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Returning to One’s Original State

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Returning to one’s original nature was the dream of every soul master. Yet, Tang Wulin was unaware of having achieved it.

It was through his consummation with Gu Yuena that he made a breakthrough to Title Douluo. Their subsequent quarrel allowed him to return to the realm of his original state. He had to admit that every bite and sip he took was all preordained.

He glanced at his soul communicator only to discover that he had stood at the same spot for two days. It was already the third night since Gu Yuena came.

He had absolute silence here under Zhen Hua’s order. No one would come to disturb him. As a result, no one was aware of what had happened to him.

His consciousness lingered in his mind for he seemed to have found the feeling he had when he created the Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break the other day. What a waste it was that he only managed to grasp a wisp of it. It was due to the emotional instability in his heart brought about by Gu Yuena. He found it impossible to calm his heart at present.

He had a quick wash before he grabbed some food. He then returned to the Heavenly Ascension Platform.

The forging table arose once again. He needed to vent his pent-up

emotions. Perhaps, only the lightning could calm his agitation. There was no doubt that the Heavenly Refinement was the best method for him to release his frustration!

The Joust For A Spouse Festival entered a stagnant phase during the round-robin match. Nevertheless, the Ten Thousand Platform remained as popular as before with a number of higher-order ranked masters queueing up to enter the place every day. The Spirit Pagoda made a huge profit from this. On the other hand, the impact of the Joust For A Spouse Festival had waned a little. The competitions were held daily, but not as many people paid attention to the event. The Mingdu Coliseum would only be filled to the brim when the pivotal battles were held.

To continue the promotion of the Joust For A Spouse Festival, the Spirit Pagoda began to distribute the rewards earned by the contestants who had participated in the competitions earlier. The Spirit Pagoda wanted to convince the powerhouses who were still competing of its continued determination and investments in the event.

After the first two rounds of competitions, there were contestants who won both battles in each group. Undoubtedly, these contestants had the highest possibility of becoming the final victors.

Group number three received the most attention. Not only were there four Title Douluos in the group, two of them were the talented youths, Qiangu Zhangting and Yu Longyue.

In fact, most of the people thought that it was inappropriate for them to be placed in the same group. They would probably fight against one another at the end if they were in different groups. It would be good for the Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena, because it would then be more expedient for her to make a choice.

Lan Fozi showed her talents by winning both battles in her group. She also made a display of her powerful abilities. The other groups had talented youths as well. There were a number of eight-ring soul masters with special abilities who displayed their powerful abilities.

Only seven rounds of the competition remained. Each round was important. However, the audience were anxious to see the collision between Yu Longyue and Qiangu Zhangting. The winner between the two could possibly be the final victor. Those with discerning eyes could tell that the enmity between these two contestants was for real, and their overall abilities were also the most powerful.

The competition of group number three finally arrived. An interesting part of this round was that Tang Wulin’s opponent was the Title Douluo Lu Yuxin who had been defeated by Qiangu Zhangting in the previous round.

Lu Yuxin with the moniker of Yellow Sand was completely defeated by Qiangu Zhangting in the previous battle. Tang Wulin was going to challenge him in today’s battle. So, the victory and defeat of this battle would enable the audience to see who was the more powerful between Yu Longyue and Qiangu Zhangting.

When Tang Wulin appeared in the rest area, all the contestants of group number three discovered that the Blue Electric Overlord Dragon Clan’s young master who was usually arrogant seemed quite different today. Which part of him seemed different? Today, he appeared less arrogant, but he looked glum.

In short, Yu Longyue was less self-indulgent, but he was also in a foul mood.

Qiangu Zhangting had arrived earlier. The opponent whom he was to fight today posed no challenge for him since the opponent was the weakest contestant in the entire team. He darted a look at Tang Wulin while the corners of his lips cracked into a sarcastic smile. ‘If you wish to challenge me, wait till you’ve defeated Lu Yuxin first.’

Just as predicted by Tang Wulin earlier, the battle between Lu Yuxin and Qiangu Zhangting had been rigged.

In reality, Lu Yuxin who originated from the desert region had been recruited into the Spirit Pagoda earlier on. He was blessed with natural endowments and had cultivated a set of battle techniques suited for the desert which belonged solely to him. However, he was handicapped because the desert region where he lived was poverty-stricken. He could not support his cultivation financially after he attained a five-ring cultivation base. So, he had to seek the help of an influential organization.

The Spirit Pagoda had always valued the import of outstanding talents. They would absorb any soul master with impressive abilities and potential. They would pay a remuneration and made them sign a life contract. Once in a while, there would be an exceptional case. Lu Yuxin was one such case. He became a Title Douluo and was awarded a rather respectable position in the Spirit Pagoda. Had it been feasible to build a branch of the Spirit Pagoda in the desert, he would have been a branch Pagoda Master by now.

Even so, the Spirit Pagoda’s restriction on him was much lax as compared to back in the beginning. They gave him a duty which was similar to an elder’s.

His purpose of participating in the Joust For A Spouse Festival was for the benefit of Qiangu Dongfeng. He was placed in Qiangu Dongfeng’s group to protect and ensure Qiangu Zhangting’s victory.

He was supposed to display his weakness when he fought against Qiangu Zhangting. Even if he was incapable of defeating Qiangu Zhangting, he was not that weak.

Nonetheless, it would be different in his fight against Yu Longyue today. In Qiangu Zhangting’s perception, Yu Longyue was the most despised person akin to a thorn in the flesh. Qiangu Zhangting would not leave it to chance for such a dangerous opponent to enter the top ten finalists together with him. As a result, they were placed in the same group to ensure that Yu Longyue was defeated in the small group competition. This would prevent Yu Longyue from being chosen at the end.

Even though Gu Yuena had a lot of confidence in Qiangu Zhangting, Qiangu Zhangting preferred to safeguard himself.

Tang Wulin did not close his eyes to rest his spirit. He just sat over there with an absent-minded expression. Even Mu Tian who was considered his acquaintance did not dare to disturb him. Mu Tian also felt something different about Tang Wulin today. There was a sense of danger in Tang Wulin.

Lu Yuxin had been staring at Tang Wulin. The order he received was very simple. He was supposed to spare no effort in defeating Tang Wulin. If he was capable of defeating Tang Wulin, Qiangu Zhangting promised to grant him access to the Ten Thousand Beast Platform ten times. It was sufficient for him to elevate his soul rings to even higher levels so that he would possess even more powerful abilities.

Meanwhile, the door of the rest area opened. Lan Fozi walked into the room. She was dressed in a white warrior outfit. She appeared neat and tidy. She saw Tang Wulin sitting there as soon as she stepped in the door. She walked over toward him in great strides.

Tang Wulin was still lost in thought as he had not noticed her arrival.

Lan Fozi stopped in front of Tang Wulin. “Yu Longyue, come out. I have a question for you.”

Tang Wulin raised his head and glanced at her. “I’m busy.”

Lan Fozi was stunned for a moment. “This is serious. Come out.”

“I told you I’m busy.” Tang Wulin frowned ever so slightly. The gloomy aura emitted from his body grew even darker.

Lan Fozi seemed to be infuriated too. She stretched out her hand to grab Tang Wulin’s shirt and pulled him up from the sofa. “You have the time to sit here absent-mindedly, but you don’t have the time to follow me outside?”

Tang Wulin’s gaze turned icy cold in a split second. He was already in a bad mood, so Lan Fozi was rubbing it in without a doubt.

Lan Fozi was stunned for a moment after seeing his icy cold gaze. She felt an unusual rage arose in her heart. She was about to say something when Tang Wulin grabbed her wrist.

A powerful strength radiated from her wrist making Lan Fozi loosen her hold on Tang Wulin subconsciously. Then, she felt Tang Wulin suddenly turned lofty. It was as if a gush of terrifying aura was about to burst forth from his body.

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