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Broken promises





I kept on stealing glances at Demilade as he drove down to Ijebuode , I wanted to be sure it wasn’t a dream ….

Demilade likes me!he is right beside me!he is driving down to another town all because of me!…. Amazing…

Smiling , I leaned back on the seat humming my favourite song(broken vessel by hill song) when I felt a cold hand caress my skin….

I jerked my head up , startled and on realising that he was the one , I heaved a sigh as i held my hands to my chest

“Good Lord!You scared the hell out of me!” I exclaimed , and he smiled lightly , his left hand still on my laps …

“I m sorry!” he apologised , running a finger along my exposed thigh and instantly, my stomach twisted in a knot making a burning sensation flutter down my tummy ….

“arrwwch!” I screamed softly and he laughed

“you like it?”

I nodded , biting at my lower lips as his hand moved up to my “under”

“stop please stop”. I pleaded weakly but he didn’t budge, instead he shifted my pant and began playing with my”under”

My whole body vibrated , my eyes dazed like I was in a trance.

and to think he was doing all this while driving gave me the chills , what if he looses focus and run into a moving car or worst still , a trailer?no way , I can’t die now ……..

“Focus.. on.. the … road.. please”. I begged , picking my words and he chuckled, pulling his finger out of me ….

“Adjust your clothes , we are already at the chemist”. he simply said , pulling off the road as he slowed down parking in front of a building painted white ….

I quickly adjusted my clothes , feeling shy all of a sudden

Did I just let him touch me again?

Opening the door , he alighted from the car and I did same at my own end; then we walked into to the chemist ,straight to the attendant desk ….

“Good evening ma”am!”he greeted the woman on seat

“Evening dear! how can I help you?”the woman asked looking at him , at me and then back at him…

“She need an inhaler”. he answered , staring down at me

“Yes, ventolin inhaler”. I butted in and the woman nodded , opening a glass cupboard as she brought out a brand new inhaler….

“It is #2500!” she told me as she put it inside a nylon bag , handing it to me ..

“#2500! but ma , that is too much”. I queried making Demi scoff

“Don’t mind her! I will pay for it”.

And with that , he brought out his wallet from his pocket and opening it , he handed the woman #3000….

“You can keep the change”. he said to the woman who smiled sheepishly


“It is nothing”. he assured and then faced me

“Let’s us go”….

Following behind him, we headed for his car and on getting in , he started the ignition , made a u-turn and drove off, speeding…..


The car skidded to a halt in front of a huge building and i looked out of the window confused

Why did he park here?aren’t we suppose to be on our way home?

“Mosun Cafe!” I read the wordings boldly written on the wall and then turned sideways to face him

“Why are we here?”

“to relax”. he simply answered as I furrowed my eyebrow , checking the time on my phone

It was 7:00pm, no wonder it is already getting dark!!

“It will be a dinner date”. he quickly added and I shot him a surprise look …

“Dinner date!” I repeated and he nodded , smiling

wow!he is smiling at me again!!

“will you go on a dinner date with me right now ?” he asked, staring into my face and I swallowed hard , staring at the image of me in his eyes….

“Will you?” he repeated and I nodded sheepishly

“Good girl!” he remarked, opening the door as he stepped out

I followed suite and we both walked into the Cafe ….


The cafe was a classic looking one so I wasn’t surprised when a man on white overall came ushering us to a seat

“You are welcome!” he greeted as we comfortably, what can I offer you?”

“Chicken and chips” I blurted out and immediately clamped a hand over my mouth ….

“Chai! I don disgrace myself”

“Is that all?” Demi asked, he wasn’t even bothered with my uncultured manner

I nodded shyly

“Good! I will have the same”, he told the man who nodded before running off

” and don’t forget bottled water”. he called after him, facing me …

“So do you like it here?”

“Yes!” I answered, looking around , this place is nice but can we please leave here before 7:30?” I pleaded as I was seriously worried about getting to my room late ….

he smiled lightly” you afraid of your brother?

“It is not that , i just feel…i tried to say but he cut me off

“Then spend the night with me, i want you in my arms this night”

“What! was the only thing I could say as I was speechless

Spend the night in his arms,is he for real?

“Yes baby! I want you in my arms “. he repeated , leaning towards to caress my hair as I gulped down nervously

baby! he called me baby again!

“Just say yes pleasssse”. he begged and I exhaled deeply, shaking my head…

I needed to be clear about something first!

“Susanna! what will happen to her?” I asked , my voice coming out low

he seemed to be taken aback by the question and then he composed himself, smiling lightly

“Don’t tell me you are jealous”

“No! I am not Jealous, I just don’t want her to be around you”. I confessed

“We are saying the same thing?”he drawled

he stared hard at me for a while and then he sighed .

“fine! fine! If you don’t want her to be around me then I tell her off , Are you okay with that??”

I nodded , my heart bubbling with excitement

Demi likes me ! he really do like me !

“So about the night! will you ……..

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I screamed , cutting in and he leaned back on the chair , smiling…

quickly, I picked up my phone from the table, scrolled through it for Faith’s number and when I saw it , I clicked on it , typing

“I will be spending the at night at Shakirat’s , don’t wait up for me “……….






I never knew it would be this easy , Just a little sweet talk and she is all ready to share a bed with me …..

tsk… tsk.. tsk… she is so cheap, no, she is so naive and foolish…


After the so-called dinner date , we left the cafe and headed for the car….

The night was far spent but the streets were still busy…. well I wasn’t surprised as Ijebu ode is a large town…..

without wasting time, we got into the car and on starting the engine, I drove off , speeding!!


It was past curfew time when I drove into the big compound ….

“Boss man! Twale baba!”a boy seated in front hailed and I honked twice , driving past him to my apartment …:

“You are quite popular!”Obianuju remarked and I nodded absentmindedly , parking….

She has been quiet , wrapped in her own thought throughout the drive…. or wait! Is she trying to change her mind? no oooo ! she should better not try it or else I will rape someone’s daughter this night …..

Just kidding though, i don’t rape girls and never will I try it !!

Opening the car, I hopped out and she did the same at her own end, hugging herself as she shivered

“You feeling cold?”

“Yes!” She answered, gritting her teeth and I smirked mischievously

This will make it easier!

Pulling off my Jacket, I wrapped it around her .placing one of my hand on her shoulders as we climbed up the short step to the balcony…

I tried pushing the door opened but it was locked from inside

Sh*t! I cursed silently knowing those idiotic friends of mine were inside..

“open this door now!” I half yelled , banging on the door and instantly the door opened to reveal a drunk Tobi

“Guy!” he greeted, his dilated eyes darting slowly from me , Obianuju and then back at me…..

“What is she doing here?” he asked, frowning

“It is none of your business!” I retorted,shoving him lightly as i walked into the sitting room to meet an “annoying sight”

Right seated on the sofa was Kewe and a second guy named Prince , they were both smoking heavily and when I say smoking, I meant Marijuana…

“Guys! what is the meaning of this now?” I queried

“What is the meaning of what? Abeg come sit down jo, you dey form good boy because of the girl wey you carry ba!” Kewe retorted

hearing the word “girl” made me brain click and I looked around me for Obianuju but the “virgin girl” was no where to be found

Where is she???”

And as if reading my thoughts, Tobi answered

“She ran off to your room”.his voice was very low making me shift my attention to him

he was leaning against the door , with a far away look in his eyes

“You alright??” I asked him as he met my gaze

“The girl! why did you bring her here?” he fired at me

“Why do you care?” I fired back at him ….

“That is because she is too innocent for a vile creature like … he paused , trailing off and then collapsed on the floor

What is wrong with him? I wondered , sitting on the sofa as I joined the “smokers”…

Opening the mole bowl , I brought out a rolled up Marijuana and lighted it up , inhaling all of the smoke

“You need tramador?”the second boy , prince asked

“Nope!” I answered , popping the p as i grabbed the almost empty bottle of baron , pouring its last content into a cup….

“Han! han! Prince you are a bad person! tramador ke, do you want him to kill the girl?”Kewe slurred and we all laughed…. well! except Tobi who Just sat there , staring at us blankly …..

“Crazy bastards!” I heard him curse…






Laying on the big bed, I kept on turning and tossing as I waited for Demi….

Why is he taken too long?or is he smoking with his friends?…..argh! no ooo, me I can’t have a smoker as a boyfriend….

Reason; my dad was once a smoker and I being a kid then watched him harass my mum physically….though it is all in the past , I still find myself crying whenever I remember the pain my mum passed through…

“Mum!” I muttered softly , picturing her in my mind.

She is my role model! my gist partner and my adviser ….

“then if she is your role model, why aren’t you abiding by her teachings?”a tiny voice in my head asked

“That is because! that is because!”I stuttered not knowing what to say and Just then , the door flung opened and Demi walked in shirtless

“hi babe!” he greeted , bolting the door;then walked up to me , smiling

I stared at him , observing

There was something different about him. his eyes was red and ….Ewoo! he is drunk!

“You ready for me?” he slurred, Joining me on the bed as he laid beside me ….

“Ready! what do you mean?” I picked my words as i was scared of this “new Demilade” and before I knew it , he came on me , pinning me to the bed as he kissed me roughly…

his breathe was a mixture of alcohol and something I could not quite place my finger on …

“Demi! you choking me”! I breathe into his mouth

“Sorry! he apologised as he moved his lips to my neck , s-----g on it ;instantly those weird feelings returned and I vibrated in pleasure

his fingers slid down my back as he searched for the Zippers of my dress , when he found it , he unzipped the gown pulling it down ……

I covered my m bra with my hands and he chuckled, pinning my hands on the bed with one of his hand and using the other to unclasp my bra; then he flung the bra to the floor

My boobs was exposed and his eyes twinkled as he stared at it

“You have got nice t--s!” he remarked , taking it into his mouth as he suckled on it

I widened my eyes in surprise, I thought breast was only meant for babies…. but mehn, the feeling was heavenly!

“Deeeeeeeeeemi!” I screamed softly

“Yes baby! moan my name loudly”. he grunted

Moan! what is the meaning of that!i thought within and that was the exact moment he slide my panties down over my calves ,over my feet

“Don’t move”. he said , pulling down his trousers along with his briefs and what I saw Jolted me back to reality….A huge d**k ….

and in a split-second, he pushed the erect d**k inside of me and a surge of pain spiralled through me

I felt numb, it was as if my abdomen was split apart

“Please stop!” I pleaded weakly , bursting into tears as he continued thrusting in and out of me ,slowly at first and then he increased his pace ..

“Demiiiii pleeeasse”! I screamed out of my lungs as I hit him hard in his chest trying to push him away and he grunted lightly, wrapping his hand around my calves as he f**ked me harder

I gasped audibly in pain , snuffling as the tears rolled than freely ….

closing my eyes , my mind drifted off to the promise I made to myself…:

Oh Uju! why! why did you give out yourself so cheaply?

“That is because he said he likes you”. My subconsciousness answered and despite the pain, i smiled lightly

Yes he likes me and I like him too….

“I am cumming baby! I am cumming!” he suddenly screamed, holding me tightly as he released some stuff into me….

We stayed like that for some minutes and then he rolled off, laying beside me…

“Good night!”he bade , switching off the light bulb

“night!” I managed to say and soon drifted off to sleep …..



Next morning


A sharp pain on my left n----e disrupted my sleep and I opened my eyes to see Demilade laying on top of me , careful not to crush me with his masculine body as he nibbled and suckled my boobs vigorously…

Not again!!!

I tried to sit up but he held me down, meeting my gaze

“when did you wake?” he asked calmly

“just now”.i answered, my voice coming out hoarsely

“oh!he exclaimed softly as he continued nibbling on my breast making me close my eyes in pleasure….

“Deeeeemi….please ….today is Sunday , I need to go.. to church”. I moaned loudly and he smacked his lips , smiling

“that will be after a quick morning sex”

“No, I am st… I gasped when I felt his d**k go into me

“still hurting”. I completed, wriggling my body in painful pleasure

“Does it hurt like yesterday?” he asked , thrusting in and out of me gently

“No!”I shook my head negatively and that was the truth, I wasn’t feeling as much pain as yesterday….

he was quiet for a while and then said

“I am sorry!”

“Sorry! why? for what?”I asked in a rush and he smiled lightly , ignoring me as he increased his pace …

“Oh God! Aaaah! Please “. I kept on screaming till I felt something building up in me….

What is this one again? Is it wee abi what? I wondered tensing my muscle as I tried to hold it back

“Don’t hold it in , let it all out”. he said and when i did,it came dripping down my leg

“That was your organsm and now i am about to have mine”

having said that , he held me tightly vibrating as he released some stuff into me again; then he rolled off me , panting..

“I am done with you, you can go freshen up!”

weakly , I dragged myself out of the bed and limped over to the bathroom to freshen up….

I stepped into the bathtub ;turning on the tap as i scrubbed and washed out all of the dirt in and outside my body and when i was done, I returned to meet an empty room

Where did he go?

I limped towards the bed and that was when i saw it , the blood on the sheet

Tears welled up in my eyes and I quickly looked away in guilt…

Uju! Don’t cry, it has happened already!

reaching for my clothes, i hurriedly changed into it ; then I picked up the nylon bag containing my inhaler along with my phone and was about leaving the room when the door creaked opened and Demilade walked in holding a glass of water…..

“hey! You already dressed”. he observed and I nodded , seizing him up and down

he was wearing only a blue briefs and believe me when I saw he looked hot ….

Omoo! so this cute guy is my boyfriend… Amazing

“here!” he said , handing me the water and two white pills

“What is this?” I arched my eyebrow looking at the pills and then back at him

“It is called Postinor, it helps to prevent pregnancy”.he explained and I nodded, throwing the pills into my mouth as I washed it down with water

Pregnancy was the last thing I needed right now!

“but erm my blood is still on the bed sheet”. I told him as I handed the glass back to him

“I know! I will take care of it”.he assured, walking past me to his drawer; then he opened it and brought out a wad of cash

“This is #30,000!” he said,throwing it to me and I caught it , staring down at the money in awe

“#30,000! what for?”

“Well..Let’s just call it a payment for your virginity”. he drawled

“What! I exclaimed in shock and he laughed loudly

“Just kidding! Use that to get whatever you want”

“Awww! thanks so much”. I smiled widely

“No! I should be the one thanking you , you gave me your virginity and I must admit that you are very sweet on bed”. he praised making me blush

“Oh!if you say so , i will be leaving now”

“Alright ma’am!”

“I will call you dear”. I said smiling to myself

“Don’t! I will be do the calling “he spoke slowly, it was as if he was mocking me ….

“Oh! Okay”. I agreed , turning around as I walked out of the room…

I was expecting him to kiss me , hug me …you know do things that boyfriend and girlfriend always do but I was disappointed, he just slammed the door shut , he didn’t even offer to give me a ride …….


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