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” Read me a story, mama,” Daisy said sleepily as Daisy laid her on the bed.

They had just finished having dinner of melon soup and were now retiring to bed.

Scarlett smiled down at her daughter. ” Alright, honey. What’d you like me to read to you?”

” The princess and the frog,” Daisy said excitedly.

Scarlett sighed. ” But we’ve read that story ten times already.”

” Pleaseeee?”

Scarlett laughed. ” Well, alright but this is the last time.”

She wandered off to a small library in Daisy’s room and brought out the book. It wasn’t really the original novel.

It was more like a poem summerizing the entire novel into a simple story for bedtime.

Seated before Daisy, she began reading, smiling from time to time as she stroked her daughter’s hair.

Daisy was a fast sleeper. In between two pages, she was already yawning.

Scarlett knew it was time to tuck her in and shut the lights. She drew the blankets over to her chin and kissed Daisy’s forehead.

Daisy whispered in her dozing sleep. ” I love you, mama. Thanks for the soup.”

Scarlett shut off the lights. ” Love you more, honey.”

When she stepped outside her daughter’s room, her smile vanished.

If only Daisy had a father.

Walking towards the kitchen, she removed a packet of cigarettes from her hip pocket and brought out a cigarette.

She remembered his face very well. She even remembered his name.

Hart Garrett.

He was a thug selling cocaine around the ghetto. At that time, she had lost her parents to the fire accident that claimed her home.

Being a homeless little girl wasn’t easy for her. Especially when she was maturing into a young woman.

Garrett had seen her and had taken her in. She knew he sold cocaine but she had absolutely no where to go.

He bought her food and took good care of her. She was naive and knew nothing about the world.

It was from Garrett she began smoking. He also taught her how to use drugs and even sent her on dangerous errands to deliver drugs.

Garrett was the man who took her virginity. He was also Daisy’s father.

Garrett had been less concerned about the pregnancy. He wasn’t the type to take responsibilities. All he ever did was club all night and bring in other women and even had séx before Scarlett’s face.

Scarlett would have left but where would she had gone to? She was alone in this world with her unborn child.

Unfortunately, Garret got in trouble with the police and he was arrested when a packet of cocaine was found in his jacket.

Scarlett was also taken into custody. At that time, she was heavily pregnant in jail that she thought she was going to have her baby and her baby was never going to be with her. But she was acquited a month and three day’s before Daisy was born. She was real happy because she had a daughter.

For a woman it ain’t reason trying to raise a daughter. Sometimes, she wondered how how she did it as a poor single mother.

She never heard from Garrett. He was given a twenty years sentence.

Life wasn’t fair to her but she stayed focused on making sure her daughter never suffered what she went through.

Lighting a match stick, she lit her cigarette and drew in smoke.

She had many secrets. One of those secrets was to hide the truth about her profession as a pórn performer.

Letting out smoke out of her nostrils, she brought out the papers bills and depts she owed from the kitchen cupboards.

Flickering ashes to the floor, she regarded the bills with a frown on her face.

She was only a third rated pórn actress. Your pay as a pórn actress depends on your ratings and number of views per videos. So far she had few ratings and less views. She wasn’t that popular but she kept doing her thing.

So long as she could pay her bills, she was alright.

Eddie thinks highly of her. As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for Eddie, she would have been kicked out of XHUB.

This reality pórn video was the breaking point of her life. Eddie was giving her the opportunity of a lifetime.

With a hundred thousand dollars, she could do many things.

Gazing out her window, she returned the cigarette back to her lips and smoked more.

She couldn’t wait for tomorrow. The money was her goal and she was d--n well going to get it.

For Daisy’s sake.





The time read a quarter passed six in the morning over Craig’s wrist watch.

Grabbing his school bag and a wallet loaded with cash, he walked out of his room, ran down the spiral stairs and out into the early morning sun.

Quinn stood waiting for him by the glittering dark Rolls Royce, the rear door opened for him.

Quinn was Craig’s personal Chaffey. His job was to convey Craig in all places Craig wishes to go.

Quinn saluted. ” Good morning, master Craig.”

Craig replied with a grunt, walking passed him into the fluffy luxurious seats of the Rolls Royce. He had intentionally skipped breakfast so he would avoid bumping into his father.

Getting behind the wheels, Quinn reverses and shot the car out of the mansion.

On the way to school, Craig stared expectantly outside the windows. He had no idea what he was searching for but he kept watching and waiting.

Waiting for someone– Anyone.

This had become a daily habit every morning while on the way to school. He would look outside the window and search.

Just then the car raced passed a woman walking on the street by the sidewalk with a little girl in her hand.

Craig stiffened when he saw her face.

It was a brief look. Just one brief second and he instantly recognized her.


“That’s her.” He widened his eyes, gazing behind him at the woman as the Rolls curved around a corner and took more speed.

He was sure it was her or was it just his imaginations? If it weren’t for Quinn, he would very much had wanted to stop the car and check out this new discovery.

Ten minutes later, the Rolls Royce halted by the side of a lonely alley. Quinn walked around and opened the door.

Craig hesitated but then he stepped down. His father was being cautious of sending him to a local high school.

As a result, Craig always stops three blocks away from the school. This was to avoid news spreading about him being the son of a billionaire.

” Be humble,” his father had drummed into his ears. ” A wealthy man doesn’t tell the world he’s around. His money speaks for himself. But be humble.”

That was his father’s way of training him for the future.

Craig tugged his bag over his shoulder and walked away. No one at school knew he was the son of Larry Cage. He was unpopular and considered a loser but that’s exactly what his father wanted, wasn’t it?

Passing the school gates, he ran up the stairs towards the locker hallway.

Everywhere was bustling with life as high school kids wandered around, chattering and laughing.

Most of these kids held guitars over their shoulders, some had laptops under their arms, a bunch of girls were dressed as cheer leaders, there was also three guys with a basketball and let’s not forget the school jocks.

Craig gazed around him, looking quiet, pale and intimated by the sneers and Snickers centered on him.

He had no friends nor did he ever spoke to anyone. What’s worse, he never attends parties.

People like him were seen as weirdos.

A girl and a boy were kissing passionately by the side of his locker. Craig stood, watching them with a tight knox in his chest.

They didn’t mind his presence nor did they care to move out of the way.

He held his hands balled up in fist as he glared at them. If these two couples had the slightest idea who he was, they would break up that kiss and step aside.

Who knows, they may even clean his shoes.

His personal savings alone could buy the entire school and everything in it but like his father always says;


At last, when the couples decided it was time to go, they held on to each other and walked away, scowling at Craig’s pale face.

Craig watched them leave, flushing with anger.

Going through his locker combination, he thought how gloomy it was that he was the only boy in the entire school without a girlfriend.

Suddenly from behind him, he heard clanging footsteps walking by.

Pulling out his book, he turned around to see who it was. It was a teacher wearing a black skirt over a white striped long sleeve. She had long jet-black hair that fell over her shoulders down to her waist.

One thing was certain. He had never seen her before.

She had her back to him so he wasn’t able to see her face. She was making her way towards the principal’s office. He reasoned she was possibly some new teacher or something related to that.

He didn’t care. He never cared about school either.

Minutes later, he was seated on his seat, scribbling a note at the back of his book.

He remembered the woman he saw this morning on his way to school. She looked very much like his favorite pórn star.

If she really was CHERRY, then who’s the little girl? Was it her child?

Last night, he had wished to meet CHERRY. What happened this morning? Was that a sign to tell him his wish had been granted?

Craig kept scribbling on his book, his frown deepening. ” I’ve always been searching for someone. Could this be her?”

” Good morning, kids,” came a booming voice from the class speaker. ” This is from your principal, Principal Hollis. Apparently, your class teacher won’t be able to be with you guys due to some unforeseen circumstances.”

The voice paused as the kids listened. ” So for the rest of this week, you’ll be having a substitute teacher. You fellas should treat her well and give her the best treatment. Understand?”

No one said anything. They rarely ever did.

Craig remembered the strange woman from the hallway. Could she be the new substitute teacher?

Suddenly, his hands were becoming feverishly excited. He didn’t know why it was so.

Whenever he had a bad vibe about something, his hands shakes.

There’s something fishy going on around this place. He looked around the class, checking out for anything strange.

Yet he saw nothing. Then why was he getting this crazy bad vibes? What’s wrong?

From the passageway, his ears heard the clanking sound of high heels on the tiled floor, approaching his class.

The kids had all settled down on their seats to welcome their new teacher.

Craig waited, his heart pounding, his face set, his eyes wary.

The door to his class opened and a smooth ebony leg in red high heels stepped in first.

Craig’s breath was held. A red alarm blew in his mind as he gazed at her.

She stepped fully into the class and stood before the kids.

Craig’s eyes widened. He went hot then cold, his eyes taking in the woman standing before his classmates.

She was the same woman from the locker hallway. The same woman wearing the dark skirt and white striped long sleeve.

But it wasn’t the clothes that made him gape. It was her face.

It was the face of his favorite pórn star.


Craig could barely believe his eyes. She was up close to him now. She was way hotter and prettier than he had ever imagined her to be.

Her eyes sparked in the sunlight. Her lips were full and glossed red to give her that foreign look that guys go gaga for.

Then there was her shape.

Despite her attempt to dress decent, she couldn’t hide her shape. It came out nicely in curves, gripping her bûttocks and hips in a way that tapper down to nice long legs in high heels.

Craig’s eyes ran up to her boóbs. They were big just like in all her pórn videos.

He could imagine her naked already.

” My substitute teacher is a p--n star?” Craig’s mind rang with question. ” Wha… what is a pórn star doing here in my school?”

Instinctively, he turned behind him and stared at the top corner of the wall of the classroom. Then his eyes caught the tiny camera.

This was more shocking than ever. ” A camera?”

He had been schooling in this local high school for years and he had never seen a camera installed anywhere except outside the school gates.

The camera was Soo tiny and well hidden, it would take anyone hours to figure where it was hidden.

But Craig had seen the camera. He turned back to look at the pórn star standing before him.

Scarlett gazed down at her new students, staring at her. She adjuster her rectangular sized lenses, taking in the faces of everyone.

She was quick to see Todd, Alvin, Perry, Jason and Craig. Her Target’s are locked. All she had to do was choose one after school and fúck him for today.

Her gaze searched the classroom. She couldn’t see the cameras Eddie mentioned he had installed but she knew it was somewhere recording everything.

This was it. Time to do her thing. She’s an actress, wasn’t she?

Taking a deep breath, she took a board marker from the table and wrote her name on the board.


Miss Hound was her cover up name as the teacher substitute teacher.

She turned to face the kids, smirking with naughty thoughts in her head. ” Let’s make this money.”





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