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Thought Concretization

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Tang Wulin could not help being stunned for a moment. He had never quarreled with Gu Yuena in such an intense manner before. Was he really going to betray the entire mankind by just being together with her?

He wanted to answer impulsively. ‘I can!’ Yet, could he truly do that?

There were the Shrek Seven Monsters, his godmother, teachers, the students of Shrek Academy, the seniors from Tang Sect, and his companions. Was he truly capable of betraying them all?

He examined his own conscience and came to the conclusion that he could not do it, he could never possibly do that.

Without Shrek Academy and Tang Sect, how could he be there today? He could never forget about the Shrek Academy’s teachers that sacrificed their lives to protect the students without the slightest bit of hesitation when the great catastrophe dawned upon them. They used their lives to protect the glory of Shrek so that they could strive the opportunity for the students to live.

He could never forget about how the Atlas Douluo stopped the vast majority of Holy Spirit Cult’s powerhouses and the terrifying explosion without turning back. Even his soul was stripped away by the Holy Spirit Cult in the end.

The Shrek’s legacy and Tang Sect’s legacy needed continued protection from Tang Wulin and this generation. They would use everything they had including their lives to guard these entities so how could he possibly betray them?

“Why?” Tang Wulin had only managed to utter that very word.

Gu Yuena looked at him deeply. There were tears glimmering in her eyes. “I’m sorry. There will come a day when I can explain it to you. Love someone else, but not me. I can’t give you everything you want and I even more so can’t possibly be with you.”

Tang Wulin looked at her. “So do you love me then?”

Gu Yuena suddenly took a step forward and arrived before himself. She used her hands to strenuously push against his chest until he had stumbled backward and slammed into the wall. He saw as Gu Yuena’s tears uncontrollably streamed down her face. Silver radiance burst forth from inside of her body before she rapidly vanished.

“Forget about me. I don’t want to see you anymore.” Those were her final words before she left.

Tang Wulin had his back against the wall. He paid no attention to his body slowly sliding downwards as he sat onto the ground.

Ever since he was acquainted with her, it felt like there was no one else in his heart anymore. It was until later that he found out that Gu Yue was there because of Na’er.

He was acquainted with her for more than a decade. She had always been cold and indifferent. She was calm and she would just treat him nicely in silence.

It was precisely because of this silence that he fell in love with her. His love for her was scorching hot and without any reservation. However, she was still walking further and further away from him.

It had been more than a decade but he had never seen her being as agitated as she was today. He could feel that there was an exceedingly peculiar form of suppression in her emotions. The suppressive feeling had even made him feel suffocated.

Every word that was spoken by her earlier was imprinted deeply into his heart. He felt pain in his heart but it was not because she asked him to forget about her nor was it because she said that loving her would betray the entire mankind, but it was because he was feeling pity for her.

No matter how many times she asked him to forget about her so that he would never love her again, she had never said that she did not love him from the beginning. Every teardrop of her exploded in his heart like fixed soul ammunitions. It hurt his chest so badly that he could not even breathe.

‘Why! Why won’t you answer me about what you are doing? Why are you telling me that loving you means I will have to betray the entire mankind and everything else in my surroundings? Why do you refuse to tell me everything?’

She had left. Moreover, Tang Wulin felt like her departure this time was like a farewell for both of them.

Everything seemed to have become different, while the ending seemed to not have derived from recent events. It was during that very occasion when she gave everything of herself to him, her emotions had been in a bad state. After the recklessness of that very night and her choice to be with him without the slightest reservation, she seemed to have already sealed up herself.

He absentmindedly sat over there until the sky outside had already darkened. Tang Wulin had just recovered from the trance.

He could not leave and nor would he. Just like what he had said to her, he could never possibly allow her to be with Qiangu Zhangting even if it was just for namesake.

Ever since the great catastrophe, Spirit Pagoda had always been acting as the side that actively attacked. It was now time for a counterattack.

Tang Wulin calmed his spirit with great effort. He calmly pondered on the issues before his eyes.

Even though he refused to think negatively about it, after careful consideration about all sorts of changes that occurred from the moment he was acquainted with Gu Yuena until later to the words that she spoke to him today, the idea that formed in Tang Wulin’s mind had already become much clearer now. He had already grasped some crucial parts. Even though there was no way to confirm that, but he had already figured out some possibilities.

Regardless, he must continue to walk down his path. There was one thing that he could confirm and that was Gu Yuena would never hurt him at the very least. Moreover, he must continue to cultivate with greater efforts so that he could become more powerful and that was the truth.

Even if she was truly going to go against the entire world as her enemy, he would capture her when the day arrived and imprison her together with himself. He would never allow her to hurt others while he would never allow others to hurt her either. On the other hand, he needed to have the ability to do so.

The sorrow inside his heart made the soul core in his sea of spirit fluctuated mildly. Tang Wulin seemed to be able to indistinctly feel some law changes. The emotional fluctuations filled his heart with a peculiar feeling that was difficult to describe and was as if he had found some new law changes.

The radiance that surrounded his body began to warp. That was the change in time. The time over a decade passed in a snap of fingers and time brought great changes all over the world. He wished that he could return to the carefree life he had when he first entered the Shrek Academy back then! It was only during that period of time that he could live joyously and carefreely.

He was with her and he was also with his companions. He truly wished that he could return.

Radiance warped around him as speckles of quintessential luster flickered by his sides. In those tiny radiance fragments, it was as if there were silhouettes inside and those silhouettes looked familiar. There was her, Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, Xu Lizhi, Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and Ye Xinglan.

There was also the Shrek Academy that once existed!

It was his train of thought and Spiritual Concretization!

At the very moment, his heart was filled with sorrow and nostalgia and his spiritual power had finally made another breakthrough as he entered the level of Spiritual Concretization.

He closed his eyes to reminisce on the thousands of trains of thought. It made the surrounding memory fragments began to turn clearer and clearer. Tang Wulin was immersed in past memories and thought about himself. It was as if he had already lived through the past during that very moment. He scrutinized himself and felt that all the regrets he had in the past seemed to be remedied as he was living through this life again and became perfected.

A layer of translucent jewel-like radiance was indistinctly seen on his body soon after.

The higher one’s spiritual power was, the more influence it had over the soul master’s abilities. Once the soul master had made a breakthrough in Spiritual Concretization, the soul master’s spiritual power and his abilities would truly fuse as one. This was supposed to be the most important hurdle before the breakthrough to Limit Douluo. It was only after completing this first that one could successfully become a Limit Douluo. On the other hand, Tang Wulin who had recently made a breakthrough to Title Douluo-rank had already completed it. He had carried out the amendment of himself in his memories one step in advance so that had established a foundation for him to walk towards even more powerful ranks in the future.

He remained standing over there just like that. He had also lost count of time but when he opened his eyes once again, the sky on the outside remained dark as before.

The sorrow inside his heart had already vanished because of the amendment brought by the spiritual backtrack. It felt as if all the emotional wounds he had sustained had already eased away.

As compared to the past, Tang Wulin’s gaze turned even deeper at present. At the same time, the aura inside his body was also growing more and more obscured just like an ordinary person. This was the effect of returning to one’s original nature as a result of spiritual backtrack concretization!

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