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Power Saber’s Triumph

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She appeared to be making small talk, but she had no time to spare. The Amorous Douluo had regained control over the Darkness Phoenix once again in spite of her earlier success in struggling free from the Amorous Love Loathes Itself For Wrongly Devoting Love For The Heartless Domain. Let alone rescue the Darkness Phoenix, it would be difficult for the Darkness Bell to escape if the Amorous Douluo managed to capture the Darkness Phoenix.

Tang Wulin felt a chill in his heart for the woman was old, yet she still addressed him in such a manner.

The dark green bell’s radiance enlarged. Tang Wulin saw a soul ring shimmering with radiance vaguely within the thick fog that arose from Na Nali’s body. Soon after, a crisp hum was heard emanating from the bell on top of her head.

“Ding, ding, ding, ding…”

Everything in the surroundings seemed to turn dark green within Tang Wulin’s consciousness. Countless dark green sharp needles were piercing wildly into his mind and shot straight at his spiritual domain.

It was his first encounter against a powerhouse with a soundwave-type martial soul. Moreover, the person was a Hyper Douluo. Even though he came fully prepared, he could not help giving out a muffled humph within the bell chime. He immediately felt as if blood was pouring out of his seven bodily orifices.

It was even more terrifying that the sound waves caused endless crackling noises on Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Body. Even the space that surrounded his body seemed to be shattering at full speed.

It was so powerful! Was this the ability of a Hyper Douluo?

His heart rate increased while the dragon core and soul core in his body contracted simultaneously to provide him with surging energy. Tang Wulin took a few deep breaths continuously to urge the Golden Dragon King Bloodline in his body into fluctuating aggressively.


Tang Wulin suddenly let out a valiant raging roar. In a split second, countless blue-gold Bluesilver Grass surged out from his body and wove into a dragon’s head in the air. It combined with the Golden Dragon King Bloodline auras, the Dragon Might, and the Dragon Air simultaneously before bursting forth.

The raging roar collided into the terrifying bell chime. At once, Tang Wulin felt the blood essence and soul power in his entire body shake violently. Subsequently, the effect of the bell chime piercing his body was assuaged.

“Huh?” The Darkness Bell was startled too.

She sensed his soul power fluctuation when she encountered Tang Wulin. She was aware that Tang Wulin’s cultivation base was about a seven-ring. Tang Wulin’s case was considered rather peculiar because his blood essence fluctuation far exceeded other seven-ring Soul Sages.

How could a Hyper Douluo like her respect his seven-ring cultivation base? Although she was not the most powerful person amongst the four heavenly kings of darkness, she had a surreptitious ability. Her distinct, soundwave martial soul made her destructive force the most deadly.

She relied on her soul skill to unleash the sound waves during her earlier attack. She showed not the slightest mercy, but she did not expect Tang Wulin to fend off her attack. Besides, the dragon’s roar had set her blood essence in motion such that she was feeling a little restless and uneasy.

Such a situation occurred despite the disparity between both their cultivation bases. It shocked the Darkness Bell which unsettled her a bit.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin had moved. His left foot stamped against the ground abruptly. He relied on the Golden Dragon Roar’s elevation of his aura as he pounced straight at the Darkness Bell, swift as an arrow. The blood essence in his entire body contracted when he was in the air. The Golden Dragon Body resumed once again while the scales on his body appeared in the Domineering Golden Dragon Body. The Golden Dragon Spear extended exponentially in his hand. He unleashed the Bluesilver Dragon Flies and was in front of the Darkness Bell within a split second.

At the same time, the dragon roars were heard in succession. The Golden Dragon Rage Domain was unleashed making him look like a giant dragon. He swayed his body once and transformed into a golden dragon over ten meters long. It was his martial soul avatar!

He did not have the slightest reservation fighting against this Hyper Douluo. He unleashed all his abilities to fight this foe.

It illustrated the powerful skills of Shrek Academy’s students. How could a Soul Sage possibly have so many different abilities altogether? Tang Wulin was a living example. He relied on his ultra-strong physique from his Golden Dragon King Bloodline to withstand the elevation brought about by his superimposed abilities.

“You’re acting like a flying moth darting into the fire, seeking your own doom!”

A cold humph was heard. Na Nali raised her right hand and snapped her fingers once. “Clang!” A hum was heard. It was no longer a bell’s chime but a deafening echo of a resonating giant bell.

The booming sound waves collided with Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon avatar as he flew over. His dragon body was clearly shaken by the sound waves. It seemed like the wavefronts were stripping his body apart. However, the giant dragon managed to free itself as it continued to roar in rage. In the blink of an eye, it had arrived before Na Nali.

The Darkness Bell’s gravest error was underestimating Tang Wulin. Any Hyper Douluo would have made the same mistake if they were fighting against a Soul Sage.

She never expected Tang Wulin to be capable of combining his abilities such as the Bluesilver Emperor, the Golden Dragon King Bloodline, the Golden Dragon Spear, the Golden Dragon King’s Body, the Domineering Golden Dragon Body, and the Golden Dragon Rage Domain altogether. These abilities overlapped one another to produce a huge qualitative change.

Tang Wulin had fought a Hyper Douluo before. Thus, he had a good judgment of her strength’s intensity. Still, there was the Darkness Bell’s sound wave attack. From her viewpoint, she never imagined that a Soul Sage’s spiritual power could be so powerful. She did not expect Tang Wulin’s spiritual power to be at the Spirit Domain level. In fact, he was only one step away from comprehending the spiritual domain.

It was because of her wrong judgment that Tang Wulin was now before her!

‘How is that possible?’ It was the first thought that came to the Darkness Bell as she helplessly watched the gigantic dragon’s head enlarge in front of her.

In any case, she was still the top Hyper Douluo. She had already responded to the situation in spite of the shock. She swayed her body once as the Darkness Bell on top of her head enlarged abruptly and enshrouded her. The bell was also enlarging rapidly on its own just as another hum was heard.

It was her Darkness Bell avatar!

In a battle of one-on-one, Tang Wulin was capable of compelling a Hyper Douluo into using her martial soul avatar. This fact alone was sufficient to make him proud.

The sound wavefront appeared solid as it transformed into a layer of thick dark green radiance which collided into the Golden Dragon King’s avatar. The sound wave cracked while the Golden Dragon King’s avatar was blasted away by force.

There was still some disparity between their cultivation bases.

Tang Wulin’s blood essence circulated. His dragon core contracted before it burst outward to produce a surging blood essence. However, Tang Wulin’s powerful defense proved its efficacy at present, although the tremor made his blood essence surge and boil in his body. He took the initiative to attack when the Darkness Bell’s slow reaction earlier affected her performance in not being able to exert her full force. As a result, Tang Wulin’s injuries were not overly severe.

He had returned to his human form when he was blasted into the air. His right arm suddenly swelled up as he passed the Golden Dragon Spear to his left hand. He shouted aloud, “Give me the saber!”

A stream of piercing light cut through the sky. In that moment, an overbearing aura burst forth from Tang Wulin’s body abruptly. His Dragon Might bloomed ten times more powerful than before. A gigantic stream of nine-colored light shadows flashed once behind his back before vanishing.

He immediately became high-spirited as if he had completed the fusion with the nine-colored silhouette behind him earlier. The Dragon Clan’s power saber in his hand stabbed into thin air and pulled out a stream of black light shadow in the sky. Countless dragon roars echoed in all directions to drown the bell chime that burst forth from the Darkness Bell’s martial soul avatar. In a split second, a stream of gold-black interwoven radiances slashed onto the gigantic bell.

From the moment he unleashed the Bluesilver Dragon Flies till he stabbed forward with the Dragon Clan’s power saber, the entire process took only two seconds. Everything was going according to Tang Wulin’s plan. He did not expect that one strike of his full force attack was capable of hurting a Hyper Douluo. His killer strike had yet to follow.

Earlier, when he used his Golden Dragon Spear to help the Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi find his calling, they had formed a telepathic connection. Tang Wulin was well aware that he could never possibly stop the Darkness Bell for even ten minutes on his own. Thus, he had contacted Sima Jinchi in secret.

As soon as the Dragon Clan’s power saber was used, it immediately burst forth with an unprecedented attacking ability.

Sima Jinchi had the cultivation base of a Title Douluo. He had accumulated his experience overtime and relied on his Dragon Slaying Saber to withstand even a Hyper Douluo. When he joined Tang Wulin to execute the Dragon God’s legacy martial soul fusion skill, their combined attacking ability was sufficient to rival the Darkness Bell.

Moreover, the Darkness Bell’s martial soul was a sound wave which was not suitable for close combat. Her biggest mistake was allowing Tang Wulin to get near. Subsequently, she suffered damaging consequences.


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