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On my way out of Oby’s village to the main road, I was dodging the pot holes as usual but unknowingly ran into one that I couldn’t get off from.

rain started dropping, I came out trying to check and figure out a way forward.

I was almost out of Oby’s village and was heading to the main road when this happened.

I was going in out of the car for almost 30minutes. Drained by the rain and temper was rising as the evening was turning into night.

Most people that passes by were on motorcycle.

Bushes where on both sides of the road which makes it more dangerous.

Suddenly I sighted somebody coming down with a leavy umbrella.

As the person got closer I realized it was a Lady, she uses cocoyam leave as umbrella to cover her hair that was made with local thread.

I wish it was a man, atleast I would have asked for his help.

I sighed heavily as I kept looking down for another sign of human walking down.

“Good evening sir… your motor enter hole?

I quickly turned and looked at the lady that just spoke to me.

Why is she asking, isn’t it obvious that my car is stock in a pothole.


I answered just for the village looking lady to walk pass and leave me alone

“What do you want to do now? Are you going to stay here like this? All those okada passing .. you could have waved them to help you.

“I don’t know anyone, beside this is not my village. Do you know anyone…?

She was getting on my nerves and adding to my worries but what if she knows someone that can help me.

Before I will say anything The lady said.

“Please give me your phone let me call my friend.

What if she wants to steal my phone and run away.

Well, I really need help and shouldn’t be thinking of the negative part now.

I went into the car, brought out my phone and gave her.

She dailed number and asked me to show her how to send it because she wasn’t used to my kind of Android phone

I watch her keenly, hoping she won’t pick race with my phone.

She was modestly dressed and spoke igbo to the person she called before handing the phone back to me.

“We will wait because my friend is coming. Me and my friend and you will bring out your car. Don’t worry… don’t fear your car will be out of this hole when my friend come.

She spoke with confident, reassuring me that everything will be fine.

It occurs to me that her friend maybe a female too.

What if this lady has issue like mental health challenges

What if the friend she called is a thief or village kidnapper?

I kept thinking of all manners of things.

“Your friend? Is a male or female?

She looked at me like she didn’t hear nor understand my question.

I was suddenly feeling uncomfortable, I went into my car and locked it while she stood out alone.

The rain was still dropping but I was concerned about my safety.

She stood with the cocoyam leave over her head.

I know I wasn’t safe because they can break my glass and drag me out but for the moment let me remain in there.

All of a sudden, two round average guys arrived on a bike.

They spoke to her before knocking on my car gently.

I have to corporate and come down.

Maybe they have locally made guns with them that kills faster.

Oby want to send me to my early grave.

Oh God, what did I get myself into.

I quietly stepped out of the car, ready to raise a hand to show them that I was armless.

They greeted me kindly, and asked me to go back in and continue turning the steering while they try and push the car out.

I thanked them and quickly went back in and as I looked through the review mirror even the lady joined hand with the two guys in pushing the car.

They are undoubtedly strong. They displayed so much strength of five men.

My car was out in no time and I was more than grateful.

I gave the lady money she refused and said.

“Give it to my friends instead because if not for them the car will remain in that hole”.

I gave the money to the two guys that were about driving off with their bike but they also refused.

I insisted and pleaded for them to collect it.

One of the them collected one thousand out of the four thousand I was offering.

“We did not do it because of money, but I will take this one thousand and give offering tomorrow in church. You should be going, is getting dark and the road is not very good.

The one that collected the money said as they said something in igbo to the Lady.

They called her Ezi or something that sound unique and nice.

She laughed thanked them in igbo before turning to me.

“Drive safe… be careful with holes because they plenty on this road.

I smiled and thanked her.

“What is your name please?

I asked her.

“Eziaku, but my people call me Ezi…”She repliedv with a smile.

“… are you traveling to Lagos or Abuja? I know those are the two big cities people mostly travels to and the good thing is that I will finally be leaving this village tomorrow. I will also be traveling….”

I smiled too, she was full of life but I don’t have time for conversation. I need to go back to my hotel before it gets late.

“Uhmm Eziaku, I’m not traveling rather I’m going to town where I’m staying at the moment. I traveled down to this village for something important. Thank you for everything…I really do appreciate. Please, take this money… I’m asking again. Atleast add it to your transport to wherever you will be traveling to tomorrow… please.

“No Sir, I already told you that before. I saved up enough money for my journey. Kindness doesn’t have to have a price tag…I know I’m not educated like you but that is my believe and most of my friends believe the same thing. When you want to help somebody don’t expect anything in return…in that way it makes the mind free and the world go round. Let me be going before darkeness meet me here. Thank God the rain has stopped…but it looks like it will still fall in the mid night. …

I nodded and entered the car, she stood waving as I started the car.

I horned twice to say goodbye before driving off slowly.

I looked at the review mirror and saw her running up the hill that sloped me down to the hole where I got stuck.

If she was going my way she could have been a great company. I would have given her a lift but she was going up while I was heading out of the village.

I carefully drove until I entered the main road and zoomed off.

I drove back to my hotel.

The following day, Mazi called me that Oby was around. I told him I will be coming later.

I got ready but decided not to use my car due to yesterday experience.

As I was on motorcycle going to their village, I got to the same spot that my car got stock and remember Ezinne, was it Ezinne or Ezinna she told me her name?

Well, I think calling her Ezi will save me from the trouble of thinking of her full name.

Why am i even thinking of her?

Well, is normal. She showed up and helped me when I was in dare need of help.

God bless her heart.

Today is about Oby and not Ezi.

I still wish I can see her again and maybe thank her for yesterday but she said she was traveling today maybe she was already gone.

Where is she even traveling to?

What if I see her again, and then what?

I reminded myself again that today was about Oby.

I will get to tell her to her face and her parents that her wife material is not upto a yard and I can’t manage with such a little quantity.

I was done, this time for good

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