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” Don’t make a noise, Craig. Be quiet,” she spoke quietly.

Craig felt the nape of his hair at the back of his neck straightened. His heart banged soo hard against his ribs he feared it might break through the bones.

Just to see her in her inner wears brought out sweats from the pores of his skin on his forehead.

She was just like he had seen her in all her videos.

Her títs were big, round and succulent. The material of her bra was Soo flimsy and thin he could see the outline of her hard nípples.

Craig swallowed, his hands unsteady as she turned her back to him, fixing the small digital camera by the side of the door post.

Craig’s eyes quickly went to her àss.

Her fat bûttocks strained against her red G-string, making her butt slap against each other with each steps she took.

She was by far, the most sèxiest woman he had ever set his eyes on. Just seeing her this close gave him a boner.

Scarlett turned around and faced him fully.

Craig eyes went down to her lips.

Her lips were red and glossed. This was a she devil. Her eyes sparkled that he thought she looked lovely.

Unlike most pórn Stars, CHERRY LIPPS doesn’t apply make-up. She’s soo natural he just couldn’t get the thought of her out of his mind.

He couldn’t believe it. He was locked in a restroom stall with his favorite pórn star.

As a growing teen, he had had many wet dreams where he was slamming Scarlett. But those were just dreams.

He always wakes up to find white cúm in his boxers.

If this was one of those crazy wetdreams, he wasn’t sure he would ever want to wake up.

” Why were you following me, Craig?” She asked softly, leaning over at him that he could see her cleavage.

Craig was without words but be managed to say something. ” I… I ….”

” You what?” She asked, turning on the camera. At the back of her mind, she was curious to know why he stalked her. ” What’re you gonna say?”

When Eddie told her about Craig stalking her, she made it a decision to screw him.

Instead of waiting to fúck Craig tomorrow, why not use such a golden opportunity and fúck him today? She would be Killing two birds with one stone.

Craig could smell her perfume as her laps brushed against his hard-on.

He quickly placed his hand on his trousers fly to shield his erection from outlining against his trousers.

Scarlett brought her lips over his ear and whispered softly to him. ” You know what? I’ve always wanted to ride your bones the moment I set eyes on you.”

Craig felt a trickle of sweat stream down the back of his neck. His c--k was getting bigger and bigger.

Scarlett curved her red lips into a séxy smile. ” My títs. You can touch it if you like.”

She reached out for his shaking hand and placed it on the middle of her bréasts.

Craig felt hot around his collar. His ears steamed and he could feel his legs giving way.

Scarlett was glad this happened. With her digital camera recording everything, she was sure to give this to Eddie.

Imagine a teacher s------g her student inside a female restroom stall on a Subway train.

Eddie would love it.

Her hands went to his trousers and she gently began unbuckling his belt.

” Stop!” Craig said sharply, holding her hand to stop her.

Scarlett leaned forward instead, grabbed him by the collar and pulled his lips into her’s.

Craig’s eyes widened in shock.


He had his first kiss with a pórn star? Was this…was this his fate?

Scarlett, distracting him with the kiss, slipped her hand inside his trousers and grabbed his c--k.

That seemed to have woken Craig up.

” STOP!” He said a little louder and dragged out her hand from his cóck.

Scarlett watched him, surprised.

Craig pulled away from her. ” CHERRY… this isn’t the place. Can I talk to you?”

Scarlett said nothing. She could only stare without a word.





The bar was deserted. The white coated barman moved along the horse-shoe bar towards where Craig and Scarlett sat.

” What will it be?” He asked, looking at Scarlett.

” A large whiskey,” Scarlett said indifferently, pulling out her cigarette case.

She offered one to Craig but Craig shook his head. ” I don’t smoke.”

He returned to the barman. ” A bottle of water is okay.”

Scarlett placed the cigarette to her red lips, regarding this young man with interest.

As if on impulse, Craig took out a lighter from his bag and lit her cigarette.

As he did so, she held his eyes until the butt end of her cigarette glowed with life.

” You are one strange boy,” Scarlett said, drawing in smoke. ” You don’t smoke, you don’t take alcohol and you’re such a gentleman.”

Craig gave a weak smile. ” My life is crammed with rules and laws. My father always say when you have a lighter on you, lit other people’s cigarette.”

Scarlett pulled the cigarette off her lips, indifferent and bored. ” Your father smokes?”

Craig screwed his face. ” He’s strict against a lot of stuff. Smoking is one of them.”

” Alright,” Scarlett returned the cigarette back to her lips, facing him with a serious look in her eyes. ” Think now’s probably the best time you give me an explanation why you brought me here, Craig.”

Craig tried to be calm but seated right before this woman made him shake. He didn’t know if it was excitement or nervousness.

” I know who you are,” he said.

Scarlett regarded him, arms folded, eyes indifferent and cigarette burning evenly at the corner of her lips.

She didn’t say anything.

Craig continued. ” Truth is, I’m a huge fan of yours. I got all your videos stored in my phone. Whenever you release a new video, I’m notified immediately and I rush ahead to download it.”

He paused, wondering how she felt hearing a teenager talking about her séx videos.

But Scarlett was quiet. She made no reaction. It as if she wore a mask to conceal her true expression.

Craig looked away, scratching the back of his head. ” You can imagine my surprise when I saw you substituting our teacher,” he looked steadily at her. ” You’re shooting a pórn video at school, right?”

Scarlett stiffened. ” How did you…”

” Saw the camera,” he said finally getting control of his shaking legs. ” I was also around when you and Todd were alone in class after school.”

Scarlett pulled the cigarette off her lips and began tapping her feet on the floor quietly. ” You saw that?”

Craig nodded.

Scarlett felt as if she had suddenly walked into a wall. The set up was made that not one of the five boys would notice the camera nor be suspicious she was a pórn performer.

But this guy… This dude instantly recognized who she was and had even noticed the camera before she did.

If Craig squeaked to the other kids at school about she and Todd, the video shoot would go busted.

Her eyes returned back to Craig. He seemed to be calm about everything and there was that glitter in his eyes that warned her about him.

He was one weird kid; pale, thin and without life. He wasn’t like Todd or the other boys she was going to screw.

” Why did you bring me here?” She asked. ” You trying to blackmail me or what?”

Craig smiled. This was going to be as easy as cheese.

” I ain’t tryna blackmail you, CHERRY. I just wanna strike you a deal.”

Scarlett waited, her cigarette burning in-between her fingers. ” What are you up to?”

Craig took his time. He opened and closed his hands as he made up his mind to tell her.

” CHERRY,” he began. ” For a very long time, I’ve been searching for someone. There’s a vacuum inside me that needs filling. Ever since I came across your videos online, I was addicted to you. I wanted you Soo badly. I thought you might be the person I’m looking for.”

” Hold up,” Scarlett snapped, crushing her cigarette butt on the ash tray. ” What are you trying to say. Hit the nail on the head. I ain’t got all day.”

Craig nodded like a child, feeling hot and embarrassed.

” Alright, if you say so. CHERRY, I want to buy you.”

Scarlett felt herself go hot then cold. This was becoming a comedy. ” Do I look like I’m for sale?”

” That’s not what I meant.”

” Then what the heck do you mean by you wanna buy me,” she demanded in a shrill, hard voice.

Craig placed both his hands on the table and leaned towards her. ” I want you to quit pórn.”

This has got to be a joke. Scarlett found herself laughing. ” You want me to quit pórn? That’s rich.”

Craig said nothing. If only she knew who he was.

When she had recovered from her little laugh, she became hard and pointed a finger at him. ” Now look here, kid. This has gone real far enough. I don’t know what sort of joke this is but you better think of a better one than asking me to quit my job. It’s the only thing that puts a roof over my head, pay my bills and feed….”

” I’ll take care of everything,” Craig said, cutting her off sharply. ” I’ll make you a fine settlement. Just quit pórn.”

” You’re crazy!” Scarlett raised her voice. ” You can’t afford me. How much can you offer? You’re nothing but just a broke high school kid.”

Craig hid a smile.

She don’t know. She just doesn’t know.

” Would a million dollars be alright?” He asked suddenly.

Scarlett threw him an angry look. ” A million dollars?”

Craig stood up and leaned even more closer to her. ” Yes. A million dollars. I’m willing to pay in cash right here, right now.”

He paused, his eyes serious and bright. ” Quit pórn and become my secret personal p--n star.”





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