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“Samantha! Samantha wake up” I whisper yelled her name that night as I gently tapped on her shoulder.

It’s already time to go out and she’s already fast asleep.

“Hmm.? Is it time? ” She asked dabbing her eyes Drowsily.

“Hell yeah. Quick put on your hood” I gestured as u watched her roll out of the bed.

Stephanie is fast asleep in our room. I made sure I left the room without her notice. We have to hurry out of the convent without getting caught. We can’t keep Elisa waiting for us.

Without wasting Time, she put on her hood which covered every part of her body except a part of her face.

“Come quick, we have to hurry” I notified as I led the way out of her room.


I woke up all of a sudden from my sleep with a strange feeling.

I felt something so disturbing I’m me that something isn’t just right.

I don’t know why but the feeling is just so strong.

I have this special ability to know when something is about to go wrong. My mom calls it a gift that’s why I was brought here to answer my calling.

But why would I wake up at this Time having such strange feeling?

I sat up from my bed and switched on the lampstand. Patley must be fast asleep now. That was my thought until my eyes fell on her bed and I noticed her cold absence.

“Huh?” I arched getting up from my side of the bed. Did she go out to pee? I asked walking over to her bed. I felt it cold as if no one has lain on it.

I checked the time and realized it’s almost eleven thirty.

Where could she be?

Is that why I’m having this strange feeling?

I shoved my thoughts aside as I took quiet steps out of the room.

I trailed my steps to coolval stories Samantha’s room. Maybe Pat’s in there with her, those two are best of friends you know. I just have to be sure of this cause I’m having a wierd feeling.

I slowly pushed open the door and to my surprise, Samantha too wasn’t in her room.

What’s going on? I inaudibly asked myself.

Now I understand what the feeling is all about.

Something isn’t right and I must know what really is going on.

I exhaled sharply as I left her room. Peeping every corner in search of anything at all.


“Sshh, make sure not to make a sound”

I warned as we successfully climbed out of the convent through the fence.

The fence isn’t too high though, so it was kind of easy for us to climb over with the help of big stones.

I breathe out in relief seeing we were finally out of the convent.

My eyes searched everywhere for a pick up vehicle.

Elisa always sends a car to pick us up considering the distance. But with the look of things right now, her pick up car isn’t anywhere around here.

The best is for us to wait for it at a close corner where we would be out of sight completely till the car arrives.

I motioned Samantha into a dark area where no human eyes could see, Thankfully, the street was kind of dark to our favor and I don’t see a way someone will see us with the long hood we are putting on.

“Gosh! Can I take this off?” Samantha suddenly asked.

“No, at Least not yet. Elisa’s car should arrive first, then you can take it off” I retorted , my eyes still searching everywhere for an incoming vehicle.


I fruitlessly searched round the house without making a sound till I found myself outside the house.

I stared through the corners of the house, the back and other places I could possibly think of. Yet no one was in sight.

I walked over to the gate and as usual, it was locked.

The street was dark and I could see no soul outside.

Maybe Samantha and patley inside the Hall. It’s normal for a sister to go to the main hall for prayers or conveniences.

There’s nothing more to check. No body is outside.

I concluded as I started forward out of the house.

Immediately I stepped in, I noticed a bright light coming from outside which pricked my attention and I noticed it was a vehicle approaching.

I sighed out, I had in mind to go back into the house and resume my sleep but strange feeling pinned me right on my feet and I had this urge to wait a little like there was something I needed to see.

As usual, I obeyed and stood right there without moving.

Soon enough, the vehicle came to a halt right before the convent.

Right before my eyes, two ladies came out of no where and walked over to it. The light emitting from the vehicle made it clear they were on long Hoods.

Who are they? And how long have they been there?

Just as that question crossed my mind, one of the ladies removed her Hood and…


Is that who I think it is???




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