weekday, the fun-park was deserted Unlike the weekends where it was always crowded

I parked my car beside the tire swing and on alighting , I looked around to see a very fat man walking towards me ……………. wait a minute! Noah! Isn’t that Noah?

I scoffed silently, Austin sure means business!

“hi Jayden!” he greeted with a sly smile as I took few steps backward pretending to be in shock

“Noah!” I called back , widening my eyes and he moved closer, pulling out a gun ……

“If you want to see your pregnant b---h alive then come with me silently”. he threatened, cocking his gun and I clutched my fist tightly, trying to control my anger

B---h! how dare he call my girl a b---h!.. but no, anger won’t solve anything only pretence will and I am gonna play the game wisely

“No Noah! Please don’t hurt my girl”. I pleaded, faking my tears and he smirked

“Good boy!he remarked , pushing me roughly as he led me to a black sedan car and I laughed inwardly

he is a dumb fool with no tactics, I could kill him easily with my gun if I wanted too!

Opening the rear door, he instructed me to get in and when I did , he banged the door shut turned around to the driver seat , got in and on closing the door, he drove off …….

What an idiot!!!!!!



Mike Peterson



With a large grin , I brought out the bottle of drugs and held it up for Hazel to see.

“You know darling, I really can’t wait to see the look on Jayden face when I use this on you”. I stated , laughing as she whimpered, clinging tightly to Alexia

They were both scared , I could see their fears but what can I possibly do? Nothing , I wanted my revenge and not even the tears of the woman I love can stop me……

“Please Mike don’t this to me “. She kept on pleading as I glanced at my wristwatch for the umpteenth time …..

It has been over two hours and Noah was yet to return…

What could be wrong? Is anything alright?did he fail to catch Jayden?…but come to think of it , i didn’t even read the d--n message!

Bringing Hazel’s phone out of my pocket, I was about unlocking it when a car drove into the compound …..

quickly, I got off the chair and rushed to the window side view to look out of it and lol and behold, it was the black sedan car conveying Noah and ……… Hardin

I smiled softly as I turned sideways to Hazel who looked half frightened to death

“It is time for the game to begin!



Hardin Castillo



The car skidded to a halt in front of an old abandoned building

“Get down!” Noah barked as I hid the necklace under my shirt and on opening the car door , I alighted and came face to face with Noah gun


“Move! he half yelled , cocking the gun and I raised my hands up in surrender as I walked into the house , looking around

The house was ugly , dusty , full of cobwebs and looks haunted

“F**k! Out of all places , why must it be here ?

“Keep on moving”! he yelled at me and that was when I realised I was standing on the same spot as I stared at the weird house

“And where should I move to!” I snapped at him

“Over there”. he pointed to a door which was slightly ajar and without thinking, I ran towards to the door and on pushing it opened, I walked in to meet a shocking sight

Hazel and Alexia were seated on a small bed begging Austin as they cried their eyes out

Bastard! how dare he drag a 13 year old into this mess!

“Wow! wow! Look who we have here , the Famous Jayden Winthrop!” he jeered, clapping his hands as I stared at Alexia and then at Hazel

“Hardin!” Hazel called softly as tears rolled down her eyes and I looked away

She should know I hate seeing her cry!

“I can see you have no clue as to why you are here”. Austin started, standing up as he moved closer to me

he was holding a small bottle and on a closer look , I noticed it was a mifepristone syrup

I became alarmed , what does he want to do with it?

” you know what this is right?”he asked , holding up the bottle for me to see as my skin tingled in fear

“This is an abortion syrup and I am gonna use it on your precious girlfriend”

“No Austin! You can do that!” I hushed and he smirked

“Then watch me and see”

And with that , he moved closer to her , squatting beside her

“Nooooo! Please help me”. She screamed loudly, making my heart churn in anger

Blinded with rage, I charged blindly towards him ,about to get down in a physical combat with him but was stopped by the pumping sound of a gun cocking

” stay still or I will shoot”. I heard Noah say and I froze on the spot , shooting daggers at Austin

“Oh dear! what to do! Little Jayden is helpless”. he said teasingly as I grit my teeth, racking my brain on what next to do …

Using the gun was not an option , it will be two against one…. d--n! I guess I should try stall him until the cops arrive

” I can see you are bent on getting rid of my child but are you too dumb to do it in front of a little kid”. I stated and instantly he withdrew his hands , staring at Alexia who was whimpering in fear

“Fine! Fine! Noah take the kid outside”. he instructed Noah who handed the gun to Austin ;then reluctantly left the room , dragging Alexia along with him …..

Immediately, I bolted the door and then faced Austin

“Why did you do that?” he asked , placing the bottle on the floor as he cocked the gun

“That is because we need to talk ”

“Talk! and what is there to talk about!”he retorted, staring at me

“Uhhhm… lets me start by asking you this simple question, when did the “Almighty Austin”become a coward?” I fired at him and in the split of a second, he stood up rushing to me as he pinned me to the wall

“Yes! that is it! the Austin I know will never torture a woman to get his revenge , you want me then I am right in front of you”

“Bastard!” he cursed , as he threw me a punch on my nose , I tried dodging it but couldn’t as he grip on me was strong and instantly, the blood came streaking down …..

I scoffed , “You are the only bastard here Austin!” I fired back at him and he scoffed , aiming the gun at me.

“Nooooooooo! Hazel screamed loudly and Austin lowered his gun , turning around to face her

Exactly the distraction I needed!

quickly , I pulled out the gun from my underpants and on aiming at his shoulder, I pulled the trigger and instantly he fell to floor screaming !

“Arrrrgh!” he groaned in pain with his eyes wide opened in shock as I stared at him fidgeting

“I pulled the trigger! I shot someone!”. I muttered and the next thing I heard was the sound of the police siren , followed by gunshots

“What! who called the police?” Austin yelled to no one in particular and I smirked , bending over to pick his gun ….

“It is over for you Austin!” . I said as I walked to the door , turning the knob as I unbolted it

“Hardiiin!” Hazel screamed and I quickly turned around to see Austin aiming a pistol at me

Dang it! why didn’t I think of it? he had another gun with him

“Say your last prayer Jayden”. he said as the sound of gunshots filled the air and to my relief the gun fell from his hand as he grunted in pain

he was shot in his stomach!

I looked in the direction the bullet came from and lol and behold, my dad was standing at the entrance

“No Austin! you should be the one to say your last prayer”! he fired back at Austin and I smiled softly

“Kill me Jay!” Austin begged and I lifted the gun , cocking it as quietly as I could about to grant his wish but my dad was quick to stop me

“No son! you ain’t a murderer,allow me to do it ”

And with that , he pulled his trigger and shot the bastard at his temple and with a loud cry Austin fell to the floor dead …….

I took a deep breathe and a wave of relief swept over me

“At last “.I mumbled, walking past the lifeless body to Hazel

Squatting beside her, I pulled her close to me , hugging her

her expression was blank! her face white as sheet as she stared at Austin lifeless body

“It is over Haz! I assured her and she nodded slowly

“what of Alexia?” She asked softly

“in the police van”. My dad answered

“And the fat man?” I continued

“Dead!” he answered as he walked out of the building

I smiled lightly, shifting my gaze to Hazel to see her staring at me

“Thanks for saving me Hardin”. she said , breaking down in tears and I sighed,wrapping my hands around her

She was already a part of me, that part of me I will always need……..



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