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Craig finally found what he had always been searching for. After his first night with Scarlett, he became berserk with the thoughts of her.

They had agreed to see twice in a month. This was because his father would be returning back to Brooklyn from Miami. He couldn’t skip school when his dad was home nor does he dare sleep over outside the mansion.

The good news was that Larry Cage always travels across the country once every two week. This was an advantage to Craig. While his father was away, he would spend a day with Scarlett.

Within those two nerving weeks, Craig kept plotting, planning, forging and strategizing for the future.

He was glad he had bought Scarlett. She was his now. No one would ever have her except him.

For the first time in his life, he felt glad he was rich. If it weren’t for his money, she would still be doing pórn. He had great plans for Scarlett. All he needed was the right time to execute his plans.

Apparently, the hidden cameras were no more there when he arrived at school the next day.

This wasn’t surprising though. She had quit. No more Scarlett, no more pórnos.

She belongs to him now. She was going to act pórn for him alone.

It was the begining of a new week and his father, Larry Cage had flew back home from Miami. Craig wasn’t looking forward to see his father.

He was more keen for his next meeting with Scarlett. Every morning, when he wakes up, every night when he lays his head to sleep, he realized, he was praying for his father to fly outside the states.

He never knew she meant more to him than anything else on earth. She was in his blood like a virus.

Scarlett on the other hand had been busy with a lot of things. She had moved into a new apartment, changed Daisy’s school and had paid off all her depts.

A million dollars was a lot of money. If not coolval stories spent wisely, she might end up losing it all up. And so she rented a vacant store opened up a boutique for both men and women’s clothing.

All these happened after the night she claimed Craig’s virginity. For the next two weeks, she felt fulfilled in life.

At last, the answer to all her prayers. Daisy would never grow to know her mother was once a pórnstar.

It was Friday and Scarlett was walking around the clothing lines, inspecting and organising the next clothes to be showcased before the window. Tagging along behind her was a young lady whom was one of her employees.

The boutique business was lucrative in these parts of the streets so it brought good profits to her pockets. It was out of these profits she pays her employees.

Scarlett couldn’t believe her luck. In a matter of two weeks she had already achieved all these. It was just Soo unreal.

From a pórn actress to a business woman. It was the life she had always dreamed of.

Suddenly, the telephone in her small office blared noisily in the boutique store. Scarlett handed over to her employee to go answer the call.

Taking the telephone from the receiver, she places it over her ears. ” Hello?”

” Hello, Scarlett,” Craig’s voice came across the line. ” Are we seeing Tonight?”

Scarlett held the telephone tightly to herself. ” Tonight?”

Craig answered. ” Yes, tonight.”

Scarlett rubbed her temples, a frown on her face. ” Does it has to be tonight?”

Craig sounded a little impatient. ” Yes, it’s gotta be tonight. My dad’s out of the states. There ain’t no other way.”

Scarlett sighed. ” For how long do we have to keep doing this, Craig? I got a date with someone.”

She heard his voice hardened. ” A date? With who?”

Scarlett immediately saw the red flag and she quickly switched tone. ” She’s a friend of mine, Craig. We outta spend the evening at a restaurant.”

She was aware her hands were restless. She hadn’t told Craig she had a daughter. Not just yet, maybe someday but definitely not today.

Daisy hadn’t been quite as enthusiastic about their new life as Scarlett hoped she would be. Daisy rather missed their former home and the peaceful life of having her mother at home all to herself.

Scarlett had noticed this new moodiness in her and had tried everything within her powers to make Daisy Happy. Scarlett knew she worked till late despite being a business owner. She just couldn’t have some time for Daisy these past few weeks after they moved out of their former house.

That was why she made it a rule for herself that every weekends she was going to close her business earlier to take Daisy to the movies and have a good mother and daughter time with her.

Today was such day’s but it Soo happened her meeting with Craig fell on this day.

This wasn’t what she had planned for. The least Craig would have done was to inform her right on time so she could reschedule herself and be prepared.

It was her duty to make Craig happy and she was willing to repay her depts. She really owed him a lot. After all, he had bought her, hadn’t she?


But for how long does he intend to keep her? She knew she was his but for how long?

Ever since she accepted to be his personal pórnstar, she had felt trapped as if she was a rabbit locked in a cage. The one thing Scarlett hated more than anything was the feeling of depending on someone. She hated it Soo much. That was why when the opportunity to quit pórn and become her own boss came up, she snatched it up. And yet, she still felt dependent on Craig.

” I don’t give a d--n about your date,” Craig said suddenly. ” Cancel it and meet me tonight, understand?!”

Scarlett stared at the telephone for a while, surprised at the tone he was using on her.

Does he have any idea she was five years older than him? How dare him talk to her that way.

She gently replied. ” That’s fine. I’ll see you tonight.”

Craig must’ve noticed he had been harsh to her for he softened his voice. ” Same place. I’ll be waiting.”

” Yes.”

” And Scarlett?”

” Yes?”

” I want PANCAKES tonight.”

Scarlett sat down behind her chair, drumming her fingers on the desk. PANCAKES was the title of one of her pórnos.

She realized she would have to get a costume to dress as a slút inorder to fit that role. This boy was definitely a pervert. But if he wants to do PANCAKES, then she would do it.

She belongs to him. His wish was her command.

” As you wish, Craig,” she replied indifferently as she picked out her gold cigarette case and removed a cigarette.

Craig hung up and she returned the phone back to the cradle.

Lighting up her cigarette, she drew in smoke, taking her time to reason the best option or way to announce to her daughter she wasn’t going to make it for tonight’s movie.

Her hands snaked up to the telephone and she took it and dialed some numbers.

” Hello, Ann,” she said into the receiver. ” Could you do me a favour? It’s about Daisy.”

In a matter of minutes, she had sorted everything out. Ann would take Daisy for the movies and keep her company.

While that would be going on tonight, she would be busy in some hotel room, fúcking a young millionaire who is five years younger than her.

Bringing his pórn fantasies to life.





It was two minutes past nine when a yellow taxi pulled up outside the alley hotel. Craig stepped out, paid the taxi waited for a while to see the vehicle drive off.

He looked around him to be certain no one was following him and braving the cold, he walked towards the doors of the hotel.

The receptionist happened to be a person with good memories. The moment he saw Craig, he simply gave him the keys to the room he had booked.

However, he knew nothing about Craig’s position in the Cage family neither did he think to consider that Craig was someone of importance.

Taking the stairs up to his room, Craig realized his heart no longer raced nor does his hands shake.

He was a man now. Was this… was this what it feels like to be a man?

As he stood outside the door to the room, his fingers wrapped around the door handle and turned it.

Pushing open the door, he walked into the sordid big room.

Scarlett was seated on the bed, her hands folded in her lap, her beautiful long ebony legs crossed sexily upon each other.

Craig leaned against the door, looking at her. She was dressed as a tart, just like in PANCAKES. She definitely was bringing out his fantasies.

Scarlett wore a micro mini dress that was Soo tightly fitted on her thighs it instantly gave Craig a boner.

She also wore a mint coat that accelerated her looks and showed off her bouncing boóbs.

It was his first time seeing her in make-up. She had taken her time to apply make-up inorder to tease him.

It worked, Craig felt like tearing her pants at that specific moment. But he held himself. He still had a lot to learn from her.

Scarlett slowly stood up graceful and walked over to the wall mirror in the room.

” Do you miss me, Craig?” She asked, loosing her hair before the mirror.

Craig watched her as she shook her hair down over to shoulders.

He walked unsteadily to the bed and sat down. ” More than anything.”

Her eyes met his in the reflection of the mirror. She could make out the stress and anxiety on his pale face.

” I didn’t mean to make you suffer like this, Craig,” she said with a slight smile.

” Tell me about it,” he said. ” I’ve been waiting sick for this day. I kept waiting and waiting and as the days went by, I worked myself up.”

Scarlett turn around and faced him. ” I’m here now, darling. Nothing else matters except I have a few hours with you.”

She began undressing, letting the mint coat Slip to the ground.

Craig watched her, feasting his eyes on her body as her dress also slipped to the floor, her panties, her shoes and her bra.

She had casted her magic over him as a gladiator casts his net. He could feel himself caught up and trapped as she moved towards him.





Outside the window, the brilliant moonlight spread across the floor on to the bed.

The noise of the heavy Saturday traffic on the highway penetrated into the room.

Craig stirred, opened his eyes and raised his head.

Scarlett was standing before the opened window, a burning cigarette in-between her lips.

He stared at her, admiring her full curves, her smooth bouncy buttocks, her long lovely legs and her skin colour.

He just doesn’t get it why his father hated black women Soo much. Black is vouge, black is fire, black is beautiful, black is séxy, black is exotic.

Damnit, if he’d do anything to get a black skin if it were possible but he was white skinned. You can’t buy black in the market.

Unlike bleaching creams and plastic surgeries, no one can ever achieve a black skin.

He just couldn’t help himself over this woman. She was his. She belongs only to him.

This woman standing by the window had been everything he had ever wished for. She was perfectly way better than all his séxual fantasies put together. This was an experienced woman who knew how to give and receive pleasure.

Nothing could be compared to the past four hours they had spent together. He remembered the moaning, thrashing woman who had clung to him, uttering sweet cries of pleasure as her fingernails dug into his flesh.

Just staring at her, smoking naked by the window stabbed him with a fresh desire burning in his eyes.

Scarlett must’ve noticed him staring for she turned around and caught his eyes.

” You’re awake?”

” And so are you,” Craig said, sitting up. ” You didn’t rate me tonight.”

Scarlett drew in smoke, watching him closely. ” Well, I’ll give you a four out of ten.”

Craig smiled. ” Does that means I’m becoming man enough?”

She rolled her eyes. ” Maybe. You got a lot to learn, Craig. Time would tell.”


Scarlett longed to take a shower but she decided to clear her head first. The room was insufferably hot. It was a few minutes passed one in the morning. She would have to catch the six o’clock train back home.

” Scarlett,” Craig called.

She glanced down at him. Sitting up naked, she thought Craig looked young and defenceless as he stared up at her.

” Scarlett,” he called again. ” We can’t keep up like this.”

Scarlett remain quiet, her eyes watchful.

He continued. ” I want to see you more often. You have no idea what I’ve been through these past few weeks. I keep thinking about you all the time it drives me nuts. I need you Everytime, Scarlett.”

Scarlett flicked ashes to the ground. ” Craig, can I ask a question?”

He looked up at her.

” How long do you intend to keep this going?”

His eyes told her nothing but then again he answered. ” Until I say so.”

She sighed. ” Craig, you have got to understand that I have a life of my own. I’m okay seeing you twice a month. It’s not a bad arrangement if you ask me.”

Craig frowned. ” I know it’s not a bad arrangement but it’s also dangerous. Can’t you see we’re taking a big risk meeting in a hotel? My father has spies everywhere. If he discovers I’m having an affair with a woman, especially a black woman, he’d…”

” He’d do what?” Scarlett asked curiously.

But Craig didn’t answer her. ” Scarlett, we have got to stop coming here. I want to be by your side every night.”

Scarlett sighed, leaning against the window as she closed her eyes with a cigarette burning in-between her fingers.

” Craig, let me tell you something about séx,” she said seriously. ” It’s not something you have all the time. It’s something two people come together and share mutually with each other. Look, I understand you, Craig. You’re a teenager. Your hormones are up and nerving. I get it. But you’ve got to have a hold on yourself. I’ve been doing pórn for five years. Séx is something I do best when I get in the mood. I want to enjoy it with my partner. If I’m not in the bloody mood, then there ain’t no way in hell I’m enjoying it. I want you to understand something, Craig. A woman’s body is her pride. Once a man sees her nakedness, her value for him depreciates. Only a man who truly loves a woman would always be excited by her. Right now, you’re crazy over me because you can only have séx with me twice in a month. By the time we see each other too often, my magic for you would gradually lost it edge.”

” Your magic would never lose it’s edge,” Craig said Sharply in a voice that stiffened Scarlett.

Scarlett stared at him, surprised at his outburst.

Craig stared at his hands for a long moment. ” This is way beyond séx, Scarlett. This feeling, my feelings for you… It’s deeper than that. I know you do think of me a creep. I know it but you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m rich, I have money but money means nothing to me… I don’t want money, I want you. That’s why I bought you. Being with you makes me feel different, gives me exciting feelings. I couldn’t help myself. Even though we just met, I still believe in what I truly feel for you.”

Scarlett had completely forgotten about her burning cigarette. She kept staring at him, her eyes fixed.

Craig raised his head after a pause and smiled at her. ” Scarlett, I think I’m in love with you.”





Outside the hotel, a car sped by, roaring loud noises until it faded off into the distance.

” Does money mean anything to you?” Craig asked after a long pause.

Scarlett was staring at him, motionlessly, unable to say a word. His former words rang in her head like a ping pong.

•••Scarlett, I think I’m in love with you•••

It was the first time hearing those four letter words (love) from a man his age. She had absolutely no idea what to reply him.

” Money?” She asked. ” Of course it does. But I already have money, don’t I?”

Craig frowned. ” A million dollars? Is that enough?”

Scarlett regarded him. ” Well, I opened a business with it. I think it’s gonna do me just fine.”

” That’s not enough, Scarlett,” he said sharply, rubbing his knees. ” Don’t you think you can make more?”

” I never thought of that angle,” she said.

Craig smiled but it was only for a brief moment. ” What if I told you, you can earn up to three million dollars.”

Scarlett gasped. ” Three… That’s….what are you driving at, Craig?”

Craig didn’t look at her. ” A solution, Scarlett. I know I can’t convince you enough. You need money and I can give it to you. You stand a chance of making loads of cash. If only you can do one thing.”

Scarlett struggled to keep her voice under control. ” And what is that?”

Craig looked up at her, his eyes glittering. ” At the mansion, we have servants and maids to take care of things. They get paid well and they do live in the house at the servant quarters.”

” Why tell me this?” Scarlett asked sharply. ” What has it got go do with me?”

Craig studied her. ” Three maids got fired yesterday. We’re hiring new maids.”

Scarlett went hot then cold.

She got the message all right. ” I see,” she threw away her cigarette out the window. ” You’re suggesting I become a servant, is that it?”

” That’s the only way, Scarlett,” he said. ” We can see each other often and at night while everyone’s asleep, you can come to me.”

” Are you crazy?” Scarlett raised her voice. ” Or is your brain using the blood from your díck? How on earth do you expect me to live my life to come stay at your father’s mansion just so I can screw you every night.”

Craig licked his dry lips. ” It doesn’t matter, Scarlett. I’ll compensate you for that. It’s the money you want, right? I’ll make you a fine settlement if you’ll do it.”

Scarlett shook her head. ” I’m sorry, Craig. I won’t do it.”

Craig felt deflated. ” Why?”

It was because of Daisy. If she left, who would take care of her daughter. Another point to consider was Larry Cage. Craig mentioned his father hated black women. What would happen if by accident they were caught?

” I just don’t like the idea,” she said. ” Let’s drop it, Craig. No matter how much you’re offering, I won’t accept it. I’m fine meeting you twice a month. You should be happy too.”

” But…” His voice sounded broken. ” I wanna be with you.”

” I’m sorry, kid,” she said silently. ” I can’t take such risks. All my life, I’ve stirred out of trouble. I don’t want to get involved in one. Not just yet.”

Craig knew she was only like this because she was independent now. ” Scarlett, how then do you want me to cope? How do I manage?”

She walked towards him and squatted before his face. Her hands went up to his cheeks and she stroked it. ” I’m always here, Craig. Whenever you need me, give me a call. I’m sorry but I’ve made my decision and I ain’t falling back on it.”

Craig held her hand, his eyes emotional. ” But Scarlett, I…I love you.”

Why does those words have an effect on her? She had resolved in herself never to have anything to do with love anymore.

She had once loved too much but had only been hurt too much in return. She had matured with the damages over the years. Love was something she had kept aside.

Now this young boy wants to bring it back home. She was his but she would never love him back.

It’s just a teenage infatuation. He’d get over it, she thought.

” Keep your love in your pocket, Craig,” she said with a smile. ” I don’t need it.”





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