What lies beneath

2 days ago


I looked at her closely, she was neither smiling or frowning.

She suddenly bent down to pick up a leaf from the ground, she was obviously trying to hide her shyness.

I was making her uncomfortable

“… you haven’t answered my question Oby? Tell me what you think of me…? I repeated

She managed to raise her head up but did not look into my eyes like I was looking into hers

“I think you are handsome…” She managed to say

“You think? You are not sure… tell me more? I said trying not to laugh with her shy attitude

“You’re a good looking man and also…well, I don’t really know. We just met last two months and this is the third time we will be talking by the road side. You’re not from this village only your friend chuka is. I can only say what I saw… I don’t know your attitude or if you are a womanizer or even a…

What lies beneath - S01

What lies beneath - S01

2 days ago