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♣️ Twelve years Ago♣️


It was raining hard that unfaithful evening when Richard came to my house in a drunk state again.

He is my ex husband. We’ve been divorced for the past two years now and I have just a child for him. A beautiful daughter. Miriam Mendez.

She was sleeping soundly in her room when Richard staggered into the house he no longer belongs to.

“What are you doing here?” I asked irritably. Blocking his way.

“Get out of my way Sarah. I have come for my daughter” he yelled pushing me hard to the ground.

Richard has been so dumb sick trying to take back my precious daughter. He claims he has right over her and I shouldn’t take her away from him.

“I thought we already trashed this out in court Richard. She deserves to stay with me. The lawyer made that crystal clear”

I yelled back standing up from the ground.

“Which lawyer? The one you bribed or the one you gave your body to?” He shouted back.

“I don’t know what you are talking about Richard. You better leave or I’ll be forced to call the police”

I warned moving over to the phone booth. I want to call the police before things gets out of hand.

“Come here you!” He blocked my way and forcefully gripped me by my hair.

“You are not calling the d--n police! I am here for my daughter! …

Miriam!….. Miriam!” He yelled her name.

“Shut up Rich! You are gonna wake her up. And please take your filthy hands off my hair.” I cried.

I am in pains.

“Shut up!” He slapped me across my face and pushed me to the ground.

“I am going to get her myself. She. Is. My. Daughter.” He spat on my face and began staggering up the stairs.

“No…” I rubbed my bruised face trying to get up. I gripped him by his foot rolling on the floor as he took slow steps.

“Leave me alone Sarah! I am going to get my daughter” he yelled stamping my hand with his hard shoe.

I winced in pain as blood Oozed out of my hand. I am not letting go. This bastard is not taking my daughter out of this house. I vowed.

I slowly got up and bit his chest. He groaned in pain and pulled me hard by the hair again. A strong wave of headache swept me as he pulled my hair. It hurts so bad. I cried out.

I heaved hard and unconsciously got hold of the lampstand which was on the table. I used it on his head and kicked his balls. He shouted and fell on the ground.

I took a close look at him and noticed he laid qnd flat unconscious.

I couldn’t wait to check him up. I rushed up the stairs to Miriam’s room.

I pushed open the door and found my baby sweetly sleeping as if nothing was off. She looked so innocent and beautiful on her baby pink bed.

I can’t let such monster Take my daughter away. He is a demon!

I shoved my hair backwards and arranged myself. Miriam mustn’t know that her dad is around. She must not know I am bleeding or crying. She must not know we are in danger.

I dusted and continously checked myself as I walked over to her bed. I gently tapped my sleeping beauty.

“Hmmm” she sighed.

” Miriam.. sweetie” I called.

“Mommy” she whispered half asleep dabbing her eyes with her soft hands.

“Miriam we have to go somewhere. We’ll be back before you know it” I rushed out. I need to hurry before he wakes up.

She doesn’t have to suspect anything.

“Is everything ok mommy?” She asked.

“Yes baby”

I replied. No Time for questions. I quickly carried her in my arms. I wore her her pink slippers and she quickly grabbed her Cinderella toy.

She doesn’t go anywhere without it.

“We will be back soon baby” I assured her and took the back of the house. We can’t take front. Richard must not see Miriam.

I dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out my car keys. I opened the back door and gently placed her into the car. I kissed her hair and rushed to the other side. The driver’s seat.

I ignited the key into the ignition. I reversed with a Swift velocity out of the compound.

“Is everything ok mommy?” She asked. I could sense panic in her voice. This is the first time she’s seeing me drive like this.

I turned my gaze and sweetly smiled at her. Assuring her that all is well.

I continued my drive with my bruised hand. My head hurts like hell. I could taste blood on my lips. That bastard has done enough already.

He won’t inflict his wickedness on my baby. Not when I am alive! I won’t let that happen. I swore and viewed my baby through the front mirror.

She felt sleepy. I could tell from her tired eyes as she fervently blinked trying to stay awake.

Oh my sweet baby 😢.

I drove past many towns/cities. I don’t even know where I am going. But all I know is that I am taking my daughter to a place Richard can never find her.

But where?

I thought hard.

That Bastard knows all my friends. He’ll stop at nothing to find her.

Where can I keep my baby for now?.

I silently cried till I saw a sign board of a church across.

An idea struck me.

What if I take her to a church for now? To sister Mag’s convent. That’ll be a good idea.

Rev’d Sister Mag is a good friend to everyone. She might help.

Or Maybe not?

I had doubts. She might not take my baby if I tell her my intention.

I will probably have to lie that I’ll be back soon.

That will make them expect me soon. I sighed out.

It’s gonna be a long drive from here.






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