At What Cost - S01 E83

3 months ago

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Jordan finally reached the rust HQ, and quickly brought Felix and Benson a doctor.


Benson with a crotch, Jordan and purity were in a room in the fez base with Felix, discussing the next plans.

So what is the way forward, Benson asked.

Well, the ferrions leader is dead, their HQ destroyed, so basically the president, the general and Mr Johnson, Felix with hate in his voice.

Are we going to leave it at it is or go after them, Benson asked.

Go after them, Felix replied.

Can’t you just let go,as long as you keep those feelings of hate in your heart, you will still be subject to that person, purity said to Felix.

How can I just let go, I had countless nightmares because of them, Felix was still speaking when purity interrupted.

Have the nightmare stopped since you kill them.

No, but I think it will only if I kill every single one of them, Felix answered.

I don’t think it will, I once had intense hate towards someone, I had terrible nightmares of him killing me but once I started attending purity church, listening to the pastor, l decided to let go and the nightmares stopped, I agree with purity, Benson said.


Felix was interrupted by jordan.

I agree with them both, since our parents and siblings died,i became someone else,

because I tend to lose control when am I angry, you are living witness of that fact, heck I even killed fez the one whom saved me,i promised Nara the day l lose control again, I will drop my sword, so I am not going be the ninja again and I am leaving, Jordan dropped the bombshell.

What, why, Felix asked

Nothing much, I just need this time alone, Jordan replied.


Felix, I am really going to miss you but it is important I do this, now come here, jordan said spreading his arms for a hug.

I am going to miss you, Felix said in a sober tone amidst hugging Jordan.

Jordan released the hug, I am going now but I promise to come back, bye for now, he said to them and left the room.

I am going to miss him too, Benson said.

Purity I really need to see your pastor, Benson said.

Ok, I can call him and arrange a day for us to meet.

Thank you, Benson replied.

Felix are going to come, purity asked him.

I am not so sur….

Don’t worry, I will drag him, Benson interrupted.

It is settled then, purity replied.


Any information about them, Sanju asked.

No, a foreigner replied.

What about the lady,

We only know she go to a church but she hasn’t visit the church since last month though she had frequent conversations with the pastor,

Good, send me the address of the pastor, I am going to pay him a visit.

But he is a pastor,

Leave it to me, I am going to make an offer he cannot refuse.

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