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The Solicitation

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Mu Tian was stunned for a moment and was immediately affected by

Tang Wulin’s intense confidence. He had always been under the assumption that Tang Wulin was a little arrogant, but upon receiving guidance from Tang Wulin after his spar him with today, Mu Tian felt respectful towards this young master from the Blue Electric Overlord Dragon Clan.

Arrogance originated from one’s ability. Arrogance without ability was just arrogance yet with sufficiently powerful ability was confidence!

“Your excellency, I’ve already thought it through. I will be returning to the Northern Army Corps after the competition has ended to request for a long leave of absence. Then, I shall head to Shrek Academy for education. However, I wonder if the reconstructed Shrek Academy would be willing to accept me.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “You will have a fifty percent chance of scoring if you’re willing to try but you won’t stand a chance if you don’t go.”

An idea arose in Mu Tian’s mind and he said, “I understand now. I’ll be staying by your side and watch all the competitions at this festival. I congratulate you in advance as you will be able to return with the beauty in your arms.”

Tang Wulin chuckled. “I’ll work hard on that.” Of course, he was not allowed to tell Mu Tian on how to get into Shrek Academy and what Shrek could give to him either. Doing that would expose his identity. He would only have to give some clues to an intelligent person. If that was not enough, then it was proven that the person was not qualified yet.

The reconstruction of Shrek Academy needed talents and especially even more teachers. Mu Tian had come from the Northern Army Corps and Tang Sect had already investigated his background information to find that he was a trustworthy person. On the other hand, if a powerhouse that originated from the military’s special warfare unit could join Shrek, then it would be very beneficial for the education of outer court disciples. The experience of military training was passed down for many years. Even though the military was incapable of cultivating monster-ranked geniuses like Shrek Academy, it was definitely beneficial in certain ways when used as basic education.

Tang Wulin had not bluffed to Mu Tian. There were numerous Title Douluos in Shrek and also a large amount of information for Mu Tian to use as a study reference. These were Shrek’s most precious wealth. Mu Tian would be able to advance one step further over there.

“Wulin, let’s have a talk.” Meanwhile, a pleasant voice was heard in Tang Wulin’s ears.

Tang Wulin subconsciously stopped walking. No one else appeared by his side, at least there was none in his spiritual perception. He was feeling slightly shocked in his heart as his spiritual cultivation base was always improving swiftly. It would not be an exaggeration to say that his spiritual power had already elevated to a rather large extent. One more step and he would be able to achieve the extent of projecting illusion. That was the standard of a Limit Douluo.

Yet even as such, he found that he was still incapable of sensing her whereabouts. This signified that her spiritual power was certainly way above his.

“You should go first. I still have some other matters to attend to,” Tang Wulin said to Mu Tian by his side.

Mu Tian bowed in salutation towards Tang Wulin before and left in great strides.

“We shall discuss when you’ve returned to your room.” Her voice was heard echoing in Tang Wulin’s ears once again.

Tang Wulin frowned ever so slightly. For some unknown reason, he could feel that something was different about her today.

He quickly returned to the Blacksmith’s Association and closed the door to his room. Just as he was about to gather his spirit to sense her presence, silver radiance flashed in front of him. It was as if a silver door had opened before himself and she just walked out from there.

She remained as exquisite as before. She was dressed in a dark blue dress with her long hair hanging loosely behind her back. It made her appear quite elegant.

“Gu Yue.” Tang Wulin could not refrain himself from calling out her name. His gaze naturally turned gentler as soon as he saw her.

“Wulin, you should leave,” Gu Yuena softly said. A dash of lethargy flashed past in the depth of her eyes as these words were spoken.

Wulin raised his eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

Gu Yuena answered. “I don’t want you to take part in this Joust For A Spouse Festival. You should leave.”

Tang Wulin had a slight change of countenance. He spoke in a deep voice, “I should leave? So are you telling me that you want to choose Qiangu Zhangting as your spouse?”

Gu Yuena raised her head to look at him. She had a complicated look in her eyes but there was also that peculiar calmness. It felt as if her eyes were inquiring Tang Wulin, ‘do you trust me?’

Tang Wulin’s answer was yes for sure. “I trust you, but I can’t leave.” His words were spoken resolutely.

Gu Yuena heaved a sigh. “You should be able to figure out why I’ve been staying in Spirit Pagoda all this while. I refused to leave all this time and it was not because of Spirit Pagoda’s power but because I have some other goals. In a sense, Spirit Pagoda can be considered as my enemy. Thus, I choose to stay in order to stay in contact with them. The Joust For A Spouse Festival is precisely one of my goals. However, you’re ruining my plans. So, you should leave. I don’t want to involve you. You’ll be in danger this way. Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master Qiangu Dongfeng is a wild man inside. I don’t want you to get hurt in any way.”

She paused for a moment at this point before she continued, “I will never allow anybody else other than you to take advantage of me.”

If one were to say that Gu Yuena’s earlier words made Tang Wulin doubt himself and even feel a little dissatisfied, her final sentence slightly melted Tang Wulin’s cold heart in a split second.

He stretched out his hands and held her in his arms. He felt her slightly cold temperature and the familiar yet incomparably attractive figure. He sniffed the faint scent radiating from her body. At this very moment he had her in his arms and his heart was filled with satisfaction.

Gu Yuena hugged him back in a natural manner. How could she not feel the same satisfaction that he felt? The calmness that she felt in his arms made her subconsciously close her eyes. She discovered that it was already getting harder and harder for her to resist him anymore. In fact, she refused to resist him from the bottom of her heart.

“You never told me that Spirit Pagoda is your enemy. This is not conflicting with our relationship! It’s because Spirit Pagoda is our mutual enemy. All the signs are showing that the destroyer of Shrek and Tang Sect’s headquarters is certainly related to them now. This is a blood feud and since we have a common enemy, why can’t we face it together?”

“It’s not the same,” Gu Yuena softly said.

Tang Wulin spoke in a deep voice, “How is that different? There’s nothing different about that. I know what you mean. It’s easier to capture the fortress from the inside. However, this is too dangerous for you and I don’t want to see you in danger. Could it be that you can’t trust me a little more? Just like this Joust For A Spouse Festival, I must come. I can’t have you as the victim here regardless and I won’t stand by and do nothing, even if you’re just becoming his fiance on namesake.”

“It’s different.” Gu Yuena spoke as if she was muttering to herself. “Wulin, I’m serious. You should leave, and forget me.”

Tang Wulin had a change of countenance. He grabbed Gu Yuena’s shoulders with his hands to pull her away from his hug. He looked at her with a burning gaze. “Say that again.”

Gu Yuena looked at him with a complicated gaze. “You should forget about me, Wulin. Otherwise, you’ll be in more pain than now. Actually, we can never possibly be together. I can’t tell you the reason as of now but even if there is that one possibility among ten thousand, you should understand that I won’t be saying this to you if I had a choice. Forget about me. That is the best choice for you.”

“What is your secret? Why can’t you just tell me? Why are you doing so? I will choose to stand on your side without the slightest bit of reservation! Could it be that the problem that you’re facing is something that we can’t face together?”

“No!” Gu Yuena suddenly shouted aloud. She parted her arms and pushed Tang Wulin’s hands on her shoulders. Her gaze abruptly turned cold. “You can’t possibly face the problem that I’m facing now with me. Unless, you can betray the entire mankind, Tang Sect, Shrek, all your friends around you, and the entire world. Can you do that?”

Her voice turned unusually cold but was unusually sonorous! However, one would discover under close inspection that her arms were trembling mildly. One could imagine how agitated she was at the moment.

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