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I have endured pain and hurt . I have felt broken.i have known fear. And I have felt lost and alone .

But here I stand trying to move day at a time. I will remember the lessons in my life because they are making me who I am , stronger…



A light tap on my shoulder disrupted my sleep and I stirred a little , turning my full body sideways as I continued my sleep…

“Juliet ooo! wake up!” a familiar voice rang in my ear and I hissed loudly, mumbling

“can’t I sleep in peace again!

Rolling, I opened my eyes to see Shakirat staring down at me…

Oh! she is even the one sef!

“Good morning!”i mouthed as she rolled her eyes

“Morning!by this time!

I took a quick glance at the huge clock on the wall and then smirked

“10:00am!it is still morning na!

“I know , but have you forgotten about the article, you submitting it today remember?”She reminded and instantly , I sat up in the bed , looking towards a low stool for my “book” but it wasn’t there….

” where is my book?” I said aloud

“It is here on the table “. She answered as she sauntered up to her reading table;then she picked up the “brown covered book”flipping through its pages as she faced me

“I read through it early this morning and I must admit you are a talented writer”. She praised

“awww! thanks bestie.but do you think the media president will like it?”

“of course!like is an understatement, he is going to love it”.she assured,placing the book back on the table as she walked into the bathroom

I heaved a sigh , I just hope and pray the article gets accepted . It was my first assignment as a writer for the school media team and I don’t want to disappoint …

Reaching for my phone , I unlocked it and was about scrolling through when Shakirat returned to the room , holding two buckets

“Oya oo! Let’s go and fetch water” she said , tapping her feet on the carpeted floor ; immediately, i squeezed my face , clinging to my stomach

“I can’t oooo, my stomach is hurting”. I lied and she scoffed

“Tell that to birds!Abeg make we go fetch water Jare”. she repeated , walking towards the door , or else we will be late to school

“School!but today is Thursday, we got no lectures … or wait! are you going to follow me submit my article?”i asked to be sure

She nodded

“Like a bodyguard”. I teased

“No, like your “small mum”.she stated with a mischievous smile, making me roll my eyes

what a crazy friend!

Just so you know, I have been at Shakirat’s place since two days . After all the happenings on Tuesday, I called to explain everything to her and she beseech with me to come over to her place since her sister wasn’t around . I was reluctant at first but after giving it a little thought, I agreed and believe me when I say I have no regrets … well! except for this fetching water of a thing …..

following behind her , we walked out of the room, through a long passage to a very long wooden staircase

“Nawa oo! as big as the hostel is , no running water” I complained, frowning as we climbed down the old looking stairs. ” see now, someone can even fall down and die while climbing up this old stairs with a basin of water “Ah Juliet!You are just too lazy!” Shakirat remarked , laughing

“but don’t worry , I won’t fill up your bucket”.She quickly added as I bit at my lower lips…

half filled bucket!what difference will it make?


Getting to the compound, we met a girl by the well side singing as she washed a huge pile of clothes

“Good morning oooo!” Shakira greeted as the girl looked in our direction

“Ha! Aunty !Good morning ,shey make I come ?”the girl asked , fixing her tired eyes on Shakirat

“Not today!but don’t worry , I will see you later” .Shakirat promised and the girl nodded slowly as she continued washing

“Who is she?” I asked Shakirat in whispers

“Susanna’s errand girl”she replied as she rinsed out both buckets ; when done with it , she placed one of it under the running tap and then continued

“The girl assist her with almost everything and in return , Susanna pays the girl for her service


“Is the girl a student?”I asked curiously but she didn’t say a word but kept her gaze behind me , as if staring at someone

I quickly turned back just in time to see Ademilade alight from his car …..

my heart skipped at bit as I stared at him

What is he doing here?…. oh right!his girlfriend stays here….

He bang the car door shut, looking around and when his gaze met mine , he widened his eyes

Obviously, he wasn’t expecting to see me here!

“Obianuju!’ he called , moving closer

“Just ignore him”. Shakirat whispered and I smiled lightly, shaking my head …

“No I won’t , ignoring him will make me look pathetic”. I said in whispers, facing Ademilade who was already in front of me

“Hi Demi! how are you?I greeted with a large smile

“I am fine”he replied , searching through my gaze and I quickly looked away , I couldn’t let him see the pains in my eyes

“What about you?”

“Well! as you can see ,I and doing very well”

“Oh Good! so you are here to see a friend right”.he observed, glancing at Shakirat and I nodded

“And you are here to see your girlfriend right”. I drawled , staring intently at him and swears, I saw the confusion in his eyes which he quickly replaced with a smile

“Erm sure I am here to see a friend”.he agreed…. but wait a minute! did he say friend? tsk-tsk- tsk.. what a pathetic liar!

“Okay , have fun”. I simply said and then faced Shakirat who was already done fetching the water ….

“Let’s us go”

Picking up a bucket each , we both walked towards the building, leaving Demilade standing there with a surprised look on his face ……


As soon as we got to the room , Shakirat dropped the bucket of water on the floor, squealing loudly

“Girlfriend!you did it! you put that flirt in his place but tell me! tell me! tell me! how did you do it ?… I mean where did you get the courage from?”

“I don’t know”. I answered dryly as I was in no mood for chitchats , I just wanted to be alone …

“Okay ooo! I will take my bath first”.I heard her say and I nodded ,smiling lightly as I leaned against the wall…..

I was trying so hard to be strong , trying to act all tough but to tell the truth , I was still the same girl with a fragile heart…..






The pounding in my chest was the only thing I could hear as I climbed up the old looking staircase to Susanna,s room…

To say I was confused would be an understatement , I was more than confused,

seeing her only increased the guilt in me…

I wanted to hold her , apologise to her but no,I was scared , scared that she would push me away just like she did now …..

heaving a deep sigh, I ran my hands through my curly hair …..

“but can she ever forgive me?”l listened closely to my heart for answers but got none …..


The door to Susanna’s room was slightly ajar so I pushed it wide open and on entering, I found her standing in front of the mirror ..

“Good morning babe!” she greeted first, staring at me through the mirror as I smiled lightly , my eyes seizing her up and down….

She was dressed in a tight black gown which brought all of her curves and believe me when I say she looked so sexy …

but not as sexy as Obianuju. My subconsciousness reminded and I nodded slowly in agreement

“Do you like it?” the girl in front of me asked “Sure! It looks nice on you” I answered truthfully and she blushed

“Thanks”. She muttered as she grabbed her handbag ,facing me.

“Let’s us go!”. she wrapped her arm against mine as we walked out of the room , climbed down the stairs to the big compound and lo and behold , I found three girls leaning against my car as they clicked their phone camera …..

I scoffed silently, Is this a new way of showing off?

Seeing me , they nudged at each other as they scampered away


“Just a minute please!” Sussana pleaded , letting go of me as she walked up to a chubby girl who was washing clothes …….

Leaning against the car, I watched her scold and yell at the girl and when done , she walked back to me , panting

“What is wrong?” I asked calmly and that was it , she flared up again

“Don’t mind that stupid girl .. that snail .. that dumbass who wants to use a whole day to wash my clothes…… argggh… hmmm… I will make sure i deal with her when I am back”

“Oh! was the only thing I could say as I was surprised by her sudden outburst of anger , i never knew she was this hot tempered

Opening the car door ,she climbed into it still raking in rage and following suite , I started the ignition and drove slowly out of the bumpy compound.

I stepped on the brake and was about making a u-turn when Susanna called my attention

“Nawa ooooo! See how all this ones are running after a moving bus”. She clapped her hands as she laughed

Thank goodness she is done eating herself up!

I quickly looked in the direction to see two girls trying to get into a bus, one was dark , slim and tall white the other was light skinned , curvy and …:….Obianuju…..

I stared at her, surprised

What the f**k is she wearing? I mean I was “used to seeing”her on big ugly shapeless black gowns but today’s outfit was completely different. Though decent , the red gown clung so tightly to her body bringing out all of her curvy shape…

For real! I never knew she was this beautiful!

“Demi! Move ooo, I am already late for class”. Sussana said , scoffing and that was when I realised, I pulled out of the road just to stare at fine girl…..


heaving a sigh, i started the ignition, making a u-turn as i drove off to school, speeding…..


Getting to school, I drove through the huge school gate, down the tarred road till I got to the Faculty of Law; then I parked out in front …

“Thanks! Susanna simply said as she alighted from the car , I could tell she was still angry …….well! that is her headache….

On starting the ignition, I drove heading to the school Leisure centre, since I had no morning lectures , I will hang around there till my lecture time…


The leisure centre wasn’t very crowded as it used to be as I parked out in front

alighting from the car , I climbed up a short step to the main building; standing at the entrance , I looked toward “our” usual spot and as expected, Kewe was already there , seated …..

I smiled lightly, taking few steps toward him when I heard a familiar voice call my name

I quickly turned in the direction and a feeling of nervousness overwhelmed me …..

Right seated at a front table were the same set people I have been avoiding for the past two days, Dave , Tobi , prince and a fourth guy , Bola ….

Chai! out of all places , why must I meet them here?

“Demi my man! ” Dave hailed as he puffed out a cloud of smoke from his cigar

“Hi!” I simply responded as I walked past them to the table where Kewe was seated; then I let out the breathe I never knew I was holding ….

“Guy! this one you dey breathe like this , you sure sey you alright?” Kewe asked, staring into my face as I sat down

“Dave!” I said in whispers and he cursed silently

“Is the bastard still threatening you?”

I nodded

he was quiet for a while and then he sighed deeply

“Bro! there is nothing else to do but to do as he says”

“What!” Are you for real?” I asked in disbelief, I couldn’t believe he just said that

“Yes Demi! that is the only way you can stay in this school in peace”

“but that is …. I tried to say but he cut me off

“Look at Tobi, have you forgotten what “Dave gang” did to him when he was proving stubborn? he retorted and I folded my fist tightly in anger

how would I ever forget that?

“he continued “They tortured him by gang raping his “precious girlfriend” and I guess you know what happened next”

“Yes ! Yes! Yes! she committed Sucide”. I stated dryly as I wasn’t at all convinced ….

“for all I care,they can rape all of the girls I have had sex with, I won’t give a d--n “. I blurted out making him smirk

“Are you really sure about that ?”he spoke slowly

“Yes I am hundred percent sure…….I paused, trailing off when the image of a fair girl in a red gown flashed through my head and instantly, my heart began to race faster ……







“Oga Driver , give us our change now”. Shakira shouted as we followed behind the tall man

“I say no change”. the driver repeated

“Han! Han! then go and find Change na or are you expecting us to let go of #50? In this Buhari regime? no oooooo , we can’t oooo” she shook her head , frowning as she vibrated

I sighed softly , I was already getting tired of the whole drama

“Shakirat! let’s go”. I said softly

“Noooo! after all the stress this driver made us pass through, he still wants to eat our money”

Chai! Which kind of girl is this one sef?

“Pleeeeese now, I still have an article to submit”I pleaded and that did the trick , she eyed the driver coldly , taking my hand into hers as we both walked out of the motion ground ….

“Crazy child!”the driver called after her as she hissed loudly

“he should thanks his stars that we have an article to submit or else I will show him what crazy is”

“hmmmmmmh… Action lady”. I hailed

“That is me ooooo” she agreed , smiling as I laughed loudly…

What a crazy friend!


We met only a few students in the school Media house so I decided to ask one of the students, a girl to be precise about the whereabout of the “Media president”, I was told he was in the Leisure centre

“Lecture centre! I don’t think I have heard of that before”. I said to the girl and she laughed

“You still a fresher right?” She asked and I nodded

“I thought as much …. anyways the Leisure centre is right behind the Faculty of Law, do you know the way?

“Of course we do, we are law students”.

“Law students! but you aren’t on white and black”.she observed , seizing us up and down

“That is because we don’t have lectures today” I explained and she nodded , exclaiming softly

“Thanks so much “. I greeted and Shakirat and I walked out of the media house,passing through a muddy road to the Leisure centre …


By the time we arrived , our shoes were already covered up with mud

“Ah! me I don’t like this kind of thing” I complained , stamping my feet on the floor to get rid of the mud

Shakirat laughed lightly ” see all this is just a waste of time ,we will still pass through the same route when going home , remember?

I hissed silently, ignoring her as I continued with what I was doing and when done , I gestured her and we both climbed up the short stairs to a brown building….

Entering, my gaze wandered round the hall , looking for the “Media president” and I sighted him at a front table , seated with some guys who were smoking , among them was….. Tobi

“Oh my gawd!” I gasped audibly in surprise and Shakirat shot me an alarmed look

“What is it?”

“It Is Tobi, he smokes”. my voice came out in whispers

She rolled her eyes” So? have you seen the “president?”

“Yes! he is sitting right beside Tobi”

“Then let’s go and meet him, what are you….Oh dear!Is it because of the smoke?” She asked and that the exact moment the ” Media president” looked in our direction….

“Juliet!” he called loudly, gesturing me to come closer and heaving a deep sigh, i ambled up to him

Obianuju!You will be fine! I assured myself

“You came here to relax?” the president asked

“No sir! I came ….because …of …you”. I picked my words as the smoke was already having an effect on me …..

“because of me?” he repeated arching an eyebrow

I chuckled nervously ” I came over to submit the article”. I quickly corrected

“Oh! Let me see it “. he stretched forth his hands and I nodded , facing Shakirat who was with my bag ….

quickly, she brought out the book from the bag and then placed it on the president outstretched arm.

he flipped the pages open, nodding as he read through it

“This is great!” he remarked, making me smile proudly

“Weldone Juliet”. Tobi greeted and I nodded without looking at him .

I was trying so hard to avoid the smoke !

The president continued ” See girl! this is really great and I must commend you for effort, this article will be pasted on the notice board for all to see”

“Really!” I exclaimed in disbelief as he smiled

“Sure! It is worth it”

I jumped excitedly, facing Shakirat

“Did you hear that?”

“Yes!” She answered, nudging me to look forward and when I did , I met the gaze of Ademilade

he was seated three tables away from us, right beside Kewe and they were both drinking and smoking heavily….

I stared at him , watching him inhale more of the smoke and then looked away…

To tell the truth, I wasn’t surprised… I mean What more is expected from a dangerous player like him?

“So your next article will be about prejudice”. the president stated and I shifted my attention back to him

“Okay sir!”

“It is Bola”

“Oh! Okay Bola”. I corrected myself and he smiled lightly as he handed the book back to Shakirat

“But Bola! what is wrong with you? won’t you introduce this pretty ladies to me ?” a lanky guy on black butted in , fixing his gaze on me

“Erm Dave! she is… the president,Bola tried to say but Tobi cut him off

“She is no one”. his voice was so cold

“Really? he lanky guy laughed and took a quick puff on his cigar , blowing the smoke directly into my face ; instantly , my chest felt tight and I coughed so hard

“You alright?” different voices asked and I nodded

“I .. need .. to .. be .. on my .. way ” I managed to say as I reached for Shakirat hand ….

Taking a few step out of the building, I heard a familiar voice call my name

“Don’t.. look .. back, it is Ademilade”. I told Shakirat.

“Obianuju!” he called again , this time around with a louder voice and I held Shakirat’s hands tightly, ignoring him as we increased our walking pace

he laughed loudly , “I can see you are ignoring me … Fine! Fine! Let’s do it this way….Attention! Attention! Attention! I want to say something important and I want every f**king person to listen to me”. he shouted and the whole hall became quiet

I stopped in my track , turning to face him

What is he up to? I wondered

he continued “the girl in a red gown belongs to me therefore, no one in this school has the right to stare at her”

“What!” I exclaimed in shock

“I think he is high on something”. Shakirat said in whispers

“high! something!” I repeated,confused

“Yes!he is clearly not thinking straight,like his head is upside down”. She explained and I nodded slowly , staring at the boy in front of me …..

he took a few steps toward me and then stopped, leaning on a table as he continued spilling out more nonsense

“Don’t Let her beauty deceive you ,don’t let her shape get into you, she is still a little naive girl with no exposure….

a feeling of shame flooded through me as all eyes were on me ….

What did I do to deserve this?

And with tears rolling down my eyes, I ran out of the Leisure centre

“Juliet! Juliet ! Juliet!” Shakirat called as she followed behind me but I ignored her

I was pained! I was hurt ! I just wanted to get out of the school premises as fast as possible

My chest was still hurting , my breathing coming out in whistle but nevertheless, I kept on running until I got to a cross road; then i steadied my hands on my knee for a moment as i tried to calm my nerves…..

Looking left and right , I was about to cross the road when a red car pulled up in front of me

Who is this one? I wondered , taking a step backward

“Juliet!”a voice called , winding down the window and on seeing the driver, I froze on the spot

It was the same lanky guy who puff out smoke into my face and to make it all worst , he was still smoking……

Who is he?what does he want?

“how are you?”he asked, smiling as I scoffed

“Who are you?” I snapped at him

he stared at me for a while and then he smirked

“you are just as naive like he said”. he stated ,breathing out a puff of clouded smoke as he drove off

The smell of the smoke filled my senses ticking my nose as I coughed , I tried to yawn to get more air in, but my chest literally stopped the yawn from happening because it was so tight and legs were to weak to hold me and I fell to the ground,clutching my chest as I cough and wheeze Loudly …..

“help…me, somebody… help me”.i pleaded weakly…..





My head was spinning around ,my vision pinching inward , it was like I was floating

What just happened? why did she run? Did I say something bad? I thought within as I ran my hands through my hair

I was so confused!

Just then , I felt a rough tap on my shoulder and I quickly turned sideways to meet Tobi’s angry gaze …

“You bastard! he cursed as I stared blankly at him

“Do you realise what you have done? ehen tell me , do you know its implications?”he half yelled

“Implications! What implications!” I repeated , I was clearly confused

he scoffed “really! Are you asking me that! are you going to just sit here and pretend?….for crying out loud Demi , you just exposed that girl to Danger…

I stared at him , puzzled for a while and then my brain clicked as I recalled the conversation I had with Kewe earlier ….

Oh God!what did I just do? what if Dave plan on using her to get to me?no way!

Speaking of which, I looked toward his direction but ..the bastard wasn’t on seat , he was no where in the hall…..

I became alarmed, instantly the drink left my eyes making it clear

“Dave! Where is he?” I thought aloud

“I don’t know! he left a couple of minutes ago”. Tobi answered

and without wasting time , I left the ” Leisure centre”and ran as fast as I could to the Motion ground not minding the curious stares people threw at me ….

I kept on running till I got to a crossroad, a cross road crowded with people , their screams could be heard from miles away ….

“Give her the inhaler na or do you want her to die ”

“her! Inhaler!”I muttered and in a flash , I rushed to the crowd, pushing and squeezing my way in to see an appalling sight ….

Right in front of me , Obianuju laid slumped on the ground gasping for breathe, her slim friend beside her ..

“Juliet please use your inhaler”. I heard the slim girl beg and I stepped forward, squatting down to stare into the “pretty girl” face …

her fingers and lips were blue due to lack of oxygen

“D**n!”I cursed silently as i faced her friend

“Where is her inhaler?” I asked coldly

“This is it”. the girl answered, whimpering as he handed it to me ,” I have been begging her to use it but she just laid there gasping for breathe”….

“That is because she is weak”. I said my voice coming out hoarsely

I was scared, it was as if “history was repeating itself” .my mum died the same way as her stupid inhaler couldn’t save her …. but this girl, she can’t just die like this ….

Pulling her close to me, I held her weak body in my arms

“Obianuju! You need to use your inhaler “. I pleaded , forcing the inhaler into her hands and she nodded slowly, mumbling some inaudible words

She tried lifting up her hands , but could not ,

“help me!” She begged weakly and when I did, she inhaled deeply, gasping and wheezing and in a split-second , her breathing returned to normal and she became calm….

A murmur of relief ran through the crowd and they began to disperse one by one …

“You alright?” I asked , staring intently at her and she nodded slowly , clinging unto my clothes…

She was so pale!

“She needs to rest”her friend told me

“I know”.i simply said as I pondered on how to get her home . My car was parked in front of the Leisure centre and going back wasn’t an option!

Looking towards the road , I was about flagging a taxi when a voice from behind me said

“here is my key , you can make use of mine”

I looked in the direction of the voice to see Tobi staring down at me ….

Swears!! I never knew he followed me down here

“My car is parked in the Motion ground”. he quickly added as he handed me the key

“Thanks bro!”I muttered, meeting his gaze and that was when I saw it , the pain in his eyes ……




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