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The bell sounded to end school for the day. Scarlett waited behind, waiting for her first target.


He was a little guy with curly brown hair and a thin lanky body.

She noticed he wore round spectacles. One thing she observed about him was his quiet restless look.

He kept eyeing a big brute who sat opposite him. It was as if he was afraid of the guy.

After the bell, she sat behind her desk, pretending to be working on some scripts while she waited for the class to clear out.

Her eyes caught Craig staring oddly at her as if he knew her from somewhere.

She had taken her time to alter her looks so no one would recognize her. She was a pórn performer. Surely, someone amongst these kids would recognize her.

But it seemed no one had seen her anywhere. She was just the new substitute teacher for all they cared.

This gladdened her. She relaxed and waited Patiently for her first target.

Soon, it was just her and Todd and three big boys.

The boys crowded in around Todd’s desk and began talking in low whispers.

Scarlett heard Todd’s small voice pleading. ” Just give me some time. I’ll pay up. I promise.”

The next sound she heard sent a shiver up her spine.

The big boy in the middle punched him hard in the eye. Todd crashed back on the floor.

Scarlett stood up sharply. ” What’s going on here?!”

The boy in the middle grabbed Todd’s collar and shook him. ” You bastard! Where’s my money?!”

Todd cried out. ” I don’t have it. Do you hear? I don’t have it!”

He gave Todd another blow to the face.

This was an unexpected turn of events. Does that bastard know he’s hitting her money?

Burning in anger, she marched to where they were and pushed the boy away from Todd. ” What’s your deal?”

The boy yelled at her. ” Stay out of this, Miss Hound. This doesn’t concern you.”

Scarlett heaved. ” I’m sorry to burst your bubble but it does. What you’re doing is called violence and I ain’t gonna stand for that shít. Now will you just shut up and tell me what’s going on?!”

The boy growled, pointing at Todd. ” The punk owes me hundred bucks. He hasn’t paid up ever since.”

Todd touched his swollen eye. ” I paid you. You’re just greedy for more.”

” Oh shut up,” the boy made to kick him but Scarlett intervened.

” Alright, big guy,” she pushed him away. ” There’s no reason to hit him. I’ll pay his dept.”

The three big boys stared at her, surprised.

She wandered back to her desk, took out the money and slammed it in his hand. ” Now take your cash and get out.”

The boy grinned down at her. ” Well, thanks Miss Hound. You just saved a life.”

Her eyes glittered at him. ” Get out.”

He nodded over to his guy. ” Come on boys. We’re outta here.”

And they left, leaving Scarlett alone with Todd.

Scarlett let out a deep breath. She had handled them properly although it cost her some money. But she was glad this happened.

She was finally alone with her target.





“You ok?” Scarlett asked.

“Yeah I’ll be fine” Todd replied.

“You sure?” she leaned closer to him, touching his face. ” You look hurt.”

“I’m good.” he reassured her.

He quickly found a seat and sat down.

Scarlett stood over him, peering down at his face. “Think you might need some ice? Your eye looks bad.”

” Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea.” he chuckled nervously, adjusting his spectacles.

Scarlett stood up and left, leaving him behind. A few moments later she returned with a pack of ice.

“Here” she said as she held it out for him.

“Thanks” he replied as he took the ice and placed it over the top of his eyes. The instant cooling sensation brought relief to the burning pain.

“What’s your name,” she asked studying his face.

” Todd,” he replied.

She curved her lips into a smile.

Todd felt his heart chill at that smile. She was certainly older than him maybe only five or six years older.

She had a very séxy figure that reminded him of his big sister back home but Miss hound seemed more matured and experienced.

” Who’re those boy?” She asked, drawing out a chair and sitting before him. ” The bullies that is.”

Todd looked away. ” They’re nothing but a bunch of pússies. The jerk who hit me; His name’s Walker. I kinda owe him a lot of money.”

” Why don’t you just pay up?”

” I did but the bastard’s demanding for more,” Todd adjusted his spectacles again. ” That’s how I found myself in this mess.”

” Let me ask you,” Scarlett crossed her legs a little carelessly. ” What’d you use the money for?”

Todd swallowed when he saw her white panties from the corner of his eyes. ” I umm…I went to a club.”

Scarlett raised an eyebrow. ” A club?”

” Actually,” Todd felt embarrassed, talking to his teacher about his private affair. ” I had a date with a girl last month. I met her on a dating site and well, we got to meet. She wanted to try out a fancy club that came into town. But I was short on money.”

” So you went to Walker to lend you some money?”

Todd nodded.

Scarlett showed her teeth. ” Well, I guess you had a good time, didn’t you?”

Todd’s eyes lowered. ” It was a disaster. I spent Soo much and still didn’t get a kiss from the bítch.”

This was Scarlett’s cue to chip in. ” That’s sad. Don’t tell me you two didn’t have séx!”

Todd stiffened, covering his nose. ” Séx?”

Scarlett nodded, keeping her smile fixed. Her legs was still slightly opened to reveal her panties.

” That’s what I said. Séx.”

Craig shook his head, trying to force his eyes away from her cleavage. ” No we didn’t.”

” When was the last time you had séx?”

This conversation was getting to a point Todd wasn’t getting comfortable with. ” Why are we talking about séx all of a sudden?”

Scarlett laughed lightly. ” Just curious, pumpkin. I’ve been with a lot of men to know a man can only spend so much money on a woman just to get her on his bed.”

Todd knew she had read his mind but he wasn’t comfortable with that talk. ” Well, I didn’t take her out just for the séx.”

” Oh did you?” Scarlett began rubbing her knee. ” Hmm… I wonder.”

Todd removed the ice bag from his eye. ” The last time I had anything to do with a woman was two years ago.”

Scarlett watched him, closely. She knew he was getting hard down there judging from his constant glancing at her boóbs and panties.

She smirked. ” And ever since then, you’ve been without a woman?”

Todd placed his hand inside his pocket to hold his growing cóck from making an impression on his trousers. ” No I haven’t.”

The entire school was quiet. She reasoned she was they were only ones at school now.

The camera would be on and recording. She has to make a move.

Scarlett stopped rubbing her knees. She leaned forward in her chair as if to wipe the dust off her shoes. Her large cleavage dangled over to the lustful eyes of Todd.

“let’s see it!”

“See what?” Todd asked, trying to look away.

“Your cóck, get it out so I can see it.”

“Um? Right here?”

“Sure” she said, “everyone is gone.”

Todd gaped at her, unable to Believe his eyes. ” For real?”

” Yeah, come on.”

He hesutated but seeing her serious looks, he placed the ice pack down and unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans.

Then he pushed down his boxers and with his other hand pulled his cóck out.

“ Not bad,” Scarlett grinned. She looked down at his cóck and bite her lip. ” I wasn’t expecting you to be this big.”

Todd flushed red. He hurriedly pushed his cóck back into his trousers. ” This is embarrassing, Miss Hound.”

Scarlett placed her hand on his thigh and began rubbing it. ” No it’s not. I think you’re great. Should I touch it?”

Todd felt something hot gushing up his lungs. ” T-touch?”

Scarlett nodded, drawing her chair closer to him. ” Bring out your cóck again. I want to touch it. Can I?”

Todd looked around. ” Isn’t this crazy? We’re… we’re at school and well… you’re my teacher and…”

To shut him up, Scarlett brought down his face on her big Títs.

His eyes widened as his face pressed against the soft boobs of his teacher.

He felt a warm hand grabbing his cóck and he stiffened. He jerked his head up to see Scarlett smiling up at him.

” Don’t friet. I’m going to make you feel good.”

Todd watched her as she rubbed his cóck gently with good slow strokes.

Her fingers toyed with the pink head of his cóck, Making him to catch his breath.

Suddenly he saw her getting to her knees. He gulped when she began pulling down his trousers until it was completely down to the floor.

Todd gripped his chair, unbelievably staring at his teacher.

Holding his cóck in place, she leaned over him and wrapped her red lips around it.

Todd felt something electric rushing up his pelvic region from the wetness of her mouth on his hardening cóck.

She instantly began moving her head up and down in a quick bobbing motion, rubbing his white thighs seductively.

The feeling was outta this world for Todd. The last time he ever had this sort of treatment happened two years ago and it wasn’t even a good one.

This woman was a pro. He gave it to her.

With his c--k now fully hard she began to take more of him into her mouth. Her lips would slide down his s---t with complete ease that made him grunt.

Clearly she was good. This was going to be an experience.

He watched on as she continued to s--k his c--k until it was as rock hard as it had ever been.

“ Wanna see my títs?” she asked as she took down her bra.

Todd’s eyes grew when her big round Títs dangled before his eyes.

He felt sweat beads over his forehead. ” They’re….They’re marvelous.”

Taking a deep breath, Scarlett returned back to s-----g him in again. She bobbed faster before she decided he was hard enough.

“Take your clothes off” she ordered, rising to her feet.

Todd watched as she stripped herself and he quickly followed suit.

“ Seat back there on your chair,” she told him as she climbed onto his laps. Her títs were round as they danced provocatively in his face. “ You ready for this?”

Todd gripped her bûttocks. ” Yes, Miss Hound.”

” Let’s see how much of a man you are,” she said as she climbed on top of him. Her knees were on either side of his hips and she hovered her crotch over his.

She took hold of his c--k and lined herself before she lowered herself down.

Todd watched as his cóck disappeared inside of her and was enveloped by her warm wet pússy.

“ Fúck” she gasped as she sank down to the base of his cóck. “That feels so good.” She said with her eyes closed.

Todd didn’t move. He was scared to. It still seemed like a dream to him.

Scarlett’s body leaned forward so her hands were on his shoulder. Then she slowly raised and lowered her hips gently over his cóck.

After several moments of her slowly fúcking him, she sped up. Her breathing became louder as she moaned out in a soft purr.

Her body began slamming down against him as she continued to impale herself on his throbbing organ.

“That does feel fúcking good,” she groaned as she bounced on top of him.

Todd had his eyes closed, grunting with hands squeezing her bouncing bûttocks.

She was moaning louder now. He took hold of her hips and began to pound into her.

“ Oh god yes” she groaned as she kept the same pace with his cóck.

Their bodies collided together on the chair that it creaked to and fro noisily.

Todd felt Scarlett grabbing his hand. She placed his hand on her bouncing boóbs as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Todd squeezed harder on her big tities as she rode him.

“Oh fúck!” She cried. ” Yes-yes-yes-yesssss. Aaahhhh!”

She slammed down onto him and her whole body shuddered as she rode her o----m out.

Her eyes rolled back, feeling herself getting lost in the moment.

Her ears deafened with the boiling noise from Todd’s throat as he cried out as well.

She knew he was going to come. She immediately lifted herself off him, disengaging their organs.

He came on his laps, spilling his seed.

Scarlett looked around her. She finally saw the camera, small and well hidden.

She had done her job.

One man down, four more to go.





Outside the classroom, hiding by a corner of the door, Craig gaped unbelievably at the scene he was watching.

This was too much for him to take in. He finally understood what was going on here.

His favorite pórn actress was shooting a secret video with his classmates.

Taking a step back away from the door, he hurriedly walked towards the school exit.

He will wait for her.

He was going to find out where she lives. He had no idea what he was going to do when he gets to know her home but he would wait all the same.

No matter what happens, she’s not slipping off his hands.





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