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💦 Miriam’s POV 💦

Am I supposed to feel guilty that I unintentionally made my mom trip to the ground?

I don’t think so.

She wasn’t really expecting me to just let her hold me after what she did to me .

I thought within as I stared at the man before me trying to help her up.

“Sarah are you okay?” He asked repeatedly as he helped her to her feet.

“Yeah, I think so” Sarah replied, wiping off the dust from her clothes.

Her eyes finally met mine and I could see a cloud forming already in her eyes.

“We-welcome Home Miriam” she finally spoke out.

“Yeah… Thanks Sarah” I replied, calling her by her name.

I saw tears trickle down her cheeks. ”okay” she nodded trying to hide her teary face.

I’m not supposed to feel guilty seeing her this broken down..but somehow, I found myself having pity for her.

I shouldn’t have called her Sarah right? I should have just say Mom…

No. Sarah is better. She’ll know I’m not happy with her at all.

“Come inside please” she muttered , heading back to the house as I followed behind.

This place sure Doesn’t look familiar at all. Is This the house I spent eight years growing up?

I can’t remember anymore.

☠️🗡️LORD SKYLAR 🗡️☠️

I soaked myself into the hot bath tub .. and sh°t! It feels so good.

I need a b---h right now but No. I’ll save my Loins for Elisa’s treat. I need to pound her so hard that whoever the w---e is, she’ll be Rushed to the d--n hospital.

I’ll reserve myself for that.

Besides, there are lots of things going on my mind.

I and my gang just finished on a robbery operation and it was successful.

Yeah, guess what?

I’m a leader of a notorious gang. Call me a theif, Robbery, fraud…. Anyone is acceptable.

They all describe my personality.

I took my time inside my bathing tub. The water feels d--n good. It’s hotter than a tight p---y. I could already feel my hardness as I began to stroke myself and finally jerked off some loads.

“Aahh!” I breathe out as I got up and strapped myself with the towel.

I walked out of the bathroom and headed for my Chambers.

There is another game we need to catch. The game’s gonna make us a whole lot of money.

I still don’t know how possible the operation’s gonna be,

We’ll have to make big plans and act well without getting caught by the police.

“Drake!” I called out, putting on a robe.

Drake is the best of my men. He’s an executioner. He’s part of my master mind and he has a great way of strategizing plans and making the operation a success.

Within seconds, He came running into my Chambers.

“Lord Skylar” he bowed his head.

“Heard the Pope’s coming to town”

“You heard well” he seconded.

“Good. I think he’ll make us big Cash… Don’t you think?”

He kept mute for a while before nodding a ‘yes’

I expected such reaction from him. We’ve never done a dirty job with a Man of God.

But this will be a start. A start that will make us d--n lucky.

“We’ll abduct him once he arrives town” I motioned.

“But Lord, he’s always heavily guarded with security. Don’t you think that’ll be mission impossible?”

Hmm🤔… He’s making a point….

Still, I won’t relent.

“We have few more days to strategize the plan. You have nothing to worry about Drake. We’ll surely get a head with this” I finalised and waved him off.

He nodded in agreement before leaving the room.

Drake really has a point. This is almost like mission impossible.

But one way or another, we’ll succeed.

. . . . . . . .

💦 Miriam’s POV 💦

I was showed a room which I presume will be mine till my stay’s over.

I ducked my belonging at a corner and landed on the medium sized bed.

The room looks fancy and colorful too.

I remarked as i pulled off my shoes and stared into a blank space. It’s evening already and I am so hungry.

I can’t request for food. I am a stranger in this house. And a stranger isn’t always welcome.

I stayed in that position for long minutes almost dozing off, until finally. The door opened.

“Miriam? Please come down for dinner” Sarah said from the door.

“I’ll eat in my room” I retorted not sparing her a look

“No Miriam, you have to come down and eat with family.. that’s how it’s done ”

“And who are you to tell me how things are done?” I snapped immediately. Boring her skin with my eyes.

“I am y….

“Say it… My mom? ” I cut her off … And she swallowed hard.

“Pl–please….. Come down and join us” she spoke out rather gently…

Her voice filled with so much emotion.

I exhaled out sharply and looked away .

“Go. I’ll join shortly”





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