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He’s quite powerful and has the ability to shatter someone’s powers, especially if the sender is weak” she explained.

“Weak? But I’m not weak”

“Of course, you are. You’re still new into the system and don’t have control of your powers yet. Don’t worry, by the time you’re deep into training, it’d only get better” she assured me and I just sighed and continued eating.

Suddenly, my room mate walked in, gripping my attention.

It was the quiet one who was always reading.

I watched her as she walked in quietly, keeping her gaze on the floor.

She got to the counter, ordered her meal and went to sit on an empty table alone.

Hm. She seems overly quiet.

“That’s my room mate” I said to Diane, titling my head towards her direction.

“What?” Diane flinched.

“Nina is your room mate???”

“Y…es. The one i said was quiet and all. She’s my room mate” I replied, wondering why she was acting that weird.

The confessor! I heard her say in her head.


“She’s a what?” I asked out?

“She’s a confessor, Call and I really don’t like the idea of you being close to her” she replied and I furrowed my brows in confusion.

“What’s a confessor?” I asked.

“D--n it! Don’t tell me you don’t know what a confessor is. They’re a set of people – mostly females – that can turn people into their slaves with just one touch” she replied but I still looked confused and she continued.

“They hold the person’s neck, forcing the person to look at them in the eyes. Their eyes changes to black for a second and after that, the person becomes their slave. They’d do anything at any cost as commanded by the confessor and its going to last for as long as they live” she further explained and I flinched as the meaning became clear to me.

Whaat?? For real???

That’s the kind of power she possesses?

“Yes, Cali. And that’s the reason she doesn’t have a single friend over here. Although, she’s been here for months now and has been taught to control the powers, but people are still scared of her. Its just so unfortunate” she said and I picked more interest in starring at the lady as she ate her food – broodily.

No wonder she acts quiet and weird.


“But…” I was about saying something when the presence of three ladies interrupted me as they stood in front of our table.


They looked so hot, putting on extremely shot dresses. But they also looked like they were there for trouble.

O…kay. Whats going on? Are they missing their way or something?

I looked at Diane who looked back at me.

“Do you think we’re here to watch you like morons?” One of them asked and my confusion increased.

“Well…you’re Cali, right?” Another asked and all I did was nod.

Naomi I heard the name in her


Who’s Naomi?

“We want you to come with us. Mistress Naomi would want to have a word with you” the first one said and I made a disgruntled look.

“I…don’t understand. Who’s Naomi?” I asked

“Hey; don’t ask dumb us questions, okay? Come with us and you’ll know who she is” the third one replied and I was forced to scoff.

“Sorry, but…I’m going nowhere with you. Not until I know who your mistress is” I stated bluntly and sat properly to face my food.

What the heck?

Suddenly, I saw my plate of food lifting on its own.


It left the table – slowly – and got suspended in mid air.

I gasped and looked at the ladies and noticed one of them was controlling it.

“Do you think we’re here for jokes, b***h?” The first one asked and immediately, the plate turned downwards and poured on me.

the students who were already watching in the cafeteria gasped.

“Hey! Stop it” I heard Diane say as I opened my mouth in shock, the entire meal pouring on me – from my hair down to my dress.

Oh my God!

I panted and stood up and a smirk crossed her lips.

I felt anger build in me.

“Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed with fisted hands and with immediately, the three of them were swept off their feet and thrown back in a full speed.

“Cali!!” Diane gasped and stood up as the ladies crashed on the floor, close to the door.

The animals!!

The cafeteria became noisy as everyone fed their eyes.

Two of the ladies couldn’t leave the floor as a result of pains, but the other managed to do so, standing up with a groan.

Her eyes raged as she stared at me and immediately, I took Diane’s food and threw it at her.

Yes – I threw it at her direction, but she squatted and missed it and it landed on someone else instead – someone else walking into the cafeteria.

I gasped and recoiled in fear as the rest of the students did same.

Even Diane moved away from me.

He stopped right there at the door and looked at his white dress which had become stained and messy. His special guards were right beside him and were stunned as well.

It was Miquel!!

The king!!



Cali’s Pov:

I felt like slapping myself at that moment, knowing I was half dead.

Oh! Cali; what have I done?

How…How did it even happen???

He looked at his stained dress, then slowly took his eyes to me and I felt my heart give a mighty leap.

All the students were already moving away, trying to create a big distance like a storm was about to take place.

The guards beside him raged immediately and tried rushing at me, but he stopped them, signalling them with his hand.


I gulped nervously and my eyes watered as he started coming towards me.

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

I panicked and took a few steps back but suddenly stopped myself, knowing I couldn’t get away from it.

He walked levelly with his hands crossed behind his back and finally got to where I was.

“I’m….I’m sorry. It wasn’t intentional” I stuttered pathetically, staring into his dark eyes which were boring into mine.

Gosh! I may be stubborn and all that, but this particular guy…he’s different.

The air around him…that look…fragrance….aura…they were just something else.


I felt my heart beating rapidly and slowly, he lifted his hand to my chest, making me flinch.


What the hell is he doing?

I was about thinking otherwise when he suddenly took hold of my necklace and pulled it off my neck.


My eyes widened in shock as I stared at the necklace in his hand. What does he think he’s doing??

My precious necklace I use in remembering mum.

“You’re never gonna see it again” he whispered only to my hearing and turned around, walking out with the boys.

I felt cold shivers run down my spine as I watched him leave.

Oh my God! What the hell just happened??

My necklace. He can’t take it.

I found myself running after him but the guards stopped me from touching him when I got to where he was.

“Please, I’m sorry. The necklace is important to me. I need it back” I pleaded as his guards held me and suddenly, he gave me access to his thoughts.

I know it’s important. And that’s the reason I’m taking it I heard him say in his head and I became weak.

He walked out with the guards while I stood, watching helplessly.



Hours Later



I sat quietly with Cali at the field and while she kept herself busy with a pack of chocolate, I just sat quietly and didn’t say a word.

“You sure you don’t want some?” She asked, holding out the chocolate to me but I shook my head.

“Oh! Cali, you need to get over it, okay? Seriously, you should be happy he only seized your necklace and didn’t do worse to you. I was actually kinda scared he was gonna hurt you pretty bad, you know. Nobody messes with Miquel and goes scott free” she preached.

“You don’t understand, Diane. That necklace is d--n important to me and I simply can’t lose it. Its the last gift I’d gotten from my mum before coming into this d--n institute and she wanted me to always put it on. She wanted me to value it. So, I can’t lose it simply because I made a flimsy mistake” I explained with a huff and Diane sighed .

“Well, nobody planed for this, okay? So, we just have to go along with it. The necklace is gone and that’s it!”, she concluded and took a bite from her chocolate.


Definitely, there’s no way I’m letting go of that necklace.

We didn’t say a word to each other for a while and in the process, an idea popped into my head.

“Diane” I called anxiously.

“What if…I sneak into his room when I’m sure he isn’t around and take back the necklace?” I asked and her eyes widened in shock.

“What?? Have you gone mad or something???” She growled and looked around, trying to be sure nobody had heard us.

“Seriously, Cali. You better flush that idea of your head if you don’t wanna get killed. How can you even think of sneaking into Miquel’s room? Like…breaking in. Are you okay???”

“But…I won’t be caught. I’d only go in when I’m sure he isn’t around and…”

“And how are you sure he wouldn’t come in when you’re in?? Do you really wanna die? Going into the lion’s den with your clear eyes???

“I’m guessing he didn’t really punish you at the cafeteria because he knew it was a mistake. But going into his room, if you get caught, he’ll know you did it on purpose and is definitely gonna punish you severely. So, I’m warning you – barbie. Don’t even think about it” she enthused and continued eating and I just sighed and looked away.



Diane and I spent the rest of the evening together and it was late enough, we decided to head to our separate rooms and on our way, I spotted Miquel and his guards – around the management department.

The thought flung into my head again.

This only means…he wasn’t in his room.


“Goodnight, Cali. Make sure you’re up in time tomorrow” Diane said as we got to the entrance of my apartment.

“Um…okay. Sure. Goodnight” I smiled and waved at her and we went our separate ways.

I slackened my steps as I walked along.

Miquel wasn’t in his room. The thought kept niggling at me.

My precious necklace.

Suddenly, I turned around and headed for the exit.

Gosh! I just couldn’t let go of it..

I got out to the open floor and looked left and right for Diane, but thankfully, she was nowhere in sight and I took in a deep breath and proceeded on my way.

Diane had pointed out his room to me yesterday while she was showing me around and it was actually close to that of his guards.

I walked for a long time before getting to the tall building and my heart leapt as I spotted his room.

Oh! Cali; am I really doing this???

I observed and discovered his window was open.

Then,,I looked around and thankfully, no student was passing by.

The area was so quiet like it was restricted or something.

Without a second thought, I reached for the wall, climbing it like a spider-woman A slow spider woman.

I was sure to be very careful and after a while, I finally got to his window.

Oh my God!!! I made it!

I smiled happily as I passed through the window and got into his room.

Yes!! Yes!! I did it.

I chuckled and looked around the room.


Oh, boy! Is this really a room?


It was so d--n big and classy.

The bed was a king-sized and dressed with a blue sheet.

The bulb light was blue – giving a soft glow to the room.

The floors were tied blue as well and so were the colors of his curtains.

Hold on; it seems his favorite color is blue. But he’s always putting on white.

Gosh! The room was soo cool and looked really inviting to sleep in.

I saw a drawing board in the room, having an enchanting image of a car.

Hold on; did he draw this??



I shook my head and touched the board.

It was so amazing and real.

I was so lost admiring it that I’d almost forgotten my main reason for being there.

Come on, Cali! I snapped out of my thoughts and set out to work.

I scoured my eyes around for a possible place he could’ve hidden the necklace and my eyes caught the sight of a drawer.

I rushed to it and opened it, but nothing. It wasn’t there.

I checked the tables and was about checking his wardrobe when I suddenly heard footsteps.


I paused and listened to be sure I wasn’t mistaken and the steps became clearer.

It was coming towards the door.

Oh my God!!!

In one swift turn, I dived under the bed as that was the only place that’d come to my mind.

Please, tell me this isn’t real. Tell me I’m dreaming, please.

First, I heard the sound of keys and next, the door opened.

Holy Christ!!!


I covered my mouth with my palms to prevent myself from screaming as conniption gripped me.

what have I done???

My heart pounded and sweat covered the top of my face immediately.

I heard his gentle footsteps and soon, his feet showed up at the side of the bed where I laid.

It was him!!

I confirmed it!! He was the one! Miquel.

As soon as I saw his white trouser, I knew he was the one.

Oh, Cali! You’re dead.

Please, just tell me he’s going out.

I bent my head and prayed. If only I’d known, I’d have listened to Diane.

I’d have listened to her.

Now, what have I gotten myself into?

What do I do??

For the first time in a long time, I felt this scared. I couldn’t explain it.

I heard the sound of a bottle and next, a splashing sound and I figured he was pouring himself a drink.

I winced and wished there was a way I could just vanish.

And suddenly, I heard that cold voice of his:

“You have 3 seconds to come out of the bed”.



Cali’s Pov:

Believe me or not, I felt my heart stop beating at that moment.

I felt my blood stop flowing and my lungs dry up immediately.

I swear – I did.

The rate of my heartbeat increased as that cold voice of his and pierced into my ears, touching the very depth of my soul.

I didn’t even realize he was keeping count of the seconds.

“Time up” he said again and immediately, I got a burning feeling on my skin.


“Arghhhhh” I shrieked and crawled out of the bed immediately as I feared my entire body might get caught in flames soon enough.

As soon as I was out of the bed, the burning stopped.

And now…I was standing in front of the King.

Oh! Cali, what have I done??

I panicked as I stood in front of him while he went to sit on the bed, still holding his glass of wine.

He sipped gently from the wine and looked at me.

Gosh! How can eyes this dark be so killing, huh?

“Look directly into my eyes again and I’ll make you go blind” he said icily and I quickly took my gaze to the floor.

Holy Christ!

Oh, mum! Where are you? Your daughter needs you now.

Where do I even start from?

“Now..” He said, staring into his glass

“I’m only gonna ask you once. What’re you doing in my room?”

My breath wavered as I fixed my gaze on the floor and sought for an appealing answer.

At that moment, I felt I’d forgotten the Alphabetical letters and couldn’t compose a sentence.

“If I have to repeat myself, you’ll be sorry for it” he said in his usual cold tone and I decided to say something – anything at all.

Gosh! I’m so dead.

“I’m…I’m sorry, please. I…didn’t mean to” I stuttered and he gave me a hard stare which I was able to decipher the meaning at once.

He wasn’t concerned about my apology, but the reason i was there.

“I….I’d come to get my necklace. I told you it was important to me” I replied nervously, trying as much as possible to avoid his eyes.

For a while, he didn’t say anything but just kept staring at his glass.

“You sneaked into my room” he scoffed

“Do you know what it means for that to happen?”

“I’m sorry. I…I…I promise, if you just let me go now, you’ll never see me again. Please. You…you can keep the necklace for now. I’m sorry, please”. I pleaded and tried running to the door, but immediately, I felt a heavy force sweep my feet off the ground and I screamed as I flew in the air and landed on the wall, getting pinned to it.

Oh my God!

My back!

My waist!

I groaned as I felt slight pains all over.

I was pinned to the wall with my hands spread apart and I couldn’t move.

Oh, God! What’s he doing to me?

He stood up from the bed and came to stand in front of me.

“I’m sorry, please” I whimpered but he didn’t say a word as he emptied his drink into his mouth, while keeping his eyes on me.

He kept the empty glass on the table and giving me one last stare, he left the room.



Naomi’s Pov:

I smoked angrily from my cigarette as I paced around the room, feeling so angry.

Gosh! I felt like strangling someone! Anyone!

I felt like frying someone’s brains.

“How dare she?” I snarled.

“How could she think of defiling my orders?? I sent for her and the best she could do was attack you?? How dare she?”

“Like seriously, I was shocked” Ivy said.

“First, she’d rebuffed our request of coming with us. And next, she used her banshee powers on us, making me hurt my arm”.

“That lady’s really a b***h. She’s just a newbie yet, she’s already acting bossy” Nathalie also said and my anger increased.

“I’ll kill her” I clenched my teeth and said.

“Tomorrow by this time, she’ll be dead. Nobody messes with me and goes scott free. Nobody defiles the queen”.



Cali’s Pov:

I stayed pinned to the wall for a long time, my waist and joints hurting really bad.

My hands were already hurting as well as a result of the way they were forcefully spread apart and I just felt like crying.

What have I done to myself? I should’ve listened to Diane.

Now, see what I’ve done to myself. I can’t believe I’m going to learn the hard way.


I never thought I’d be this scared of someone. Just his mere gaze alone was melting my heart; not to mention his icy voice that played a rhythmical beat in my heart.

Where the hell was he by the way? Does he want to keep me this way forever? Is this punishment??

I sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

Gosh! If only I’d listened.

Suddenly, the door went open and the rhythm in my heart resumed as I narrowed my eyes to the side of the door and discovered he was the one.

Oh, God!

I made a short prayer in my heart as he walked pass me and went to sit on the bed and immediately, I fell from the wall and dropped hard on the floor.

Oh God!!

I bemoaned as i hurt my arm a little.

Why was he being so hard on me?

Now, what next?

“Come closer” he said calmly with his gaze into space.

Gosh! He speaks so calmly like he could never hurt a fly. But at the same, the resounding cold that echoed in his tone could make a dead man shiver.

Seriously, mere words cannot describe this guy. There’s simply no suitable description for him.

I slackened my steps to him, wondering what else he had in mind.

Maybe my next punishment would be to hang me on the ceiling and make me rotate like a fan.

God! I’m so dead.

I stood in front of him and felt the ground shake.

I couldn’t tell if it was real, but due to how nervous I was, I felt the ground was shaking.


“Hand me the wine on the table” he said in that unruffled tone and i flinched.


Did he just….

Hold on;

Did he just…

I was surprised but didn’t wait for him to repeat himself and immediately, I turned to the table, took the bottle of wine and handed it to him.

Holy Molly!

He uncapped it and gulped a reasonable quantity from it and I just watched in amusement.

But as soon as he brought it down from those pink lips, I quickly took my eyes to the floor again.

I already had a huge offence in

front of me and wouldn’t want to double it.

He was silent for a while, making me wonder what he probably had in mind. If only I could read his thoughts.

“Take off your clothes” I finally heard him say.



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