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My throat ache with tension, beads of sweat rolled down my face as I drove over to Obianuju’s hostel….

I was deeply distressed

what if she had died in my arms? what if she …… no way! I quickly waved of the thought as I glanced at her……

she sat there on the leather seat, sleeping, the seat- belt propping her up …

I smiled lightly , she looks pretty even when she sleeps….

Clearing my throat , I tried shaking off the tension in me but felt an even heavier sense of guilt , a guilt reminding me that all that happened was my fault…..


Getting to her hostel, I parked out in front and on alighting, I met a crowd outside the plastered building ….

What is going on here?i wondered as I walked up to a lone girl standing a few feet away from the others……

“Good afternoon ma’am! I greeted politely as she looked in my direction

“Good after…. she paused , widening her eyes in surprise

“You are Ademilade right?”

I stared at her , surprised

“Do I know you?”

she chuckled lightly ” well! let me just say I am a secret admirer

“Oh! so what is going on here?”i asked , changing the topic, I was in no mood for unreasonable talks

she hissed loudly , clapping her hands lightly , Don’t mind our stupid caretaker oooo, he locked up the door to the entrance saying he won’t open it till we clear up the bushy compound”

“Seriously!so you mean there is no one inside the house?”I asked to be sure

“Yes ooo, not even a rat”. She answered , laughing at her dry joke ….

“D**n! I cursed silently, biting at my lower lips as I pondered on what next to….since leaving her here wasn’t an option i had no other choice but to take her home..

“Thanks!” I told the girl ; then turned around and began walking towards the car when she asked with her tiny voice

“Can I have your number ?

I stopped in my track , turning to face her

“Pleeeeeeeeesse” She pleaded with a tone that would wring any heart….well! except mine, her big stomach was a big turn off for me .

“No!” I simply answered , jumping over a gutter to the car ;then I opened the door , got in beside the sleeping girl, started the ignition and drove off , speeding!!!!


Finally! after a long and hectic drive, I got home .

I drove into the spacious compound and parked out in front of my apartment ; then I faced Obianuju who was still sleeping

“Obianuju!” I called , tapping her gently and she stirred a little, mumbling in her sleep

Jeez! she must be one hell of a sleeper!

Alighting from the car, I turned around to the other end , opened the door , removed the seatbelt off her body and then lifted her in my arms, carrying her in a bridal style as I climbed up the short step to my balcony ; then I kicked the door opened and walked in to the sparkling clean sitting room…

It figures! the cleaning lady must have been here!


Entering the room, I placed her gently on the bed and sat down beside her as I watched her sleep….

Her body was amazing. It was so delicate and soft , almost fragile and for a moment , I was tempted to wrap her up in my arms but no , I had no right to…

A strange feeling of excitement surge through me and my heart began to thump faster

What is wrong with me? I asked myself

“You are going crazy boy”. My subconsciousness replied and I nodded slowly ,leaning forward to Caress the “pretty girl” cheek….

Yes ! I am really going crazy!

Just then ,my phone rang ,snapping me out of my confusion and i brought it out of my pocket to see the name Tobi flashing on the screen..

I received it

“Guy! awfar!where are you?”his masculine voice rang through

“I am on my way”

“And the girl?” he probed on

” she is fine”. I simply answered and he signed in relief..

I scoffed silently, so this is the reason why he called, to ask of the girl!

he continued” you still coming to school???”

“Sure! I have an afternoon lecture to attend”

“Alright! I am still at the Leisure centre just in case”

“Okay!” I drawled and ended the call….

glancing at my wristwatch, it was 1:30 pm

Phew! It is time go

quickly, I got up the bed , took her phone and inhaler out of my front pocket , placed them beside her and rushed out of the room, locking the door behind me..

I had to make sure she remains in the room till i return…..

Walking out of the house , I slammed the door shut , climbed into the car and on starting the ignition, I drove heading back to school…..


The drive was a quick one as i broke the speed limit, wasting no time to get to school ….

honking , I drove through the huge gate , down the tarred road till I got to the Leisure centre; then I parked out in front….

I alighted and climbed up the short stairs to the building ..

Walking in , my eyes wandered around for Tobi and I saw him seated at a table in the corner , his gaze fixed on me ;I briskly walked up to him ….

“here is your car key”.I said , placing the key on the table as he stared at me blankly

“Thanks for your help”. I quickly added and he scoffed

“You don’t need to thank me , I did what I did because of the girl”

“Oh! If that is the case, I am thanking you on her behalf”. I drawled and that was it , he flared up

“on her behalf!And why would you do that?…No Demi! You have no right to do that, your stupidity got her in this sh*t, you are the one to be blamed for everything”. he yelled , banging his fist on the table

“Calm down guy! I didn’t do… I tried to defend myself but he cut me short

“Cynthia! You remember what happened to her right?”he asked and I froze on the spot

Why must he bring a “dead girl”to our conversation?

“I am sure you do, I am sure you remember what Dave gang did to her .I stood there watching and listening to her cries as she was being gang raped , she kept on calling my name”… he paused to steady his breathe and then continued

“I did nothing, I couldn’t do a thing because i was scared stiff”….

” I scoffed silently ” No! It wasn’t because you were scared stiff , it was because you never loved her”. I corrected ;instantly the anger in his eyes melted and a light smile escaped from his lips

“You know me too well bro”

“Bastard!” I cursed , gritting my teeth in anger , “how could you !how could you do that to an innocent girl?”

“That is because I had no choice, I trust you will do the same if you were in my shoes “. he stated and I bit my lips knowing he was right …

I am not innocent either!

“So please do Juliet a favour and stay away from her , I don’t want her being a second “Cynthia”. he begged and without saying a word, I walked out of the large hall

Stay away from her! Can I really do that??






The throbbing in my head grew intense , the rumbling in my stomach louder and I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in a familiar room..:

I wasn’t in my room , neither was i in Shakirat’s…..i was in his room,

quickly, i sat up in a huff , looking around the room, the same room that reminded me of painful memories …

how did I get here? the last thing I remembered was falling asleep in ..his arms

My heart skipped a bit , did he bring me here? If yes , where is he?

Getting off the bed , I made for the door and tried opening it but couldn’t, it was locked from outside.

Arggggh….what is the meaning of this now? does he want me to starve in his room? I hissed loudly…

Frowning, I retreated my step back to the bed and my gaze was caught by the objects sitting on the bed , my inhaler and my …. phone

Thank goodness! I muttered , reaching for my phone; I scrolled through it to see 30 missed calls

15 from Shakirat, 7 from Rinzy , 5 from Funmi and 3 from “the snake”, Faith ….

Chissos! Chissos! which kind sleep I sleep na!

Firstly, I dialled Rinzy number and it rang till his voicemail picked up

I dialled it for the second time still he didn’t pick up

I rolled my eyes , I bet he is with that ugly Daniella!

Scrolling down, i dialled Shakirat’s number and she picked up immediately

“Juliet ooo! You wan kill person with worry”.her loud voice rang through the phone and I laughed loudly

” I am sorry jare, I was sleeping”

“I thought as much .so how are you? hope you are getting better?

“Yep”. I answered, popping the p

“and I hope that annoying Faith is not disturbing?”She probed on

“erm she isn’t..I mean I am not in my room , I am in Demilade’s room”. I spoke slowly and there was a pause

“But why did you even leave me alone with him?” I queried her

“That is because he didn’t allow anyone close to you, I even had to run after the moving vehicle in order to give your phone to him ….una mehn!that boy is Crazy but I think he …she paused, trailing off

“But you think he what?” I repeated , curiously and she chuckled nervously, changing the topic

“So will you still come to my place today?”

I exhaled deeply” I don’t know”

“it is alright if you can’t come ,you need to rest”

“Okay bestie!” I said and ended the call…

I leaned back on the bed , about to dial Funmi’s number when the door creaked opened and Demilade walked in

Immediately, I stood up and flew at him

“Take me home , Take me out of here”. I screamed , hitting him in the chest and he chuckled softly

“I can see you are already strong “.he observed as he lightly pushed me aside , placing a fancy nylon on the table

I stared at the fancy nylon and I swallowed hard , the aroma coming out from it was mouthwatering…

“You hungry?” he asked

“No”. I lied and that was the exact moment my stomach chose to embarrass me with its rumbling sound

Chai!someone cannot lie in peace again!

he smiled lightly “the food is yours , I bought it for you”

Yes! Yes! Yes! my subconsciousness screamed and I frowned at it

no na , I can’t just accept like that, I have to do small Shakara first ….

“No! I want to go home”. my voice came out low

“I know but you have to eat first”. he stated and that was all I needed , I collapsed on the chair , literally wrestled with the nylon and then brought out a brown food flask

this is main deal!

I opened the flask to reveal its content , jollof rice , salad and a big chicken

Oh boy!

Using a spoon , I started munching on it ……

“Don’t rush else it will choke you”.Demilade warned as he walked towards the bed and I nodded absentmindedly….

I was just too hungry!


I was soon done with the food and believe me when I say I ate every bit of it , it was just too delicious….

I opened the bottled water, gulping it down as I faced Demilade who laid on the bed , watching me

“I am done!”

he nodded slowly, his gaze still fixed on me

“erm so I erm need to be on my way”. I stuttered

“Alright! you can be going”.he simply said and I shot him a puzzled look

“I can be going! how will I do that? i mean i have no money on me and besides it is already getting late”

“Exactly my point! just stay over, I will drop you off tomorrow”.

Stay over! Is he for real?

“I already called your brother”. he quickly added and my Jaws dropped

“Arinze!” I repeated to be sure I heard right and he nodded

“Actually I missed his call so I called him back ,he heard about the happenings and was deeply worried about you , I assured him that you will be fine”

“And he believed you?” I asked still finding it hard to believe

he chuckled softly ” of course! why won’t he? we were once friends

friends my foot!

“So will you spend the night here? he asked , I promise not to do anything stupid, I will sleep on the floor if you want”. his voice sounded so desperate

what is wrong with him? I thought within

“I just want you beside … erm I mean I am too weak to drive”. he quickly added

I stared at him, lost in my own thoughts for a moment and then sighed

“I have an early morning lecture and i will be needing a change of clothing”

“Then we can get that at the market”

“Really?” I exclaimed in surprise

“Yes babe!even if you need a hundred”.

Having said that , he jumped out of the bed, picked up his wallet and car keys from a drawer and then walked up to me

“Let’s go Princess ”

Princess! did he just call me Princess?… well! he got it right , i am a Princess!

with a little smile, I got up from the chair, put on my shoes and followed behind him as we walked out of the house ,down an untarred road to the Popular Ago -iwoye market ……






The market was so rowdy and rough like it used to be . The loud voices of traders could be heard as they tried to see their wares

“Fine boy! come buy Pepper na”. a fat woman called and I scoffed silently, pulling Obianuju closer as we passed through a gate to the main market …

“This market is so big!” She remarked, looking around

“Sure! be careful so you don’t get lost”. I teased making her frown

“how will I get lost in this small market”

There she goes again, a big market now a small market!

“This market is not even as big as the one I used to go to back at home”.she boasted , squeezing her face in a funny way and I was forced to laugh…..

To tell the truth, in all my three years in Ago- iwoye , I have never been to the market , I only pass by it …..but this “pretty girl” walking beside me brought me out here in her own way ….


We soon got to the cloth section and Obianuju kept us entering the shops one after the other …

Chai! women and their problems!

” This gown is too expensive na”. I heard her query a fat man and I shook my head slightly as I moved closer to them

“What is going on here?” I asked and they both looked in my direction

“hmmmmh… Brother! Na your girlfriend , she talk sey she no fit but this gown #6000”. the fat man answered, touching a long black gown

“Yes na! It is expensive”. Obianuju joined in the conversation and I nodded

“It is not only expensive, it is also ugly”

“What!! she stared at me in surprise

“Do you have a better gown?” I directed the question to the man

“Yes oo! I get but she talk sey she wants long gown”

“Oh! Let me see the ones you have”. I told the man who immediately rushed inside his store

“But Demi , how can you say this gown is ugly?” Obianuju asked, biting her lips as she stared at the ugly gown

“That is because it is ugly”. I simply answered and she frowned ,facing me

Time stopped for a second as I stared at her face and I nodded slowly knowing I was fully trapped …

“Na the clothes be this “. The man loud voice snapped me back to reality and I slowly shifted my attention to him

he was holding sets of black gowns, white shirts, black skirts and even leggings….

“Han han! Uncle, we only asked for gown, why did you bring all of this ?”Obianuju fired the man

” I just wan show … the man tried to say but I cut in

“Don’t worry, I will pay for all of it”

“What!! they both chorused in unison

“I said , i will pay for it”. I repeated and Obianuju shook her head negatively

“You can’t be serious… I mean I don’t wear leggings and also the skirts and gowns are too short…..

“And will look good on you “, I added and then faced the man

“how much is your money?”

“ehen …ehen … just pay # 50k”. he answered and I nodded , taking my wallet out of my pocket

“Do you make use of POS?”

he nodded, holding out a POS

Good! I brought out the Atm and inserting it , I typed in my pin and made the payment….

“Ha! thank you so much”.the man greeted as he handed me a nylon bag filled with clothes….

“ehen .. hen .. so you should know , I also sell gold waist chain , leg chain , earrings, make up and other girly stuffs”. the man added , grinning like a fool

Igbo men and money!!

“No thanks, I don’t use any of that”. Obianuju chipped in and that was when I noticed she wasn’t on earrings….

I smiled lightly, she is all natural!

“Can I see the waist chain?”I asked the man and quickly, he rushed into his shop

” Who are you buying that for?” Obianuju frowned

“Someone special”. I answered and swears , I saw the pain in her eyes

“Oh!” Is it Susanna?” She probed on and I shrugged, ignoring her question…..:

Opening her mouth, she was about saying something when the man rushed out holding a glittering golden chain

her eyes grew wide as she stared at the chain

“Wow! It is so beautiful”

“Na original chain”. the man boasted

“Obviously! how much is it?” I asked

“# 50, 000, last price”. he finalised , maintaining a straight face …….

And without any query , I emptied my wallet as I handed all the money I had on me to the man

“That is #50k”. I told him and he smiled sheepishly, counting the money . when done, he nodded in satisfaction and then packaged the Chain, handing it to me….

“Thanks so much”.

“It is nothing”I muttered, nudging at Uju and we both walked up the untarred road as we headed back home…..


By the time we arrived , it was already dark;we walked through the gate to my apartment and on climbing the short stairs, I opened the door and we both walked in….

“Do you still want to eat something?” I asked her as I bolted the door

“Do I look like a glutton?” She drawled , snatching the nylon bag from my hands as she walked towards the room

What is wrong with her? she has been moody ever since we left the cloth shop…

heaving a sign, I went into the kitchen to get something to eat and since I wasn’t good at Cooking, I brought out a canned food from the refrigerator and then walked out of the kitchen to the room…

The room was empty and from the sound of the tap running, I knew she was in the bathroom….

I sat down on the chair to eat and when I was done, I put the can away and drank out a little from the bottled water ; then i reached for my laptop about to video call my dad when Obianuju returned the room , wearing one of the leggings on a white top…

My eyes popped out of my head as I seized her up and down , from the way her ass bounced as walked , I could tell she wasn’t wearing panties…

“Don’t just stare at me , go and bath”. she snapped at me

“Yes ma’am!” I drawled, getting up off the chair as I dragged my feet to the wardrobe …

She seemed different, this was certainly not the naive girl who gave me her virginity….

Opening the wardrobe, I pulled out a clean brief ,closing the doors as I went over to the bathroom; then I pulled off my clothes , dump it inside the cloth basket , took a quick shower, wore my briefs and returned to the room to see her laying on the bed , her head buried in a book as she wrote into it ….:

” I saw this book on the table , it’s pages are without inks , Can I make use of it ?”She asked , her gaze still fixed on the book

I smiled lightly, Are you going all literature with me?”

Literature!she repeated, turning sideways to face me .

her gaze wandered over my chest , coming back to my face and then she looked away

“erm.. I never .. knew a medical student.. erm knows a thing on literature”. she stuttered as I smiled

“Well! not really , but I love reading novels”. I stated , joining her on the bed

“Really! if that is the case , I will be needing your help”

“My help!on what?” I asked

“On this “. She held up the book for me to see

I glanced through it , it was a sketch work of a story without a heading

“It is just too frustrating, I keep on cancelling at intervals”

“Then you should work on something simpler?” I suggested and she shot me a puzzled look

“Something like what?”

“ … Vampires”

“No”. She objected dryly


” No”

“hmmmh…what about drugs .. I mean you can write something about a Mafia drug lord.. you know like a romance action story”….

she smiled lightly, “brilliant! I love the sound of that”. She said , writing somethings into the book

I tried to peek but she quickly closed it as she giggled

Did I ever have the thoughts of playing her? If yes, I must be stupid!

“Do you have an English name?she suddenly asked

“Yep!” I answered

“Okay!” She said , urging me to continue

“What do you need it for?”

“Just tell me”. she insisted and I signed

only my mum calls me by the name….

“Troy!”I muttered softly and she nodded as she continued writing in the book .

When she was done , she put the book away and then pulled up the covers, facing me

“I am feeling sleepy”

“Alright!” I said , trying to get off the bed but she stopped me with her voice

“Don’t! sleep beside me”

And with that , she turned her back on me , facing the wall

I stared at her for a moment and then smiled knowing she was no longer angry with me but still, I need to apologise to her….

Laying down beside her , i switched off the light bulb , listening to the sound of our heart beating and soon drifted off to sleep…..






The first ray of the morning sun poured into the bed room window, I squint at it as my forced my eyes opened ….

I looked around me, I was all alone in the room

“Where is Demi?” I wondered

glancing at the huge wall-clock, it was 7;20 am; instantly , I jolted up from the bed , i had an 8:00am Lecture to catch up with ….

I scurried to the table , grabbed the nylon bag of clothes and then rushed into the bathroom…..

Pulling off my clothes, I took a quick back , dried my body with Demi,s towel and then hurriedly changed into one of the new clothes, a short black skirt and a white satin top to be precise and then returned to the room , holding the nylon bag…..

I dropped the nylon on the bed as my gaze wandered around for my shoe but it was no where to be found…

where is my shoe ooo?

The door suddenly creaked opened and Demilade walked in , holding a black nylon bag…..

“Good morning!” I greeted first, smiling

“morning babe!”he responded as roamed all over my body and I looked away , feeling uneasy at his steady gaze

“The clothes look good on you”. he remarked and I blushed shyly

“Thanks!but my shoe , I can’t find it ”

“That is because I threw it away”. he said nonchalantly and I stared at him , disbelieving

Is he for real?

“Here! I got you another one” he handed the black nylon bag to me …..


Opening the bag , I looked into it to see a suade black shoe with a black hand bag

“Oh my gawd! Demilade! This is too much”. I muttered and with just a nod ,he squatted down in front of me , pulling my skirt down a little …

I became alarmed, what is he trying to do?

I tried wriggling my body out of his strong hold but stopped when I felt something cold around my waist …..The gold Chain

So I was the special person he was talking about?

I touched it to be sure I wasn’t dreaming and yes I wasn’t, there was a gold chain around my waist ….

“You like it?”he asked , straightening up to stare into my face and i stared back at him, blankly

what is he up to this time around?Is he trying to fool me ? Is he trying to play with my heart again?

The painful memories of that night flooded in , the night I foolishly lost my virginity.I couldn’t hold my tears any longer , I was reminded of my pain, so I let them fall freely

“Baby!” he called softly, trying to hold my hands but I slapped his hands away

“Baby! Don’t ever call me that”. I yelled, taking a step backward and he sighed, Shaking his head vigorously.

“I know i hurt you bad and believe me when I say I am truly sorry”

I scoffed “sorry! and what will that do? will it restore my virginity? will it heal my broken heart?”

” Sure it won’t .all I am asking for is a chance, I promise to take all your hurt away”. he begged , drawing nearer as he closed the space in between us …

he was so close , his breathing was the only thing I could hear as it fanned me……

Take away my hurt! with his money! Just like the way he payed for my virginity, no way!

“The #30,000! I will bring it to you tomorrow”. I said aloud ,my voice coming out hoarsely

he stared at me confused for a while and then he nodded

“Of course you should. i was a big fool to think I could buy your virginity , to think i could buy you but now I have come to realise how priceless you really are…..

“Ademilade!”I muttered softly as he smiled

“Yes baby, you are truly priceless”. he repeated and a warm feeling settled in my heart……


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