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Carl find himself in the prison alongside with Jane, he rise up

Carl ÷ Jane are you OK

Jane ÷ yes

( he then remember when he was stabbed, with a dagger, look the place, then see it already healed )

Carl ÷ what is happening to me,it has healed, how long have we been here

Jane ÷ it has been three days ago now

Carl ÷ how does it happen, we have spent about three days now, it seems like a magic

Jane ÷ I wondered how your chest get heal quickly, it means you have a supernatural power,and also it seems as if you are not a ordinary person

Carl ÷ to the next topic

( a gang showed up outside the gate )

Gang ÷ oh you have already wake up, I tried to wait, but thanks to God you have already wake up, my lord want to see you

( he then turn back then Carl see the guy falling on the ground, then Garry show up )

Garry ÷ that guy talk too much,and also I have not kill today, I must kill person or thousand of peoples in a day, that is my deadly principle, you make me to kill my loyal warrior, if you want to get out of this place you will have a challenge to face by facing some of my deadly warriors on the surface world, just prepare

Carl÷ I want a quest from you

Garry ÷ you are free

Carl ÷ let this girl go

Garry÷ anywhere, you will have to face the challenge, before I could released her, actually it will not be easy, just prepare

( Garry leaves the premises )

Carl ÷ a challenge

Jane ÷ Carl are you going to face the challenge

Carl ÷ have you forgotten the world, reals hero are born in the face of real danger

After some time, the gang open the prison gates dragging Carl to the temple bringing on Jane too,Carl rise on his head he could see multitude of gangs sitting and also seeing Garry on the throne with some of his loyal gangs at his back, why some ladies giving him fresh air.

Carl furiously hit the ground making gangs laughing at him,some said that he just come to waste his dare life and some said that he don’t know what he wanted to face.

Unfortunately Garry stand up from his throne.

Garry÷ your father is a great warrior, I fought him but I hardly defeat him, now let me see how stubborn you are as your father,what I will tell you is that, this is your end, you have no chance, and it is time for me to take on my revenge from you, you have stress me alot no one has stress me like this, you bring agony to me of letting me losing some of my trusted warriors ever.

Carly÷ so you know that.

Garry÷ now this is your end, and I am going to have the powers in the mythical temple after opening the gate with your blood.

Carl÷how will you

Garry÷ you makes me talk so mush,now let the challenge begin.

Carl÷ then who am I fighting, just to bring that innocent girl to her home.

Garry÷ some will see her as an innocent one, but for me she is not including you, but let makes a deals if you can win on Mr beast the Monster man I will released her, but if you can’t I will kill her in your front.

(Their is a mighty sounds and everything begin to shake even the gangs are afraid,a mighty man called Mr Beast the Monster,a very gigantic man with a sword and shield come out of a cave,when killing three man for sacrifice before he go on for battle, he then drink their blood, becoming so furious)

Carl÷ funny( he picked on a sword)

Mr Beast÷ who am I fighting, who am I contesting with, who did I want to devour.

(he speak as his voice thunderer causing places to shakes, why Garry was laughing)

Carl÷ no other one than me

( he smiled, Garry then was astonished due to Carl courage)

Mr Beast÷ does parents don’t tell you story about me, I killed manys with my swords and I have taken many lives,then many called me god and you this wanted to confront me.

Carl ÷ no matter what they called you,have you not hered about the Sovereign or the Awesome,if not then you are not a God.

(Mr beast furiously rise on his sword to strikes him, actually Carl hit him with his pattela on his face, and then use his sword to cut his head down, then fall down)

Now is he a God

(all the peoples remain silent,and was surprise to see the first man to kill Mr Beast, Having killing him within Seven seconds)

Are you surprised

( he then face Garry)

Now let us go

( he was extremely anger but he could hold it)

Garry÷ the challenge has not over

(Actually all gangs rise up from were they are and Garry walked inside,Jane was afraid to see the Gangs rising on their feet)

Jane÷ what is going on

Carl ÷ Jane step back, we are in danger

(the gangs all surround him, they all run to him at once, Carl could beat some of the enemy actually was stabbed with sword at his back, he then look at his back, it was Garry in armor suit)

Garry÷ now that you have been weakened, it is time for me to take over you and kill you for good.

Carl÷ you stabbed me with a sword, although if you kill me many will rise on you to dethrone you finally just as I deed.

Garry÷ how dare you speak to me in such manner.

(He angrily bring out the the dagger of darkness, and he stab him)

Carl÷no oo

(he grunt in pain)

Jane ÷ oh noo what have you done to him

(she cried)

Carl÷ you will see my return

( he then close his eye )

Garry÷ finally, now takes this daughter of a b---h to the prison,let her remain their for some time until I order.

Gang÷ yes sir

( they take her to the prison )

Gang÷ will this guy remain here

Garry ÷ how will he here

Gang÷let cut his throat

Garry÷ no I have made my plan, now takes her to the mountain throw him downward into the river.

Gangs÷ yes sir your wish is our command

Garry÷ ha ha ha ha

( they all takes him then throw him downward into the river they all leave the place, as he wanted to land, actually something like gravity hold him protecting him not to fall, he then crawl to the beach )

Carl ÷ I can’t die,and I will not

( he close his eye immediately he was healed and the toxic his body cured)

Carl÷ I have to go home.

( Carl makes on a journey to new York were he was drived by a girl called Mara)

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