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I arrived late and lodged in a hotel until the following morning.

That same morning I was getting several calls from prospective buyers.

I told them that I wasn’t around, I traveled. I referred them to some of other trusted agent in the same line like I was.

Some of them said they wanted me but there is nothing I could do.

I was afraid that I will loose some of my good clients doing this sudden travel that wasn’t properly planned.

I called Mazi and asked him to call his daughter to come back for some emergency meeting.

Since her school is just few hours interstate.

He later called me back and said Oby said she can’t make it until the next day because she has already planned her day before the call.

I rested a little, made few calls before leaving the hotel to my car.

I drove all the way down to her village, the roads were in terrible shape.

So many pot holes that I began to regret why I decided to bring my car along.

Years ago that I visited it was a bit better compared to now.

It appears like it rained recently. The road was mudy and slippery.

I was able to dodge some of the potholes until I got to where I was going.

Mazi Azuka and his family were just finishing from their afternoon meal.

“My in-law welcome. You were a bit late from joining us for some hot fufu and ogbono soup. But, you’re our big inlaw and yours will always be waiting for you…

Before I could say anything he called one of his daughter.

“Chichi, tell your mother to hurry up, our in-law is here. Bring washing hand first while your mother will bring the food. You people should do fast…our in-law must be hungry.

“Uhmmm! Mazi… I’m sorry but I ate before leaving my hotel. I’m filled up and no space for another food… please you and madam shouldn’t trouble yourself….”

He interrupted with a wave of hand.

“What are you saying…mba na(no way) that’s not possible. How can you come to your in-laws place and won’t eat anything, is not done anywhere. Even if is done somewhere not in this village and definitely not in this house. Few days ago when you called and said you were coming, I began to prepare for your arrival. You called yesterday to inform us that you will be coming today, I have to send my wife to afiko market with two heads of plantain which she sold to buy enough food items. She took her time to prepare the ogbono soup and fufu, she just finished cooking this afternoon. But due to we didn’t have much to eat in the morning we decided to eat early lunch after she was done cooking. We were washing our hands when you drove into the compound and you saw my daughter clearing the plate as you were coming inside. Is freshly made with stockfish and azu mmiri amirami(smoked fish) cow skin is also inside. It was all because of you my in-law, our normal meal doesn’t take much effort or too much ingredients like this one. We try to manage and also think of tomorrow too which is another day of having many mouths to feed.

At that point I began to imagined Oby spending over fifty thousand for just upkeep within three weeks sometimes while her family are trying to manage with the little they got.

Oby’s Mom showed up with her daughter. They were carrying plates of food which they placed on the table right in front of me.

She greeted me and apologies for the delay. I responded kindly to her as I asked them to leave the food covered.

Let me present my reason for coming all the way down before thinking of food.

I started by asking Mazi how he was fairing.

He replied with a loud breath at first before saying

“Hmmm, ogom (my in-law) we thank God for everything. Aside the money you usually send to us every month which has really been helping us and selling our farm product and also getting stipend from the kindred secretary work I usually do when I’m called upon there is no other means. That thirty thousand you send goes a very long way for me and the family. In each of my daughter’s school, I pay ten thousand for one and twelve thousand for another. My last born… that’s my son. His school fees is just six thousand five hundred. Is very expensive because is the only private school in the village. We have the normal community school but children in this village don’t take education serious over there. I know I don’t have much but I try to give my children the best despite how much school fees which is like thirty thousand every term. My second daughter will be graduating this year.. the burden will lessen up because she will go and learn catering pending the time there will be money for her to enter higher institution but if we can’t get money then she will have to graduate from her catering school and open her own business which will fetch her money. I really thank you my in-law. You have greatly helped this family… words can’t express my gratitude. Oby would have still be home if you haven’t showed up and change our story. Me and my wife and everyone in this family are indebted to you my in-law. Ever since I retired from teaching and decided to focus on farm work things have been a bit tough. Because before I used to do both the teaching and the farming. I thank you greatly… God will continue to bless you mightily…

I nodded without a word. The explanation was taking a very long page.

This isn’t the reason Why I’m here and I hate to interrupt.

He continued

“… not withstanding, this your visit seem unusual. Hope we’re safe…there is no problem? To what do we owe this August visit? Hope we didn’t offend you in anyway my in-law… hope Oby has been a good and appreciative wife… well I know we raised her well. she won’t dare misbehave. You wanted Oby around but she insisted in coming tomorrow because of her lectures. Instead of traveling all the way from far North to East you would have spoken to me over the phone. What exactly is the problem…?

I cleared my throat and said.

“No problem mazi, I will brief you and your wife my reasons for coming. I won’t Beat around the bush, rather I’m going straight to the point. I’m not interested in marrying Oby… your daughter again. I’m sorry this may come as a shock but I have lost interest in making her my wife….

A loud scream left the woman’s mouth, Mazi opened his mouth and close again. He appears speechless.

“Ehmmm… my in-law. Please calm down… what exactly is the problem? Did Oby offend you in anyway or did she go against your orders or is it because of us…? What is our offense my in-law. Please tell us maybe we can make amend and resolve whatever the issue is amicably instead of war. Things have not degenerated to breaking apart. Oby is your wife and if she does anything wrong you have the right to caution her or report her to us. Please my son in-law… Don’t let things come to this…

He said and I waited as his wife who sat bedside him to chirped in her own plea.

“Mazi, I’m sorry but my mind is made up about this. For me to leave my job and travel all the way down from Abuja then you should understand that is not a phone call issue. I needed to see you and your dear wife face to face and make it known just like I did during the early time that I had interest in her. My reasons may look stupid but is the future that I’m more concerned about. Oby suddenly developed so many wild tongue that I can’t tame. I tried at first, forgive and look beyond her flaws but things keep resurfacing. I realized that if I happen to marry Oby because of you and her background it will be out of pity and such marriage won’t last. I don’t want to marry out of pity and end up despising her when I should be loving her. Maybe if Oby comes tomorrow then you can questions over her actions that led to my decision. If she wants to tell you the whole truth fine but if not nothin will change my decision for now. If I’m free I may probably drive down because I will be traveling back very early Sunday morning. I have only tomorrow…so if I can drive down here again I will because I need to see her and also tell her this to her face. But don’t panic over the fees… I’m not promising that I will continue paying up everything like I used to but I will strive to send my support ones in a while. That’s generous enough for somebody who is not interested in the initial agreement and of sponsoring your daughter and getting married to her at the end”

Mazi was gasped out sadly.

His wife was almost crying and pleading on her daughter’s behalf

“Please, don’t conclude yet with your decision my in-law. Give me a chance to speak to my daughter first. I’m begging you. I don’t know what she has done that led to your anger in making such decision but I need your patience. Oby is my daughter and if she suddenly developed wings I will break it off for her. She supposed to be forever grateful for having you in her life. Most of her mates who can’t afford university are either married or learning one handwork or the other. How can Oby have sugar in her mouth and decide that stone is better off for her… Who does that? Please be patient until tomorrow when she will be around. If I knew your visit was this serious I would have made her return right away. Because without you, there’s no school for her. She can’t come and add to my burden when I have already counted her off… she belongs to another and no more my responsibility. Oby won’t drag my name to the mud…never. please, give me tomorrow…

I later left but not after telling mazi that tomorrow or next doesn’t change anything because I have already made up my mind concerning Oby.

Not withstanding my anger I was able give them small cash before leaving.

How could Oby forget her background so quick and choose to live a hyped life in school.

How she allow Jerome touch her, Even before I did still baffles me.

Why does she think that she can play the victim on me and I will fall for it.

It was my core decision to Forgive her and move on.

But that was before the new secret resurfaced about Jerome.

Is a heavy blow on my face and I don’t think I can overlook this.

By tomorrow she will be around to tell her parents with her mouth the kind of lifestyle she embraced.

I tried, I did try but whatever got into her ate a junk full out of her.

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