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Fang staying with the priest in the cave while they all work together as one, he was very interested in reading ancient myths and Greek mythology book.

Priest Hators: you read very much

Fang: I like reading,I have an intellect

Priest joke: amazing

Fang: reading myths is what I like, I like reading them when I was still young but Hoxo will take it from me saying it doesn’t have meaning and will said that I should focus on training to become a deadly and dangerous assassin.

Priest Jole: I think Hoxo was a bad guy indeed, I think he just use you as a formation now wanted to destroy you.

Fang: yes, that time,if I should’ve know I should’ve escaped but I can’t, if he caught me that time he should’ve kill me.

Priest Kang: that is not really nice, so you don’t wish to be evil since you are in childhood age.

Fang: yes, you got it right.

Priest joke: tragedy story indeed

Fang: you don’t have to pity me.

Priest Hators: but how do you got your powers and abilities.

Fang: I born as a mutant in a strange planet

Priest joke: you mean you are not from this planet earth

Fang: are you surprised

Priest joke: probably yes.

Priest kang: I have never here such thing before.

Fang: you have to believe me, as a mutant being I got half of my power from the heritage given to me by my father, but was dead due to Hoxo destruction on my planet.

Priest joke: am moved, but how do you got the remaining of your powers

Fang: I grow with the strongest I am raise with powers and abilities in which I am call fang the poisonous mutant I sting with my fang whenever I needed it.

( they were all amazed on hearing him )

Priest joke: sorry Fang of your lose, am really move indeed

Fang: don’t pity me but only pity for yourself and your children both the olds and the younger ones because Hoxo will soon unleashed his wrath to this world but thanks to the Golden claw he has come to bring light and fight injustice and that is why I am hear to assist Golden claw in helping you to defeat that adamant being.

( the priest are speechless )

Why did you quite

Priest kang: we just wish to do so

( Fang take the sixtieth novel )

Priest joke: it is too much for you it will affect your brain you will go crazy too much of reading is not good.

Fang: actually human and mutants are different our system are different we are not the same.

( they all look at him amazingly )


Priests: noooooooo

( they tried to cover themselves )

Fang: wait a minutes

( Fang close his two eyes )

Priest joke: what is that

Priest Jole: what is that

Priest Hators: may be he is in the spirit us just like us.

Priest kang: I too think that.

Priest joke: may be

( Fang open his eyes while he begin to paint )

Priest jole: what is that

Fang: it is bad indeed

Priest joke: bad.

Fang: yes bad indeed

Priest Hators: did you go to spirit world.

Fang: we don’t go to spirit world because we are banished from their by Awesome.

Priest joke: sorry for that

Fang: we don’t need to be sorry for that because it is our fault and our bad deeds that we are banished from their.

Priest Hators: then what have see

Fang: according to my spirit hearing because we use that to communicate to each generally.

Priest Hators: what have you see.

Fang: Hoxo and his two minions, I mean Morgana and verta has wanted to begin to begin their destruction on this planet.

Priest joke: this is bad it is bad

( they were confused )

Fang: actually it has to, it has to and all we have to act fast.

Priest jole: we have to inform Jarvis about this we have to set our plan now before the destruction begin

Fang: am going to call him

( He vanish out of the place )


Jarvis and Jason walk through the city while they meet Maddy and Jerry

Jerry: hello friends

Jarvis: hey wassup how are you

Maddy: we are fine friends

Jarvis: how was your team

Jerry: they are fine, we don’t see your walking nearby again

Jarvis: actually I went for vacation

( he lied )

Jason: vacation

( he quickly signal to his brother )

Jarvis: yes vacation

Maddy: you should’ve let us know, we should’ve go together

Jarvis: oh am sorry about that.

Jason: come on bro, let go

Maddy: please I want to ask you one question

Jarvis: what is it

Maddy: are you real

( Jarvis speechless for about seventeen seconds )

Jarvis: probably yes, I am real

Jerry: we still need more evidence because when we saw you last time we taught that we are dreaming

Jarvis: I am real, I am the Golden Claw

( suddenly Fang appear all the peoples all run while Jarvis force Jason to stay also with Jerry and Maddy )

Maddy: why did you

Jerry: please let us go

Jarvis: he his not an enemy but a friend this time around

Fang: yes am not an enemy, you can call me Fang

( trying to shake them but they step back )

Jarvis: he his not an enemy, if you can’t believe him you have to believe me

Maddy: ok ok Mr Fang what did you want from us

Fang: I only come to see The Golden Claw

Jarvis: what is It

Fang: Hoxo as want to start his mission, we have to set a plan

Maddy: Hoxo again

Jerry: that brat, he kill many, he take the life of innocent one, I hate him

Jason: not only you, he almost got all crowns that belongs to every dynasties in the east.

Fang: so many peoples want him to be dead

Jarvis: yes

Maddy: yes, he serve as a threat to mankind

Fang: don’t forget, he is immortal.

Jarvis: we are going to extract it out of him

Maddy: I too wanna become superhero

Jarvis: you have to dream it

Fang: let go for the plan

( he take his flight )

Jason: are you going now

Jarvis: yes I have to go, I know mom and dad will like that and I think you will like that also even with my fellow friends

Jason: yes

( he smile at him )

Jarvis: should I speed on

Maddy: yes, you are real

Jarvis: take care of mom

( he turn to Maddy and Jerry )

take care friends

( they smile at him then he speed on while they feel the air )

Jason: I have to go home

Jerry: can’t you stay with us for a while

Jason: ok just five minute

Maddy: make it ten minute

Jerry: no make it twenty minute

Jason: ok ok let me judge I shall make it thirty minute

Maddy: you have to follow my order, you shall make it fifty minute

Jason: now am going to make my last order and it shall be unquestion.

( they watch him to hear what he was going to say )

We shall make it seven hours

Maddy: let it be questioned we shall make it a day

( they all laughed as they go to the field for training )

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