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Hanson was busy in the kitchen, cooking when the manager informed him that the CEO wanted to see him.

He finished up with what he was doing and he went to Ross’ office.

“Mr Ross”, he said to him.

“Take a seat”, Ross said to him.

“How’s everything going in the kitchen?”

“Very well”.

“Okay. Great. It’s come to my attention that someone requested that my girlfriend’s bill on Sunday to be on the house. But I didn’t request that. So I was wondering if you knew who did that”.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about?”

“Really? Because when I asked the waiter who attended to her. He said you made that request”.

“Me? The only request I made was for my friend, Sasha and I took care of it”, he said and Ross looked at him in the strange way. “Oh you were talking about Sasha”.

“Don’t play smart with me. You knew I was talking about her”.

“Mr Ross. I don’t mean to over step my bounds but I know for a fact that you two aren’t dating so the information you gave me wasn’t too clear”.

“Oh so now you know about my relationship life”.

“ I don’t but I know Sasha’s”.

“I see. So what’s your deal? Are you trying to get her to like you? Because she’s way out of your league”.

“With all due respect Mr Ross. My life outside work isn’t anyone’s concern”.

“You made it my concern when you started lurking around with Sasha”.

“Mr Ross if there’s anything concerning my work here which you would like to know. I can give you information on that”, he said and Ross glared at him.

“That’ll be it for now”, he said and Hanson got on his feet. When he left, Ross requested for the manager.

“I’ll like to take a look at Hanson’s work file”, he said to her.

“Is there a problem sir?”

“I just want to be sure that he’s been on his best behavior”.

“If it’s that, then you have nothing to worry about. He’s the best we’ve had so far”.

“I see but I still want it to be sure”.

“Okay. You’ll get it right away”, she said and she left.


Sasha and her sisters were in the main living room, planning their birthday party.

“So in all, how many guest are we expecting here?” Sasha asked.

“For me, I’ll be expecting 50 or more”, Sally said to her.

“50?! What? Are you throwing a party for the whole world?” Sasha asked.

“Why are you acting like it’s a lot. Last time I had more than that”.

“You had it at Dad’s house and it wasn’t my business. But if you’re going to have it here, you have to cut it down. I don’t want over 50 college students in this house”.

“Sasha you’re being very annoying. Mum would have been cool”.

“Do you see mum here? I’m in charge. Unless you want to have it somewhere else”.

“Sammy let’s have it somewhere else. I can’t stand Sasha and her plenty rules”.

“I want to have it here”, Sammy said to her.

“Why? It’s not like you have a lot of friends to invite. The location shouldn’t matter to you”.

“I have a lot of friends to invite. I’m expecting 20 people”.

“20? Don’t tell me you’re paying people to come for the party”.

“I have new friends and old friends dummy”.

“Oh yeah. Your new church friends”, Sally said, chuckling.

“And what’s funny?”

“Nothing. I’m just wondering if they’ll like to party. You know how we do it here”.

“If you’re going to do it here as Sammy requested. We’ll tone things down to enable Sammy’s friends to be comfortable. So sally cut down your guest to 30 and Sammy can bring her 20 and then we’ll have 50”.

“Sasha!!! You…”

“And there’ll be less alcohol and no drinking games and body shots. There’ll be no making out in this house and there’ll be no…”

“That’s it. I’m having a separate party”, Sally exclaimed.

“Okay. Do what suits you. Sammy will have the whole house to her”.

“Why do you always have to side with Sammy?” Sally asked.

“Why do you always have to be self centered?” Sasha asked her.

“Hmmm. So if we’re both dying and you have to save one, you’d save Sammy right?”

“There’ll never be a situation like that and Sammy wouldn’t even want me to save her if I want to. And that’s the difference between you two!”

“So you’re saying that you’d save Sammy”?

“I didn’t say that”.

“Whatever. I hope you enjoy your first birthday party without me!” Sally said and she walked away.

“Don’t worry. I’ll talk to her and she’ll come around”, Sammy said to Sasha.

“But you don’t have to do all that for me and my friends. You can let Sally use the bigger poolside for her party and I can hang out with my friends at the garden or anywhere in the house”, Samantha said to her.

“You sure?”

“Yeah. I’ve not really been the party type. I just put up with it for Sally’s sake. So let her enjoy herself”.

“Okay but let her know that she should cut down that 50”.

“No problem. I’ll be inviting Hanson though. I hope you don’t mind”.

“Oh I don’t. I’d love to have him here”, Sasha said to her.

“Okay, I’m going to Sally”.

“Alright. I’m going to bed”, Sasha said and she went to her bedroom.

She was on her phone, going through old pictures and then she remembered the picture she took with Hanson. She took it out and looked at it for a while. She saw how wide her smile was and remembered how happy she was. She looked at Hanson and realized that what Alicia said was true. He was extremely handsome.

She decided to look for him on social media. She searched for his name and after going through the various Hansons, she finally found his page.

She opened it and she went through his pictures. She spotted one of his pictures with his bare chest at the beach with his friends and she ogled at it.

“Sasha get a grip of yourself and stop being a pervert”, she said to herself and when she was about to put her phone away she realized that she mistakenly liked the picture.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed and she unliked it.

“I pray he didn’t see it”, she said to herself and she threw her phone away. She laid on her bed for a while and got lost in her thoughts as she remembered how her life has been. She realized that she wasn’t thinking about Philip that much and was also not thinking about Roland or Ross or anyone.

“You just ogled at Hanson’s bare chest”, her subconscious self said to her.

“Leave me alone”, she said and she tried to get her mind off it. After a short while, she drifted off to sleep.


“So you’ve not been to the hotel in a week?” Mavis asked her.



“I don’t want to see Ross or his brother”.

“Okay, that makes sense. Did you go to church yesterday?”

“No. I slept over at Rachel’s place so I overslept”.

“Oh I see. But did Samantha go?”

“Yeah. She did”.

“Have you heard from Hanson?” Mavis asked and Sasha had a weird look on her face.


“I’ve been thinking of him a lot and they have been lustful thoughts and I feel like the devil. I mean Hanson is a full blooded Christian and I feel like I’m defiling him by having these thoughts and it bothers me”, she said, whining.

“I thought you said there’s nothing going on”.

“There’s nothing going on but when I showed his picture to my friends, they saw him to be hot and they felt I had something doing with him and it kind of messed with my head. I took a picture that we took at the bazaar and I found myself staring at his picture and it lead me to search for him on Instagram and I saw a picture of him with his bare chest and I can’t get it off my mind. His body was mind blowing”.

“Oh Sasha. I think it’s normal to do that especially when you’re single and your heart longs for someone to come in. When was the last time you saw him?”

“Last two Sundays?”

“Why do I have a feeling that he’s the one you’ve been avoiding”.

“He is the one I’m avoiding and I might see him tomorrow and I don’t know what I’ll say. I just don’t want my stupid lustily desires to ruin our friendship and he’s not even in my league. I don’t know why I have these thoughts about him”.

“Have you been watching romantic movies or reading romantic novels?”

“Mmm. Both?”

“That’s the problem. First it was Roland and now it’s Hanson. Your mind is placing them in as the characters you’ve been reading or watching”.


“I suggest you put a limit on it and focus on other things. I think you should have gone to church too. It would have helped. Also when you see him, act normal and I’m sure after a while, those thoughts will go. Where will you meet him at? The hotel?”

“No. It’s my sisters’ birthday tomorrow and Samantha invited him over for the birthday party”.

“Okay. So when you see him. Just be normal and occupy your mind with other things. Everything will be fine”.

“I hope so”.


It was the twins birthday and as Sally requested, her dad got her the car she wanted as a birthday gift. He also got Samantha a new car. Ann sent in her presents all the way from Greece and the twins were really happy to receive it.

The party was divided as Samantha requested. Sally had her friends over at the poolside whiles Samantha had hers at the garden.

Sasha was at her balcony with her friends talking and at the same time she had her eyes on Sally and her friends who were at the poolside.

“Sasha. Hanson is here and he wants to see you”, Samantha said to her.

“Uuhhhhh, our chef boy is here”, Alicia said, grinning.

“Can we see him?” She asked.

“No”, Sasha said and she left them at the balcony.

“Where’s he?” She asked Samantha.

“Your living room”, she said and Sasha nodded.

She took a huge breath and went to her living room. When she got there, she saw him, looking at her pictures on the wall.

“Hey”, she said to him and he turned around.

“Wow! Is it your birthday too?” He asked her.

“No. Why?”

“You’re looking so beautiful and you’ve out dressed the celebrant”, he said and she blushed.

“Well. You’re not looking bad yourself”.

“Thank you”, he said to her.

“You’ve got a nice place. The house is really huge”.

“Yeah. It’s my mum’s house though”.

“Oh yeah. I realized it”.

“So what do I offer you? Do you want a drink or something?”

“A drink but I’ll have that later. I got something for you”, he said handing a paper bag to her.

“Mmmm, it smells good. what’s it?” She asked as she took the content out.

“It’s new chicken dressing recipe I tried and I wanted you to taste it and tell me what you think”.

“Okay”, she said and she ate it.

“Oh my God. It tastes so good”, she said as she ate it.

“I’m glad you like it”.

“Like? I love it”, she said, eating it and she heard a noise behind the door. She opened it and saw her friends there.

“What are you people doing here?” She asked, whispering.

“It was Alicia’s idea”, Rachel whispered.

“Oh my God. He’s so hot. If he wasn’t a chef, I would have taken him”.

“Keep your voice down” Sasha said to her, whispering.

“Can we get some of the chicken. We want to taste it too”, Rachel said to her and she gave it to them.

“Now go!” She said to them and Lilian was smiling.

“What are you smiling about?” Sasha asked and Lilian pointed in the opposite direction.

They all turned towards that direction and saw Ross approaching them.

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