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The next morning, I woke up, took my bath and got ready for class.

Hm. I still hadn’t seen the time table and had no idea what subject I was to have that morning.

The lesbians were on the bed, playing and making me wonder if they don’t attend classes or what?

I took my bag and was about leaving the room when a knock came on the door. Well, since I was already close to the door, I opened it and discovered it was Diane.

Ah! Thank goodness.

“Hey, doll. What’s up?” She beamed as soon as I opened up.

“Hi. Good morning. Its actually a good thing you came” I replied as I opened the door and walked out fully.

“Yeah…we’re running late for class already. Come on” she held my hand and started walking away with me.


“But…have you gotten the time table? I don’t know what…”

“Yeah, don’t worry barbie. I’ve gotten it covered already” she interrupted me and I scoffed.

“Why’re you calling me barbie?” I asked.

“Because you’re a doll” she replied and I laughed.

All through the walk, she held my hand like a kid and finally, we got to the big classroom.


Students were already in with a man – who I’d assumed was the teacher – standing in front of the class.

But…is this really a classroom?

It was so big and beautiful.

There was a big plasma TV at the top of the front row, the floors were tied, lockers were neatly arranged and there were two boards in the class – one was electronic and the other white board.

There were about 2 AC’s and a big round bulb was rotating in the middle of the class


It was just…ineffable.

Indeed, the Diãmônd institute is one of a kind.

“Come on, Cali” Diane whispered and took me to a vacant seat where we sat close to each other, our lockers being just a stone throw away.

I was so curious to know what they were gonna teach about and soon, the teacher commenced.

On the white board was clearly written:

Understanding The Gift

“So, today, we’ll be talking about the first important thing about being a Diãmônd” he began.

“First, you need to understand the power you possess before you can think of controlling it and other stuff.

“The first question is – what do you do? What can you do with your powers?

“Are you the type that can lift objects with the mind? Are you the type that can create illusions? Are you the type that can control people’s thoughts?”

He paused and opened a book.

“Why don’t we do a little practice?” He continued, looking up at us.

“You – come up and display your gift. Show us what you can do”, he pointed to a lady who stood up – slowly and went to stand in front of the class.

“Um…” She started nervously.

“This is what I can do”.

She opened her palms and looked into it and immediately, it brought out fire.


Few of the people in the class gasped as they found it amusing. Well, to me, I found it scary.

“With this, I can burn up an entire building” the lady said, looking into the palms and the teacher smiled.

“Okay, dear. That’s good. You can go back to your seat” he replied and she stopped the fire and returned to her seat.

“At least, now you know you’re a fire creator” he remarked and pointed out to someone else.

“You – come out and show us what you have”.

It was a boy and his friends cheered at him as he confidently walked out.

“Well…This is mine” he said as he stood in front of the class and waved his hand in the air.

Suddenly, the place changed and made us think we were in front of an ocean.

What the……hellll???

Everyone was still seated but ahead of us, we felt we were sitting in front of an ocean.

Oh my God!!

“I have the power of illusion – make you see what isn’t real” the boy said excitedly and waved his hand in the air again and immediately, the place went back to normal.

Oh my God!!

My chest!!

I was so d--n scared.

“Wow!!! That’s an awesome gift, boy! You’re really gifted” the teacher commended and the students applauded him as he returned to his seat.

Wow! But indeed, it was an excellent gift.

“Hmm. The power of illusion”, the teacher remarked with a nod.

“Okay; let’s take the last one. You over there – come out and show us what you got” he said and I realized he was referring to me.



“Come on, Cali” Diane whispered to me and I shrugged and stood up.

Gosh! Do I really have to do this?

I walked sluggishly and stood in front of the class.

“Show us what you got” the teacher said to me and I cleared my throat.

“Well…I’m a double Diãmônd” i began.

“I’d love to showcase my first gift, but I might end up bringing down the classroom or hurting someone because I’m a banshee”.

“Oh!” He mouthed with a nod.

“And…for my second gift” I paused and looked at the students and their thoughts started popping into my head but I focused on two ladies in front, staring keenly at me

“I know she slept with your boyfriend last night after convincing him her ass was bigger than yours” I said, pointing out to them respectively and the entire class gasped.

“What?” The victim flinched and turned to the lady who was beside her.

Obviously, they were friends.

“Michelle?? Did you??” She asked, alarmed and the Michelle stood up and ran out of the class, speechless.

Oops! I didn’t ask for that.

I turned back to the teacher who was having a shocked expression on.

“And I know you plan on stealing from the next money the government will be sending in today” I said only to his hearing and the shock on his face increased.


I smirked afterwards and returned to my seat.

“Cali! What did you do??” Diane whispered to me as everybody started staring at me.

“Showcasing my gift” I replied with a shrug.



Hours Later



We walked into the cafeteria and ordered what we wanted and after which, sought for an empty table to make use of.

Gosh! This place is just too good to be true. I’m talking about just the food aspect, tho.

The fact they give out free food no matter the quantity is really amusing to me.

“So, how was your night,Cali?” Diane asked as we settled down next to each other.

“Are your room mates nice?”

“Please, I don’t even know the answer to give to that. Two ladies there are lesbians and the other is just weird and quiet” I replied irritatingly.

“Lesbians??” She recoiled in horror and a little bit of disgust.

“Yes. And its just so annoying. They kiss and lick each other up anytime they please without minding the presence of others. I seriously wish there was a way I could kick them out of that room.

“Woahh! That’s…” She paused and laughed.

“I don’t even know what to say. I can’t believe you have lesbians for room mates”.

She shook her head and started eating from her meal and I decided to tell her about last night.

“Diane” I called.

“Hm?” She hummed a reply, her eyes were still fixed on her food.

“Miquel’s guards…those two boys that always follows him around.. They almost raped me last night” I released the bombshell and she split the pasta she was already taking into her mouth in shock.

“Wh…What did you just say?” She inquired and I looked around to make sure none of the students were paying attention to us..

Anyway, I’d made sure my voice was low enough.

“They tried to rape me” I repeated myself and her eyes dropped wide open in shock.

I could tell she was about screaming but quickly used her hand to cover her lips and after a while, she brought it down.

“What did you just say, Cali? How the hell did it happen??” She demanded, awe – filled.

“Well…I was in my room when a lady showed up and informed me some people were looking for me. I followed her out and discovered they were actually the ones. They asked me to follow them to their room for a one night stand but of course, I refused and next, they made me pass out.

“I’d woken up and found myself lying on their bed with my hands tied. I…I tried to use my powers on them, but couldn’t and…they started stripping me. I cried and pleaded, but they turned deaf ears.

“They were on the verge of succeeding, but luckily, Miguel came in and interrupted them” I narrated.

“Miquel?” She cut in with a crumpled look.

“Yes. He…showed up and asked them to follow him, saying he needed them to do something for him. I don’t…”

“Hold on; hold on: Did you…actually heard him speak?” She interrupted me again and I nodded, making her gasp and cover mouth again.

“Cali?!” She exclaimed.

“You…you heard his voice?”

And I nodded with a smile. Gosh! I found myself blushing.

“Oh, my gee! Do you know how incredible that is?? You’ve just become one of the few lucky people that’s heard his voice. That’s incredible, Cali!!”

“Yeah…thank you” I rolled my eyes and blushed again.

“Hold on; I mean…continue. So, what happened after that?” She asked.

“Well…the boys had left with him, but after a while, one of them returned and untied me and I really can’t explain why the hell it happened. I didn’t care to ask, I just ran off” I concluded.

“Woahh. This is more like a story of the year. Are you kidding me??? First, you were in the room of Miquel’s special guards and secondly, you heard him speak. Its incredible, Cali. Really incredible” she remarked.

I guess Zack is the reason you couldn’t use your powers.

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