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” You did great, Scarlett,” Eddie said over the phone. ” That was some performance you put out there. Well done.”

Scarlett was in the female locker room. She sat on a wooden bench before the sink mirror.

Brushing a strand of hair off her face, she passed her hand down her boóbs, eyes fixed on her reflection.

” Todd got in trouble with some boys,” she said, closing her eyes as her hands snaked down her flat tummy to her clothes on her laps. ” You got all that in the record?”

” Yeah, we saw that too. Don’t worry, we’ll edit it down later. Right now just take a shower and go home. Tomorrow’s another day.”

Scarlett hung up. She dug her hand into her pocket and drew out her gold cigarette case. She took out a cigarette and a lighter.

Placing the cigarette on her lips, she snapped on the lighter.

But then she hesitated.

Her eyes danced back to her reflection on the mirror. For a long time, she stared at herself not knowing why but knowing something was hurting deep inside her.

Pulling out the cigarette from her lips, she dropped it on the desk and wandered off into the shower.

As she washed her naked body, she wondered how Daisy would feel if she grows up and by accident saw one of her videos in the internet.

The most dreadful thing about being a p--n performer is that all your séx videos remains with the Industry even after you retire from acting pórn.

You can’t take your video with you nor delete it. They belonged to the pórn industry.

But that wasn’t what bothered Scarlett. She was worried about the future.

She was still young and beautiful. But for how long would XHUB keep her? Everyday, girls more beautiful and séxier than her troop in groups to get employed as pórn performers.

As the warm shower flushed the soapy foam off her shoulders down to her waist, she placed both her hands on the wall and shut her eyes.

Nothing lasts forever. Soon she would grow old. What would happen then? A woman with wrinkles and grey hair acting pórn wouldn’t attract more views or likes.

She will be as useless as a tissue paper.

Scarlett wouldn’t want that kind of life. She did pórn to feed her daughter and pay her pills. If she had other options, she would have gladly quit p--n a long time ago.

It’s bad enough she didn’t get the chance to go to college. She had dropped out from school in eight grade.

As she turned off the shower, she decided she was going to start looking for another job. XHUB may kick her out at any moment.

However, the hundred thousand dollars she was going to get at the end of the week would do a lot of stuff.

But she still have to fúck four more guys as well to get it.

An hour later, she was walking out of the school gates. She had no idea someone from behind was keeping up with her, following her every move.





” That’ll be all for today, gentlemen,” Eddie said, closing his laptop. He turned to face the two men behind him. ” How’s it coming, Kay?”

” Really good,” Kay answered, chewing on a dead cigarette at the corner of his lips. ” I’m filtering some noises out.”

Eddie came around the van and looked behind Kay’s shoulder at the video of the day. ” Great job. You’ll save the part where those bullies attacked Todd. That’d spice up everything.”

Kay saluted. ” Gotcha governor,”

Eddie took a few steps away from the van so he could receive some fresh air.

His gaze fell upon the school. He knew if this video got streamed on the internet, Scarlett was going to make it out big time.

He liked Scarlett. When he had met her, she was just a cute pretty girl with a nice figure. He had met her at a cafeteria.

She had a quick temper but she was also sweet when she had to. He learnt about her struggles as a single mother and decided to help.

He offered her a job at XHUB. Initially, Scarlett refused as she could never imagine herself doing pórn.

Eddie didn’t push it. He was just trying to help.

Times were tough for everyone. There were no good jobs around except for those with a college degree. But Scarlett had no college degree. She dropped out in eighth grade.

So what other offer was best than a job in XHUB?

After a month, Scarlett got fired at her waitress job. She placed a call to him and today, she was known as CHEERY LIPPS.

It was quite unfortunate she doesn’t draw much likes and views. Unlike most pórn actresses she chose to remain true and natural to herself.

Everyone loves fake things. Scarlett isn’t fake. And because of this, her ratings were poor.

But this reality pórn shoot…

This shoot will change everything.

As Eddie was about returning back to the van, he saw Scarlett coming out of the school gates.

He stood still, well hidden behind the trees across the road, watching her.

Now here was a beautiful woman with the figure to make a man go crazy. A woman with potentials.

A woman proud of her skin color and her roots. A woman who would go the ends of the Earth for her daughter.

Eddie was Soo fond of Scarlett he hadn’t the nerve to sleep with her. Of course he had slept with most of the pórn actresses at work but he left Scarlett alone.

She was a special case. He had never nursed the feelings. He was very sensitive about single mothers.

For the sake of Daisy.

Just then he saw someone tagging along behind her.

He frowned, puzzled at the guy’s movement. S------g his face in stiff concentration, he instantly recognized the boy.

Isn’t that Craig?

It was Craig. He recognized him, remembering the files he had given Scarlett the other day. Not much is known about this dude even the principal knew little about him.

But that wasn’t Eddie’s worry now. Why was Craig stalking Scarlett?

He quickly dug his hand in his pocket and brought out his phone, making a quick call to Scarlett.

” Hello Scarlett?”





Craig followed her, keeping to the shadows so she wouldn’t see him.

They had walked for sometime now and it seemed they were going to keep walking forever.

But he wasn’t going to stop. He would keep following her until he gets to her destination.

Suddenly she stopped to answer a call. He hide behind a street pole as she turned around.

He watched her as she spoke into her phone, a frown on her face.

Craig watched her, wondering to himself if she could see him. But her eyes weren’t facing his direction.

After a while, she returned her phone back to her pocket and kept on walking, holding her coat tightly to herself against the cold.

Cautiously moving out of his hiding place, he followed her.

Scarlett was heading towards an underground subway station. She took the stairs down, flowing with the crowds.

Not wanting to lose sight of her, he ran after her, Making sure his eyes were on her long glossy jet-black hair.

At last she arrived at a loading train and got in. He was shocked to see the train doors slowly shutting closed.

Running with everything he’s got, he miraculous slided into the train before the automatic doors shut.

The train picked up life and began moving.

Breathing fast, he looked around himself. There were a few commuters in the train. At the far end of one of the seats, he saw Scarlett.

Her face was buried in a book she was reading.

He slowly walked towards her, keeping his face away so she wouldn’t recognize him.

He needth had bothered. She was Soo absorbed in her book to even give him a look.

He slowly sat at the back of her seat, admiring her long hair and her ebony skin.

Black women are exotic and this woman was his favorite.

He still couldn’t believe he was seated behind his favorite pórn star.

Despite all the millions of dollars in his savings account, he didn’t mind to ask for her autograph or a selfie.

He was humble, wasn’t he? D--n it, even if he was super rich, he would gladly do anything to get a selfie with her.

But first he wanted to know where she lives. Only then can he confront her.

Already he was nursing an incredible idea in his head. He had been searching for someone for years. Could she be the one?

His legs shaked with excitement and for the first time ever since he was born, his heart raced.

Racing for Scarlett.

Suddenly Scarlett stood up, dropping her book and bag on the seat.

She walked passed him towards the restroom. In that restroom was a demarcated section for men and women.

It would have given him much pleasure to bump into her from the restroom but he quickly went against it.

He sat back on his seat and waited.

The train raced along the tracks, Making bumping noises in the subway tunnel.

Scarlett still hadn’t returned from the restroom. Craig checked his time over and over again.

She had been gone for ten minutes. ” Maybe I should check on her,” he thought.

He flushed red. Just thinking about what she and Todd did in class gave him dirty naughty thoughts.

She was acting pórn in his school with his own classmates. What are the odds she might sleep with him as well?

He immediately got up and gathering enough courage, he made for the restroom.

Just as he was opening the door to the restroom, a hand suddenly shot out from the Ladies section and dragged him inside.

Craig gasped as he was dragged into a stall and pushed against the wall.

Shocked to his core, he looked up to see his favorite pórn star, CHERRY LIPPS dressed in a bra and panties standing over him.

She quickly shut the stall, sliding the bolt tight.

They were the only ones in the female restroom stall with him cornered against the wall.

He opened his mouth to shout but Scarlett quickly placed her hand over his mouth.

” Don’t make a noise, Craig. Be quiet,” she spoke quietly.

Craig felt a cold sensation rushing down his spine. Sweat beads formed on his head as his eyes fell on her large bréasts held tightly in her séxy bra.

She had a small camera in her hand and there was that look in her eyes he had seen when she succeded in seducing Todd.

She knew he was following her. She was going to do to him what she did to Todd in the classroom and hour ago.

It was at that moment….that very moment Craig realized he FÚCKED UP!





To be Continued….

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