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Scarlett was surprised with the hotel Craig had picked. It stood downtown in-between a lonely alley. It wasn’t luxurious as she expected but it looked just alright. From the looks of it, not many people frequented this hotel.

The room he chose was big enough to garage four cars and it had a king-size bed that crowded nearly all the space.

Seated on the bed, Craig looked up expectantly at her. He was expecting Scarlett to fall on him and do to him exactly what he had caught her and Todd doing in class the other day.

But Scarlett had other plans. Before getting to the hotel, she had arrived home to take some few clothes. She was planing something special for Craig.

” Go take a shower, Craig,” she said, standing before him with a small bag which held her clothes in. ” I wanna go have a change of clothes.”

Craig was puzzled. ” What for?”

Scarlett regarded him. ” You’ll see. Just have a shower.”

He hesitated but then he stood up and began heading towards the bathroom.

Suddenly, Scarlett called him back. ” By the way, what’s your favorite video from me?”

Craig stopped by the doorway of the bathroom. He glanced at her thoughtfully. ” Sheer Butters.”

Sheer Butters.

Sheer Butters was one of her most rated pórn video. The views and likes were encouraging. Almost every man found that videos thrilling and exciting.

It was in Sheer Butters where she had played the role as a h---y mother. Her partner was a young teen who acted as her son.

The video was all about incest between a mother and a son who was a virgin. Apparently, that video must’ve had an impact on Craig.

” Can you do me a favor?” Scarlett asked.

Craig leaned over the doorpost. ” Uh huh?”

” Can you address me as mom when I get in?” She asked, giving him a séxy smile.

Craig’s face went numb. ” Why?”

” You wanna bring out your pórn fantasies to reality, right?” She said calmly. ” Let’s just pretend we’re filming Sheer Butters. I’m your mom and you’re my son.”

Craig felt his heart quickened. If she was going to do what he thinks she’s about to do, then tonight sure was going to be a blast.

He nodded. ” Okay, I’ll do my best.”

” Go take your shower,” she said, leaving the room. ” I’ll be right back.”

Craig stood naked under the shower, thinking if this was what he really wanted.

Rebelling against his father was bad but having anything to do with a black woman was worse.

If his father found out… He’d make sure he never finds out about his secret affairs with Scarlett.

As the cool waters ran down his body, his mind began planning ahead for the future.

In everything he does, he always think ahead. He has plans, big plans and Scarlett was part of those big plans.

He was excited because Tonight was the night he would lose his virginity as a man.

It would be his first time inside a woman.

And what’s more sweeter was the fact that Scarlett was bringing out his pórn fantasies into the real world.

His favorite pórn video was Sheer Butters. It wasn’t the incest that excited him. It was the intimacy, the slow séx, the process it took the male character in losing his virginity.

Switching off the shower, he grabbed a towel and dried his body. After tonight, he was going to become a real man.

He hoped he impressed Scarlett. He had never done this before.

That’s when his heart started racing. His little man in-between his legs woke up.

He was thinking how that hot body of Scarlett would look like naked when playing on the bed.

He remembered that feeling he got when he had a boner for the first time. He kept hoping that his meat is big enough to fúck with.

Scarlett is a pórnstar so he might not make much impression with her. A woman who’s been with many men wouldn’t get moved by a young virgin boy.

And most of all he kept praying he won’t bust quick. Nothing irritates a woman than a two seconds man.

He has that fears cause it was his first time.

Seated on the king-size bed, he brought out his phone, watching pórnos, trying to see just how to stroke right. He also searched on how to put condoms on, how to go right inside a woman without Making a fool of himself.

He was practicing. He wanted to know how man enough he was going to be tonight.

Suddenly, he heard a soft knock on the door. He glanced up when he heard Scarlett’s voice.

“Honey, daddy is asleep.” Scarlett said from outside the bedroom.

She gently opened the door and stepped in, looking down at Craig.

” It’s midnight, Craig. Nobody would disturb us now.” She said, quietly, closing the door gently. ” It’s our time. Private time between a mother and her son.”

Craig was waiting for her sitted before the study table in the room with expectation and nervousness in his eyes.

What she wore gave him an erection. She was dressed exactly like the mother role she had played in Sheer Butters.

His first fantasy had come alive.

He had seen the character of Sheer Butters brought into reality.

It was time. They were acting pórn. They were acting Sheer Butters.

Scarlett smiled. This was going to be a Micky mouse job. It felt awkward acting pórn before him but it was something new and she loved it.

Scarlett wandered around to the bed and sat down on it. Her eyesight surveyed him from head to toe.

He was wearing red shorts and a white singlet. It was just like Sheer Butters séx scenes.

” Get up, Craig,” she said lovingly.

Craig stood up, he remembered this scene perfectly. The mother calling him over.

” Take down your shorts,” Scarlett ordered.

Craig pulled down his shorts until it was down between his legs.

His erection sprung free to her face. Scarlett couldn’t believe it. He had such a big cóck for a boy his stature.

His cóck was long, curved and thick. It would surely stretch out any girl’s pússy.

” Wow,” Scarlett covered her mouth. ” You have such a big cóck, son. Have you been seeing a girl?”

Craig flowed with her. They were acting pórn, weren’t they?

” No mother. I’m a virgin.”

” A virgin?” Scarlett looked surprised. ” That’s bad, son. A young man like you outta know what it feels like to make love to a woman.”

Craig knew he sucks at acting and yet, he was enjoying this. ” Can you…can you teach me?”

Scarlett smiled. ” That’s why I’m here, isn’t it?” She paused. ” Can you stroke your cóck? Be slow and gentle.”

Craig held his cóck and began stroking it. He did it slowly without rushing, following Scarlett’s direction.

” Very good, Craig, you’re doing a great job,” Scarlett said softly, watching him close his eyes as he kept stroking his big cóck.

Even at age nineteen, he was still terribly immature and naive about séx. Scarlett felt excited. This was a novelty for her.

She had never had séx with a virgin. This would be such a new experience for her.

It was an embarrassing moment for Craig to be watched while he rubbed his cóck. He had to keep his eyes shut so he wouldn’t meet Scarlett’s eyes.

She just sat there on the bed, watching him with rising interest as he ran his hand up and down his hard, youthful cóck.

Watching Craig rubbing his cóck had somehow turned Scarlett on. It was such an innocent intimate act. He couldn’t even màsturbate well.

” You can stop now, Craig,” she said.

Craig obeyed and stopped.

His big, beautiful cóck was angry and congested with blood.

” What now, mom?” He asked.

This was AMAZING.

This was way better than all the pórnos she had acted for five years. It made her want to give him the satisfaction he needed, but this was to educate him.

She has to make this a wonderful experience for him. A very long lasting experience.

” Come close, honey,” Scarlett said, using her most sexiest low voices. ” Come to mommy.”

When Craig came close, standing before her face, she wrapped her fingers around his turgid s---t.

She took her time to feel his heat against her palm. He was hard and ready but she needed him to be very very hard.

” Alright, honey,” she said, looking up at his face. ” Move your hips against my hand.”

Craig nodded and he began moving his hips against her hand. A drop of precum beaded at the tip of his cóck, spilling out and leaking down his s---t, soiling her fingers.

Craig’s face was tense with effort, his ass muscles engaging and relaxing with the movement of his cóck fúcking her hand.

” I feel something hot coming out,” Craig cried.

She immediately tightened her fingers against his urethra, denying him his o----m.

His face was taut with anguish, but he still didn’t cúm.

” That’s a Good boy,” she whispered softly. ” You’re so amazing, Craig. Even better than your father.”

He raised an eyebrow at her but then he remembered they were acting pórn so he nodded with a smile.

” I’m happy you’re pleased, mom.”

The way he said it, devoid her of her sense of reasoning.

Her mind fogged with lust. She needed to finish educating him.

” You did your best honey, I’m soo proud of you. You deserve a reward.”

She pulled him close to herself and dropped her knees onto the floor.

She lifted his cóck, so thick and heavy with flesh. ” Now, you relax, baby. Let Mommy take good care of you,” she purred.

She ran her tongue up from the base of his cóck, running her tip along the angry veins pushing up against his s---t.

Craig caught his breath. Her tongue felt Soo warm and sticky wet against his cóck. He had never felt anything like it.

Scarlett’s tongue savoured the salty sweet taste of his precum, savoring it all with eagerness to clean his gorgeous cóck.

More precum leaked out of his c--k. It was the sweetest nectar, different from the numerous men she had acted pórn with. It stung her tastebuds, and it made her cúnt burn with desire.

She looked up and saw his face was tight with need. Her heart hammered against my chest. Here she was on her knees, servicing the son of a billionaire with her slútty mouth.

It was his first time getting a blów job from a woman. She was going to make him enjoy it.

She s----d him harder and harder.

Craig felt strange. His mouth was agape, gasping and keening, and his fingers threaded into her black hair instinctively.

Scarlett kept s-----g with fervour and desire.

His hips bucked now, matching the bobbing motion of her mouth going up and down his aching c--k.

She could feel his cóck swelling in her mouth.

” Chee… Cherry… I’m… something is coming out…”

” C-m baby. C-m in Mommy’s mouth,” Scarlett said, knowing he wasn’t aware of what he was even saying.

Craig pushed his cóck hard against the inner wall of her cheek.

” Oh, God, Cherry..!”

His cóck shuddered. She felt hot, sticky cúm poured into her mouth and down her throat. It was sweet and salty and she swallowed every drop just like a milkshake.

He shuddered against her and his cóck softened but she held his cóck tight in his mouth and s----d.

Craig gasped. ” That was…. That was….”

Scarlett slowly removed his cóck from my mouth. ” Your first cúm?”

He nodded. ” It’s a little painful.”

Scarlett smiled. ” Time to get you hard again, baby.”

And she proceed to stroke him and s--k the dregs of his cúm off his throbbing cóck.

Getting him hard didn’t take long. His s---t was harder than ever.

” Do you want to see Mommy naked?” She asked.

He nodded eagerly, and she chuckled. She rose to her feet. ” Take off your clothes, Craig.”

As he took off his clothes, Scarlett slowly stripped herself.

As a pórn actress, she knew how to stimulate a man simply by taking off her clothes.

Every movement was slow, gentle, sexy and graceful.

Craig watched her, having a hard time catching his breath. It was just like in all her videos.

In no time, Scarlett was Stark naked with her clothes, her bra and her panties on the floor.

She sat back on the bed, feasting his eyes with her nakedness. Her hands caressed her big títs. ” Do you want to s--k on this, honey?”

Craig shuddered. He had never seen anything Soo beautiful in his life. ” May I?”

Scarlett nodded.

He leaned forward at her and cupped her Títs with both of his hands.

His touch sent goosebumps blooming cross Scarlett’s chest. And when his warm mouth s----d on her nípple, she cried out softly.

He s----d hungrily as if he had never s----d a woman’s títs before.

” Craig be gentle,” she giggled. ” Nothing will come out.”

Craig didn’t mind. He kept s-----g like a child and it gave her a loving Memory of how she had feed Daisy.

Scarlett felt her c--t ached with need, getting creamed with her own juices as he s----d hungrily on her aching nípples.

She couldn’t believe she was so fúcking wet.

After a few minutes of his enthusiastic s-----g, he finally came up for air.

” That was amazing, Mom.”

Scarlett said nothing. It was time to claim his virginity. Pushing him away gently, she laid back fully on the bed and spread her legs.

” Craig, do you know what comes next after this?”

Craig shook his head. ” No I don’t.”

Scarlett explained. ” You’re going to make mommy feel good. Don’t you want to make mommy feel good?”

Craig nodded, staring down at her c--t. For the first time, he was seeing his favorite pórn star c--t for real and not on videos.

The excitement that ran through him quickened his heartbeat.

This was the part he had to ask her what he was going to do. ” How do I do that, mom?”

Scarlett was glad he was following the story line perfectly. She placed her hand on her c--t and toyed with her clíts.

” You’re gonna put your little pee-pee inside mommy, honey.”

” You mean my cóck?”

Scarlett nodded with a sly smile. ” Don’t you want to Know how it feels like Inside where you were born from?”

Craig remembered the next line of words. ” I want to, mommy. More than anything.”

Scarlett glanced down at his curvy cóck. ” Come closer, baby. Come and make mama feel good.”

Craig slowly climbed the bed and his legs pried open her’s.

” I’m ready now,” he said innocently, wrapping his hand around his c--k now.

Scarlett directed him. ” Rub the head your cóck against my c--t, slowly and gentle.”

He rubbed her soaking wet cúnt with his cóck, which sounded like a log falling down on a puddle.

Scarlett felt her body shuddered. Somehow, Craig’s cóck rubbing up against her cúnt gave her an eerie type of feeling that came as different as from every man she’d met in her lifetime.

He did it Soo innocently and inexperienced, it set her head off in the clouds.

After a while of rubbing, he asked politely. ” Should I shove it in?”

She nodded, unable to say a word.

Craig took his time and guided the red head of his cóck and aimed it inside her core.

Then he pushed inside her.

Scarlett gasped. She had had many cócks inside her and yet, she still had to grit her teeth against Craig’s size. It feels Soo good having a young man inside her.

” Do you like it, mom?” Craig asked, not sure if he was doing his acting well.

Scarlett raised her head. ” I love it, honey. How does your Mother’s c--t feels like?”

Craig was surprised at how hot, tight and sloppy her c--t was. He never knew a woman’s vágina to be this hot. He thought his cóck was buried in a muddish pool.

” So this is how it feels like to be inside a woman,” he told himself, bewildered at the discovery.

His cóck slid a few inches further. He heard Scarlett purred softly as his cóck snaked further inside her c--t.

” That feels Soo good honey, keep going,” Scarlett grunted.

Craig nodded, swallowing. He pushed, rocking his hips slowly in and out and out in slow gentle thrusts.

Scarlett felt the inner walls of her cúnt stretch as he increased his pace .

” Oh God..!” She cried out. ” Go deeper, honey. Go deep inside your mother.”

Craig’s tempo increased. He kept rocking into her until he was hitting her hard.

Craig t----t harder and harder, panting with grunts and moans. He was breathing very hard, and she could feel sweat beads falling off his face on her busy.

He had never felt this way before. He never knew a woman’s c--t could give him this much pleasure and sweetness.

” Mommy…” his voice choked out. ” That hot stuff is…it’s coming out. I think I’m about to explode.”

” C-m baby, c-m inside your mother,” Scarlett said.

Craig cried out, and she felt his c--k swell against the inner walls of her cúnt.

Scarlett instinctively locked her legs around his butt, her heels digging into his buttocks, and she pulled him against her body.

” Oh God, it’s coming!” Craig yelled. ” Here it comes!”

He lurched forward, driving his c--k deep inside her. He grunted and his c--k spasmed.

Scarlett felt load after load of hot c-m blasting into her cúnt.

She opened her mouth and let out a satisfying scream as she reached c----x and exploded into a glorious órgasm.

She collapsed back on the bed with Craig falling on top of her. They were both sweating with heavy breaths.

” That was amazing…,” Craig said aloud, using her Títs as a pillow. ” Does this… Does this means I’m now a man?”

Scarlett closed her eyes. She was tired and yet, she felt greatly satisfied..

” Yes,” her voice went curtly. ” But I’ll give you a two out of ten.”

Craig was shocked.

Two out of ten? That was too poor. Which means he was….

He was not man enough 😭





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