Rise Of The Claw - S01 E27

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Jarvis and Fang arrived at the same time to the cave

Jarvis: what is going on guys

Priest joke: Hoxo as want to begin his destruction

Jarvis: actually he has to, all we need is to wait for his arrival and also prepare for his coming to Razia

Fang: listen guys

Priest Hator: I consult the spirit on what that is going to happen next but it reveals to me that it was going be bad

Fang: you have to know that

( Fang sences something )

This is bad

Jarvis: what

Fang: Darot and his crew as wanted to begin their deadly destruction they are in Razia south

Jarvis: come on let go

( Jarvis and Fang leave the place )


Jarvis and Fang arrives their while they couldn’t see nothing only seeing some burn grasses and even woods

Jarvis: I think they are not here this must be trick

Fang: no it is not trick, it is real

( Immediately something throw a bomb at them in which every place blast while they become weaked and they begin to crawl on the ground )

Jarvis: what is happening here

Fang: I don’t know

( Darot, Verta and Morgana reveals themselves )

Jarvis: they are evil

( Fang and Jarvis rise up, on looking at the evil face, their face is so deadly and also frank their face )

Darot: welcome to our first hell.

Jarvis: what have you done now

Verta: actually we haven’t done nothing now, when it begin you shall see and many shall testify for it

Fang: you must be joking.

Jarvis: we shall stop you all cost and no one is going to stop us in bringing you down

Morgana: d--n it, we are different from those past one.

Jarvis: you don’t know what you are saying

( Jarvis then close his two eye as he close it his powers come to him while his body change as usual )

It is time to make it real

Morgana: we are not going to fight you but we will give you a threat to battle with.

( Jarvis and fang were surprised in hearing that )

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