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Mara÷ please where are you coming from, and if you be annoyed why is blood on your cloth)

Carl÷ probably not, I was attacked by the temple enemies

Mara÷ you mean from the mythical temple.

Carl ÷ yes

Mara÷ how did you escaped, you mean that Garry attacked you

Carl÷yes, but why did you show more concern about it.

Mara ÷ Garry is a cruel and dangerous being, killing many contestors in the temples in twenty three years ago

Carl÷ how did you know much in the story

Mara÷ my mother told me that, my father too leave in the temple that time, but I don’t know whether he is still alive or not.

( a drop of tear run out from her eyes )

Carl÷ why are you crying

Mara÷ I miss my father, I wanted to see him

Carl ÷ you still have hope, he might still be alive.

( Mara drop Carl in front of his resident )

Carl÷ thanks, my name is Carl

Mara ÷ you can call me Mara

Carl÷ what a nice name

Mara ÷ my father call me that, when I was two years old.

Carl÷ just believe in your self, I wish you best of luck

Mara÷ thanks, I really appreciate your words

( she drive away )

At his Mansion

Carl sit on the chair thinking of Jane, actually the police arrived, he could fight some of them but Miss Lauren and General Mang arrived.

Miss Lauren ÷ stop Carl

( he stopped )

General Mang ÷ wait, you don’t have to do that but you are forgive

Carl ÷ from the government right

General Mang ÷ yes we need you

Carl÷ but don’t act smart just as you did last time to take me down.

Miss Lauren ÷ trust me

( they all takes him inside their car )


They all assemble at the military head office

Miss Lauren ÷ we are sorry for our bad deed, so we apologize, we realize what the peoples as been saying about Garry the world Criminal, and also we know what he doing, be participate in killing human trafficking and bring on illegal drugs to country saying no one his going stop him, now that we have risen we only rely on you now with our arm forces to bring him down.

( Carl rise up )

Carl ÷ I taught you had realize, I only want to take him down because he makes the peoples in the temple to do hard labour killing my peoples and killing of past contestors some years ago.

GeneralCarl÷ we can take him down together

General Keng ÷ yes we can

Carl ÷ I don’t trust you guys this is a spell

General Ram ÷ you might not trust us,but you have to believe in us, we had realize our mistakes, please,we had takes some gangs down that came here to do as usual and we have conquer our fear in facing him.

Carl÷ ok, OK prepare

( he smile, then agreed )


Jane was still in prison, then Garry come in

Garry÷now you have seen with your eyes,Carl is gone and he had rest in peace,now we will been having an occasion to celebrate it.

( a gang arrived )

Gang ÷ sir we have a bad news

Garry ÷ about what

( smiling )

Gang÷ Carl is still alive

( Jane rise up in surprised )

Garry÷ weather the person is resemble to

Gang ÷ it his him I saw him clearly in the head quarter.

( Garry rage summon,looking at Jane face )

Garry÷ did you mean that.

Gang ÷ even the officers has taken some of our men in captivity, I manage to escaped.

Garry ÷ how dare you bring me bad news in front of my enemy

( he bring out his dagger then stabbed the gang )

You wait, am still coming for you

( pointing his dagger to Jane, leaving the premises )

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