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Sasha and Hanson walked towards the restaurant and ended up walking by Ross who seemed to be occupied with a client.

“Hey”, Sasha said, waving at him.

“Hey Boss”, Hanson said, smiling at him and Ross glared at him.

“With that glare, I can tell I’m in trouble”, he said to Sasha and she laughed.

“Oh don’t worry. We’re not dating so he can’t have a problem with me talking to you”.

“Oh you broke up?”

“Yeah. I just want to be on my own for now”.

“That’s cool”.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”


“Have you ever had one?” She asked and he chuckled.

“Why will you ask me that? Of course I’ve had one. Not one, I’ve had quite a few”.

“Mmm, and where are they?” She asked as he walked her to a table.

“That’s a conversation for another day”, he said, pulling out a chair for her and she sat down.

“What would you like to eat?”

“What’s on the menu?” She asked and he signaled one of the waiters to bring the menu. He brought the menu and Hanson handed it over to her.

“Mmm. I’ll have the Apple juice and the chicken salad”.

“Just that?” Hanson asked.

“Yeah??? Why?”

“You said you were hungry and I was expecting you to get something heavy”.

“Oh. I ate too much at the food bazaar and it’s made me feel like I’m so fat”.

“You can’t get fat within a day. But I understand. You’ll have your food right away”, he said, walking away and she called out his name.

“Aren’t you joining me?”

“Oh no. I’ll eat at the employees dining room”, he said to her.

“Oh okay”, then I guess I’ll see you some other time.

“Sure. Before you leave, let me know”.

“Alright”, she said to him and he walked away.

After a short while, her food was served and as she was eating, Ross walked up to her and sat across her.

“You’re looking so beautiful in that dress. Are you coming from church?”

“Yeah. I am”.

“Wow, you go to church now?”

“Don’t make it seem like I’m a devil. I used to go to church before and I just got lazy”.

“Mmm, I see. What made you go today?”

“Uhhhh, my sister literally dragged me out of my bed”.

“Mmm, who? Sally or Samantha?”

“Samatha of course”.

“I didn’t know that she was a church person”.

“She’s not. We both went to Hanson’s church yesterday and she fell in love with the church”.

“Hanson’s church?”

“Yeah. I think you should come there sometime. It’s a really cool place. The word hits differently and the people over there are so friendly that it gets on my nerves”.

“I see. So you’re church buddies now?”

“If you put it like that”.

“This guy is sleek. He’s using church to lure you”.

“Ross don’t start. I’ve been in a good mood since yesterday. Don’t ruin it”.

“Wow. I’m ruining your mood by being a friend”.

“Be a friend and be happy that I went to church and stop trying to formulate things”.

“Hmm, you….”

“Hey beautiful”, Roland said, sitting by her and she wondered where he came from.

“That’s a really lovely dress”, he said to her and she blushed.

“Thank you”, she said to him.

“What are you doing here?” Ross asked him.

“I came by to drop something off and I spotted you two here. So I came to say hi”.

“What did you drop off ?”

“It’s in your office. You can go and see what it is”, he said, giving Ross a look and Ross got up.

“I’ll be back Sasha. I have to see what he’s up to”, he said glaring at his brother and he left.

“So what have you been up to? I wasn’t able to say much to you at the party and I’m really sorry about that”.

“Oh it’s fine”.

“Ross tells me that you two have broken up”, he said to her.


“Oops. Did he mess up?”

“Not really. It’s just a me thing”.

“When ladies say that, it’s either they’re not into the guy or he messed up”.

“It’s none of that. I just want to work on myself and be me for sometime before I get attached again”.

“That’s cool. My sister is also doing the same”.

“She sure has to”.

“Mmm, you still mad at her for what happened?”

“Not really and how did you know about it. Did Ross tell you?”

“No. My sister did”.

“And what did you think after she told you that”.

“It made me want to see the person who put her in her place”, he said, chuckling.

“You don’t like her?”

“Oh I love her. She’s my princess but she’s a spoil brat and sometimes has to be put in her place. You throwing the shoe was a little bit too much but if I was in your shoes, I probably would have done worse”, he said and she laughed.

“Only if Ross had the same thoughts”.

“You can’t blame him. He loves her so much”.

“I see. So besides running some of your mum’s hotels, what else do you do?”

“My mum’s hotels. Ouch. That hurts”.

“I didn’t mean it that way”.

“The hotels I run are actually mine and I’m also into medical equipments”.

“I see. That’s cool”.

“So besides being the child who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, what else do you do?”

“Ross didn’t tell you”.

“Of course he did. He bragged about how you owned your own real estate company”.

“So why did you ask?”

“Just trying to make small talk”, he said and she sneezed.

“Bless you”, he said to her as she tried to grab her tissue.

“I’m so sorry for that”, she said, trying to tuck the strand of her hair which was on her face. It wasn’t staying put and Roland stretched his hand to tuck it for her.

His touch made her feel tensed and she tried to shut her subconscious mind from messing with her.

“Roland! We need to talk!” Ross said, approaching him.

“Oops. I gotta go. I’ll see you later Sasha”, he said to her and he left with Roland.

Sasha heaved a sigh of relief when he left. She quicklyasked for the bill and was ready to run off because she didn’t want Roland to come and meet her again.

“It’s on the house Ma’am”, the waiter said to her and she nodded.

She quickly got up and left.


The following day, she met with her therapist and told her how she’s been attracted to Roland.

“Sasha relax. It’s just a mere attraction”.

“It’s not just a mere attraction. I’ve been dreaming of him and I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to hold myself back for long?”

“Has he made any advances towards you?”

“Not really? But I think he’s been flirting with me”.

“In what way”? she asked and Sasha told her more of their little conversations.

“Mmm, he’s probably just being nice and charming or he’s bad news”.

“Bad news?”

“If he’s indeed flirting, then you need to put some barrier between you two”.


“If he’s willing to flirt with his younger brother’s girl. Then he’s willing to do a lot more”.

“Maybe he’s just being nice and I’m overreacting”.

“Hmm. I’ll still say you have to be careful around him”.

“Hmmm. I’ll try”.

“So tell me about church and the food competition”, she asked and Sasha told her everything and how excited she was.

“Aww. I’m glad you were happy. How did you meet this Hanson guy?”

“At the restaurant which is a few meters away from here”.

“Oh yeah. I know that restaurant. I’ve eaten there once or twice”.

“Oh okay”.

“So how did he get to invite you for the program and how did he get you to come?” She asked and Sasha told her how they met and how things advanced from there.

“I see. He’s sounds like a very nice person”.

“He is”.

“I’m happy that you have a new friend who’s bringing a fresh positivity in you. Sometimes we actually need this”.

“Yeah but Ross doesn’t like him. He feels he’s up to something”.

“Do you feel that way?”

“No. Hanson is just a happy person and I don’t think he has time to be up to something. Ross is just being jealous I guess”.

“Has there been any sort of attraction between you two?”

“Who? Hanson?”


“Oh no”, Sasha said, laughing.

“We’re two different people in two different worlds”.


“Right now my battle is between Ross and his brother”.

“No. Roland is out of the picture. Even if he ends up proposing to you, you can’t date him. His sister and his mother already have an issue with you and Ross is crazy about you, getting together with his brother would tear the both of them apart and their mum and sister will detest you more. Do you want to be in a situation like that?”

“Hell no”.

“So you see. And I’m sure you don’t really like him. You’re just being lustful”.



“I don’t think so”.

“When you think of him? What part of you craves for him?”

“Mmmm. You’re right but how do I kill it?”

“I think you should avoid him and occupy your mind with other things. When he tries to flirt again, let him know that you’re not cool with it”.

“But I’m cool”, Sasha said, whining.

“It’s the lust speaking and trust me if you get with him. All you’ll do is have sex and you’ll be stuck up on him and then he’ll probably move on or do something to hurt you. If he’s willing to flirt with you, then he can do more”.

“Okay okay. I’ll try to kill it”.

“That’s best. I’ll encourage to keep going to church and work on your relationship with God”.


They talked for a while and then she left.


Sasha and her friends were in her room, celebrating Rachel’s engagement.

“I’m sure you almost cried when he didn’t do it the last time”, Alicia said to her and they laughed.

“Yeah. I almost cried but I had to comport myself and apparently, the ring wasn’t ready, so he couldn’t propose that day”.

“Aww. Let me see it again”, Lilian said, taking her finger and she looked at the ring which had Rachel’s name engraved on the diamond stone.

“This is so lovely. It was worth the wait”, Lilian said.

“Yeah. Where’s Ralph though?”

“Mmm. He suggested that it’s time he started hanging out more with his male friends. Since we started dating, it’s been a bit weird for us whenever we meet up here”.

“So your relationship is basically ruining our friendship with Ralph”, Sasha said to her.

“Did you miss your therapy today?” Lilian asked her and she rolled her eyes.

“She actually went to church yesterday too”, Rachel said and they were all surprised.

“Wow. What happened?” Lilian asked.

“A friend invited me for a food competition in his church which I went to and I was second”, she said, smiling.

“So you went to church just for a food competition?” Alicia asked.

“Yeah and that was on Saturday. He and the other church members invited Samantha and I for the Sunday service and I was actually not going to go because I was so sleepy but Samantha dragged me out of bed”.

“Wow. So you went with Samantha too?” Rachel asked.

“Yeah. She’s actually happy there”.

“So I’ve been inviting you to church for a long time now and someone else pops up and you just go. I’m hurt”, Lilian said to her.

“You should be happy that she’s going to church atleast. Who’s this friend though?” Rachel asked.

“Oh just someone I met at the restaurant close to the clinic”.

“Oh wow. You’ve been seeing someone all this while? No wonder you broke up with Ross”, Lilian said to her.

“No. That’s not why I broke up with Ross. And I’m not seeing anyone”.

“Is he hot? Do you have a picture of him?” Alicia asked and Sasha took the picture they took at the photo booth which was by her bedside.

“This is him”, Sasha said, showing it to them.

“Aww. You two look so cute with the paint on your face. You look so happy”, Rachel said to her.

“He’s so fineeee”, Alicia said, admiring the picture.

“Ross is finer”, Lilian said, rolling her eyes.

“The way you’ve been rooting for Ross, I suspect that you like him”, Rachel said to her.

“Oh please. I just like him for Sasha”.

“Whatever. What’s his name though?” Rachel asked.


“Aww that’s cute name. I’m team Hanson”, Rachel said, grinning.

“I’m team me. If you don’t want him, can I have him?” Alicia said, wiggling her brows.

“Don’t you have a boyfriend?” Lilian asked.

“I’m not married. Am I?”

“You hoe”, Rachel said to her.

“What does he do?” Rachel asked.

“Uhh. He’s a chef”, Sasha said and they were all quiet.

“Is that like a side hustle?”

“Nah. That’s what he does. He’s actually the head chef at Ross’ hotel”, she said and Alicia burst out laughing.

“You can keep him”, she said to Sasha.

“Don’t be mean”, Lilian said to her.

“Oh now I see why you’re not into him”, Rachel said to her.

“Oh it’s not about his job. We’re just friends”.

“Church friends”, Alicia said laughing. “It’ll be so funny if Ross has his own employee taking his girl from him”, she added.

“Okay. That’s enough. Let’s talk about something else”.

“Adriana?” Rachel asked.

“No. I don’t to talk about her”.

“Fine, let’s talk about my wedding plans”.

“Yes!” Sasha said and they talked for long while till they all left.


Sasha was about to go to bed when she received a text from Ross.

“You up?”

“I’m just about to sleep”.

“Okay. Then we’ll talk tomorrow”.

“Alright. Thanks for the food though”.

“What food?”

“The one I ate at your restaurant. The waiter said it was on the house”.

“Mmmm, I didn’t give any order like that”.

“Mm. Then I guess it was Roland. Goodnight”, she said and she put her phone away.

“Why would Roland do that?” He texted but she was already asleep and so there was no reply.

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