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Battle God Hall’s Master’s Love?

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Tang Wulin left his soul communicator’s number before leaving. As he watched Tang Wulin’s receding back, Chen Xinjie revealed a smile at the edge of his lips, “This boy isn’t a being from the lake! It seems that my proposal to headquarters needs to be approved quickly.”

He took out his own soul communicator and dialed a number.

“I’m Chen Xinjie, what does the headquarter think about my Proposal Number Six? Blood God Army enjoys a large sum of funding from the military every year, why can’t it be listed under the army headquarters jurisdiction? I’ll at least insist on one proposal. The Blood God Army has produced so many outstanding military officers throughout the years, I hope that they can exchange some officers with our Sea God Army. Of course, the officers from our part will also be our most outstanding officers.”

Tang Wulin made it back to the Tang Sect. Although he had successfully ambushed the Holy Spirit Cult in today’s battle, their objectives had not been completely achieved. ‘What is that old fox Chen Xinjie thinking about? Is the war really starting this soon?’

The successful ambush on the Holy Spirit Cult this time had sufficiently shown that the Holy Spirit Cult had something planned for Skysea City. If there were that many Holy Spirit Cult experts and even two heavenly kings of darkness, there was no way anyone could say that the surprise attack was unrelated to the Holy Spirit Cult.

Everybody had come back. On the surface, the Blood Dragon Unit stayed within a hotel. The hotel was owned by the Tang Sect of course.

The Amorous Douluo was not here. He must have gone out to deal with the Dark Phoenix Douluo. Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui used the time to craft three-word battle armors for everyone.

“Big brother, how’s the situation?” asked Xie Xie. He was the only one who waited here. The others were either resting or were helping Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan in crafting the battle armors.

It could be said that they had achieved a great victory in today’s battle. It was also their first victory against the Holy Spirit Cult.

Tang Wulin replied, “The army has not made any clear statement. They’re saying that the evidence isn’t enough. We can only continue to wait and see.”

“They call that insufficient evidence?!” Xie Xie’s voice slightly raised.

Tang Wulin shot him a look at him. “Be quiet. Are not you worried that somebody will hear you? The army has always been supportive of the war. I don’t think anyone will believe you even if you say that the surprise attack was completely unrelated to the army. The Boundless Sea Douluo is the military’s Hawk Faction’s representative. He’s also one of the bigshots with the greatest power. His stance is extremely important. Since he made that statement, I think that this war is really likely to happen.”

“Not necessarily.” A voice came from outside the door at this very moment.

The door was opened and the Amorous Douluo walked in. Even after Tang Wulin had sealed the room with his soul power so that no noise would penetrate the walls, this Limit Douluo could hear their conversation.

“Oh! What do you mean?” asked Tang Wulin.

Zang Xin smiled. “Although he’s aware of everything in his heart, that fellow Chen Xinjie is just acting dumb. There’s no way he doesn’t understand who’s behind all of this. Also, if it’s about the hatred against the Holy Spirit Cult, his won’t be any lesser than ours.”

“Hm?” Tang Wulin was stunned. “You’re saying that the Boundless Sea Douluo has a grudge against the Holy Spirit Cult?”

Zang Xin nodded. “The Boundless Sea Douluo remains unmarried and single until now, but he had a girl whom he truly liked when he was young. They even ended up together. However, because of some misunderstandings along with their stubborn and strong personalities, they failed to tie the knot. Moreover, from his decision of not accepting another person as his wife, it’s clear that he’s still in love with that person and that person is unmarried as well. However, their stubborn personalities had prevented them from being together until the end. The girl whom he deeply loved had died at the hands of the Holy Spirit Cult. At least, that’s what he thinks. Let me ask you, can he not bear a grudge because of this?”

Tang Wulin was shocked. “Something like that happened? The Boundless Sea Douluo isn’t young anymore, which means that the person he loved couldn’t have been much younger. After such a long time, have their feelings for each other survived?”

Zang Xin said, “Feelings stay with you for a lifetime. The feelings you had when you were young are usually the ones that leave the deepest impression on you. These two are the kind of people that will only like one person in a lifetime. After the love of his life ‘died’, this Boundless Sea Douluo had broken into a furious rage and he vowed to destroy the Holy Spirit Cult. Not many know about this. It’s a coincidence that one of our sect members heard about it. Also, he had been to the site where it happened to pay his last respects to the person he loved.”

Tang Wulin said, “But from my communication with him today, he seems to hope for the war to happen. This isn’t conflicting with his hatred against the Holy Spirit Cult. Maybe we can give the Dark Phoenix Douluo to him?”

Zang Xin shook his head. “No. The Dark Phoenix Douluo is very important for us. Maybe I should say that she’s very important for you on your trip to Star Luo and Dou Spirit Empires. We can’t give her to him. Now that we’ve proved the presence of the Holy Spirit Cult in Skysea City, the next thing we must do is to persuade the Boundless Sea Douluo.”

Tang Wulin revealed a bitter smile. “I’m afraid that’ll be difficult. The supreme commander is a very stubborn person.”

Zang Xin said, “Chen Xinjie is quite the eccentric one. He’s headstrong and will only listen to hard facts. We can’t persuade him, but there’s someone who can. We’ll need you to persuade this person.”

“By this person, you mean…” Tang Wulin wore a puzzled expression.

The smile on Zang Xin’s face thickened. “It’s naturally his ‘dead’ loved one. Only that person can persuade him!”

Tang Wulin quickly processed the thought. He was a smart person. In the next moment, when he thought of something, his jaw dropped despite himself. “Don’t tell me that you’re talking about…”

“It’s precisely the person you’re thinking about. So you have to go back now. With the results you’ve obtained with your leadership of the Blood Dragon Unit this time, I don’t think it’ll be difficult for you to leave the locked down Skysea City. Make it back quickly and you make it in time. I have my plans for the Darkness Phoenix. I might even be able to give you some good news when you return.”

Tang Wulin said with a bitter smile, “You’re sending me off to do something extremely difficult. Is there no other way?”

Zang Xin shrugged. “If there were another way, do you think I would bring this up? I’ll have to hide as well, or else I’ll be killed by the person whom Chen Xinjie loves. Just saying all this puts me under great pressure! Do you think that you’re the only one under pressure? Go and return quickly.”

“Your Excellency, what riddle are you guys playing at? Why can’t I understand any of it?” Xie Xie looked at Tang Wulin and Zang Xin with a gloomy expression. He could still understand the story in the beginning, but the more he listened, the more he could not understand. Who was this person mentioned by Tang Wulin and Zang Xin?

Tang Wulin said with a smile, “Where’s your brain? That person is born in the same generation as his Excellency Chen Xinjie and was attracted by him at the same time. She had recently died at the hands of the Holy Spirit Cult, but his Excellency said that she isn’t dead and we even know this person. After having this many clues, can’t you guess who this person is?”

Xie Xie was not a stupid person. He immediately had an expression similar to Tang Wulin’s just moments ago, “Good heavens! No way. There really is such a thing? This is a secret among secrets! Your Excellency, I wonder which one of you is stronger. You or that person?”

“Why don’t you run the errand instead of Wulin?” Zang Xin looked at Xie Xie with a smile on his face.

Xie Xie hastily replied, “No! I can’t do it. Such a mission must be done by our current Sea God Pavilion Master.”

“Then shut up!”

Two hours later, Tang Wulin left alone and boarded the soul train back to Heaven Dou City.

He was currently wearing the appearance of a middle-aged man and was alone. That way, the target could be reduced to a small size. He was still feeling off up until now.

Without a doubt, the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie’s love story which the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin told them was a secret of their generation. It must have been a love story that dated back to around a hundred years ago. He did not expect the stern-looking Boundless Sea Douluo who appeared to be an average middle-aged man to be so advanced those years.

A love story from a hundred years ago. Tang Wulin was somewhat touched when he thought about it this way. He could not help but wonder about the soul masters from a thousand years ago or even ten thousand years ago.

The history of human development on the Douluo Continent could be traced back to thirty thousand years ago. This was a long process. Throughout this process, mankind’s technology had been constantly improving. With the appearance of the career of soul masters, humans learned to utilize their natural gifts, martial souls. They fought against the soul beasts that ruled the continent back then until the soul beasts were gradually weakened and they became the masters of the continent. Now, the soul beasts were on the brink of extinction. The entire Douluo Star’s resources were getting depleted. Mankind had changed too much throughout the thirty thousand years.

The reason why the federal army was able to obtain that much support was because the future they described sounded to be the most dependable.

They would obtain more resources, develop interstellar transportation and search for other habitats suitable for humans. After all, with the depletion of Douluo Star’s resources, even the lord of the abyssal plane had become weak. If things went on like this, everyone was worried that all life on the star would cease to exist.

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