The Diamond - S01 E07

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Cali’s Pov:

I opened my mouth and stared in shock as he walked in gracefully with the boys beside him.

Oh my God!

I don’t think this is real.

As my eyes got glued to his face at that moment, I felt time stand still because actually, He’s the most handsome guy I’d ever seen.

His hair – long and dark and parked in the middle with the front part of it flopping close to his eyes.

His eyes were a little dark, yet dazzling. He had an unexplained aura that could be discern even from his walking steps and in a swift turn, I found myself asking Diane:


She didn’t say a word but only kept her eyes fixed on him and with the way the rest of the students were actually acting, its obvious he was someone special.

They stopped in the middle of the cafeteria and the two boys beside him took it from there.

“Hey, listen up! Everyone!” One of them said audible enough even if they’d already gotten the attention of the students.

“Its time for the orientation and if you know you’re a fresher here, get your a$$ moving in the next 60 seconds to the emergency hall.

Late comers will be penalized” he announced and while he spoke, the handsome boy just kept his gaze on the floor and rubbed his lower pink lip with his thumb.

Oh my gawwwwd.

Immediately, they turned around and left the cafeteria with him being in front and immediately, the students started moving out, probably headed for the hall.

“Come on, Cali” Diane said as she parked up her food, but my head was still muzzy.

“Hold on, Diane. Who’s he?” I asked, nonplussed.

“He’s the leader, okay? The president over here and trust me, you wouldn’t wanna get into trouble with him. So, come on, let’s get going”,she replied but I still wasn’t satisfied and tried asking one more question before she cut me off.

“Fine! I’ll tell about it on the way. Come on” she said and that was the only thing that calmed me down as I packed up my food and we walked out of the cafe together.

“So…”, she continued as we walked alongside each other.

“His name is Miquel and he’s the president over the students. He’s the most powerful here – a multi Diãmônd – meaning he possesses different gifts and amusingly, he’s capable of resisting attacks from others. Meaning…most people can’t use their powers on him unless he permits them”.


My eyes beamed at the mention of that. Is she for real???

“As you can see, he barely talks and those boys are the ones who passes any information he wishes to pass. Only a very few people

have been fortunate to hear him speak. But that doesn’t mean you should joke with him.

“I know you he’s dreamy and all. Everyone over here is crushing on him, but he doesn’t give a d@mn about anyone and its impossible for anybody to win his heart. As a matter of fact, they’re all scared of him despite the fact he’s their biggest crush and that’s because he’s dangerous.

“In a nutshell, he’s a quiet introvert” she concluded, quelling my curiosity.

Holy Christ!

All these for just one person???

A handsome introvert!

Hmm. Why the f**k would he be an introvert with such cuteness??

And how’s he dangerous?

I kept thinking about the story throughout our walk to the wall and after a while, we arrived.

Wow! It was quite big but the students in it weren’t that much. I guess the freshers were just few in number – less than 50

Well, it was to my own favor because it gave me a sweet opportunity to look at him.

Yes – him. He was standing right there in front of the hall, leaning on a table behind him while the two boys stood beside him.

Gosh! He looked extremely handsome that I felt my heart leap each time he moved a lid.

I crossed my hands and watched him like a movie but unfortunately, he didn’t even look my direction. His eyes were mostly fixed to the floor.

“Care for some?” Diane asked and I turned to see her holding a chewing gum out to me.

“Yeah.. Thanks”, I muttered as I collected it from her, opened it and started chewing it.

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