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12 years Ago


After I dropped Miriam at the St. Mathews Cathedral, I drove out of it’s premises without looking back.

Did I do the right thing? I asked myself as I drove along the highway.

No need for questions. I’ll definitely come back for any Time soon. A day or two at least, I’ll be back for my Baby.

I just have to sort things out with Richard. So he’ll know he no longer has right over Miriam.

Driving back to my place now would be very difficult. Cause my house is three towns away from here and it’s pretty late.

I might fall asleep on the highway if I continue this journey.

I cautioned myself and quickly looked for a serene area to park. I’ll be spending the night in my car.

I soon found a spot beside the road, under a fig tree. I breathe out and slowly parked under it.

Just for this night! It isn’t safe out here but am gonna sleep here anyway.

I will have my rest and recover my strength. Then tomorrow morning I’ll drive back home and call my lawyer ASAP.

I switched off the dim light Inside the vehicle placing the key back into my pocket. I moved to the back seat and laid Flat on it.

Its really cold out here, I wound up my windows to trap some heat. I don’t want to catch a Cold. I need to be strong. If not for anything, for my daughter Miriam.

I prayed silently for my Baby and myself. I hope the sisters take good care of her for this Night.

I’ll be back tomorrow. I promise.

“Goodnight Miriam. Mommy is really sorry 😔” I whispered under my breath before shutting my eyes to Oblivion.


I woke up the next morning as early as 5@m. I dabbed my eyes tiredly and moved over to the driver’s seat.

I inserted my key and continued my journey from where I stopped.

If I am fast enough,I’ll be at my doorsteps before eight.

I know Richard must really be disappointed now. He didn’t get what he came for yesterday. Good for him. Cause I’ll never let him have his way.


I drove into my compound feeling so tired. It’s almost eight thirty and I am so exhausted. My apartment must be a mess now. I remember smashing a lampstand on Richard’s head last night. The glasses must be all over the floor.

I will do some cleaning before I call Bar. William. He mustn’t see my home in a mess.

I hate it when my visitors meets my apartment in a messy state.

I’ll be very fast with the clean up. I’ll make my meeting snappy with my lawyer. I’ll also go straight down to the police station and make a complaint of Assault.

Richard has bitten more than he can chew.

After settling all these today, I’ll go back for my daughter.

I am missing her already.

I quickly came down from my car. I locked it as usual and walked over to my apartment.

I opened the door and wasn’t surprised to see it wasn’t locked.

I gained full entry and shut the door from behind. My eyes met with the broken glasses on the floor and…….

And Richard? He is still here?

Lying on the floor. Exact spot I had left him last night.

Seems like his drink hasn’t weared off. He must have fallen asleep from the heavy knock on his head. I almost laughed out to that assumption.

He should know it’s morning already. He has to leave my house this minute.

I marched over to my sleeping husband.

“Richard?” I called out standing above him.

“Richard get up and leave my house” I ordered.slightly Pushing him with my feet.

“Richard…” I called his name severally but he didn’t flinch.

I then bent low and tapped on his shoulders

“Richard I know you can hear me. Get up and leave my house please, Miriam isn’t here” I spoke out with a normal tone. But still, there was no movement.

“Richard?.” I arched . Gently placed my ears on his chest to check his pulse.

I did that for three consecutive times unsure of what I was thinking. This Time, my heart was already racing fast in panic.

I switched and placed my fingers on his neck. There was no single pulse. And he felt so cold to my skin.

OMG!!! Richard?!!

I shook him harder this Time. Panic swept through my nerves.

He isn’t breathing, he is cold. Is he?….

Oh no!! I gasped and flinched away from him. Collapsing on the floor.

Richard is….

Richard is dead? ” It came out from my lips like a question.

I ki….I killed him…

I ki….I killed Richard!

It finally dawned on me as my head began to hurt.

My whole body shook in terror.

I am a murderer. No …

No… I cried hard.

I quickly stood up from the floor. I worriedly ran my fingers through my hair.

I need to get out of here. I need to get out of this place. Right now.

I just killed my ex husband.

Minutes from now, I am gonna be a wanted person⚠️

I ran out of the house and quickly pulled myself into my car.

All my plans for today is cancelled. It is ruined.

No Richard to file a case on.

I just killed a man. Oh my goodness.

Miriam you will have to hang in there for some Time.🤧

Your Mother is A Wanted Person 😣😣 ‼️❗ ⚠️⚠️





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