My Mind is dirty - S01 E13

2 months ago

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I came down afterwards for dinner and met them already sitted and eating.

Guess they grew tired of waiting for me. I purposely stayed long.

I joined them on the dinning and dished out my food without sparing any one a glance.

“Mama who’s she?”

I heard a tiny voice from the table. I turned to face to where the voice came from.

I didn’t realize there was a little girl in the house. She’s beautiful though. I admitted as I chewed on my food.

Our eyes met and she didn’t look away.

“What’s your name?” She asked

I intended on ignoring her too but she was just too charming to ignore.

“Miriam..” I found myself smiling sweetly at her.

“Miriam , my name’s Paula”

“…you are pretty Miriam” she added.

” Same goes for you Paula” I retorted as I felt my cheeks heat up. No one has complimented me on my appearance in a long time.

“Are you gonna start living with us? Cause I like you already”

I scoffed. Live with them? I don’t even know if this man sitted here is my Father. Do I even have one?

“Not really…” I replied.

Paula went on with her questions and I kept providing answers.

She seems really sweet and she deserves my attention.

After dinner, I took my plates to the kitchen and washed it up. I mumbled a ‘Thank you’re to them and left for my room. It’s late already and I need rest.

I climbed on my bed and muttered some prayers.

After the short prayer, I sat close to the window and stared out into space.

The sky is so clear and beautiful. It’s a great view from here though.

I thought about lot of things. My life as a nun and all that.

Recalling the way I treated my mom today made me felt extremely guilty. I shouldn’t have raised my voice on her.

I have no right to do so! No matter how angry I am, I am still her daughter and she’s my mother. Nothing can change that. No matter what she did or the years we stayed apart.

I am so sorry for whatever I did to her. I’m not that kind of person. Right from childhood I’ve never been rude to anyone.

I think it’s best I stick to Stephanie’s idea. She might have a better explanation to what she did.

Besides no one should blame me for my actions towards her. Cause no child in my shoes will be happy over what she did.

I’ve decided,I’ll give her a listening ear…

I concluded staring through my window.

I admired the neighborhood as I stared at the various houses. My eyes fell on the house beside us. There was a lady outside standing close to the flowers that was before her house. Though it’s dark,I could see her clearly because of the street light that shone brightly.

She was on a small shirt which exposed her lower stomach and a short which I take to be a jean pant bomshort .

I know what it’s called cause I see some high school girls put it on during school parties.

she looked like she was waiting for someone or rather, planning to….

There was a soft knock on the door which distracted me as I turned to know who it is.

“Sorry” my mom apologized, standing at the door’s entrance…

“Can I have a word with you?” She asked.

I recalled Stephanie’s advice right before I left the convent. Not really a bad idea though. Let me listen to whatever she has to say.. maybe there’s a good reason after all.

“Sure” I breathe out patting a side of the bed for her to seat on.


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