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Eddie scarcely believed his ears when Scarlett told him she was quitting.

Throughout last night, he had stayed up late to go through the edited video Kay sent over to him. It was last night Eddie discovered how big this séx videos would go if it got streamed online.

And now, just when he was prepared for another day’s shooting, here was Scarlett announcing she was quitting. He nearly fell off his chair.

” I’m quitting, Ed,” Scarlett said. ” I won’t go ahead with the video shoots anymore. I got offered a new job and I think perhaps, after all, I might make a go at it.”

Eddie struggled out of his chair, placing both hands on the table and leaning towards her. His eyes showed his surprise.

” Make a go at it?” He asked feverishly. ” What sort of job is that?”

” I’m sorry, Ed,” Scarlett said. ” Please don’t get too worked up about this.”

” Worked up?” Eddie said, glaring at her. ” D--n it! You’re not gonna leave this project halfway, are you?”

” I made my decision,” Scarlett said firmly. ” This is something that just came out of the blue. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime and it requires me to stop acting pórn. That’s why I decided to resign. I wish I could tell you but I can’t.”

Eddie sat down heavily. He had the look of a man who has found a spider in his drink.

” Why being Soo secretive, kid?” He asked, drumming his fingers on the desk. ” What’s this job all about?"

Scarlett shook her head. ” I wish I could tell you, Ed but I can’t. Try to understand me, please.”

” So what’s gonna happen to our project, huh?” He asked, calmly. ” How do I start? How do I finish this? The company board invested money into this project. If I don’t give them a good result by next week, I might lose my job.”

Scarlett felt sorry for him. ” You can always pick another actress to replace me. It’s not that hard.”

Eddie shot her an angry look. ” It’s not hard, eh? Now look here, this isn’t just any project. This stuff we’re doing involves a lot of money. It’s not something you just wake up one morning and quit.”

Scarlett knew he was speaking nothing but the gospel truth. ” Ed, I think XHUB would be glad now I’m leaning. I haven’t accomplished anything for the past five years. My ratings are poor and my views aren’t encouraging. What else have I got to offer? I’d rather quit, sir.”

” Who the hell cares about XHUB?” Eddie gnashed his teeth. ” It’s me who care about you. If it weren’t for me, you would’ve been kicked out a long time ago. I just want to help you. This videos would go a long way to catapult you to the next level.”

” And I’m extremely grateful for everything you’ve done for me, sir,” she said calmly. ” But still, I gotta leave someday. I’m sorry.”

” Is it because of the money?” Eddie snapped. ” I’ll top it up. An extra fifty grand would do you right. Let’s finish this goddamn project first.”

Scarlett shook her head. ” Nothing would have made me as glad as to finish what I started but I have something better now and I ain’t leaving it. I’m sorry, Ed. I resign. That’s my final decision.”

Eddie felt like he was about to explode. ” Who did this to you?”

Scarlett raised an eyebrow. ” I don’t understand.”

” You’ve changed,” Eddie said, stroking his beard. ” You look older, more solid and determined. It’s a man right?”

Scarlett wrinkled her nose. ” I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

” Cause I can smell it a mile off,” he said, thumping the desk. ” When a woman’s soo overconfident, more determined and hard it’s because she’s got something to do with a man. You were a nice, decent kid before, now you’re nothing but a man-eating shark. Tell me what’s his name? What did he offer you? Did he offer you marriage?”

Scarlett shrugged. ” I don’t know, Ed. Maybe you’re right.”

Eddie ran his hand over his face. ” I knew it! I knew a man was involved in this shít. But don’t get wet around the ears, kid. Marriage doesn’t work. It’s a prison yard for women who don’t know the value of living off a man’s world. You’d feel trapped. If I were you, I’d keep marriage aside and focus more on working hard to become independent.”

Scarlett gave him a little smile. ” I am an independent woman, Ed. I’m clearing out my dressing room. I don’t suppose I’d see you anytime Soon.”

Eddie felt like he had walked into a wall. If Scarlett leaves, how on Earth was he going to finish this project? There are many pórn actresses out there but he wanted Scarlett to have this opportunity.

” Okay, kid, you can leave. It’s your funeral. But I don’t mind telling you I’m hurt. You just left me stranded at a corner.”

Scarlett stood up to her feet. ” I deeply apologize for the inconveniences, Ed. Surely you would find someone else to complete the job.”

Eddie grunted. ” Yeah, like it’s that simple. Take care of yourself, Scarlett. And good luck on your new job.”

As Scarlett reached for the door, Eddie called her from behind. ” One more thing.”

She turned to face him. ” What is it?”

Eddie was watching her, his mouth pursed. ” The boy from yesterday. Craig. Who is he?”

Scarlett would have told him who Craig was but in so doing, she might make things complicatated for Craig.

She sensed Craig doesn’t want anyone knowing who he was. She would have to flow along with his secret.

” Just some regular high school boy with no future,” she said casually and Stepped out of the office.

But Eddie knew she was lying. He sensed she was hiding something from him.

Taking out a sheet of paper, he dug some holes into it, a thoughtful expression on his face.

He was going to find out who this Craig actually is and what it was he wanted with Scarlett.





Scarlett shut herself in a telephone box three blocks away from XHUB’s building.

Bringing out Craig’s number, she dialed it and waited, putting the receiver over her ear.

There were a lot of cars drifting up and down the broad Street and quite a crowd of people on the sidewalks. Most of these people, being young girls were practically naked but as usual, no one paid them any attention.

Listening to the blurr-blurr-blurr of the ringing tone, Scarlett waited until it connected and a fruitful masculine voice said. ” Cage resident, who is this?”

This was a British accent. Scarlett knew Craig was American unless perhaps there was someone else living in the house. Then she remembered he was the son of a billionaire and must have lots of servants at his service.

” Connect me with Craig Cage,” Scarlett said.

” What was that again, please?”

” I said connect me with Craig Cage.”

” And who may you be?”

Scarlett ran a dry tongue over her dryer lips.

” I’m his teacher from school.”

There was a long pause. Sweat began to run down her face. Then the man behind the line replied. ” Will you hold it a moment, please.”

She waited until there was a click and a very familiar voice asked. ” Who is calling?”

Scarlett held the receiver against her ear, listening to his heavy breathing. ” This is Cherry.”

A pause, then he said. ” Oh, hey, Cherry. You woke me up.”

Scarlett checked her wrist watch. ” It’s nearly noon. Are we still meeting?”

She heard him catch his breath. ” Yes, have you done it?”

She closed her eyes and opened it. ” Yes I have.”

” That’s cool,” he said in a small voice. ” Same place. I’ll be there.”

And the line instantly went dead.

Scarlett came out into the sunshine and stood thinking. Was she ready to meet this boy again?





” Who was that?” Henri asked as Craig returned the receiver back to the cradle.

Craig shot him an angry look. ” And what has that got to do with you?”

Henri regarded him, his eyes narrowed and calm. ” It sounded like a woman.”

” Of course it’s a woman,” Craig stood at akimbo, glaring irritably at him. ” That’s why I asked, what has it got to do with you?”

Henri said nothing. He bowed slightly. ” My apologies, master Craig. What would you like me to do for you?”

” Go fúck yourself,” Craig spat at him and hurriedly returned back to his room.

It irritates him to be the center of attention all over the mansion. Just because a woman calls him it’s turned into a big deal.

That was why he wanted Scarlett all to himself; to free his mind off the prying eyes and boring living at the mansion.

He didn’t go to school today. If his father had been around, he dared not skipped school. Fortunately, his father was on a one week press conference meeting at Miami.

Craig had never skipped school before. However he decided to skip school this once with the excuse of being sick.

He had locked himself in his room throughout the day after taking his pills. No one disturbed him until the call came.

He was in his room when he heard the telephone ring downstairs. He knew it would come from no one but Cherry. So when Henri told him someone was on the line waiting for him, he had dashed downstairs to receive his call.

Nothing gave him more joy than to hear her voice. She had quit her job. All what was left was their meeting.

And he sure was going to meet her.

After taking a shower, he put on some clean clothes and went downstairs to meet Quinn.

Quinn was always dressed in an immaculate uniform. Everyday he changes the styles and colors of his uniform to add variety to his job.

Yesterday he wore a white uniform. Today he was wearing a red uniform with dark sunglasses.

” Where do you want me to take you to, master Craig?” He asked respectably with a slight bow.

Craig looked passed him at the fleet of cars in the garage. Usually, he uses the Rolls Royce but today, he was going to try something different.

” Get me the Lamborghini,” he ordered sharply.

Quinn bowed again and hurriedly went into the garage.

In a matter of minutes, he drove the glittering black Lamborghini out of the garage before Craig.

Craig came over to the drivers seat and requested for the keys.

Quinn was surprised. ” But sir,” he gently got out of the car. ” My job is to convey you to….”

” Oh just shut up!” Craig said curtly. ” I can drive myself, alright. Now the keys?”

Reluctantly, Quinn gave him the keys. Craig snatched it from him and shut himself into the plush seats of the Lamborghini.

Today, he had done two wrongs. One, he skipped school and two, he was driving down to town on his own.

Those were minor stuff that he can handle with his father later.

But the most deadly rule he was about to break was meeting a black woman and having séx with her.

If his father found out, he would kill him.

Starting the engines of the luxurious sport’s car, he drove out of the mansion, sped down the fir tree boulevard, passed the private beach and out into the busy highway.

He took up more speed, racing on the tarmac road with a cold determined look on his face.

Finally, he arrived at a public parking lot where he parked his car, paid for his parking tickets and was walking down the busy streets for the underground subway station.

He took the train to the district where Cherry would be waiting for him in the bar.

He was well aware of spies which was why he refused to take Quinn with him. The Lamborghini would be at the public parking lot. No one would know where he had headed to.

If his father learnt his son was mingling with a black woman, he would raise hell.

No he had to be careful. If he must do this thing, he was going to be smarter and cautious.

At long last, he arrived at the bar. He caught Cherry sitting alone at a corner of the bar, smoking a cigarette and staring out the window.

She was wearing a hat and it gave him a beautiful picture of what she looked like in one of her pórn video.

His mind had already undressed her. He could vision her in a beautiful bikini top and séxy g-strings.

His heart Hammered from excitement. He walked towards her and sat down.

Scarlett didn’t see him sitting down. She had been Soo distracted by a man and a little girl by the other side of the road.

The man who happens to be the father was buying ice cream for his little daughter. It was such a tender moment and Scarlett smiled.

She pictured Daisy and a wonderful father–not the barbarian who was in jail.

” Cherry?” Craig called.

She looked up sharply, surprised to see him. ” Huh, when did you get here?”

” About two minutes ago,” Craig said, trying to keep a straight face. ” But I guess you were a bit distracted.”

She returned her eyes back to the window but the man and his daughter weren’t there anymore.

” I guess so,” she said, returning her cigarette back to her lips. ” Now you’re here, let’s get down to business.”

” Yes,” Craig looked behind his shoulder to see if he could recognized anyone.

Fortunately, the bar was practically empty except for two men.

These men were arguing about something more important than to bother with him. Craig was glad he doesn’t know who they were.

He faced Scarlett. ” Did you quit?”

Scarlett rolled her eyes. ” Yes I did. Thought I already told you that before.”

Craig smiled. ” What made you quit? Was it the money?”

Scarlett drew in more smoke. She was only smoking to calm her nerves. Her legs were shaking under the table.

Somehow, just talking to this young boy gave her a disturbing eerie feeling. As if she was talking to a stranger who held a knife in his hand.

” That’s right,” she answered. ” And speaking of money, that’s a lot of dough you stacked out for me yesterday.”

Craig frowned. ” Is a million dollars not enough?”

Scarlett nearly coughed. She smoked more slowly now. ” No…it’s way too much. I was just… Won’t you be hard up?”

” My father’s a wealthy man, Cherry,” he said blankly. ” A million dollars is peanuts. I have three savings account. Each account has three million dollars each.”

Scarlett was bewildered. She had to crush her cigarette on the ash trays. That’s about nine million dollars in all.

A million dollars was just a chip of his savings account. She must admit it, she was seated before a billionaire’s son.

” I’ve deposited the money in my bank,” she said respectively. ” How can I be of service?”

Craig adjusted his seat and studied her thoughtfully. ” Let’s start with you addressing me like you’d address everyone else. Just because my father’s rich doesn’t require you to suddenly sound respectable. Just act normal, okay?”

” Okay,” she replied.

But she can’t help it. She was seated before someone whose savings account is estimated over nine million dollars. What was she supposed to do?

” What’s your real name?” Craig asked.

Scarlett crossed her legs. ” Scarlett Mason.”

Craig leaned forward at her. ” Are you Married?”

She shook her head. ” No I’m not, why asking?”

” Just curious,” he made a small smile. ” I’m a very curious person.”

Scarlett decided she was going to get this business in the roll. ” Why do you want me to become your personal pórnstar?”

Craig lost his smile. His face hardened and there was a seriousness in his pale face that sent a shiver up Scarlett’s spine.

” Thing is,” he began, his voice a mixture of hardness and softness. ” I’ve been a very lonely person. Ever since my mother’s murder, my life has been nothing but shambles. It’s pretty tough being an only child. Life becomes d--n boring especially when you have everything at your beck and call. You might think of me as one lucky rich kid but to be clear on that angle, I’d be honest to tell you that you’re wrong. My father’s a strict man. He’s placed my life in a tight shell full of rules and laws. I’m getting tired of it. There was nothing to give me life. My world is colourless just like a black and white television.”

Scarlett said nothing as he paused to catch his breath.

” That’s why,” he continued, looking right into her eyes. ” When I first saw your pórn videos, I got the thrill I was looking for. Watching you doing your thing, being Soo natural had me on a roller coaster. Cause when I see the thighs on you and the hips on you and the lips on you, it got me daydreaming. Sometimes, I wonder how it’d feel like to have you ride on me. As time goes by, my attractions for you got way deeper. I get wet dreams thinkin’ that I’m smashing you but in actual reality, I’m just sleeping.

I want it bad, and I wanted you Soo bad. You might think I’m just being a pervert but that’s not true. You’re marvelous. You paint my world with color. I live in a world without light, without excitement, without thrill, without excitement. But watching you in my phone got my world sparkling with light. That’s why I bought you. I want you to make my world brighter.”

Scarlett felt in the need of a cigarette. Her throat was dry and her lips were shaking. She controlled herself with an effort.

” Tell me,” she began in a croaked voice. “have you ever had séx before?”

Craig shook his head. ” Nope. Hadn’t been in a pússy since the day I came out of one.”

Scarlett couldn’t believe it. That means since the day he was born, he hadn’t been inside a woman.

She finally understood what he wanted. ” You said it’s not just about the séx?”

” I’ve lots of fantasies about you, Scarlett,” he Said. ” That’s why I paid you very well. I want you to bring all those fantasies to life.”

Scarlett found this very interesting and somewhat exciting. ” You want me to act pórn for you alone.”

” Paint my world with colour,” Craig said, excited she was catching up with what he was saying. ” Be my personal pórnstar and make me feel alive. That’s all I want.”

” And for how long do you intend to keep this up?” She asked, giving him a genuine smile.

” Until when I said so.”

Scarlett’s lips curved into a sinester smile.

Now here was sometime Worthy of all her attention and care. She was going to take the virginity of Larry Cage’s son.

She was going to fúck the son of one of America’s wealthiest men.

Craig is rebelling against his father. He wants a Black woman to make him feel like a man. He wants to know what sin feels like.

Scarlett can show him. She was very much excited as he was now.

She was very much experienced in the things of sin and she would gladly show him how to SIN.

Still keeping her lips curved in a smile, she raised her leg under the table and placed it in-between his legs.

Craig stiffened. He looked down to see Scarlett’s feet rubbing his crotch.

Glancing up, he saw her biting her lips. ” Why don’t we go to a hotel, Craig? Then I’ll make all your pórn fantasy come alive.”





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