The Diamond - S01 E11

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Cali’s Pov:

The rate of my heartbeat increased as I stared at him, the same way he stared at me, looking so calm.

“Boss” the boy pulling my skirt called and moved away from me.

“Is…is there a problem?” The second one asked.

He sighed and touched his brows.

“I need you to do something for me. When you’re done, you can proceed with whatever it is you’re doing” he stated levelly – in the most soothing voice I’d ever heard – and left the room.

Oh my God!

I…I just heard him speak!

I heard his voice.

I did!!!

I panted and was overjoyed by it that I’d almost forgotten my current situation.

But…did he just tell the boys they could proceed with whatever they were doing? Oh, God! Does it mean he’d given them a go-ahead and doesn’t care?

Oh! Goodness.

The boy in front of me smirked and completely took off my skirt and I whimpered.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be back for you” he said as he threw the skirt on the floor and left the room with his partner.

My breath wavered as I stared up at the ceiling.

Why am I doomed? What have I gotten into??

How do I get out of here?

Oh! God, please save me. I can’t experience this. I wouldn’t be able to survive the trauma of being raped.

Dear God, please.

At that moment, I was confused, having a mixed excitement of hearing the king’s voice and getting raped as well.

Gosh! His voice was soo

I don’t know. Could it be the reason he barely speaks? Because his voice is d--n so nice?

It was just as perfect as his looks – calm, masculine, enchanting.

Suddenly, the door opened and I felt my heart jump out of my chest.

My fears increased as I got to know it was one of the boys.

No, no, please!

Please! I cried in my heart.

He came to me on the bed and I noticed something different – he was looking angry.

He came to me and surprisingly, started untieing me.


He did it with so much bitterness and finally fred me from all the ropes and roughly, he held me by the arm and dragged me out of the bed.

“Put on your skirt and leave” he growled at me and I flinched and quickly reached for my skirt on the floor, slipping it through my legs and zipping up when I was done.

I turned around to leave the room without a second thought, but he held me back by the arm.

“This isn’t over. I’ll definitely get you next time” he snarled before letting me go.

Hold on; what’s wrong? Why’s he suddenly angry and acting like he was being forced to let me go or what?

I thought….

I scoffed and not waiting to think of any other thing, I ran away.

My hand was on my chest all through, feeling so relieved I’d been able to escape that.

God! I’d been so d--n scared. What would I’ve done, huh? How could they even think of doing such a thing to me in the first place?

Good Lord.

But…what made them change their minds?

I thought Miquel had given them the go-ahead and asked them to proceed as soon as they were done with their work for him? So, what the hell happened?

I kept thinking about it as I ran back to my apartment and thankfully, I was able to get to my room successfully.

I opened the door with so much relief and went in and there I found my room mates complete – all lying on their beds.

The two lesbians were sharing the same bed, giggling and chatting indiscernible while the quiet lady just focused on a book.

Huh? Has she been reading the entire time or what?

Neither of them paid attention to me and quietly, I walked to my bed and laid on it, reminiscing on the previous incidence.






The next morning, I woke up, took my bath and got ready for class.

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