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Cali’s pov

Suddenly, she reached for my hair and removed the band from it, making it fall from my shoulders.


“Oh, my God! You have a long hair. Why’re you hiding the length?” She asked and as she touched the tip and I sighed and didn’t say a word.

I’d wanted to scold her, but changed my mind.

I took my eyes back to the cutie and surprisingly, I found him staring at me.


I felt my heart skip immediately and slowly, he took his eyes away, taking them to the floor.

Oh my God!

I looked around to see if anyone noticed that, but of course, they didn’t as the hall was still a little busy with the students coming in and looking for a spot to stand.

Not even Diane noticed it it

But I did!!!

He looked at me!

I felt my cheeks flush, even if it wasn’t supposed to mean any thing.

But having those pretty eyes staring at me for a second was more like heaven to me.

“Okay; it’s time. Lets get started” one of the boys announced and the entire place became d@mn quiet immediately that a pin drop could possibly be heard.

Hm. Seems they’re really strict.

“Once again” he continued, moving at the front row.

They were quite handsome too – but not as the leader.

“Welcome to the White Diãmônds Institute.

“The orientation will be very brief but important because if you’re ever caught breaking any of the rules, you’d wish you were dead”. He said and paused, probably giving a little time for the shivers to run through our systems.


‘The first and most important rule is the fact that you must never leave this premises. No matter what, you must never be caught outside these premises and the only time you’re permitted to go out is when you’re on a mission. Aside that, you must stay indoors.

“The Diãmônds was created a very long time ago by the government to assist people like us in nurturing our gifts. Just so you know, we’re unique and that’s the reason we’re called Diãmônds. We’re rare.

The people out there might laugh at you, but the truth is – they all want to be like us.

“They can’t do the special things we do and that’s the reason we’re unique.

“Over here, y’all be taught to control your powers and make proper use of them. Your time table will be out by tomorrow morning. So, you’ll begin your classes as soon as it’s out.

“The system of education over here Is quite different from the one you know out there. Over here, you’ll be classified according to your gifts and as a result, you tend to share same class with some old students.

“It’s gonna be fun if you play your cards well and stick to the rules.

“The first rule, you must never leave the premises except you’re out on a mission. Secondly, I’m sure your phones were taken from you before you came in here. So, they should be no means of communication between yourselves and your family. We normally have a fixed date when we permit visiting and when such time comes, you can get to see them as much as you want.

Suddenly, we heard footsteps and turned to see a lady scuttling in.

She had sweats all over her forehead and panted heavily.


Seems she’s late.

She lowered her gaze as she got in and tried fixing herself in the crowd.

“Hey! Come over here” the boy called out to her, his hands crossed behind his back.

All eyes danced around her as she walked out slowly and went to him.

Why the h*ell is she just coning?

“You’re late” he said calmly to her.

“I’m…I’m sorry. I…had to…I mean, I didn’t know the orientation was taking place now. I’m sorry” she gibbered and I found myself feeling scared for her.

Everyone watched in silence.

“Let me have your hand” he said and stretched out his hand to her and she slowly placed hers on it.

The handsome introvert was just watched in silence as well.

The lady quivered as the boy held her hand and suddenly, she started bleeding from the nostrils.


“No! I’m sorry, please” she whimpered and shook her head and next, she fell on her knees and that was when he let her go.

‘Next time, you won’t even have the tongue to apologize” he said coldly to her and she nodded tearfully and stood up, cleaning off the bloodstains with the back of her palm.

Oh my God! What the hell is that?

He signalled her to leave and she returned to the crowd and took a stand.

“So”, he continued, like nothing had happened.

“Like I’ve earlier said, you’ll be going on missions once in a while in order to perfect your skills and during those times, you should be ready to face The Black Diamonds. Yes – the Black Diãmônds – our enemies.

“Another important fact you should know is – we actually do graduate. But that depends on your level of learning and perfection. So, put in your best and you wouldn’t have to spend the rest of your life here. At least, by the time you’d be graduating, you’d be going out with respect and honor and most people would adore you.

“We have a lot of graduated Diãmônds all over the world that’re doing pretty well. Some are working as special securities to the high government, some are working with Crime Investigators, some are working with the supreme court and all that – putting their gifts into practice.

You can live the life you deserve.

“So, follow the rules, put in your best and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

“And lastly, I’d love to introduce to you your honorable leader” he said the part that got me interested and I heard the students whispering as he pointed towards Miquel.


“He was elected president and anyone who breaks a rule is likely to be punished by him. He’d also be taking you on some training sessions and if you have any reasonable message for him, you come through us.

“Now, I guess that’ll be all for now. Any questions?” He asked but nobody raised a finger.

Well, even if they had millions of questions to ask, I’m pretty sure they were all scared to say a word.

“And if there are no questions, I guess that’ll be all for now. You can proceed and enjoy the rest of your day”.he concluded and the students started dispersing.

I hesitated a little and my eyes caught the Miquel guy whispering into the ears of one of the boys.

“Come on, Cali” Diane hushed and tapped me and I turned around with her and we started walking away with the others.

“Hey! You!” We suddenly heard one of the buys call and everyone turned to look at them.

“You with the long hair”,he added, looking at my direction and I remember he was the one Miguel had been whispering to.

Hold on; who’s he referring to?

Everybody turned to look at me, probably because I was the one having the longest hair there.

No, no, no. Don’t tell me.

“M…Me?” I touched my chest and asked.

“Yes – you. Come over” he said coldly and I felt my head spin.

Oh my God!

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