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They treat Fang from where he was injured after some hours he was well only he could find himself bound while he open his two eyes

Fang: come on am not an enemy this time around.

( they all get to an attention )

Jarvis: how do you want us to believe you, because you have do many things to our kingdom and also supporting Hoxo

( pretending as if he doesn’t consult the spirit about who he was really was )

Fang: since I came here for help, then you should’ve believe me

Priest joke: we should’ve kill you that time but we did not,now we are going to kill you

( Fang smiled )

Fang: I know you can’t, the most wise of you consult the spirit before he step into action.

( they all silence )

You don’t still believe me

Priest jole: since you are chained you can’t do nothing.

Fang: then I should’ve use use my heat blast to attacked you but I won’t because I am not an enemy this time around.

Jarvis: actually we treat you when you are badly injured

Fang: I know thanks for that.

Priest Hators: can any one tell me what is happening here.

Jarvis: their is nothing and their shall not

Priest joke: but what actually bring you here

Fang: because I want to team up with you in fighting Hoxo and his new minions.

( he lose him from the bondage, but still sitting down )

Jarvis: who are the minions, and what really bring you here

Fang: definitely it is not my wish to be evil but Hoxo force me into it and also plan to destroy me when he learn that I can’t cope with him anymore so he have to destroy me, and now he has bring his new minions.

Jarvis: then who are the minions

Fang: they are new force that are powerful than us,they almost kill me but I quickly use my supernatural ability to vanish out if the place when they wanted to give me their final strike..

Jarvis: then who are they.

Fang: Verta and Morgana, and their leader was Darot in which she was brainwashed when mourning for his sister that has been killed by Hoxo.

Jarvis: this is new trouble now so we are jumping from frying pan into fire.

Fang: all you guys have to do is to act fast.

Priest Hators: are you not joining us

Fang: I just come to inform you so I have to fight this battle on my own because I know you won’t accept me.

Jarvis: actually we will, we will accept you

Priest joke: untied we stand divided we fall, we can do this without others.

Jarvis: yes we can’t, we need you

Fang: meeeee

Jarvis: yes we need you

Fang: if that sorry sorry for my bad actions,I just understand, two wrong can not make a right, and evil can not correct evil

Jarvis: yes you got it right,but why did Hoxo want you to be destroyed

Fang: it’s a long story indeed,anyways,I grew up and was adopted by Hoxo when he saw me in the forest crying, he show much compassion on me then try to make me happy and I too have to do the same to him, the only thing I can use to pay him back is to be one of his loyal warriors and the one that can help him accomplished his mission , now that he has finish his goals, then I have to stay away from him in which he realize that, then he have to get me killed, and I have to defend myself along in protecting my home land which was earth.

Priest Kang: sorry for that.


Jarvis come in while Jason and Uncle frank rush to him

Jason: where have you been since all this day

Jarvis: you know my mission right.

( smiling )

Jason: saving words

Jarvis: yes, you get it

Jason: we have together someday, someday someday I am going to be a super here like

Jarvis: you can only do that if you have a dream for it.

Jason: that is nice

Uncle frank: oh boy, I miss you alot

Jarvis: I too, miss you, where is dad.

Jason: actually he was in the kitchen cooking with mom

Jarvis: are you really serious, dad cooking with mom in the kitchen?

Jason: are you surprised to here that.

( laughing )

Jarvis: funny, but why can’t you help.

Jason: I and uncle frank are coming from the farm.

( Mr and Mrs James hear their son voice, they all rushed out )

Mr James: oh my son

( they hugged each other )

Mrs James: where have you been all this day

Jarvis: I have to accomplished my mission in defeating those bad guys.

Mrs James: then I will be greatful with that

Jarvis: am sure you like me to step into it

Mr James: yes

Jarvis: what are we doing today

Mr James: actually we have finished our works in farm and we have to go on for vacation.

Jason: vacation

Jarvis: yes vacation

Mr James: are you surprised.

Jason: come on let go But how many days do we have spent their..

Mr James: seven days

Uncle frank: seven days

Mr James: is that too many

Uncle frank: I think we have to spent more than that like three weeks or two weeks.

Mr James: ok ok

( Jarvis then close his two eyes after some seconds he open it )

Jason: what come over you

Jarvis: w can’t go now

Jason: why

Uncle frank: why, we have to, just to celebrate and make fun their

Jarvis: you guys don’t know the reason I am saying this, but you to believe it.

Uncle frank: funny, have you started your joke

Jarvis: probably it is real

Mr James: what is it son

( looking his face amazingly )

Jarvis: I consult the spirit in the spirit world,it let me know that someone is going to die their and their will be conflict but it will be settled, and I don’t want you to get involved so we have to extend it.

Uncle frank: how can that be real,how did you know.

Jarvis: am gifted with it, I am the Golden claw the Claw master.

( they all amazed )

Mr James: I believe you son and I am proud of you.

Jarvis: thanks dad

Jason: anyway, till the next time.

( Jarvis speed out of the room )

Jason: where are you

Mrs James: where are you going son

( they shouted on top of their voice )

Jarvis: am gonna save the word.

( they could here his voice clearly due to his supernatural power )

Jason: can I come with you

Jarvis: you may

( Jason step outside while Jarvis reverse himself, he hold Jason hand, then speed on )

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