At What Cost - S01 E81

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I am out of ammo, too, Felix said after he and Benson both manage to damage the ninja silver and gold suit revealing his normal black outfit combining a stun gun and a normal gun to disrupt the magnetic force of his suit.

The ninja removed the remaining piece of the suit Nara made for him threw it.

How do we stop him, Benson said panting heavily.

I don’t know, let just beat the rage out of him, Felix suggested.

Easier said than done, Benson said knowing it was almost impossible and the tanker explosion fire was not put out, so the fire was spreading fast.

Felix and Benson both engaged jordan, Felix throwing punches and Benson throwing kicks yet they couldn’t still best Jordan but instead they got it by Jordan.

Jordan caught Felix fist and Benson leg simultaneously, he raised Benson leg making Benson do a back flip, landing hard on his back while he gave Felix an upper cut and Felix fell.

Felix and Benson both stood up, with the former tongue seriously hurt, by Jordan uppercut which trapped his tongue between his teeth.

His skills and fighting intellects surpasses ours combined , if we continue like this we are going to be killed, Benson said.

You think, Benson said not removing his eyes from the ninja who was swinging his sword and threw it at Benson but Benson dodged with his eyes following the sword, when he wanted to look at Jordan again, a punch got in contact with his face breaking his two of his teeth.

Felix picked up the sword, but he quickly let go of hit for the sword handle brought nail like objects which pierced is hands.

The ninja started ferociously attacking Felix swinging his sword and he picked the second sword,jordan raised his sword with both of his hand and wanted to slice through Felix head but Felix caught the sword with both of his hands.

Felix left knee was on the ground with his hands gradually getting close to his head because Johin was applying force.

Suddenly Benson from behind gave brutal upper cut to jordan nether region, pain could be seen in jordan eyes who dropped his sword holding the region, Jordan now momentarily defensless received a spear from Felix.

Felix and Benson took a breather for they are almost exhausted after hours of fight with Jordan.

Dude,I never new you had gap tooths,, Felix sneered.

Benson glared at Felix then say, he punch two of my tooth out and Benson spat out blood.

Jordan stood up showing no sign of tiredness, removing his mask and top part of his costume off, revealing his well chiseled upper body, .

How on earth is he still standing, Benson exclaimed.

Jordan brought a piece of cloth and tired is eyes with it then twisting his neck.

Benson dont, Felix tried calling Benson seeing him charge at Jordan going his straight for his neck.

Jordan caught his hand, used his knee to hit Felix abdomen making Benson somersaul.

Crack, was the sound heard after Jordan broke the arm of Benson, and he was about to hit Benson temple but the timely intervention of Felix prevented it.

Felix picked both of jordan sword and swung it at Jordan, trying to hit him but jordan blocked it and caught one of the sword in, the hand started bleeding but he still manage to bend the sword and he used his elbow to force Felix backwards.

Felix with the sword, Benson now standing holding his broken arm, Jordan In their middle blindfolded.

Both of them charged at Jordan, Jordan twisted his body and directed Felix sword to hit Benson right leg and he kicked Felix back making him plunge the sword more into Benson leg.

My leg, Benson shouted.

I am sorry, Felix said trying to remove the sword.

Dude , don’t, I will lose more blood, Benson said grinding is teeth.

Thick black smoke from the fire began to slowly cover the area.

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