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Cali’s Pov:

My heart skipped and even Diane beside me flinched.

Cali” she growled my name.

“What have you done?”

I looked at her and shrugged, completely having no idea what was going on.

The rest of the students were watching in amusement with an expression of “she’s dead”.

What the heck?

“Are you deaf? Come over!” The boy said impatiently and I finally went over to meet them.

The Miquel guy was staring at me – giving me a very dark, cold look.

“This isn’t a movie. Y’all can leave” the second boy announced and the rest of the students started leaving the hall.

Okay…what’s going on?

What do they want with me?

“You” the first boy said and came to stand properly in front of me.

“Take the gum out of your mouth”.


I furrowed my brows and remembered i was actually chewing a gum.

Oh! Is this really the reason he…


I opened my mouth and brought out the gum.

“Fix it into your hair”, he instructed and I scoffed.

Like seriously???

“Why?” I asked in a ridiculed way and the second boy scoffed.

“Ask me one more time and I’ll make sure you use your tongue instead” the one in front of me said.

I looked at Miquel and he still had that dark look staring at me.

I rolled the gum and fixed it into my hair, feeling so angry.

“Good. Next time, you don’t chew gum when you’re in front of him. It portrays disrespect. I’m only letting you go unpunished because you clearly didn’t know about it. But next time, a second mistake won’t be accepted.”

“And you don’t look at him directly in the eyes” the second boy said and I snorted and took my gaze to the floor.

“You can leave” the one in front of me said and I took in a deep breath and turned around.

what an ass I heard him say in his head and quickly turned to shoot him a stare.

What the heck??

I huffed and continued walking away, praying I don’t trip or something and thankfully, I was able to leave the hall successfully.


To my greatest surprise, I found most of the students lingering around the entrance – like they were all waiting for feedback or something.


“Cali!” Diane called and ran to me immediately.

Thank goodness.

“Hey! Are you okay? What the hell happened?” She asked curiously as she held my hand.

“He said it was disrespectful to chew a gum in front of the king” I replied with an eye roll and dipped my fingers into my hair, trying to pull out the gum.

Gosh! What a mess they made me did.

“Aww! So sorry about that. It actually occurred to me , you know? I’m really sorry” she apologized repeatedly.

‘Yeah..its fine. You don’t need to worry” I replied perfunctorily

“Thank goodness it didn’t go beyond that. Come on now, let’s finish up our meal”.

“Yeah…I’m pretty hungry”.

And we walked away to the cafe and along the way, that handsome face kept replaying in my head.

Gosh! I’d never forget the look of that.



😜 Naomi’s Pov 😜

“D--n it! You work like a snail!” I yelled to the lady in front of me who was fixing my nails.


“I’m sorry, ma’am. I just want it to be perfect” she shivered in her reply.

“Well, just shut up and work!” I snapped at her and she nodded and continued working with ultimate carefulness.

Well, just incase you’re wondering, I’m Naomi and I’m the female boss around here.

My dad is part of the government and a big stakeholder in the White Diãmônd system and as a result, no one messes with me.

You can call me all you want – rude, grumpy, b***h – whatever. I don’t give a d--n.

But just never mess with me

Yes – unless you want to be buried the next day.

Although, I’m just a single diamond – having the ability to fry someone’s brain – I’m still okay with it and everyone adores me.

They know better not to mess with me.

Shortly, my squad walked in – yes. My three best friends.

Although, all the ladies wants to be my friends, I’m very choosy and can’t associate with no lowlife.

“Hey, pretty” Natalie called and a small smile touched my lips.

Hm. I love it when they praise me.

“Hi lovers”, I replied with a wink and they came to sit beside me.

“What’s up?” Ivy asked.

“Gosh! I’m so tired already. This lady’s just pissing me off” I replied grumpily.

“Chillax Naomi. She’s doing a great work” Betty said and I rolled my eyes.


“Have you heard of the new girl in camp?” She asked immediately and I quickly turned to look at her.

“What new girl?” I inquired.

“Well, she’s a mind reader and a banshee and is quite beautiful. She’s got a killer shape and…”

“Enough!!!” I roared in anger.

“How dare you, Betty? How dare you give someone else such praises when I’m here??”

“Oh! I’m sorry, Naomi. I was just…trying to give you a perfect description”.

“No! Is she prettier than me??? Huh???”

“Of…course, not” she replied and scoffed.

“Hey, Naomi. It’s okay. Betty didn’t mean any harm” Natalie chipped in and I exhaled deeply and sat properly.

Whatever! I hate it when someone else is being praised.

“Well…” Ivy said.

“I heard Miquel had been staring at her during today’s orientation”

I heard a loud thud in my head as my eyes widened in shock.

I slowly turned to look at her.


I picked my words and she shrugged.

“One of the ladies who had attended had testified to it. She said she’d seen him stare at her once – when she fred her hair”.

“Noooooooo” I sprang on my feet and screamed.

“Noooo!! Who the f”*k is she???? Who??? I want her dead or out of this camp! I’ll fry her brains – I swear!!!”

‘Naomi! Come on” Natalie said and stood up.

“You don’t need to panic over this. We all know Miquel. He’s cold – hearted and can’t fall in love. I mean…that’s almost impossible, right?”

“No, Natalie. Its possible. Its possible because I’ll make him fall in love with me. Miquel is mine!! No matter what, he’s mine! And I’ll kill any motherf**ker that tries to play with me” I said in deep breaths and fisted my hand.



Abel’s Pov:

I sat alone in the sitting room, keeping myself busy with a drink and the TV as well.

Miquel was resting or probably painting in his room and that was the reason I had a little time to rest.

Shortly, the lady came out, adjusting her skirt.


She stared at the floor bashfully and walked pass me to the door, opening it and leaving immediately.

Geez! I could imagine the pains she must be feeling right there between her legs.

Well, Zack isn’t the gentle type in bed.

After a while, he also came out and joined me in the sitting room, his hands working on his belt.

“Hey, buddy. What’s up? Just saw the b***h pass” I smirked.

“Yeah…and she was d--n tight and sweet. Good thing with all these freshers” he replied and we chuckled.

Well, getting ladies to f*”k is never a problem to us – not when we’re Miquel’s special guards.

Being Miquel’s guards has brought a lot of respect to us and we see it as an honor.

“Hey, did you say that crazy ass lady at the orientation? The one Miquel had instructed us to make her pin her gum in her hair. Did you notice her shape?” I asked excitedly.

“Yeah..of course, I did. Who wouldn’t? Her ass and b**bs were so big and would sure bounce well in bed” he replied and we chuckled.

Just the reply I needed to motivate me

“So, Wat’s up? You want her?” He asked as he poured himself a drink.

“Yes, buddy. I fkjng need her. I need to squeeze my balls into that big ass of her and fk her till she gasps for air” I replied with desires clouding me.

“Woahhhh! That’s harsh, dude” he laughed while I just smirked because I was d--n serious.

“Anyway, when do you want her? Tonight? Just let me know and count me in” he replied and I smiled with satisfaction.

I couldn’t wait.



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