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Complicated feelings





A little over a week has passed since i lost my virginity to Ademilade and I was literally going crazy….

he still hasn’t called as promised and was also not picking my calls nor responding to my text messages…

I was worried ! I was scared! I was confused

What could be wrong? did I offend him in anyway? Is he angry with me ? I kept on asking myself but got no answers……



Sitting in the class, I stared blankly at the Lecturer , watching his lips move as he lectured on a particular topic,Law and women right to be precise

The right of women to be educated , own property and also to be protected from sexual predators……..

“Like Demilade”. My subconsciousness mocked me and I bit at my lower lips in anger

It is not fair! It is just not fair!

how could he abandon me after defiling me?how could he forget me so easily?…I was so pained…

“So we have come to the end of the lesson, do anyone have a question?” the lecturer baritone voice rang through the lecture hall and without thinking, I raised my right hand…

“Yes miss…….

” Juliet “. I completed

“Okay Juliet!Let’s hear you out”. he said , gesturing me to stand up and I did

“erm sir, actually I was wondering if any legal procedure can be taken against a guy who abandons a girl after defiling her?” I stated and to my surprise, the whole class roared with laughter…

Why are they all laughing? Is the question funny?

“Chai! Juliet you sabi disgrace person!” Shakirat who was seated beside me muttered and I swallowed hard , fixing my gaze on the Lecturer ……

“Quiet! Quiet!Quiet!” he ordered and instantly, the class became quiet

“So Juliet! If am not mistaken,you trying to know if you can sue a guy for defiling you?”The

lecturer sneered

“it is not me erm it is another girl”. I stuttered making him scoff

“I can see you don’t have any reasonable thing to say “. he drawled, shaking his heads as he faced the class

“we will see in our next class”

And with that , he picked up his book and left the lecture hall!

Dejectedly, i collapsed on the seat, bending me head to avoid the curious glances my course mates threw at me ….

Oh yeah! I am sure they would be wondering what made a shy girl like me ask that kind of question!

“Are you sure you alright?” Shakirat asked

I nodded and she scoffed , shaking her head

“No you are not! I have been observing you for quite sometime and your behaviour is completely out of it

“I am fine Shakirat!” I insisted, slinging my handbag over my shoulder as I stood up in a huff

I was angry without even knowing why?

“And where are you going?” Shakirat probed on

“To LLT3 ground”. I simply answered as I walked towards the entrance …

“Fine! Fine! I will come with you”. I heard her say and despite my foul mood, my lips held a faint smile ..

She is a friend indeed!


On our way to the LLT3 ground, Shakirat kept pestering me with questions.she wanted to know why I was angry, wanted to know what is going on with me , wanted to know Why I was acting weird, she f**king wanted to know everything……

But can I even trust her, won’t she call me a cheap b---h? won’t she Judge me?….. I was really confused

“C’mon Juliet! what exactly is wrong with you? Can’t you confide in me ? I am your best friend remember”. She pushed it and that was it , she got me there and I felt a little guilty

I sighed deeply ” it is Ademilade”

” okay! Ademilade! so, what happened to him?her voice was girlish and eager

“Erm ..he promised to call me , but he hasn’t ”

“Okay!” She nodded , urging me to continue as I gulped down hard

“he stole my virginity” I said softly and that was it , she stopped in her track , staring at me like I was some zombie

“he stole your virginity, as in he raped you ?

“No! I gave him my virginity”. I corrected and the next thing that followed was her screams

“haaaa! haaaaa! haaaa Juliet! how could you? how could you give your virginity to that bastard?…. that flirt… that idiot , were you drunk? did he Jazz you?

I stood there staring at her , i was too pained utter a word

“Okay now! okay ! that is it …chai! .. hmm .. so what did the idiot say?” she raved , holding her waist as she vibrated

“Nothing! he said nothing, he just gifted me a cash of #30,000”

“30,000!” she repeated in disbelief

“Yes,he said I should use it to get whatever I want”. I explained

“Ah! ….Mogbe…Mo daran … Chai”. She kept on exclaiming as I stared at her , confused

“The money wasn’t a gift , the idiot payed you off”. She added and I froze on the spot

payed me off! no it can’t be , it can’t be

I felt hurt!the fear in me increased! my whole body was shaking in an odd rhythmic tone ,

all I wanted to do was to scream my lungs out but no, this is a public place …….

“he used me! Demi Used me”. I muttered,shaking my head vigorously as Shakirat sighed

“he didn’t use you , he ….Just …took… your…..

“Pride”.i completed as tears rolled down my eyes

She hissed loudly “See! See! Crying won’t solve anything. It has happened , it has happened, you have to move on but first of all we need to go confront that idiot”

“Yes! Sure! that is what I was about doing”. I agreed

“You still have the money?”she continued

“Yes but it is at home”

“It doesn’t mean as far as the money is still intact, is it?

I nodded

“Good! then lets us go blast the idiot”. She said holding me hand as we marched to the LLT3 ground……


The LLT3 ground was sparsely -filled ; not that I was surprised, I wasn’t

it was a Tuesday afternoon and as you all know , Lecture must hold….

I looked towards the Lecture hall, confused

“Where are we going to see him sef?” I thought aloud and Shakirat’s sighed deeply

“Swears! that was the exact question I was about asking you sef…. chai! e go pain me if we no see the idiot!

I smiled lightly, fixing my gaze on a girl who was walking towards our direction

“or should we ask this girl?”

“Which girl!… oh! You mean this Oroborokibo?”She asked , staring at the robust girl and I nodded

“Alright! let’s ask her”

“Hello Sister!” I greeted the girl who slowed her step as she shot us a curious look

“Yes! how can I help you?”

“Erm we are asking for Ademilade, do you by any chance knows where he receives lecture?” I continued and she scoffed , clapping her hands lightly

“Nawa ooo! So Demi is the reason why you stopped me?

I nodded

“hmmmmh…. anyways !what do I know? Just walk down along that path, the white building behind the lecture hall”. she directed

“Oh! Thanks so much”.i greeted

“and one more thing, don’t let his sweet words get into you”. she advised , walking past us as she mumbled some inaudible words

I exchanged puzzled look with Shakirat

“What does she mean by that?”

“I don’t know ooo, maybe the idiot toyed with her, who knows?…wo! Let’s leave here Jare”.she nudge at me and we both headed down the path …..

Getting to the Lecture hall , we were about climbing a short step to the white building, the school medical Laboratory to be precise when I heard someone call my name

I quickly turned in the direction to see Tobi running toward us

“See fine boy!” Shakirat remarked as I smiled lightly

She was hundred percent right, Tobi was handsome but not as handsome as Demilade…..

“hey Juliet! he called again when he got nearer, I have been screaming your name , where did you put you ears?”he teased ,steadying his hands on his knee for a moment as he panted

“I am sorry , I didn’t hear you call”. I apologised

“Obviously! So wassup , why are you guys here?” he asked, looking at me , Shakirat and then back at me

I scratched my hair , contemplating if I should tell him or not when Shakirat butted in

“We are here to see Demilade”

“Demilade! why? he arched his eyebrow

“Erm that is erm that is because…….”

“he defiled you”. he completed and I went stiff

how did he know? I wondered

And as if reading my thoughts, he said

Don’t act all surprise! I was in his house that day , remember?

Oh yeah! he must have heard all of my screams..

“but I still don’t get the reason why you are here…..i mean did he ask to see you? or wait!are you here to query him?”

“Exactly! Shakirat answered, and not only that , we will also disgrace him…..

he stared at her puzzled for a moment and then he laughed

“oh my! oh my! you girls are so funny! do you

think that would solve anything?”

“So what do you suggest l do? ehen , tell me ,do you just expect me to Just sit back? no way , I want to know the reason why he played me , I want him to say it to my face that it is all over , i want him to ….. I paused , breaking down in tears and he looked away , cursing silently..

“Please stop crying, people are watching”. Shakirat begged , consoling me as I beat my chest in pain

She wouldn’t understand! no one will….

“Fine! If that is what you want , I will make him come to you”. Tobi suddenly said and I shot him a curious look

“how will you do that?”

“Don’t worry about that, I know how to get to him”. his voice came out harshly, I could tell he was angry but with who?

“Alright!” I simply said and he nodded

“You should get going to your class or better still go home , you need to rest”. he stated and without saying a word , I walked up the path and as expected , Shakira followed behind me ..

I smiled lightly, she proved her friendship to me and I was glad I confided in her…..

“Thanks!” I said aloud , stopping in my track as i faced her

“For?” She asked searching through my gaze

“being a good friend to me… I mean I expected you to condemn me , call me a cheap b---h or even stop talking to me…..

“And why would I do that?she retorted, sighing….you see everyone have his or her own story, I have mine also and believe me when I say yours is better.

“what!” I exclaimed in surprise

“Yes!at least person give you #30,000, mine I no even see #1 collect . The guy in question Just took advantage of my feelings and used my anyhow..

“Shakirat!” I muttered softly

“You are surprised ba? don’t be , this life is a lesson where mistakes are the terror teachers…..





After series of research practicals , the Lecturer finally left the class

At last! I muttered , sighing in relief

Standing , I pulled off my lab coat,threw it over my left shoulder and walked out of the laboratory to see Tobi leaning against the wall close to the entrance ….

“Guy, Awfar!” I greeted him as he looked in my direction

“Why are you here?are you having afternoon classes?

“Nope! I am done with all classes for today, I came here to talk to you”.he stated and I shot him a puzzled look

“It is about Obianuju”.he added and I went stiff

Obianuju!The same name I have been trying so hard to forget , why must he mention it to me?

“What about her?”I asked calmly

“She came over to the LLT3 ground Just to see you , she even planned to confront you”

I scoffed, “and why would she do that? Is she too dumb to know that I don’t want to have anything to do with her again?

“Then make it clear to her , tell her you don’t need her anymore”. he snapped at me

“Alright! Alright!I will call her”. I simply said , taking few steps forward but he caught me by my arm , pulling me back

“Calling her isn’t an option , you need to go see her”. he said , gritting his teeth as I huffed , freeing myself from his grip

“What is even wrong with you? why are you all concerned about the girl?”

“That is because I like her!” he replied and my heart stopped beating for a second

Like her! Is he for real?

“Impossible! how can you like someone i de- flowered! someone I f**ked without feelings!” I retorted , feeling nervous all of a sudden

“So! Your mother didn’t get married as a virgin or did she?” he drawled making my head explode and in rage , I swung my fist down on his face but with a quick duck , he avoided it ..

“Bastard! don’t ever disrespect my late mother again”. I warned , breathing hard as he laughed dryly …..

“Then get your act together and stop acting crazy , if you don’t want the girl again tell her to her face so that she can stop hoping , thinking and dreaming you will get back with her”…

And with that, he pushed me away from him and stormed away….

I watched him go , pondering over his words

he wants me to go see her! he wants me to talk to her! he even said he likes her!unbelievable! why is he acting like i am the only bad one here?he is equally as bad as me or maybe even worst …… well! If that is what he wants , no, since that is what Obianuju wants , then I have no option but to comply….

Bringing out my phone from my back pocket, i scrolled through looking for a number and when i saw it , I dialled it

The person picked up immediately

“oh my gawd! Demilade! I have been waiting for your call since last week”. a female voice rang through

“Where are you?” I asked coldly

“Erm actually I am about leaving the LLT3 ground or should I wait? do you want to see me?”she sounded so excited

“Yes! wait for me”. I said and ended the call…

Disoriented, I walked through the long passage, up the path leading to the LLT3 ground and getting to the “open field”, I looked around for the girl and lo and behold she was leaning against my car, her gaze fixed on her phone

I faked a smile , walking up to her

“hi … pretty!” I greeted, i couldn’t even remember her name

She raised her head to look at me and her ugly face came into view

“Demilade!” She smiled , exposing her crooked teeth and I look away in disgust

how can she be Obianuju’s sister?… I mean Rinzy is handsome , Obianuju gorgeously beautiful , why is she the odd one ?

“I have been expecting your call since last week! I thought you wouldn’t call! I thought you had a change of mind!” She kept on blabbing…

I scoffed silently, I was already getting pissed with her boring talks

“Alright!Enough with the talks, let’s get down to business”

“business!” She repeated arching her eyebrow and I nodded, staring intently at her

“I want to f**k You , how much is your pay?”I asked bluntly

“What!” She gasped audibly in surprise and I smirked

“Are you in or not?”

She was quiet for some minutes and then she smile

” well! you see my pay is quite expensive”

“and how much is quite expensive?”

“your …heart”. she answered , picking her words as I stared blankly at her

she laughed nervously “Just kidding, I meant to say #20,000

#20, 000! Is that what she is referring to as expensive?…..well! I am not surprised, she looks cheap herself…..

“Get into the car”. I instructed,opening the car as I hopped in and she did the same at the other end….

Starting the ignition, I drove heading to my “Popular joint” Map hotel

I can’t screw the b---h on the same bed I used in defiling her sister….


Getting to the hotel , I drove through the already opened gate to the big compound; then we both alighted from the car

“Demi! Demi! the security man on seat hailed and i simply ignored him , walking into the reception with “ugly face” following behind me …..

“Chichi Awfar!I greeted the lady behind the desk and she paused what she was doing to look at me

“Han! Han! Demi! Na you?”she retorted, looking at “ugly face” and then back at me..

“It is me oooooo”

“hmmmh! fine boy that is always speaking english , which one is this one again?” She asked, referring to Ugly face

“Just mind your business and give me the key to a room”. I snapped at her

She smirked as she brought out a key from her drawer and then handed it to me

“Thanks!” I muttered and then faced the lady beside me

“Let’s go”

I led the way as we climbed up the long staircase to a room…

Using the key , I opened the door and we both walked into the room; immediately, i pushed the b---h to the bed ….

“Strip off!”I instructed her and she smiled lightly, licking her lips as she took off her clothes one by one like a real stripper

I watched her do it and a feeling of nervousness engulfed me …

My skin tingled and my heart felt heavy , it was as if I was doing something bad….

“I am done!”the girl announced making me shift my attention to her

I let my eyes roam around her body and strange at it may seem , her nakedness did nothing to me ….

It was as if I was staring at a log of wood but nevertheless, I still wanted to f**k her…..

I joined her on the bed , laying in between her legs

“Let me help you undress”. She said , licking her lips seductively

“No thanks”

bringing out my wallet, I pulled out a condom ;then I unbuckle my trouser ,pulling it down along with my brief . I rolled the condom on my erect penis and was about entering her when a thought crossed my mind…. I needed to be clear about something…..

“Obianuju! Is she your real sister?

“No!” she replied and i nodded slowly, sighing in relief

“Why did you ask?”

“Nothing!”I grunted and without any fore play, i penetrated deep into her, banging

her hard , harder and hardest as I covered those ugly face of hers with a pillow……






Laying on my bed, i was trying to round up my assignment when I heard a knock on the door

“Who is that ooooo?” I shouted

“It is me”. a familiar voice answered and I rolled my eyes

At last She is home , she should have slept in school na!

Lazily, I dragged myself up from the bed and walked slowly , counting my steps until I got to the door

I unbolted the door and opening it , I froze on the spot

standing right in front of me was Faith and …. Ademilade

What is he doing here? why is he with Faith?did they come together?did he come see me? I was so confused….

“Abeg leave the way”. Faith snapped at me and when I did , they both walked in

“So this is my humble abode”. She told Ademilade and he nodded slowly, his gaze fixed on me

” Demi! I called softly and he smiled lightly, looking away as he faced Faith

“I need to be on my way , thanks for the fun this evening”

having said that , he leaned over to peck her forehead and then walked out of the room…

I stood there , transfixed on the spot with my mouth wide opened

he pecked her! they had in sex!

Oh God!

My heart beat so violently that I grew pale and had to unto the wall to stop myself from falling…

To think that I gave my virginity to him made all the anger and pain return and with tears rolling down my eyes, I rushed out of the room , running all the way till I got outside the house

“Uju! Uju!” I heard Funmi call but I ignored her , I need to confront that … Flirt …first

Speaking of which, I found the “flirt” outside,leaning against his car as if waiting for someone….

Oh right! he knew I would follow him!

On seeing me , he smiled lightly

“Hi obianuju! I knew you would come”

“You pathetic flirt!I cursed at him , how dare you sleep with my sister

“She isn’t your sister and moreover I can sleep with whoever I want”. he drawled , his gaze fixed elsewhere

“Really! after defiling me?

he exhaled deeply, “See! I didn’t come here for that , i came here to tell you my mind ”

“Which is?”I whispered

“Are you really asking me that! me sleeping with your so-called sister is my answer to all of your question.

I nodded slowly, biting at my lower lips as the realisation hit me

he used me! he lied to me so he could get into my pants! I was just his pleasure tool!he never liked me!

“Oh now I get! you can leave! my voice was surprisingly calm

“Obianuju!” he called softly

“I said leave”. I barked at him and without saying a word , he opened the door to his car , climbed in stiffly as he pulled out the road, driving slowly….

watching him , I fell to the ground , crying……..

I was a fool to have trusted him!





“D--n!” I cursed ,hitting the steering wheel as I stared at the girl through the side mirror , she was seated on the ground crying her eyes out without even minding the awkward stares on her…..

how can she be so … argh I don’t even know what to say!

seeing her this way made me heart churn in pain and for a moment, I was tempted to drive back to her, pull her into my arms and console her

But who am I kidding? It will end up with her shedding more tears..

I heaved a sigh, stepping on the brake as I increased my speed, overtaking the two cars in front of me ….

I was in a confused state of mind , I couldn’t even understand myself any longer

my heart was beating so fast that I fear it would explode out of my chest …..


Finally! after a rough drive, I got home . I drove into the compound, parking beside a white Benz….. Tobi’s car…

I scoffed silently , is he here to blast me again?

Alighting from the car , i climbed up the short step to the balcony and pushing the door opened, I came face to face with Dave ….

This bastard! what is he doing here? I wondered, averting my gaze as I stared blankly at the two boys standing behind him, Tobi and a second guy ……

“Fine boy! how are you?” Dave greeted with a sly smile

“Why are you here?”I asked , ignoring his greeting and he bit at his lower lips , staring hard at me….

“Guy! we need you back in the confraternity

“Confraternity I repeated, feigning ignorance and he scoffed

“I won’t repeat myself, You took the oath and swore ….he tried to say but I cut him off

“I didn’t do that in my right state of mind, I was drunk”

“I don’t care! you are already a part of us , don’t try to fight it or else you will have yourself to blame”

And with that , he walked out of the room with his “two escort” following behind him …..

Did he just threaten me?






“Uju! Please stop crying”. Funmi begged as she wipe the tears off my face and I nodded , whimpering as more tears rolled down

I sat there on the ground, oblivious of what was going on around me

I was just too pained to care!

“Please na! let’s go inside or do you want Rinzy to see you like this?”she said and yes she was right, I can’t allow my brother see me this way….

getting off up the ground , I clung to Funmi leaning on her shoulders as we walked over to my room ignoring the stares and murmurs from onlookers

The door was widely opened so we walked in to see” sister Faith”tying a scarf around her head , from the way she was dressed I could tell she was going to church….

What a pretender!

Seeing us , she laughed loudly as she clapped her hands together

“Are you done with your drama?” her gaze was fixed on me

“Crazy b---h! how could you do that”. Funmi yelled at her and she touched her chest, glancing over her shoulders

“Me! are you talking to me?

“You are so shameless and …..Funmi tried to say but I cut her off

“Let me handle it”. I gave her a weak smile and then faced the “snake” in front of me , she was beginning to annoy me

“I have always thought of you as my sister but today you just proved to me how shameless you are”

“What! she exclaimed with her eyes wide opened

“Yes Faith!I wonder how you feel comfortable going to church after being used and dump by a boy much younger than you”, I spat out , moving closer to her , or who knows , your cheap self might be s------g a member

“how dare you!” she retorted, raising her hands to hit me but I caught her hand and flung it way

“It seems you are forgetting one thing here , this is my room and you have no right to slap me”.i yelled

She stared at me gobsmacked for a moment and then she picked up her bible breaking down in tears as she rushed out of the room…..

Obviously! My word got into her!

“Faith! Faith” . Funmi called as she ran after her…

“Now I am all alone ! I muttered as I collasped on the bed

My heart was still heavy , it was as if a heavy load was placed on my chest and deep down, I knew I had to confide in someone else I would run crazy!

reaching for my phone , I dialled the number of the one person who really understands me , my mum

She received it on the second ring

“hello Uju! her voice rang through

“Mum! I called softly , the tears threatening to pour down

“Yes! what is it? why is your voice like that?”she asked in a rush

I paused for a moment, wrapped up in my own head

Should I tell her everything? or should I tell just little?

“Uju! Are you there? talk to me please”. her voice was shaky

“I failed you “.I said softly

“Failed!”She repeated, clearly confused

“Yes! I forgot all of your teaching and gave out my virginity foolishly”. I blurted out and instantly, the line went quiet

“Mum please talk to me”. I pleaded as I was desperately in need of an advice

“Why?”She asked calmly

“I am sorry mum! I acted rashly, I did that because he said he likes me

“Oh dear! you are so naive, how can you believe that!”. she paused, clearing her “tears filled”throat before she continued

“I had a feeling that this would happen, you know , I didn’t prepare you for this, I never for once mentioned the topic “sex” to you, I have never even had a one on one discussion with you so I equally failed you as a mother

“Mum!” I called softly

“but that doesn’t mean you won’t be reprimanded”. she quickly added and a light smile escape my lips

she continued “You have to get yourself together, retrace your steps, renew your promises to God and lastly , forgive the boy….

I heard a loud bang in my head , forgive who? that idiot

“no way! I will never greet him ever again”. I screamed into the phone making my mom chuckle dryly

“No dear! you have to put everything behind you , that is the only way you can be at peace with yourself …..


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