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“What’s he doing here? Did anyone invite him?” Sasha asked.

“I think I did”, Lilian said, shyly.

“Why would you do that?”

“I didn’t know that he wasn’t invited. We were texting and it slipped my mouth”, Lilian said.

“Hmmm. Please attend to him then. Take him to my balcony and let him know that I’ll be with him”, Sasha said and she shut the door.

“Sorry for that. My friends wanted a share of the chicken”, she said and he laughed.

“Let me know their feedback when you get back to them”.

“Okay. It’s really nice though. Thank you. Let’s sit. I don’t know why we’re even standing”, she said, chuckling and they took their seat.

“You missed the church service. What happened?”

“Yeah. I slept over at my friend’s place and I over slept”.

“Yeaahh. I think Samatha said something like that”.

“How was the service?”

“It was great. Some of the members asked of you”.

“Aww. Don’t worry, I’ll be there this Sunday”.

“Okay. So how’s everything been?”

“Fine. My therapy is going well and work is going well too”.

“That’s amazing. What work do you do?”

“You don’t know?”

“I don’t think you’ve ever told me about it”.

“Oh yeah. I own a real estate company”.

“Wow! That’s amazing. Is it something your parents previously owned or you work with them?”

“No. I started this myself. I didn’t want to work for my parents”.

“Oh I see. So you’re your own boss and your own woman. That’s awesome. I’m actually proud of you”.

“Thank you”, she said, blushing.

“Yeah. Not every one who was born with a silver spoon in their mouth can do this. Especially the ladies. No offense but you know what I mean”.

“Yeah. I get you”.

“How’s it so far? Did you face a lot of challenges?”

“Yeah. I did. My parents were not in support at first because they didn’t believe that I could pull it off especially my dad. I was working for him and so he wanted me to still be in his company. But I had a lot of savings and also some investors. My ex boyfriend and my friends too were a huge help to me”.

“I see, that’s amazing. You’ve got really supportive people around you”.

“Yeah”, she said, smiling.

“What about you?”

“You know where I work”, he said, laughing.

“Yeah. I mean, I want to know more about you”, she said to him.

“Don’t let me bore you with my boring life”.

“No, I’d want to know”, she said, placing her hands on his. He held it and squeezed it in a gentle manner.

“You sure? It’s really not a nice story and I don’t like talking about my past because it makes people feel pity for me when I’m actually okay”.

“You’re my friend, Hanson and you’ve been a good one to me and I’d love to know more about you”, she said, getting close to him.

They stared at each other for a while and he looked away.

“I think you should get me a drink. I’ll really need it now”, he said and she nodded.

“I’ll be right back”, she said and she left.

Ross stepped out of her room and saw her from afar.

“Sasha”, he called out but she didn’t hear him and he decided to walk towards her.

As he was walking he saw Hanson through the window and was surprised that he was there. He walked into the living room and Hanson smiled at him.

“Hey Boss”, he said to him.

“You’re really pushing so hard. You know she’s not in your league right?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about”.

“Do you think she’ll still be cool with you when she hears of your past”.

“What past?”

“Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. I did a research on you and I know who you are and what you did”.

“I really have no idea what you’re talking about”.

“Will you stop with the lies? How did you even get past the HR with a record like that?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You think I don’t know that you went to prison for rape? My team and I are getting to the bottom of it and when we’re done, you’ll regret the day you met Sasha”.

“How do you know that?! That record is sealed”.

“So you’re admitting that you’re a rapist?”

“What?” Sasha asked walking in with a bottle of wine and glass in her hands. She quickly placed it down.

“Ross what are you doing here and what are you accusing him of?” She asked, glaring at him.

“Will you tell her or should I do the honors?” Ross asked and Hanson looked away.

“He went to prison some years ago for rape. He raped his boss at work. She was a wealthy woman Sasha. This is what he does. Gets close to the wealthy women, milks them and then rape them! He’s a rapist!” Ross exclaimed.

“I’m not a rapist!” Hanson said in anger.

“So the records lie now? Stop lying you rapist. You’re a rapist! You filthy animal”.

“I’m not a rapist!” Hanson said, getting on his feet and he punched Ross in the face. Ross punched him back and they fought.

“Stop it! Stop it!” Sasha exclaimed and they continued to fight till she broke the bottle of wine.

“Sasha!” Ross exclaimed.

“Get out now!”

“Me? No way. I’m not leaving you here with him”.

“Get out Ross or I swear to God, I’ll stab you with this and I’m serious. You know how I got with your sister!”

“Are you serious? Sasha are you so naive to see what’s right in front of you?”

“You still here?”

“I’d rather leave”, Hanson said, walking away and she pulled him back.

“No. I want to hear your side of the story Hanson. I owe you that. The last time I was accused wrongly of killing my ex by Ross’ beloved sister and I know how it felt”.

“Are you really comparing it to this?” Ross asked.

“Just get out!!!”

“Hanson I don’t want to see you in my hotel. You’re fired”.

“You can’t fire me without purpose. I’ll sue you and your company!”

“Sue me? I’ll get you arrested for putting your paws on me. This isn’t over and just so you know, I’m a lawyer too!”

“See you in court”, Hanson said to him.

“Sasha. I’m really disappointed, where are your morals?”

“How dare you speak to me about morals. Go and ask your family to set their morals straight first. Your sister accuses people of being a murderer, your mum is a hater and your brother wants to get into my pants”.

“What? Are you really going to speak to me that way”.

“Keep playing with me and I’ll get with your brother just to spite you and your family!” She said, angrily.

“I’m out of here and I don’t want to see you again”.

“Get out!” She said and he left.

She was panting so much and Hanson tried to calm her down.

“Don’t touch me! Just sit there and tell me everything and you better not lie to me”, she said to him and he nodded.

He took his seat and then she sat across him.

“I’m not a rapist Sasha. This whole rape thing was part of what I wanted to tell you. My family was just a regular family with a regular income like every other normal family. My parents were able to put me and my big sister through school but they couldn’t help with college. God being so good, I got a scholarship to study pharmacy. I completed it successfully and I got an amazing job in which I got enough money to help my family. At the place where I was working, my boss kept making advances towards me. She was pretty and hot but I was just not into her. I told her that and she kept bothering me. She offered me money and a whole lot to just be with her and I couldn’t do that because of my Christian background. Then one day she ambushed me. She invited me over for a work dinner at home. I actually thought that she invited my colleagues too but when I arrived, she was the only one there. I felt uncomfortable but I just stayed. We had dinner and then she decided that we should watch a movie and as we were watching, she started touching me and at first I couldn’t resist but then I got the willpower to flee and as I was doing that she held onto me so tight and I struggled to get her off me and then she started screaming. She ran out of her house, yelling and shouting ‘rape’”.

“It all seemed like a huge dream to me. I couldn’t believe that it was happening. I quickly ran out and tried to stop her but then her opposite neighbor came around and the others too joined in. They harassed me and eventually called the cops. God being so good, I got a good lawyer and we were actually going to win the case but then I think the case got tainted and she won”.

“I went to prison and all I did everyday was pray. My family and my church members also prayed with me. Everyone believed me and that was what kept me going. Till one day, I got a call from my lawyer that there was a new hearing and that new evidence had been found. She had actually done this to someone in the past. Eventually I got exonerated and I got some money from it. I asked that they kept the whole thing sealed. Though I was innocent, I didn’t want my name to be tagged to something like that. So they sealed it and I’m honestly surprised that Ross found it”, he said to her and she was quiet.

“I’d understand if you don’t believe me or if its a lot to take in. I’d give you sometime to process everything and figure things out. I’m just glad that you gave me the chance to explain myself”, he said to her and he left.

Sasha just sat there, quiet as she processed everything.

After a while, she informed her friends that she had to get something. She got into her car and drove off to the clinic.

She told Mavis everything and she took her time to process everything.

“Hmmm. Are you finding it hard to believe him?”

“No. I actually believe him but I feel like I’m just blinded by him. His eyes look so innocent and I don’t think he’d lie to me but what if I’m wrong”.

“Hmm. I can’t also tell you to believe him because I don’t know him. But if you want to be at peace, I think you should use your connections to also dig into it to know but if you want to build an honest and trustworthy friendship with him, then you can trust your gut and believe him”.

“Hmm. I’m really confused. I don’t want to go digging. I don’t want to be that kind of person but I’m also scared to trust my guts and….”

She got interrupted by a mail from him. She quickly unlocked her phone and viewed the mail.

“He just sent me his police records”.

“What does it say?”

“He’s telling the truth”, she said, heaving a sigh of relief.

“Do you trust the report?”

“Yeah. He wouldn’t risk his life to send a fake report to me. I believe him and it looks legit”.

“Great. Then he’s sorted it out for you”.

“He’s the best”.

“Mmm, you’re really gaining something more for him”.

“I don’t think so”.

“I don’t think you should be in denial. If you like him, admit it and let’s see how slowly we’ll take it”.

“Do you think I’m ready for a relationship?”

“We’ve been going at this for months. I think you’re better now as a person. But for a relationship, I think you should take your time. Take things slowly”.

“Hmm. Okay. I’ll take my leave now. Sorry for bothering you”.

“It’s fine Sasha. I’m here for you anytime”.

“Okay bye”, she said and she left.


Hanson was in his living room, watching a football match when he heard his doorbell ring.

He opened it up and was surprised to see Sasha.

“Wow. I wasn’t expecting you”.

“Can I come in?”

“Sure”, he said, stepping aside for her to walk in.

“How did you find my place?”

“You once said I’m smart and should be able to locate you. So I don’t think you should be asking that question”.

“Yeah I shouldn’t”, he said, smiling.

“Have a seat”, he said and she sat down.

“Your couch is really comfortable”.

“Thank you. What can I offer you?” He asked.

“Just water and if you have that chicken you gave me earlier on, I’m down for it”.

“Okay. I’ll be right back”, he said and he walked away.

Sasha looked around the house. It was quite simple and neat. The walls were white and his couches and chairs were black. He didn’t have much in his living room as it was quite small but it looked really nice to her.

Hanson came back with water and the chicken in a plate.

“Your place is lovely”.

“Mmm, not as big as yours but thank you”, he said, chuckling.

“I’m really sorry for what Ross did and for not believing you earlier on”.

“Sasha. You don’t have to apologize. I understand and I’m actually surprised that you even decided to hear me out. I’m grateful for that”.

“Thanks for being understanding”.

“You’re welcome”.

“And I’m sorry that I’ve cost you your job again”.

“It’s not your fault Sasha. It’s all Ross and don’t worry, I’ll get him. My lawyer is the best”.

“How did you get the best lawyer. I mean how did you afford him or her”.

“It’s a her and she’s a church member. She took it as a pro bono case”.

“Wow. You’re really blessed and favored”.

“God had my back”, he said, winking.

“So do you think she’ll take this too as a pro bono?”

“I doubt but I’ve got enough savings to pay her”.

“Can I help?”

“Oh no Sasha, don’t worry I can handle it”.

“I want to help with maybe 50% of the pay”.

“I’m okay Sasha. Don’t worry”.

“You sure?”


“Ross is really sly though and he’s got connections. At least let me work with you and your lawyer. My connections will be of a huge help”.

“Sasha, I don’t want you to stress yourself with this”.

“I’m not stressing myself. I want to do this for you”.

“Okay then. You can you me”.

“Thank you”, she said, smiling.

“You’ve got meat stuck in your teeth”, he said, laughing and she felt shy. She looked away and tried to use her tongue to get it out.

“Here”, he said, sitting by her and offering her a dental floss.

“Thank you”, she said to him and used it.

“Is it okay now?” She said, looking at him with her mouth open, displaying her teeth.

“Yeah. It’s all good”, he said, smiling. “You’ve also got something in your teeth”, she said, smiling.

“What where?” He asked and she kissed him on the lip.

“I got it out”, she said and Hanson was in shock. They stared at each other for a while and then he kissed her back and as it got intense, he stopped.

“We can’t do this”, he said, getting up. Sasha was about to speak and they got interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Police, open up”, the person behind the door said and Sasha looked at him worried. He opened the door and saw the cops.

“Are you Mr Hanson Carr?” He asked.

“Yes. I am”.

“You’re under arrest for harassment and assault”.

“What? He didn’t do anything?” Sasha exclaimed.

“Sasha. Just get my lawyer for me. Her details are in my phone”, he said to her as they arrested him.

“Okay okay”, she said and they took him away.

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