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The Dragon Clan’s Power Saber ferociously chopped onto the Darkness Bell. The saber bounced away but the dark green Darkness Bell surprisingly turned nine-colored in a split second. An obvious crack had even appeared on the surface while a nine-colored radiance rapidly spreading outward shimmered on the surface of the crack.

Darkness Bell screamed out in agony. She could no longer care about Darkness Phoenix anymore. The bell shrank abruptly before transforming into a dark green radiance. It fled toward the depth of darkness with a ‘whoosh’.

Tang Wulin held Dragon Clan’s power saber in his hands as his nine-colored silhouette gracefully landed on the ground. He coughed as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Radiance flashed once as the power saber transformed back into the Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi. He grabbed Tang Wulin to support him. “Young master, are you injured?”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “I’m fine. That was a very powerful soundwave.” If an ordinary Soul Sage were to be in his place, the soul master would have been shaken until his spirit and soul were annihilated from the incomparably powerful soundwave earlier.

The Amorous Douluo controlled his domain while he paid attention to watch over the situation here. He approvingly nodded in his heart. Tang Wulin had grown in a true sense. When he worked together with his companions, he was already capable of rivaling powerhouses in the world of soul masters. If not because of his incomplete three-word battle armor, he would have been able to fight Darkness Bell for a very long time even without using this martial soul fusion skill.

More importantly, the speed of his growth was truly too fast. Even during this period of time when they were in Skysea City, Amorous Douluo could feel that Tang Wulin had changed when he had not met Tang Wulin for a few days. After so many years of cultivation, his abilities had elevated to the true sense of ‘entering expressway’. In a few years when he becomes a Title Douluo, his identities as the Sea God Pavilion Master and Tang Sect’s Sect Master would be recognized completely.

Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath. He regulated his body and unleashed his spiritual power so that he could watch over the distance to prevent Darkness Bell from coming back.

His internal organs were injured from the tremor earlier, but after the momentary regulation, he had mostly recovered already. The power of his self-healing ability was already no less than his senior disciple brother A Ruheng.

Even though he had yet to fully cultivate the Innate Secret Technique, the addition of Golden Dragon King Bloodline and a portion of the Innate Secret Technique were already rather terrifying in their effects.

Sima Jinchi was right by his side. He took a glance at Tang Wulin and felt surprised in his heart too. This was because he was capable of sensing Tang Wulin’s condition to a certain extent and could tell just how swift his recovery speed was at present.

On the other side, Amorous Douluo had finally managed to restrict Darkness Phoenix. Darkness Phoenix had completely sunk into deep unconsciousness and was held in his hands.

“We can have some sort of confession from her and it would be sufficient to prove something.” Amorous Douluo’s lips cracked into a faint smile.

Ever since the appearance of the Holy Spirit Cult, this was Tang Sect’s first success in handling it.

The trap was successful. Whether it was in the air or ground, when a division of mecha masters managed to encircle the entire battlefield, it meant that the evil soul masters could no longer possibly escape.

Amorous Douluo brought along Darkness Phoenix as they quietly left. On the other hand, Tang Wulin and the Blood Dragon Unit would be liaising with the specially appointed generals from the federal command on the surface.

However, their expressions soon turned unpleasant. They had not managed to capture living evil soul masters but a bunch of evil soul masters that had committed suicide and were vomiting black blood from their mouths.

A total of over four hundred were captured in the end, but the result was over four hundred corpses.

It carried foul stench along with intense toxicity. The federation had no choice but to seal the area first so that the biologists could come in and solve this problem before their eyes.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin had appeared before the Boundless Sea Douluo an hour later.

“Darkness Phoenix? Darkness Bell?” Chen Xinjie eyed the young man before himself with a burning gaze.

Of course, he would never personally attend to a situation like today. As the War God Hall’s Hall Master, he would have to focus more of his attention on the overall situation.

“The identities of these four hundred soul masters can be identified, but do you have the evidence that it was them who attacked my army?” said Chen Xinjie indifferently.

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. Was Chen Xinjie asking despite being fully aware? If not for a purpose, why were there so many evil soul masters and even the high-ranking personnel of Holy Spirit Cult?

“Two Darkness Heavenly Kings have escaped. All evil soul masters have committed suicide, leaving no evidence behind. How do we prove that the attack earlier was the doing of the Holy Spirit Cult?” Chen Xinjie’s choice of words was sharp and witty.

Tang Wulin had already regained calmness after the momentary surprise. “So you’re insisting on sending out the troops to war at once? I don’t have any evidence. There’s nothing I can do if you insist. I’m only doing the best that I can. As for the rest, it’s up to your judgment and decision.”

Chen Xinjie smiled. It was a smile that was rarely seen on his stern face.

The young man before himself was much steadier than he had imagined. The young man was outstanding. Chen Xinjie could not help praising in his heart for how the Bright Mirror Douluo deserved such a good successor here!

“Come and join the War God Hall!” Chen Xinjie smiled and looked at Tang Wulin.

Even though Tang Wulin had a steady temperament that far surpassed his peers and had passed through countless training for his willpower, but he still could not help feeling speechless as he was confronted by the Limit Douluo’s insinuating speech.

“Join our War God Hall and you’ll immediately become one of the candidates for the eighteen War Gods. There are still two vacancies in the eighteen War Gods at present. The position of War God Hall’s next-generation Hall Master will be yours if you can become a Title Douluo within five years. I’m going to retire in five years at most.” At this point, the Boundless Sea Douluo’s painful expression suddenly revealed the many vicissitudes that he had experienced in his life.

Tang Wulin’s lips twitched. “Your excellency, you have just been acquainted with me. Are you supposed to entrust me with such an important position?”

Chen Xinjie indifferently said, “there are some people that I have known for a lifetime, but are still just a nobody in my eyes. There are some people that I only need to take a glance at and I’ll know that I’ve found my successor. You should know the influence that the War God Hall has on the federation. I can tell you that you have your aims in the military too. Then, what else can be more helpful to you than being the successor of War God Hall’s Hall Master?”

There was no doubt that Chen Xinjie was very overbearing. He was overbearing enough to make others feel suffocated. The terms that he proposed were very attractive too. Tang Wulin believed that as long as he consented to Chen Xinjie’s proposal, there was no doubt that Chen Xinjie would devote every effort to support him.

“Thank you for your valuation of me, your excellency. It’s only that I have something that I need to do. Blood God Army needs me more than you do.” Tang Wulin could not tell the person before himself that he was already the Tang Sect’s Sect Master and even the Shrek Academy’s Sea God Pavilion Master. If that was the case, he was afraid that the Boundless Sea Douluo would become hostile at once and he could only use the Blood God Army as his excuse.

Chen Xinjie seemed to have expected Tang Wulin to say so. He smiled indifferently. “Alright, you may leave.”

Tang Wulin frowned. He had truly found the supreme commander of the three armies to be a little unpredictable. As the saying goes, experience counts!

After the momentary ponder, he made a military salutation towards Chen Xinjie before he turned around and walked outside. Knowing Chen Xinjie’s attitude, Tang Wulin understood that it was useless for him to persuade Chen Xinjie anymore at something after he had refused to approve.

As for why Tang Wulin refused to mention the Darkness Phoenix, that was naturally because Darkness Phoenix was more important to the Tang Sect. Surrendering her to the military would perhaps result in this person being freed.

“Wait!” Chen Xinjie called out just as Tang Wulin was about to walk out of the office.

“Is there anything else, your excellency?” asked Tang Wulin as he turned around.

Chen Xinjie shook his wrist and conjured a slip of paper that flew like a sharp blade towards Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin raised his hand and caught it. There was a long chain of numbers written on the paper.

“This is my communicator number. If there comes a day when you’re willing to consider my proposal today, you can call me. Do pass me your number as well.”

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