At What Cost - S01 E82

3 months ago

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Thick black smoke from the fire began to slowly cover the area.

This real bad, we are sitting ducks in this smoke, Felix said to Benson.

I know, but I need you to run, I am already beaten soon to be dead.

What are you saying, Felix inquired.

I will soon die and….

Shut your trap, you have watched way to much movies and I am not leaving you for anything, Felix said coughing hard because of the smoke.

Ring, ring

Hun, who is calling, Benson asked.

I don’t know

Well check and pick the call.

We in a mess and you saying I should…

Pick the goddamn phone!!!

Alright, Felix said and slowing picked the call


Hello Felix

O it is you, but now is not a really good time to…

I know but please just tell me the situation of things, purity pleaded.

Ok I will be brief, Jordan doesn’t seem recognize to Benson nor I and he wants to kill us, he said amidst coughing .

Ok but did you try talking to him, purity asked.

No, I said he is trying to kill us, he is not giving us the chance to get close to him, all we can do is to fight back.

Hello, hello, Felix since there was no response

In the fez base purity was lost in thought, think, think, God help me, OK, when someone slaps you, turn the other side,

Ok, Felix do not fight back, do not, purity said.

Excuse me

Don’t…., a tyre was thrown by jordan which hit Felix hand, phone and here making Felix let go of the phone.


I am okay but we seriously need to leave this smoke.

Foom, another tyre narrowly missed Felix head.

Well what did purity say, Benson asked.

She said we shouldn’t fight back, Felix replied looking around .

Then well we shouldn’t, Benson said heeding to purity.

So we should just watch him kill us, Felix said.

Dude, Fighti back has yielded no result, so I not going to fight again,Benson said.

Hope this work, Felix said.

A tyre was hurled at Felix abdomen making him take few steps back, and jordan didn’t relent, he continued attacking breath but Felix didn’t blocked the attack.

Jordan, jordan, listen to me, Felix tried talking to him as he was hit be jordan.

Jordan was about to raise his hand to strike Felix

Brother!!! Felix screamed closing his eyes.

Felix, Jordan said Coming back to his senses.


Oh, no, what I have done, Jordan looked around holding his head, as the smoke dissipated.

Fez, Jordan said running to the decapitated body of fez,

Felix are you alright, Felix, jordan said looking back since there was no reply but he saw Felix on the floor fighting for breath because the smoke he inhaled triggered his mild asthma while Benson with a pale face laid on the floor.

Jordan quickly ran to Felix and Benson, and put them on his shoulders .

Find me, jordan yelled as he ran and a car parked in front of him, so he put Felix and Benson in the car, he gave Felix a small oxygen tank to assist his breathing and he removed the sword from Benson leg, apply a few stitch, and he sped to the rust base.

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