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“Mommy where are you going? Don’t leave me here” Miriam cried as her mom handed her to Rev’d sister Mag.

“I’ll be back soon Baby. I promise” Sarah kissed her cheek and pulled her into a warm embrace.

“Mommy loves you” she whispered softly into her ears and left without looking back.

“Mommy!! Mommy!!” Miriam cried uncontrollably.

Sarah didn’t spare another glance on her. She knows she won’t be able to stand her teary face. Her heart is shattered right now. She hates herself for this. She cussed biting her lower lip as she entered her car and zoomed off.

‘i will be back’ very soon..

“Mommy come back! Don’t leave me here” she cried more. About to run after her mom’s car.

“That’s okay Little one. Mommy said she’ll be back soon” Rev’d sister Mag carried her and patted her softly on her back.

“I want my Mommy. Not you” she cried.

“SShhh.. a beautiful girl like you ought not to cry” Mag soothed her.

Miriam sobbed on Sister Mag’s shoulder. She wants her Mommy. Where has she gone to?

Mommy never leaves without her.

She sniffled, swallowing her throaty cries.


When sister Mag finally dropped her after her tears has dried off. Miriam embraced her Cinderella toy exhaling sharply. How much she loves it.

“Come along let me show you where you’ll spend the night ”

Miriam sniffled and nodded.

Following behind as they took slow steps, her eyes fell on a young girl. Older than she is. Staring coldly at her.

“Patley go to your room dear. You don’t want to catch a Cold” sister Mag said to her.

Miriam’s eyes were still interlocked with this girl sister Mag just called Patley.

Her gaze on Miriam wasn’t friendly at was cold.

Miriam squirmed and gripped sister Mag’s hand.

One thing is sure to her. This patley doesn’t like her.

‘Mommy come and take me home’

She cried within herself.


I woke up with a start. Another Nightmare.

I blinked my eyes and switched on the lightstand. My eyes fell on the wall clock. It’s 3 in the morning.

Why do I always get to have Nightmares?😒

I call this a Nightmare cause that’s what it is to me.

The very day my life took another turn entirely. The day my life changed without a cause.

The day my Mom abandoned me.

The day she left me at the mercy of the Rev’d sisters.

She never came back😥. She promised, but she never did.

Now she’s asking for me? She wants to see me? Huh! Pathetic.

I shut my eyes trying to block the thoughts of her.

What kind of a mother is she? What kind of a Mother abandons her child at the Time she needs her most?

My Mom is nothing but wicked. See what she has turned my life into.

I didn’t want to be a Nun. I have dreams. I have Alot to do outside this convent.

I haven’t been exposed to the outside worlds and the sisters dearly cares about my welfare to grant me this wish.

They think I am naive and not fit for the wickedness of the outside world.

Besides I am a Nun. My place is in the convent. The house of the Lord.

Will sis Mag give me this consent to go see my mom?

Am sure she will. If not, she wouldn’t have told me about her request the first place.

If I am given this opportunity , am gonna use it well. At Lea, for the days I’ll be spending there. I’ll use it to know and explore the necessary things that I’ve so longed for.

I smiled inwardly. Nothing goes for nothing 😏.

I shifted my gaze to the opposite side of the room. The bed there is empty.

Samantha’s bed is empty. She isn’t in the room by this wee hours. Again.

Where does she go everyday by this hour?

Is she….

The door slightly opened cutting me off my thoughts. I clearly saw Samantha sneak into the room and shut the door as quiet as a pin drop. She doesn’t know I am awake already.

She doesn’t know I am watching her.

Maybe a good morning won’t be so rude to a fellow sister. I smirked.

“Good morning Samantha” I quietly spoke out.

She almost jumped out from her skin😅 when she heard my voice.

“Jesus!” She gasped, hands on her chest.

“What? Did I scare you?” I asked as if I didn’t know the answer already.

“Yes you did” She breathe out and looked away from me as she sat on her bed.

“Where have you been? All other normal sisters are sleeping in their rooms. Where did you go? Or have you taken a job as the current Night Guard?” I Bombarded her with questions.

“I…..I ..I went to pee” she stuttered. Trying to avoid my eyes.

“Every night? You wake up and go out same hour every night to pee? How long does someone takes to pee? Are you drilling a borehole or what?” I burst out leaving her speechless.

She couldn’t hide the shocked expression on her face. She thinks I don’t know about her sneaky walks?

” Yes I know you always go out every night. I have noticed lately Samantha”

” I….i d..ont know what you are talking about” she stuttered and quickly laid on her bed.

‘” just shut up and sleep Miriam! You know nothing” she added before turning her face the other way.




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